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  1. I say I'm Nightblade, Cleric says kill Void Knight or you won't be healed.
  2. Ahh the "Classes" of Rift
  3. The realality of 1.3
  4. Question
  5. Tanking Abilities that need tweaking!
  6. im pretty tired of making classes up
  7. Which classes need....
  8. Rolling First Toon
  9. Gear conflict and stat weight: Warrior gear vs. Rogue gear
  10. Why would you bring a mage to a raid anymore?
  11. Rouge DPS builds...
  12. Base stats, all levels - please get naked and contribute!
  13. Training your spells - we need a "train all" button
  14. Much Needed Changes - All classes.
  15. What to roll?
  16. Base attributes per class - rogue nerfed?
  17. 1.3 DPS changes?
  18. Does anyone else see the treand here?
  19. Thoughts on 1.3
  20. Tanks...Cleric, Warrior, or Rogue?
  21. Rift equivalent to WOW's Ret Pally and Shadow Priest?
  22. Ranger ability - Taming
  23. Leveling Builds: Pets, Self Healing and Kiting Are there others?
  24. Which classes have not been nerfed (yet)??
  25. Out of Class rolls
  26. Necrotic Semblance incompatible with Rain of Arrows
  27. Bugged Talent: Deadly Plague
  28. PVP and Balance
  29. To: people complaining about warriors.
  30. Class Balance
  31. Macro keeps changing targets, I need an answer please.
  32. Mage nerf is good (not trolling)
  33. Shapeshifters
  34. Barber option
  35. Does anyone use a 51 point build?
  36. so confused
  37. Healer, Mage vs Cleric?
  38. Having trouble choosing a class
  39. Recommendations for a Rift noob
  40. 1.3 PvP.... Is Sad!
  41. Question regarding pvp for 1.3, I am a little confuse on something
  42. Could you post your class,souls and total armor number?(50's)
  43. What class/spec should i play?
  44. Help me figure out this spec? I have parse dont how he is so beast.
  45. PvP imbalances in the early stages of a games life.
  46. The I Hate Hybrid Thread
  47. Is FotM just a way to keep the game fresh and interesting?
  48. Request: Helpful Threads
  49. [PvE] So what makes a Healer good?
  50. Game balance and why constant changes are needed
  51. -PvP- Long Term OP class predictions ready set go.
  52. Viable end game builds specs how many?
  53. which class for pvp?
  54. PvP Twink, what class?
  55. Darkling Skull
  56. New to rift Wondering what class to pick. PVP ONLY.
  57. Class Imbalances
  58. Roll Mage or Warrior?
  59. Mage PVP always INT or sometimes ENDURANCE?
  60. Couple questions on Riftblade + Reaver skills.
  61. Please tell me how this is not overpowered:
  62. Classes with 2 Tx sets
  63. Class Confusion?
  64. Where can I get more souls?
  65. New Warrior Soul Idea: The Skald
  66. Frontload/Burst?
  67. Are there any 2H level 30ish builds worth playing?
  68. 1.2 Mage PvP Vid
  69. Being Melee dps is......
  70. Sub50 Chloro pvp
  71. PTS 1.3 testing recent
  72. PvE players why do you care so much about Meters???
  73. DPS Question
  74. Noob Question: Can Souls Be Adjusted?
  75. Rift 2.0
  76. Nerf Team Finished with Tanks now Healers Turn
  77. OMG Healing OP! Nerf Heals Srsly!
  78. How to fix the classes in rift
  79. The Story Of How Pyros Got Nerfed (24 Style)
  80. There is still hope for Trion after all
  81. I think in the nerf team there are some well paid people by WOW or other mmo
  82. Incredible, unkillable, high damage spec.
  83. mage healing: i need help
  84. Please recommend an easy class for solo questing, farming and rifts.
  85. Why am I the only Warrior In Wf's?
  86. Split Stats - The solution to all the QQ?
  87. Nice class balance, Trion.
  88. FotM in action. I wonder if Trion is paying attention...
  89. Melee DPS for PVE
  90. Proposed fix for 1.3 god mode clerics
  91. Why 51 point abilities and 31 point abilities shouldn't be amazing.
  92. Big Problem : Staying alive
  93. Kind of Discouraged =(
  94. New valor crit reduction question
  95. Is support a limiting factor?
  96. Addressing Patch 1.3 PvP/Warrior Concerns
  97. 1.3 needs to improve melee combat
  98. Rogue or Cleric tank
  99. Why havent druid and shamans souls been adressed on the upcoming patch?
  100. Easiest Class to lvl in PvE?
  101. Calling Distribution Data
  102. The problem with 51 point abilities...
  103. Need a hand on choosing the right class
  104. Class Selection Troubles
  105. Help decide between a Rogue and Mage
  106. What class should I choose ?
  107. Has it occured to anyone...
  108. Rift has lied
  109. So ****ing sick of playing the 2 minute game.
  110. Class populations after 1.3
  111. My gosh players...STOP THE QQ
  112. 2 Hander specs will be subpar both in offense and in defense.
  113. Why Healing is so OP in PvP
  114. 1.3 What a Joke
  115. vids
  116. why all the QQ about fulminate and eradicate
  117. Race question?
  118. Please change 'mana user' only ability triggering
  119. Why RIFT cannot possibly be "balance", and why Mages need reroll Rogue
  120. More cry babies then a WoW factory
  121. Rift Lately
  122. Where Trion messed up!
  123. What's better; Slayer's bearing or Soldier's bearing
  124. too few tanks?
  125. Issues that i see need fixing
  126. (PvE) Tanks: From a healer
  127. Question About PvP Soul Builds.
  128. Whatever happened to...
  129. A couple questions
  130. Nerf Markman damage.
  131. Any news on fixing buffs that should be passive abilities?
  132. If 1.3 does this there will be Balance
  133. Im back........and i need some help
  134. filter the word nerf from the forums
  135. Please nerf!!
  136. Healing in PvP is overpowered guyz!
  137. Most played Class?
  138. I tried PVP for the first time last night!
  139. Trion: this is not a zoo, stop with the pet domination already!
  140. Lesser Pets / Greater Pets - lvl scaling
  141. My Immortal.. Trion!
  142. please don't nerf SC SINGLE TARGET DPS
  143. melee vs Pyro
  144. Abilities queueing up and being cast too quickly?
  145. @Trion : In regard to the possible stormcaller nerf
  146. Warrior or Rogue for Tank/Mdps?
  147. How do you define "balance" in the context of an MMO?
  148. Give Wardens a 44 point talent that makes their HOTs harder to purge?
  149. tank
  150. Healer: Cleric or Mage?
  151. Petition to have pets mount on your mount or have a carriage at least
  152. Multiple players Hots shouldn't stack
  153. need help with NEW class build (new player)
  154. Healing in PVP should have diminishing returns
  155. Please NERF......I can't read it anymore.
  156. eradicate
  157. A lil help please.
  158. What are the best "pure" support combos?
  159. Whats the best build for CC & AOE?
  160. Does eradicate have an animation?
  161. please nerf...
  162. Increase HP POOLS PLZ
  163. Best duo to pair with a pyro mage?
  164. op mages
  165. Mid level PVP MM build help
  166. Nub Question - Unsure of what class...
  167. How would you like to the classes
  168. Tank and DPS?
  169. Trion, we need Synergy between souls!
  170. Please nerf...
  171. Glass Cannons
  172. Why do all classes do the same DPS..?
  173. Ok so someone help me figure out how damage reductions are calculated.
  174. Warrior or Rogue???
  175. MOAR HEALZ is not the answer! (PvE)
  176. what is top burst in pvp now since 1.2?
  177. Rift Storm
  178. warrior nerf plz
  179. Physical Crit
  180. The simplest soul to start with?
  181. What does "Spell Power" do?
  182. I need a world pvp build
  183. Newbie Class Questions!
  184. HELP me decide vets cleric or rogue for end game plz!
  185. Roles and souls
  186. SC dps
  187. Statcalculator for clerics/mages, warrior/rogue TBA?
  188. Keep your DR Just give me my 66 points.
  189. Questions about my pet
  190. Top DPS Class - Top Guilds
  191. Can PvPrs only play FOTM classes?
  192. Why take away class abilities?
  193. Best DPS / Tank Class
  194. What exactly are...
  195. (PvE-DPS) critique of the soul system
  196. Classes finally balanced
  197. Warrior/Cleric/Mage/Rogue - Stats and what they "apparently" contribute to.....?????
  198. Mana Drain Question
  199. Aoe Farming - Which Class is better?
  200. Soul Collecting
  201. Pets holding aggro :/
  202. Why are stats better as greater essences?
  203. A bug tale: Deadly Charges?
  204. Players soul inspection
  205. From an Archon player
  206. class imbalance
  207. Healing help request.
  208. PVE End-game Healing: Mage or Cleric
  209. skill builderrr
  210. Which specific class is most needed in pve right now?
  211. Healing/Support Souls... My brain hurts!
  212. whats more over powered mage or rouge?
  213. 1.3 -- survivability buff for warriors in pvp?
  214. Best Nuking Class/Calling?
  215. Lessers in Greater Essense slots
  216. Threat/agro establishment and Tanking
  217. Need Inq/Just/Sent build feedback
  218. Pet pathing needs a fix!
  219. Please play a Tank or Healer. Thank you.
  220. Need a fast, mid-range build
  221. The gap between "newbie" and t1(and beyond).Issues as mage and cleric.
  222. The perfect group
  223. The ability to switch souls on whim kind of ruined the game for me.
  224. Stop it.
  225. The joy of Cookie Cutter class mechanics
  226. Rift PvP is currently as balanced as I've ever seen in an MMO
  227. Purges.
  228. Seesaw balancing Fail
  229. Cleric or Warrior TANK?
  230. Idea to reduce stealth-ganking harassment
  231. Is it intended that Bards can now main heal almost every instance?
  232. Are You one of these Epic PvP Failures?
  233. Intensifywave?
  234. Why is it you have to have a pet in order to be the best dps?
  235. Mage vs Rogue: Which class to play?
  236. WTF Trion, everyone post your opinion here.
  237. Knockbacks ?
  238. offensive classes die too much in WF so we should have shorter respawn time!
  239. Global cooldown, what is the point of it ?
  240. Devs post your builds :d
  241. Thinking about returning to Rift
  242. 4th soul ???
  243. Far to many Buffs to cast when you die ( Justi / Shaman )
  244. About time we defined "Balance"
  245. How Bad the Imbalance Is
  246. Kiting
  247. Opinions on class balance post 1.2
  248. Balance update? Or just new fotm?
  249. Did 1.2 break threat?
  250. Unnoticed.