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  1. Mage Questions/Answers (I hope...)
  2. Macros - a DPS loss?
  3. Riftblade shall be known as the Zorro spec
  4. %base mana
  5. Clerics - Only good for healing?
  6. Please stop using the Armor type wore as the basis for argument.
  7. Nerf Mages......
  8. Class Census
  9. pyro archon warlock build
  10. cleric duracell in other classes?
  11. What exactly is Support
  12. All I see in PVP is Clerics and Warriors
  13. Why RIFT will be ruined like WoW
  14. Cleric Warden spec
  15. The R8 warr with mirror trinket, bloodthirsty procs and BIS gear is killing you.
  16. What is the funnest Class and build to play?
  17. A Cleric Confusion
  18. Stop qq about warriors
  19. The -15% crit pvp talents...
  20. Fear
  21. Ideal Raid/WF Makeup = Problem?
  22. cleric deeps spec
  23. What you don't understand about the Warrior slaughtering you on the meter
  24. Give Cabs our old Sigils back!
  25. rogue vs cleric
  26. Ranged builds any love comming especially pvp?
  27. <Win> PvP Video
  28. Why certain Classes cant reach Balance
  29. Where are the PvE Synergy Crystals?
  30. cooldown time please
  31. Re-tweaking Rift class balance (very long)
  32. Defensive Soul suggestion.
  33. What am I doing wrong???,
  34. The penalty of being a ranged class
  35. Trion why do rogues have to endure a double damage penalty?
  36. Two Newbie Respeccing questions
  37. Mage vs. Warrior/rogue synergy crystal
  38. Mage vs. Warrior/rogue synergy crystal
  39. Can't find a Tank?
  40. Same bonuses from different trees combine ?
  41. If the 4 classes were a representation of player's actual personality.
  42. Doctrine of Loyalty vs Bard Healing
  43. What if we could have any souls? What would you combine?
  44. Sad - totally sad
  45. The real solution to all the OP claims.
  46. Rogue vs Warrior?
  47. Lets start a petition...
  48. What's the best all around "Run around in circles spamming 1 macro" spec?
  49. From Quenthel to Emporium
  50. Nerf the "____" Buff the "_____"... Exactly what?
  51. Mage, or Cleric??
  52. Mage, Clerics and Rogues
  53. Current form of PvP "Balancing" is inherently flawed.
  54. two very small utility requests for melee clerics
  55. Warrior's and Well. Yeah
  56. Where's our heals or survivability?
  57. Help wityh picking a main tanking class.
  58. Mages need a true Glass Cannon/skill req'd class
  59. LOL Soul Remnant Hits harder than I have all day.
  60. healing crit or SP
  61. Trion says "We are generally happy with the state of Warriors."
  62. Dear whoever deals with class balancing.
  63. Dear Trion before you hot fix warriors...
  64. ???
  65. Good start, but para nerf too weak (Pyro nerf 10X worse)
  66. Tyranny now on 30 sec CD?
  67. Warrior insane dps increase after the patch, wtf?
  68. this is just full of lawlz. Screenshot included.
  69. ParaChamp and Cabalist nerf finally came it seems
  70. Motifs and Macros, C'MON TRION!!!
  71. Cabalist Changes
  72. Dear Trion: Buff Riftstalkers
  73. I need suggestions for tank class Cleric vs. Warrior
  74. Highest dps class
  75. Warrior vs Mage vs Rogue vs Cleric
  76. New leveling cleric, warden vs sentinel?
  77. Themed Pet Grouping?
  78. Mageheart Vs Trion!
  79. [PvP] SnB weapon choices?
  80. My rant (Feel free to ignore. I wont post or view this again)
  81. Martial Artist class?
  82. Dear Trion Developers, Great Patch!
  83. When to use cleansing spells
  84. Why the switch??
  85. Enemy Castbar
  86. Possible solution to the warrior DPS wanting Leather/rogue drops.
  87. Top DPS cleric build [Question]
  88. How does Ancient Soulstone work?
  89. Mage or Cleric for healing/support alt?
  90. The New Method of Soul Acquisition.
  91. What's your favorite class?
  92. Class suggestion
  93. Buying your souls...Trion made us ******!
  94. A healers observation of the various tank classes.
  95. Bored With DPS - Tank or Heal?
  96. Help / Suggestions / Direction??
  97. (Please) Help me decide...
  98. Ancient Stormbound Longsword (New T2 Instance drop)
  99. Oh mages where art thou
  100. [doubt] Impale changes in 1.4
  101. What's the best&worst thing brings to your class in 1.4?
  102. What exactly is "Support"
  103. Most common attack element
  104. solution to all the "op" claims
  105. How bad does this patch affect warden healing in pvp?
  106. Thorns of Asphodel supposed to be a 38 skill, its a 51..
  107. So what ended up being the better Solo Classes 1 on 1ish No pets no casters!?
  108. So I heard
  109. Trion please give Justicars more magic resistance
  110. Why dont they add armor type bonuses?
  111. Skilled or Not
  112. Is it normal to get killed in one stun from a rogue/warrior?
  113. Rogue Best in slot at lv50 and...
  114. every class has to macro their pet?
  115. Tanks in PvE.
  116. Specs for an occassion or a new toy to play with
  117. Rogue or Warrior?
  118. Very Serious: How to Boost Rift Sales.
  119. set pieces
  120. Physical Attacks vs. Spells
  121. Weapon & Totem vs Staff?
  122. Dunno what to pick
  123. Best solo mage spec?
  124. played for the first 6 weeks then stopped. Now i am back again! have a few ?
  125. Why there will never be balance.
  126. Keep the Vision
  127. 3 ideeas for Rift souls
  128. Faction unique Class/Soul
  129. Trion it's time to balance all classes around 3 of the 4 roles
  130. What is needed the most?
  131. Look like its time to be an Assasin
  132. What is the most powerful solo class in Rift?
  133. What are your ROLES? just curious =)
  134. Best Tanking Class?
  135. Is this game not supposed to have a DoT class
  136. Class question for the experienced
  137. I wish the community would help new players more.
  138. who should be top dps and why? Tell trion your thoughts :D
  139. Next set of classes you wish Rift would come out with?
  140. Essences?
  141. Fastest Leveling class?
  142. quitting...
  143. Which Class - need help!
  144. The mage and his charge system
  145. Pet dealing 1/5 of usual damage, bug?
  146. Question to trion and it's balanceing concern.
  147. Druid/ Beastmaster Newb Question
  148. please help
  149. Change eullusiveness in sin tree to perception..
  150. Whetsones
  151. Trion soul suggestions?
  152. Impassable Gaurd PVP
  153. Stealth Detection
  154. Dozens of Souls......
  155. Strong Duos for PVP (WF and World)?
  156. Something needs to be done about the disparity between tanking classes.
  157. Returning to Telara
  158. Mage versus Cleric
  159. What is op other than warriors
  160. Help me decide: Paragon vs. Bladedancer
  161. Massive Sweeping Nerfs
  162. So many choices...
  163. Burning out? PUGing PvPing sucks?
  164. some one post
  165. Credentials - over views
  166. Complains in beta, what about now?
  167. So there's Bluedot, Ciderhelm, ...
  168. Give assassins an interrpt?
  169. Off global cooldown attacks...
  170. Blades and Anathema
  171. Eradicate change suggestion
  172. Blazing potent rune recipe?
  173. Am lost as to what second character to play alongside my main
  174. pve dps t2 order?
  175. I almost beat a warrior
  176. 1.4 And predictions
  177. Getting back to Rift
  178. First time rolling a tank. Which classes would be best for me?
  179. Eradicate Eradicate
  180. Paragon/Beastmaster/Riftblade Raid End game (PVE) Instance Spec
  181. PvP and PvE from a Mage omg
  182. Syngery Crystals should not be used to balance classes Minirant!
  183. Whats the most needed class at the moment.
  184. Whats the most needed class at the moment.
  185. heals shields mmyaaaaaaahhhhh
  186. So let me get this straight...
  187. Dear Trion, I wish to inquire about your synergy crystals:
  188. Is there a happy median?
  189. Ideas of what classes should be?
  190. Soul and Class Descriptions on the website
  191. Any tricks to keep mana regened?
  192. Tanks
  193. Mage of cleric?
  194. 1.4 Mages nerfed again? WTF Trion?
  195. Which Class whines the Most, and why?
  196. Eradicate Fix
  197. Posting builds. STOP IT.
  198. Some questions about the melee classes
  199. new soul ideas
  200. Idea for a guild hall naval like system
  201. to those who scream op this class is op
  202. Support/ CC class?
  203. Trion is it opposite day everyday with class balance lately?
  204. Why is there always an OP FOTM?
  205. Viable PvP class.
  206. Trion sees no evil, hears no evil, and speaks no evil. Mages are underpowered
  207. Interrupt abilities.
  208. bard synergy crystal
  209. Best dye colors for rogues!
  210. Radius/Range on Warrior AoE?
  211. Pls fix spells that works like Oblivion
  212. Best ranged DPS?
  213. The nerfs to mages...didn't go far enough.
  214. End of the road...
  215. Boss Debuffs Spreadsheet (Cant find)?
  216. Synergy Crystals compared across the four callings
  217. Trion pls do something about Warriors taking Rogue Loot
  218. Melee pets
  219. Good, or Bad
  220. What 2 classes would go well together?
  221. Pet Classes and Models changes with equiped souls
  222. Clerics and Mages Got You Down? Khlepto's-Kill-All-Mana-User's Spec!
  223. New Player question please
  224. Any hybrids out there?
  225. Please buff mages b4 my kitten kills himself!
  226. New classes for each callng?
  227. Dont listen to mages they were most OP since release
  228. a solution to stunlocking
  229. Just starting to play Rift after getting a little bored of LoL...
  230. Ideas! Class Combos! Phat Lewts Inside!
  231. Best class for solo pve leveling?
  232. More Archtypes? That would be nice.
  233. New 50 cleric question about t1 instances
  234. which classes have spammable aoe healing?
  235. Which souls have purges?
  236. A humble message to Trion.
  237. My take on warriors from a new player.
  238. New to Rift...What class to play?
  239. Honorbound Soulstone: Really, really bad.
  240. Clothie healers dead versus survivable Clerics?
  241. Trion are you deaf, dumb and blind for ignoring mage outcry?
  242. Low level PVP build
  243. Is the combat system/class deisng tosimple/easy for rift to be taken seriously?
  244. Support Classes
  245. New Souls?
  246. Any hope for Rift's Class System?
  247. [Needs fixing] Lost Hope and Incapacitate Interupting even on DR
  248. new rogue wanting advice on ranged specs
  249. Warriors still the permier Tanks or have you been replaced? Raiding Perspective
  250. How are the new Whestones and Witchstones a nerf?