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  1. Mage or Cleric...
  2. why TRION like most of the Guardians?
  3. cant buy souls
  4. Interesting...
  5. If you could undo one NERF what would it be!
  6. I really dont get it
  7. Need Advice/Opinion on NB and Sin
  8. So the most survivable class is... what?
  9. What class for solo leveling? Pve mostly. Noobie
  10. To all you people whining about rogues
  11. Would this be a bad time for asking for more Rogue buffs? :)
  12. Newb Question
  13. I find it funny....
  14. Make Gun and Bows the same
  15. Cleric (shamicar) or Mage (warmancer)
  16. 20 Cleric Greenscale to be live streamed shortly.
  17. Marksman UI
  18. This is what Trion needs to do
  19. Lets face it.
  20. So put up the names. No more trolling, no more complaints. I want names
  21. How do you swim?
  22. How to fix rogues! And increase subscribers to 2million+! Trion must read.
  23. What 1.5.9 should look like
  24. Rogue Soulstones in 1.5--What are you using for Greater Essences?
  25. Aggro aoe build tank?
  26. Justicar PVP and shield
  27. quick thinking
  28. fix shammy druid pvp, day fkn 21
  29. Necrotic Rage, nerfed?
  30. [Bug] On proc dots and other on proc damage effects.
  31. NEW PROJECT: Abilties Matrix
  32. Are pets useless past level 50?
  33. Diminishing Returns
  34. What's your favorite instance/raid/wf to heal?
  35. So the counter to Rogues with vamp/fell blades is purging and aoe cleansing.
  36. Question about warrior and cleric,
  37. The Mysteries of Threat?
  38. 30% players left Rift last 2 month (confirmed)
  39. PvE question: Warriors wanting Dexterity
  40. Rogue Build
  41. How good are these Rogue souls
  42. What to pick
  43. Planar Attunement Calculator at ZAM Rift!
  44. Which heal debuff is bugged?
  45. Rogues are fine, from a.. mage?
  46. When did this become the PVP forum?
  47. I don't know why you guys are complaining about rogues
  48. What have you done TRION? lol
  49. Trion needs to split the PVP ranks already.
  50. question about primal north and winter storm
  51. Poison proc fix to Damage Shields - please fix other items
  52. Getting 2 shotted does not make fun game play.
  53. The Anti Rogue spec ?
  54. trions these changes would help us all
  55. We had to be good!
  56. NB/MM solo's 6 warrior's, lol
  57. Chloro/Domi
  58. Waa Waa Rogue is OP!
  59. The buffs to Rogues are fine it is the nerf to the other classes that are the problem
  60. Could use some advice about classes
  61. Nice work trion
  62. Question about supporting class
  63. Healing Debuffs and You
  64. Try to make one post not about rogues ?
  65. Attention Clerics/Mages/warriors
  66. A feature that would be incredibly helpful.
  67. Bring back warriors.
  68. Old player returning, no idea what to roll
  69. Solving rogue problems without nerfing them
  70. Whats the deal with no CDs on Motif's ?
  71. Best Guns
  72. Aggro buggy
  73. So, which (on average) is the "least" played role and class?
  74. Help Trion!!! Where's The BARD Love?!?!
  75. Hyperbolic Sensationalist Thread Titles About Rogue Healing Debuffs Kill Forum Use
  76. after 1.5 rogues...
  77. My only Complaint about 1.5
  78. Best Class+Calling to level alongside Ranger/Marksman/Bard?
  79. This rogue complaining ridiculous
  80. So necrotic rage now stacks to 180sp...
  81. Rogues killing 4+ people at a go in warfront?
  82. Bug or intentional?
  83. Best 1.5 bug
  84. HP loss when mounting GOD PLEASE HOTFIX
  85. Grats to the rogues.. I don't want your cake
  86. Rogues actually beleive they are entitled to be OP for a patch lol
  87. The buff/nerf merry go round, Trions plan to maintain subs
  88. You were soooo close.
  89. The current state of Rogues.
  90. New player needs advice on Class
  91. Dps
  92. Trion hasn't got a clue on how to balance their game
  93. PvP complaints should go in the pvp forum
  94. warriors unite and stop those sneaky rogues
  95. Rogue or Cleric Help
  96. RANGE Bugs, accross most classes
  97. Dear TRION...please dont touch my Souls.
  98. Yet another tank supply (or role supply) suggestion, Role Demand bonus
  99. Calculating effective HP
  100. The new non-radical way to fix tank supply
  101. Clerics rolling on "mage items" - also, outside their current role
  102. "Support" - aoe healing
  103. Why does Rift limit how far you can go in one soul tree?
  104. My last Trion game!!!!
  105. Class Decision
  106. Fun PVE class
  107. Separating pve and pvp
  108. Who says support is boring? XD
  109. How Would You Fix the Warrior Stat Changes?
  110. A good pair?
  111. Every class is overpowered but yours.
  112. Subdue Taunts the work together
  113. Raid Tier 1 Crystals?
  114. So... a quick question
  115. I don't know what to play...maybe somebody can assist me.
  116. Best leveling build for a duo?
  117. Earth Burst finally fixed
  118. tank spec for leveling
  119. Hey guys, i'm re-downloading the client and need your help
  120. which calling has highest forum dps?
  121. R8 War perspective on playing other classes
  122. Dislike where this is going, Possibly leave soon too
  123. Class balancing, let's begin with Support
  124. Melee dps - Warrior or Cleric?
  125. Assassin changes
  126. Hit vs. Crit in raid
  127. A fun special treat.
  128. Is it the same stuff, different day?
  129. Bug? AoE Melee attacks not destealthing Rogues
  130. This thread is both new and interesting.
  131. Why do so many people only have one spec?
  132. Just some food for thought to all you QQQQQQQQQQQQers.
  133. Soul synergy.
  134. Support - Are Bards useless? Are Warlords too good?
  135. Class Balancing
  136. Mid level Pvp Spec
  137. Need some help please!
  138. Healing without Focus & number or Armor sets
  139. Noob dummy parse question plz?
  140. Worthless Soul Trees
  141. Why do you force us into being pet classes?
  142. Stop Just Stop
  143. Dismantling the Trinity
  144. Radical Solution to the "Lack of Tank" issue for all level ranges.
  145. Fiery Burst clipping
  146. Full Chlormancer Spec With a Bit of Elementlist
  147. Can we get a blind?
  148. Just how the h*ll do you use a wand?
  149. Hey Trion, is there any rules your team go by for creating soul trees?
  150. Help! Cant decide on a class.
  151. Damage increase combinations?
  152. Hit and run
  153. good level class/spec
  154. Let's Buff Warriors and nerf Mages! Yeaaah!
  155. Class Help
  156. How many would be willing to go 51 point into a soul for "proper" pet
  157. STOP crying mages and every class about warriors
  158. Ideas for New Souls
  159. Question to all rogues -:D? Buff bug?
  160. Need a pvp class suggestion
  161. I can see it now...
  162. Rogue vs Warrior
  163. Open World pvp
  164. Please Trion Fix Our Physical Damage
  165. Best class for me?
  166. Kinda Stuck...
  167. Any Melee AoE class?
  168. Hi - Giving Rift another try
  169. Critique Murdantix Tank Spec Please
  170. Synergy between souls
  171. Best pvp Build for Assassin and the macro
  172. Now I Know Why I Am Hating Rift
  173. FOTM in 1.4?
  174. Forest Blessing
  175. Class Suggestion/Help
  176. abilities from one soul overwriting or canceling out those from another
  177. Affraid of homogenization
  178. Revamping the Druid class
  179. Gamebreaking buff that needs to be fixed.
  180. What will balance PvP
  181. Fastest fighting pace class
  182. Level 30 PVP build
  183. Warriors - Well Done Trion - Valor changes kept the balance
  184. Useless Interrupt (Dominator Spec)
  185. You want equal dps
  186. Cleric Duo with Rogue Ranger
  187. Warrior Leather suggestion
  188. BIS Trinket
  189. How to get the codex-Trinket
  190. [BUG] Earth Burst: Ignoring Counters
  191. 2nd PVP Narrative Video 1.4.1 Vengeance and Valor changes
  192. Best PvP Class BASED ON:
  193. Two 51 Point Abilities/31 Point (top of the tree) Abilities
  194. 51 shaman
  195. What class can do this?
  196. Clerics and mages
  197. Mass Exodus this winter
  198. dev response needed: ap modified abilities. melee nerf caster buff?
  199. Soo What happened to Void knights?
  200. Can anyone recommend a Dom/Chloro Spec?.
  201. Don't even know what to say anymore.
  202. My opinion for a PVP fix...
  203. People imo just dont get it
  204. Idea to fix healing in PVP
  205. bound on account
  206. Saoris - Deepstrike - PvP Video <3
  207. New to the game any suggestions on a....
  208. Don't Rogues kinda need a buff?
  209. Chloro Lock = best PVP build?
  210. Bleeds (Pyro/Dom) - Briarcliff US - PVP Video #4
  211. what class do i choose?
  212. Just hit 50 got a few questions
  213. Does anyone know when the next patch is scheduled?
  214. Stat Buff like 1-49 Brackets
  215. Trion better start taking in game surveys , before nerfing anything......
  216. Wither
  217. Now is a good time to tone clerics and mages down.
  218. cabalist pvp
  219. My idea for slip away
  220. Getting feared every 15 secs in WFs is getting old fast
  221. the 50 plaque greaters
  222. NEW soul ideas.
  223. More points on main role ?
  224. Nerf rogues
  225. Warrior vs. Cleric Late Game Gear
  226. Trion instead of constantly catering to QQ
  227. Advice to all who QQ about warrior dps
  228. PvP class balance thoughts
  229. Curious about Warrior support
  230. Fix the disparity of classes!
  231. Good start fixing warriors - now continue
  232. Address Nysyr's Brand
  233. 30s Bracket Flag Running Specs
  234. Honest view from a different class
  235. Vanity souls
  236. What is this warrior doing?
  237. Warfront suggestion for making things more-fair
  238. Raid DPS in 1.4, who's the BMOC and who's the gimp?
  239. Simple solution to fix 'warriors OP' whine
  240. Nerf Heals!
  241. Time to take another page out of WoWs book
  242. Lingerin Wounds etc.
  243. Pls TRION - NERF this uber OP class!
  244. Interesting Realisation about you all.
  245. Possible Exploit on Healing with shields and hots?
  246. Non-shared GCD on Warrior Reactionaries ??? Trion explain.
  247. Interrupt
  248. 34 Lock / 32 chloro rotaion
  249. Good Solo PVE, No Cleric, Pet, Mage That single targets well. Full health?
  250. Mage Questions/Answers (I hope...)