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  1. We dont need Bright Wizards in this MMO
  2. your favorite class so far
  3. "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet"
  4. Build help blade dancer / rift stalker / ?
  5. Class armor
  6. [Roleplay Your Build!] Swasbuckling Rogue? Pacifist Cleric? Post your story.
  7. beta 7 build
  8. Souls - eventually you get all souls for your calling?
  9. Soul tree question
  10. Ideas for future classes?
  11. Soul Bleed: A customary expansion on souls
  12. People stop crying!!!!!!!
  13. MM/ranger/sabotour best pvp combo?
  14. Speak to me of battlemages.
  15. PVP souls - to easy - to over- to boring
  16. casters are broken.
  17. This build only zomg!
  18. 2 handers vs 1 handers
  19. class roles
  20. Deciding on what to be..help?
  21. Rift Versus Everquest for Depth??
  22. Melee AoE - Wat do?
  23. Looking for some insight into rouge class
  24. Shouldn't one of the mage specs have "eyes" to see invisibility?
  25. Stop F***** whining about the class imbalance for god sake...
  26. PvP- Out of Combat
  27. Gladiator?
  28. A Good melee rogue or warrior ?
  29. Favorite Class Stories
  30. Quick Question About Hit Chance
  31. How to fix the Saboteur with out breaking them.
  32. Best DPS w/ CC?
  33. the rogues is overpowedred
  34. Are people blind with clear imbalance issues?
  35. Cross-calling Builds
  36. A guide to builds/souls/callings and more.
  37. Are Sab really fotm, or just a sleeper hit?
  38. Gotta love all the build discussions!
  39. Nerf/Buff List- What has been Nerfed and Why?
  40. GCD and Taunts/Charges
  41. anyone thought of something like this????
  42. Suggestion: Codified soul abbreviations
  43. This build for tanking?
  44. Looking at builds has brought up a question, anyone know how this works?
  45. New Aspect of Tanking?
  46. Growing slightly scared for Rift...
  47. For those that have made a bunch of characters
  48. Nerf everthing!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
  49. RiftCore: Should Healing and DPS Mix?
  50. Best Class/Build for Extended Melee Battles
  51. Welcome to runes of magic 2
  52. Coming Soon! Any info on the other subclasses?
  53. 36 point roots and the effect on Builds
  54. How to improve soul trees in general
  55. Attempt #4,96- WTF is SPELL FOCUS?!?!?!?!?!1?!?1
  56. Warriors to have the worst time finding groups?
  57. Future Soul Brainstorming
  58. saved role pages
  59. Can you block unblockables ?
  60. Choose your racial
  61. Race traits
  62. Wow, i am overwhelmed by choices. I have no idea what is going on.
  63. For the love of god stop asking for NEW classes, this game needs races
  64. Tanking Questions
  65. Grouping Concerns in class design
  66. Unlearn my soul to choose new soul?
  67. Endgame class standings?
  68. pls no pvp farm
  69. Can you switch prebuilds?
  70. Saving Soul loadout
  71. Hunter Pets + PvP
  72. Bard vs Archon
  73. This whole soul thing confuses me, can I have some questions answered real quick?
  74. Barbarian?
  75. A quick beta 6 PvP movie
  76. My first beta will be the 15th, opinions on classes? Help me decide;
  77. Better to focus on one soul?
  78. Serrated Blades
  79. Why roll a cleric?
  80. Don"t nerf anything!!!
  81. Sabo, riftblade, champion, marksman, the only dps classes in this game
  82. [Video}26 melee riftblade PvP video
  83. [VIDEO] Chloromancer lvl 35 PvP
  84. My Idea for The Nerf this, Nerf that mentality that people have about Sabs.
  85. Classes or Souls - Which one is it?
  86. Promise is promised
  87. Remove class restirictions
  88. 2 handed tanking, is it viable?
  89. Suggestion for a new mage tank class Lycanthormancer
  90. The Nerf This Soul Thread
  91. best AoE build
  92. Junhax Uber DPS PvE Mage Spec
  93. Normal Attack
  94. Infiltrator? Vindicator? Archmage? Templar?
  95. UI: Making the key soul mechanic buffs more obvious
  96. Ballancing
  97. Chloromancer 1 vs many PvP
  98. 3% str/dex, 2% int, 1% wis. Why?
  99. pvp build but more then viable for pve
  100. Any chance for an exclusive faction soul?
  101. Is there a Rogue tank calling?
  102. So Saboteur gets Nerfed. What is next on the list?
  103. How can we get final root skill of the soul?
  104. More bards or necromancers?
  105. simple fix for melee
  106. Suggestion for classes with pets
  107. Why bother letting players use lower tiers of armor?
  108. Pet graphix should chane when you buy higher ranks
  109. I just downloaded the beta, I want to be a mage...
  110. Class choice at live
  111. Comparing the callings
  112. Best range DPS atm? single target
  113. Warfront Level Difference
  114. Post your healer build!
  115. So many quesions to ask a High level Ranger!
  116. Learn to Play
  117. Branch passive questions/clarification: spell vs abilities, secondary attributes, etc
  118. chloromancer lv 35 build and guide
  119. 51 point Root Abilities should not be long Cooldowns
  120. Soul Tree Points
  121. The Ultimate Glass Cannon Mage (For the Lvl 20-29 PvP Bracket)
  122. Ok I guess there is only one healer
  123. PvE Pet Avoidance
  124. 3 souls
  125. Do you understand the game?
  126. Bard/Ranger/Whatever
  127. Archons need two things to make them OP:
  128. Best souls for rushing to 50?
  129. Primary Soul
  130. Nerf!
  131. The Killing game...
  132. What happen to all the clerics?
  133. Nerf this class, buff this class, i dont want to play this and that if not..
  134. The Techno-Mage
  135. buffs getting their stats showed up
  136. pets range attack
  137. Best Party Buff/heal Class
  138. Noob Question: What's the Process for....
  139. Nerf X Buff Y treads
  140. "buff mages" - made me laugh :)
  141. Tri Spec VS Duel Spec VS One soul
  142. a few pointers about crying nerf
  143. Altoholic
  144. Soul change
  145. Ballance is an illusion
  146. Why dont I see anyone maxing a soul in there spec?
  147. Different factions should have different classes
  148. Who has the best AoE right now?
  149. Many current "Taunts" endorse "You are doing it wrong".
  150. More Souls
  151. Who is topping the damage done in WFs?
  152. Anyone ever seen a bigger 180 in developer supports in a week?
  153. One question on the trees?
  154. Chloromancer- Taken seriously?
  155. Interrupts aren't good for positioning!
  156. Possible playstyles (Roles) for all 4 callings, in PvE...
  157. Mages need some help, bad.
  158. [Movie]Twinkle(Hardstyle) the Hybrid BETA 6 Mage PVP
  159. Paragon's need some tweaks.
  160. Warriors need to be nerfed before live.
  161. don't bother pvping until sabos are adjusted
  162. Void Knights being OP....
  163. need tips on class and souls
  164. Racials
  165. Starter class
  166. Add up all the KBs of my team besides mine then double them.
  167. Chloromancer way better than Sentinel !
  168. New To game: Suggestions welcome, Hello to Beta players
  169. Color Code for classes
  170. so many pets!
  171. Elites
  172. Confused with souls
  173. Melee without a ton of buttons?
  174. DAoC Druid equivalent souls?
  175. yawn game has to much cc already
  176. Healing -- How is this balanced?
  177. Possible Assassin PvP & a Raid / Instance build.
  178. Advice on my build so far
  179. some problems i see with healers
  180. How big a deal is +10 stat?
  181. I'm kind of at a loss...
  182. What's wrong with rogue
  183. I Like the Game, But...
  184. Defiant and clerics
  185. Mage - pointless class?
  186. Assassin/ Sab
  187. How do you decide? Simply too much choice :(
  188. CC Class
  189. New souls ?
  190. What the Knight...
  191. Which class has strongest pet?
  192. Clerics Are Not OP The People Playing Them Are
  193. Why not unlock all souls?
  194. Wondering, is it possible to balance it? (or even get close to?)
  195. What's the BEST of the BESTY BESTEST CLASS??
  196. Downloading the client now, i want to know if pets scale with stats
  197. Justicar and Paladin
  198. Uhhh riftblade broken?
  199. Best dueling class?
  200. Question on Hit Chance
  201. types of tanks?
  202. AOE PVE (Farming) Possible?
  203. Critique my Ranger build
  204. Blademaster from WC3
  205. Suport mage
  206. Selectionflowchart
  207. Chloromancer question
  208. Druid/Shaman/?
  209. Virgin to Rift: Class thoughts thus far....
  210. Satyr Pet is as expected a joke.
  211. How good are Shamans or Melee Clerics?
  212. Best overall Dps ranged class would be?
  213. Void Knight Quality Care Bug
  214. Planar Charges?
  215. Best DPS PVP build?
  216. Very close to skipping Beta 6
  217. Warriors are ruined, mages are dead, clerics are done for, rogues are castrated...
  218. Way to change souls
  219. Anyone thinking of Single specc'ing?
  220. Large number of anti micro skills
  221. My friend wants to play "a healer", what should I be ?
  222. Assassin, Riftstalker, NIghtblade & Blade Dancer. What's the difference?
  223. no monk-like class?
  224. Calling all buildpros!
  225. Please keep nerfing clerics.
  226. Best DD Job?
  227. Ok some of you that are asking for cleric nerfs.
  228. Enhancement Shamans
  229. looking for a mobile pvp calling/soul build
  230. Option overload!
  231. How powerful are pets?
  232. This is my 1st beta, what class should I be?!
  233. My spec at lvl 35
  234. Help: Necro build.
  235. Support role
  236. Soul changes, passive buffs.
  237. what do i pick
  238. Playstyles discussion
  239. No incentive to be melee rogue at all, ranged to good
  240. Too many abilities to use and bind.
  241. burst dps
  242. Maybe someone could post link to updated (patch 6) soulbuilder when one gets updated?
  243. Possible idea others have probably mentioned but I didn't see
  244. Wel they nerfed sabs and did it the wrong way. Shoulda just listened to me
  245. Soul builds thread link
  246. Notes UP!
  247. FILTHY DIRTY ROGUE PT.2 - Melee Assassin World PvP & Warfronts (video from beta #5)
  248. Do NOT remove the Fairy. I love her.
  249. What makes a calling this calling ?
  250. FOTM Class Threads/Community