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  1. Fiance & I starting again. Best two classes to level?
  2. Tanking!
  3. Best DPS classes?
  4. New Raid Outlooks?
  5. Soul tree synergy?
  6. In what bracket do various classes hit their peak?
  7. Are crit pots worth the deal?
  8. Future of RIFT classes
  9. Need some advice....
  10. Balancing Pet Souls
  11. Help me=)
  12. Threat generating Trinkets?
  13. Post 1.7 Cleansing Macro
  14. What addons are a must have?
  15. Normalization of GCD time across classes
  16. 71 point build thought experiment
  17. Coming back to Rift
  18. Cross-Class Equality...Devil's advocate
  19. Whats the best character to go for?
  20. Returning Player, DPS or Tank?
  21. Rogue or mage
  22. Looking for feedback on best souls for tanking
  23. Riftlogs replacement?
  24. Spec to defend against sin?
  25. New player coming back.
  26. new souls (to replace lost pvp souls)
  27. good alt
  28. Favor and prestige vials should be account-bound when...
  29. Bleeds - Video 9
  30. Dodging while stunned/dazed/whichever...
  31. Spotter's/illuminate/jeopardy and pets
  32. Devs are getting close, but its time to buff Druids and Saboteurs
  33. planar atunement makes me not as able to reroll
  34. Cleric/Mage Questions.
  35. A few questions about tanking/threat mechanics...
  36. Alt question
  37. The Support Role Defined
  38. I'm New and Unsure
  39. Hit/Focus still working in pvp?
  40. New Premade Class Templates (Opinions)
  41. The latest patch creates my 3 souls? I no longer get to choose like before :(
  42. Cleric or Mage PvP Survivability
  43. Fun before 1.7 - Guess the DPS rankings! {PVE}
  44. Energy regen rates
  45. Returning Player need some help deciding calling to play...
  46. Best raid dps class for players with 300ping?
  47. Do competent tanks prefer clerics or 51 chloros for t2 runs?
  48. So are warrior/mage/clerics just really good?
  49. Up to date?
  50. A way to improve balance: Primary and utility souls
  51. I need some help deciding
  52. Howdy folks :) Looking for some class advice (read: Druid/paladin from WoW!)
  53. Help me choose
  54. I don't understand...
  55. A little help maybe?
  56. Now, bear with me here...
  57. Returner with a few questions
  58. pvp atunement vs pvp souls
  59. Why do people say "the game begins at 50?"
  60. +0.4DPS PAs not stacking with Oilstones?
  61. [!] Proposal for Class/Play-Style Balance
  62. which class am I?
  63. Whats is the most OP class currenty or in the near future?
  64. So are there going to be any 1.7 class changes?
  65. Rogue+Mage duo leveling specs
  66. Are weapon stones screwing 1h's?
  67. Painted in...
  68. Tank class.....
  69. marks or G-marks??
  70. What Class Are You Quiz Updated!
  71. healer/tank balance?
  72. Best Class For You Quiz!
  73. Procs: help me help us all
  74. Returning player, whats the best healer?
  75. Have a tank, but want to roll a Half Healer and Half Damage - help
  76. Just starting and would like to know which is best for solo play
  77. [Speculation] Why does weapon damage exist?
  78. Ranged Weapon PA bugged?
  79. Need some help please.
  80. So i'm just starting... what should I avoid if I want to be useful?
  81. level 50 and 66 point spread?
  82. Pet Classes
  83. Anyone Else Prefer To Make A New Character Per Role?
  84. Rogue or Cleric?
  85. Question about T2 Earth PA
  86. Confused please help
  87. Should you spec 1 tree or 3?
  88. what does a good team...
  89. Question about unknown damage :|
  90. Yes...another Class thread :)
  91. Class Choice???
  92. Best solo Calling and build?
  93. Most underrated soul in your opinion?
  94. I had an epiphany!
  95. What are your "I just don't get it" souls?
  96. Awesome Class Balance As It Is <3
  97. My class is SOOO underpowered please fix it...
  98. Interrupts.... Something has to give.
  99. Class and Soul Tree Positive and Negative Attributes
  100. Fun defensive kiting class/spec?
  101. Why can a new 50 mage out damage rank 6 warrior?
  102. Trion!
  103. Why is virtually everything in this game with a damage proc garbage?
  104. Beta soul trees
  105. I wanna make a healer
  106. Now that Cleric ST been Buffed
  107. Fine Whetstones.. Do they even work?
  108. Best Duo Combo
  109. ACT Configuration Standard for Parsing
  110. The New Most Over Powered Thing in Rift 1.6
  111. In need of a good place to start (Class Help)
  112. New Class Specializations- TRION pls read!
  113. DPS order who I think should be #1 and why
  114. Newbie Here: Question about efficient healing
  115. Healer
  116. Class Observations
  117. Parse goals.
  118. Mage or Cleric?!?!??!!
  119. Balance Changes concerning Rogues & Mages(PvP & PvE)
  120. New player, help me choose a class?
  121. "Destructive Tide" with "Life and Death Concord" cant work ??
  122. For the love of sanity
  123. Ability to summon a class trainer?
  124. hidden SP coefficients -- whats the point?
  125. [Bug] Break Free
  126. Heya, Im new and want to know something
  127. Stop crying about warriors
  128. Couple questions
  129. So any plans for upgraded soul specific greaters?
  130. Please rename this Forum
  131. Please include Class Feedback in all Forums
  132. Did anyon read the ....
  133. How long until the 1 second GCD is universal?
  134. Best solo class/souls
  135. Who is Overpowered?
  136. 2 More souls would be nice...
  137. Advice on my Cleric DPS
  138. Chloro/Bard/DPS Clerics/Tank Clerics should get larger tree than 31 pointers
  139. Sooner or later the amount of ranged kiting is going to have to be addressed
  140. Pvp apply only.
  141. Stop trying to balance things
  142. PvE: The Two Outliers
  143. This is going to sound crazy; hear me out.
  144. TRION pls FIX SLAYER's Baering !!! BUG
  145. Class Balancing from a Business Angle (please read Trion)
  146. True fix for PvP/PvE
  147. DPS role Equality
  148. My Mage Thanks you
  149. In response to the recently closed "Rogues and Clerics" thread.
  150. Rallying Clerics & Rogues
  151. Are any classes happy?
  152. My Review of Patch 1.6
  153. Just resubbed. Current FoTM??
  154. The Closest To Right
  155. No QQ thread just a simple question with a pool- Rollback or not
  156. Trion: please give us a class balance dev
  157. Please let me change my Calling
  158. Rift Logs Day 1... 1.6
  159. 1.6 Rogues < 1.6 Warriors == 1.6 Mages
  160. Are we going to have to relearn our class each patch?
  161. Easiest for first time tank?
  162. please give me a hand,
  163. Your Skill Tree Has Been Nuked
  164. Dear people qqing about mage
  165. i dont get why..
  166. Is there a point to playing a primary healer ouside of Raiding?
  167. GJ Listening to whiners Trion!
  168. Estrode
  169. Better duo
  170. I quit my rouge because of the advantages of all other classes vs Rouge
  171. LF PvE Class with good sustain
  172. New Souls Please
  173. An Open Discussion of Cast-based abilities and Travel Time
  174. I quit my mage because of the advantages of all other classes vs Mage
  175. I want to melee dps, but don't want to be a Warrior
  176. More Roles please
  177. Spell Rotation
  178. Mitigation Calculator *Update!*
  179. Spec Critique? (vid coming soon)
  180. To all healers
  181. Help me choose a class!!!
  182. Starting from 0 - Mage or Cleric?
  183. Muntas' 1.6 War Tank
  184. Plz help me grasp a common understanding on why you chose to ignore the obvious
  185. Can sombody from Trion answer 1 question please
  186. Am I the only one that doesn't care about the typical builds and specs?
  187. Best element for rank 2 PA
  188. Take your nerf bat and burn it, sell it, give it away for crying out loud!!!
  189. Problem with fun, help please
  190. Is glyph of power additive or multiplicative?
  191. Recent change over from WoW to Rift
  192. 1.6 Please Balance all 6 Tanking Souls equally!
  193. Trion what are you doing?
  194. where should i be leveling at level 48/49?
  195. what is the best 1v1 pvp class?
  196. ele pet damage versus other skills..
  197. How DPS should be balanced
  198. Mage or Cleric?
  199. The truth about Riftstalkers in pvp... WITH MATHS
  200. GCD Global Cool Downs, as a Resource
  201. What next?
  202. Looking for a class to play
  203. Trion has spoken on what classes primary roles are - Look closer. 1.6 notes.
  204. why there needs to be more balance in this agame
  205. Is Trion's "Calling" concept flawed?
  206. Tank: Warrior vs Cleric
  207. So whats the deal trion you have more rogues paying you then any other class?
  208. Remove Classes from the Game
  209. Please move the class trainers!
  210. don't know what to tank with... cleric or warrior.
  211. Healing as a Chloromancer vs Cleric
  212. Coming back to RIFT
  213. what if a newbie/newcomer
  214. Actual footage of warrior tears! If the glove fits, you must REVERT!
  215. Atrius/Trion: Improve Tanking Trinkets! (Data Inside)
  216. Am I missing something with Beastmastery?
  217. Is this true?!
  218. All classes don't solo equally. Warrior, Cleric left behind.
  219. Idea to make Support Needed
  220. Who _doesn't_ use macros or scripted rotations?
  221. Dissb 12th and 13th Narrative PVP Videos, P8 wearing P3 and P4 gear, "Double Feature"
  222. What if no classes? :D
  223. Fotm
  224. To Start With: Heal or Tank
  225. A healing question :>
  226. Fulfilling All Roles
  227. What class gets the easiest endgame content access.
  228. Screw this warrior, im rolling a rogue.
  229. What Should I Play?
  230. problem regarding the rablablabla healing debuff rage QQ imma quit this game
  231. What happened to over-heal?
  232. Major issue that require immediate attention regarding classes instability.
  233. So a serious question, each class should be the best at a certain something right?
  234. Terrible balance idea
  235. ! Attack Styles !
  236. Buff vindicator tree - perspective of a mage/cleric
  237. Equal DPS for equally geared DPS souls.
  238. Dissb's 11th Narrative PVP Video, P8 wearing P1 and P2 gear.
  239. General Question
  240. Nerf offensive rogues
  241. Waht is your Favorite to play?
  242. Which class requires the least amount of button mashing in combat?
  243. Spark of Life
  244. Everyone support this post if you agree.
  245. Petcast macros are broken again
  246. 1.7 changes uncovered!
  247. New player
  248. Per point in tree abilities
  249. Pts Changes Good or Bad?
  250. LF inquisicar build / macros /rotation