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  1. Coming back from a year hiatus
  2. Top ranged dps spec
  3. Returning player
  4. Why is it that time and time again I am disapointed?
  5. which has a higher DPS output -
  6. Harbinger Question
  7. Why exactly is Trion trying to force support in 5mans?
  8. Today's Patch
  9. Why Have a guide section if you are just going to mess with our specs all the time?
  10. Pet Ability Macro
  11. Tanking macros?
  12. Seeking spell animation - Ball of thunder
  13. No soul changes today
  14. Returning player! What class should i play?
  15. healer frames for 5 mans
  16. Is Support in Demand for Groups?
  17. Warrior Healer, Mage tank - again!
  18. Topsy turvey : Classes are best at their weaknesses
  19. Customer wants anwers.
  20. Fallensoul's critical PVP soul (54rb/18para/4tempest) HIGH DMG IN WFS!
  21. More Role slots
  22. Best PVE Healer?
  23. Can you pick your souls?
  24. Pvp healing build low lvl
  25. Everything Old is New Again
  26. Need a bit of help picking a calling.
  27. 32 Classes in Rift - A handful viable and/or playable?
  28. How much
  29. Cleric vs Mage
  30. Thinking About Trying Out a Tank, But Can't Decided Which Tank Class To Go
  31. ETA on proc bug fixes?
  32. Trion - Why does the imbalance remain unsolved?
  33. This is really killing me.. Please help
  34. New races to Telara
  35. Coming back, and want to be useful
  36. Support Class Thoughts...
  37. Which class has the following:
  38. How do i solve this?
  39. Where have all the class leads gone?
  40. need some hlp pls
  41. OP classes list
  42. Class bugs?
  43. tact and nightblade
  44. end Raing
  45. Returning player, stick with my old class or pick a new one?
  46. Why do mages remain unloved?
  47. Returning player have some questions about the state of classes.
  48. New player overwhelmed by all the soul choices...
  49. Brand New Sub - Soul choice help!!!
  50. Buffs/Debuffs list
  51. Cast-time Cleric vs Rogue
  52. Toughness for Dungeons
  53. Class Balance
  54. Deadpool!!!
  55. How much damage do DPS classes do anyway?
  56. Any reason why Noise Cancelling Coatiing is now removed from PVP?
  57. Question regarding class distribution in endgame raiding environments.
  58. Bugged Trainers Unable To Reset Soul Points
  59. Rift Zam & Magelo
  60. Living Tank
  61. Please rank, crit power, spell power, spell crit hit
  62. DO skills in tree's stack?
  63. Resubbed player looking for ranged dps class
  64. Warriors are the only class with expectations and demands - Why?
  65. King of the Hill, Defensive Manuever - Delayed / Bugged effect.
  66. (for the billionth time!) Coming back for SL -- Warrior, Rogue or Mage?
  67. Best class to play now!?!?
  68. Saboteurs, Sentinels and Defilers in PVP.
  69. Clear proof of imbalance.
  70. Please fix this link
  71. Rogue or Mage or Both?
  72. Probably returning for SL - Cleric vs Mage?
  73. Cleric VS Rogue ,need help to make the desicion for a newbie...
  74. Best solo class/build now.
  75. An observation on good solo specs...
  76. Harbinger is fantastic for Soloing !!!
  77. Torn between rolling harbinger or continuing my warrior. plz help
  78. does capping a pet's level based on it being lesser or great make sense?
  79. Toughness Gimped
  80. This is way too easy. Someone give me a spec that is lousy so I can have some fun!
  81. Which Class will you use to Level PAs when T3 comes out?
  82. Apothecary - What to focus on for SL
  83. Ranged warriors and melee mages
  84. Who is switching classes? What to and why?
  85. Gifts = The Imbalance
  86. dps/hps"goals"
  87. Support = more dmg for everyone ?
  88. Cleric vs. Mage - trying to decide
  89. Leveling in SL
  90. Healing Classes
  91. Class advice for Returning Player
  92. Warrior or Rogue??
  93. Accurate/Complete Hotfix Notes Plz
  94. which class to level up first in SL?
  95. thick of battle(possible bug???)
  96. Why so high difference in Miti and HP Pool of War/Rogue/Clc ?
  97. Big thank you for finally fixing mana issues
  98. DPS - What makes it fun...
  99. which tank calling?
  100. Would you use 4 souls if Trion let you?
  101. Rogue vs mage gameplay question
  102. Macro: cast [notactive] cast [active]
  103. 5% damage/healing vs 10% sp/ap vs 10% prim stat. Any ideas?
  104. Do percentage passive abilities stack?
  105. Where are the classes headed?
  106. [1.11] Support Classes and You. Archon | Bard | BM Buff Details
  107. Witch class are more like a prot pala from wow or a guardian from GW2 ?
  108. Storm Legion Beta Soul tree calculator @ Magelo
  109. Critical Hit, Crit Rating, and Crit Power: The Return to Crit Stacking
  110. Updated Soultree builder and planar calc @ Magelo
  111. due to the energy changes to rogue and warrior...
  112. Bug: Buff Stacking
  113. Most good DPS with good survival ?
  114. Looking for Input on which class to choose
  115. Macro Cleanse for Raid
  116. Attack of the Clone-Warriors, -Magicians, -Clerics and -Roques
  117. Alts of the same class...
  118. Balance Schmalance
  119. Is there a theorycrafting community for Rift?
  120. Which Class will you level first in SL?
  121. New Souls Available form Start?
  122. Lingering Wounds & Anathema
  123. Which class has the top pet DPS?
  124. Coolest races on classes
  125. Elemental Damage Issue (Minor Problem)
  126. how soon for a soul calculator
  127. Synergy Crystal Changes Coming with 1.11
  128. Tempest vs Harbinger: which of the two seem more interesting?
  129. Class Philosophy, Storm Legion & Beyond
  130. Trion are you sure this is a good idea ?
  131. soul reveal?
  132. Sl pvp
  133. Tactician, Tempest, Defiler, and Harbinger!
  134. Do we want constant class changes?
  135. [PvE] If you were a Class Dev for a day...
  136. Returning player : What class should I play and how should I play to level with fun
  137. New soul
  138. Anti-planar.
  139. Soul Preview Change
  140. Patch Notes - Chloromancer Friendly Winter's Bite
  141. Wut should i play
  142. Melee to be "more effective" in SL
  143. Hopes for reduction of tank aggro and increase of DPS aggro management for Strom legi
  144. Possible new names of the Souls
  145. So what distinguishes mages from clerics now?
  146. New Classes
  147. Every Class Gets Stealth Now
  148. Spell & melee damage.
  149. So why do squishie tanks want to try to overpull the whole instance?
  150. Ideas on the new souls?
  151. New to game, looking for assistance with macros.
  152. So will mages become the new FOTM come new Souls?
  153. There are too many damage abilities, and not enough Utility or CC abilities.
  154. new 51 pt builds
  155. Returning player seeking advice.
  156. Macro Question
  157. new 2 being a GM in rift
  158. No Need For Alts (of the Same Class)?
  159. Just a little help
  160. Class balance discussion.
  161. Archon and Bards
  162. Class balance and playing how you want to play.
  163. Warrior or Cleric... Need some help here
  164. Support Builds: Worth bringing to the party?
  165. Tanking while mentoring down still broken
  166. 51/13/2 rotation
  167. Does anyone have images of the old beta souls?
  168. Fanaticism/Soul Dran vs Bullseye/Lightning Fury
  169. Bad tooltips Waste Your Time and Dev Time.
  170. Returning Player - Most Needed Class/Build?
  171. Choosing a main (Warrior vs Rogue)
  172. Fastest 'solo' Class/Spec to level?
  173. Is Support an imaginary role or something?
  174. dps/heals...mage or cleric?
  175. choosing a new toon..need your advice !
  176. Souls and Factions
  177. How awful is this build?
  178. Back from a 6 month break, Need your Help!
  179. Rolling new class which will be easier to get raid ready?
  180. Equality for the classes; My hopes for the expansion.
  181. what is the best planar focus for a rb/champ?
  182. New build, new thoughts to Tanking,
  183. Keyboard set-up and layout
  184. Rogue tanks and others LEATHYS ONLY
  185. FUN classes?
  186. A question for Ahov..
  187. Inquisitor or Warlock?
  188. Back to the game!!
  189. Bored With Warrior Tank
  190. Rift Junkies is Look For Class Columnists
  191. What tanking class do you find most fun?
  192. PA Question
  193. What calling did you enjoy levelling the most?
  194. What was the most fun class you have played?
  195. Few questions:
  196. returning player looking for advice
  197. What to expect for Callings in RIFT: Storm Legion!
  198. Having a hard time
  199. just back afther 7 month+ question about class
  200. Advice: Cleric vs. Rogue for returning player
  201. the mitigation.
  202. Premade Class Combos?
  203. To macro or not?
  204. Help Picking a Class
  205. Question Regarding Expansion Level Cap
  206. PA-PvP: Focused strikes applying on raid bosses
  207. Really? Doing away with an entire class?
  208. Best solo class
  209. Healing vs dps sigils
  210. what is the best class for DoTs ?
  211. Fastest way to solo from 49 to 50?
  212. New idea for pet classes
  213. Sigil
  214. Cleric or Warrior PvE Tank?
  215. Post Softcap Block vs Dodge
  216. Tablet Clarification please?
  217. Sort of an odd dilemma (P31 Rogue)
  218. Should Trion make new souls for the callings?
  219. Returning player question about Callings/Purpose
  220. Does the "damage type" of a wand really matter?
  221. Block Diminishing Returns for 1.8?
  222. Pet buff bug (All callings)
  223. Bringing back Calling/Soul quest
  224. I finally figure out DPS.
  225. Acquiring new souls
  226. Lets talk PvE Tanking
  227. Class direction
  228. does anyone know....
  229. Best Solo/PVP combo? and fun?
  230. Warrior + Rogue PvP Gear
  231. Best Calling / Class / Build
  232. Best Calling / Class Build
  233. When leveling up via PVP how do you guys get gear and from where?
  234. I am confused with Diverse Soul combos
  235. Would anyone else want this?
  236. Tanking class comparison - fresh 50 perspective
  237. Chloromancer vs Druid : who is the Master of Nature?
  238. Worst Specs Possible
  239. Most complex roles/classes?
  240. Request for more roles
  241. some PTS parses
  242. 51 pts class viable?
  243. Help with souls and stacking
  244. Best Solo Questing Soul(s)
  245. Rogue or Mage for end game?
  246. Rogue or Warrior - What am I looking for?
  247. Rogues heal better then Clerics ?
  248. Newbie question.
  249. Class dev role rotation?
  250. Class for me?