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  1. What classes have ranged silences?
  2. Do you actually use your secondry soul abilities or just use the stat increases?
  3. Help me decide!
  4. Best class with Good-Avg DPS and OK Healing?
  5. Saboteur Questions~
  6. Best EndGame Healer
  7. After a successful...
  8. Think the racials will be different as we log in today?
  9. Just for variety, WORST PVE combo?
  10. Do you need to switch gear when switching roles?
  11. paragon
  12. Main Tank Questions
  13. Is there an Archmage (Warhammer), Disc Priest (Wow) type class?
  14. yea baby
  15. Audio Triggers?
  16. Whats more effective? Pure Vs Hybrid
  17. How many chars can we have on 1 server?
  18. List of Quickest Solo PvE Builds from 1-25? Downtime and Ease of button pressing?
  19. Aoe warrior build
  20. bard lvling spec
  21. Main souls, secondary souls and tertiary souls
  22. Build Question in general
  23. Elemental Damage Buffs / Debuffs
  24. Question concerning mechanics of "talent" system and class/souls picking
  25. Hit/focus caps?
  26. Help me decide!
  27. Trying to understand the Hit traits
  28. Is there macro that causes a character to have a % chance to yell something
  29. Mage and Warrior (Just some chat while we wait)
  30. What I've learned from the Rift trailer
  31. Reaver or Inquisitor / Cabalist
  32. Endgame Armor?
  33. It's not NERFING it's FIXING
  34. Snarfs VS Carebears
  35. Can't decide what to play
  36. How much does my bard build suck?
  37. How does respeccing work?
  38. X versus X/Y or X/Y/Z
  39. Class + souls recommendation
  40. A Healers Guide: The Basics
  41. Good lord, they nailed champions
  42. Soul Choice Question
  43. Best Melee Burst Damage Class
  44. Paragon or Bladedancer?
  45. Are Shamans really that bad?
  46. DW
  47. Thinking of rolling this Archon build
  48. Propose a class for me
  49. Wanting to roll a healer, but will a warden be able to solo AT ALL?
  50. Updated ZAM Soul Builder for Head Start
  51. Warrior or Mage?
  52. Please stop with the "What is the Best..." threads.
  53. pvp class/build for experienced pvper
  54. will there...
  55. Little help choosing Class/souls
  56. Laziest Solo Leveling Class & Souls?
  57. What is the least soul used in each class?
  58. Pyromancer PvP..
  59. Anyone else stuck between the two choices?
  60. Total Eclise of Definitive - Help me Choose a Class Please!
  61. Question about some of the souls
  62. [Suggested Sabo Change]
  63. Bards?
  64. Healing build... Comments please.
  65. Dom/Archmage/Chrolo PvP Build [with talent tree link]
  66. Best Cleric dps build
  67. What will you be rolling?
  68. Best DPS class
  69. Cant decide, HELP!
  70. class demographic
  71. Talent (Soul?) Points and Souls / General Info Request
  72. Choose My main for me
  73. Didn't play beta
  74. Argh, spoilt for choice! (Tank nut here)
  75. A new kind of thread, ends with an "F"
  76. Warhammer Players
  77. Best fast moving insta casting class
  78. [PVP Video] The 30 button Mage (lvl42) ...
  79. NB/RS for pvp?
  80. WARRIOR class concerns. ETC.
  81. What do you think this game will need more of?
  82. Arena or Open world pvp?
  83. Rate the souls in PvP!
  84. Warrior(champion)+ ??
  85. Need Advice
  86. Sent/Druid/Purifier PvP Build [with link to talent tree]
  87. Pally- Impassable Guard?
  88. The Calling Divide
  89. Dominator soul. Experience/thoughts?
  90. anti-heal build...
  91. Assassin/BD Beta 7 PvP (Video)
  92. Dark Paladin
  93. Newbie Question / Race-Classes
  94. Warrior or Mage
  95. Critical hit ratios for all classes
  96. You still can't decide your roles? Time to consult the winds of fate...
  97. Stuns and CC
  98. how to unlock the pvp soul?
  99. Of the low tier +5 stat buff each class gets, why do mages get it so late?
  100. Pet comparisons?
  101. dual wield weapons for rogue
  102. Did the racials change any for launch?
  103. Enjoy
  104. Stoked
  105. A Positive in the Negative
  106. Racials really worth it for the class you want to play...
  107. What is the OPest calling/soul for SOLO PVP.
  108. First live patch and people start arguing
  109. You are now aware that the crit change...
  110. Is 1h+Shield Ever the Best Choice?
  111. What can the other classes do (especially warriors) to protect Healers?
  112. PVP Tutorials as Video - Champion and Riftblade
  113. Please Trion UPDATE the main website
  114. Well, this is what I'm gona roll!
  115. Class development in game
  116. you cant spend 51 points and heres proof
  117. new to rift question about class mechanics
  118. Instance DPS question
  119. Help me decide what class I'm going to be...
  120. Any reason Champion got this nerfed down?
  121. Make charges easier to see
  122. Need a build: single target caster DPS + AOE heals
  123. End game for Archon?
  124. since shammys self healing suck
  125. Class Roles and Souls
  126. What class shall I start out with?
  127. Best Duo?
  128. Pet essentials.
  129. AoE Leveling/Farming Build
  130. Ranged DPS build that would totally own in pvp, imho, probably pve as well.
  131. STOP!!! with the Nerf bat already
  132. Cleric pvp (damage Support spec)
  133. POLL: Whats YOUR Calling? Round Two!
  134. Tanks and the rift leaderboards
  135. How many souls?
  136. Builds
  137. Bard = 0 DPS
  138. Class role breakdown
  139. Bard: are they worth it?
  140. Support Classes will rule the raids
  141. SoulChoice
  142. A good not-cleric class for solo leveling?
  143. Trion.. or Adam.. or whoever is deciding this, please stop.
  144. Trion Intended Calling Imbalance.
  145. DoT and HoT ticks crit chance independantly evaluated; Sabo/VK should see the same
  146. Help me pick a class?
  147. Multi-Spec Question
  148. Rogue best for people who can't decide on a class?
  149. UnKnown Souls,..coming soon,...?
  150. Mages: End Game Warlocks will be Awesome
  151. Its Nerf or Nothing
  152. Finding the healer class for me
  153. Quick question
  154. Since when has it been about the numbers?
  155. Need help choosing an archetype, any advice
  156. This game is not about max dps
  157. This is hard!
  158. Need some help picking a class to play
  159. mages are weak and underpowered
  160. Chloro: Healing shouldn't be this much fun!
  161. 51 points in one soul?
  162. Race choice important for your calling?
  163. Short open letter to the Class Designers
  164. Dilemma - What Class
  165. good support...
  166. Hi - I would like to do Ranged DPS Please
  167. Rage of balance issues
  168. [Video] The more than 2 button Saboteur!
  169. Too many class choices!
  170. Clerics - Massive mana issues.
  171. Suggestion: Different board for PVP and PVE?
  172. BTW Nerf the Paladin
  173. Balance Ultimatum: Mages, Saboteurs, Clerics, and Void Knights
  174. The 51-point abilities will never be used
  175. Can we get a CD on Flamespear?
  176. Cleric build help, please!
  177. Possible PvP healing build would love feed back
  178. Need help on deciding class
  179. How high into the various pet trees do you have to go for level 50 pets?
  180. Healers overpowered in PVP?
  181. killed by a saboteur idea
  182. why cant i decide?
  183. Class Damage
  184. Anyone else troubled deciding between Warrior Tank and Cleric Tank?
  185. how important is gear?
  186. Damage reduction is multiplicative or additive? Or only highest value count?
  187. Do players think all classes can do all roles
  188. max lvl ability list
  189. Forget what you know: Rift paradigms are not the same
  190. Launch Pick!!!
  191. New changes : Saboteur charges now warn players with a beep !
  192. unusual builds that are effective?
  193. Just an idea
  194. Marksman/Ranger/Bard?
  195. class and soul descriptions
  196. Easy fix for RB/VK
  197. Every calling seems interesting, but which is the best for me?
  198. Video: Two-button Saboteur
  199. Take 5
  200. Nerf bat !
  201. Everyone knew warriors would get nerfed but mages too????
  202. 4 callings 6 character slots
  203. Cleric Levelling Idea: Is this even possible?
  204. Class announcement?
  205. Saboteur / Bard PvP Video
  206. 4 classes, 32 souls....not enough?
  207. Which is the best debuffer character type?
  208. Defence Class
  209. Couple of minor problems in the game.
  210. Rift main page is missing a role for each class......
  211. dear whiny nerds:
  212. Change the name of the game....
  213. Classes, should they be balanced?
  214. Rogue melee DPS
  215. My biggest issue/gripe with rift so far...
  216. Abilities that are the same
  217. Chloro fun.. ?
  218. Recomended Souls
  219. Bard + "?" for duo PVE...
  220. Solo PvP Class.
  221. Some PvE fun with my 24 now 26 cleric (video)
  222. Justicar Main Tank?
  223. 12+ characters in the past 2 days
  224. Balanced PvP
  225. question - change souls?
  226. Having a really hard time deciding on a class setup
  227. The souls and their roles.
  228. Armor, Avoidance, Diminishing Returns, and You!
  229. The point of three soul trees
  230. rogues
  231. The best tank...
  232. If you want to fulfill as many roles as possible, and do them better than others...
  233. Post your classes
  234. Which calling/spec is the most needed/least played?
  235. How many classes can be played with macros?
  236. About tanking
  237. Abilities' rank and Soul points question
  238. You know it's coming
  239. Very, very basic class type counters.
  240. Lower cast time of vile spores!
  241. What warrior and rogue souls add self healing?
  242. I've been owned...
  243. Quit saying...
  244. stealth broken still.....
  245. Class %'s at launch
  246. Power leveling mage comp
  247. If you want to DPS any reason to roll mage/cleric?
  248. Can't decide on a launch class/roles :(
  249. Reduce the amount of mana drained ffs
  250. Still a little mistified