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  1. These forums are going to explode when more newbies find out about squirrel bombs :)
  2. Warrior DPS/PVE and PVP build for level 20.
  3. Which souls have a cleanse?
  4. Favorite Tank to Heal?
  5. PvP lvling
  6. Rift Spell Damage Mechanic Explanation
  7. do many people think they will really max 1 soul or just take a balance or 2 or 3?
  8. Champion and Bard Duo?
  9. Clerics are awesome!
  10. Support soul as main?
  11. all points in one soul tree
  12. Different GCDs Really??
  13. Most interesting class/soul to play?
  14. Game Needs More Anti-Healing Skills
  15. Changing Souls
  16. No pure dps
  17. Chemical Bomb + Black Garden
  18. So who thinks alot more nerfs are coming for rogues and warriors?
  19. Do you put Souls in certain slots in your souls UI?
  20. Pyromancer/Warlock Levelling?
  21. Help needed. Pwease!
  22. Where is the PVP section of the forums?!?!?!?
  23. Waited until 40... Champions are pretty balanced lol
  24. quick question about souls?
  25. Champions...Wait wait what???
  26. Class to start?
  27. Using Shadow Shift now destealths
  28. Adjustment to dmg output urgently required
  29. Bards unable to help people not in their party sucks.
  30. Would you need a buffbot in this game?
  31. Enabling quick Soul set changes
  32. Pet Movement
  33. Bards the best raw healers?
  34. For mainly solo game
  35. Healing in PvP
  36. Teleporting around (advice?)
  37. How in the hell does a warrior
  38. Please don't take my Soul Combinations.
  39. Which Movement/Mount Speed Buffs stack/don't stack?
  40. Personality type and class part 2
  41. Q? Training spells in new roles
  42. Pets too good/too accessible?
  43. Broken character class...
  44. Solo class
  45. Rolling First Character
  46. How do melee(warriors,rogues) solo?
  47. Whate the least played class (War/Mage/Cler/Rogue) and role (DPS, Healer, Tank, CC)?
  48. Having trouble deciding between tanks!
  49. Whats a good class to start with?
  50. Mana Burn
  51. Lack of Efficent Enhance roles for Cleric - Justicar, A Case Study (w/TL;DR)
  52. Rogue/warrior seemingly overcrowding
  53. Resetting Roles?
  54. warriors imbalanced
  55. 2 level 31 spells?
  56. never received my third soul in the starter area
  57. Questions on classes
  58. Saboteurs and soloing.... more absurdity
  59. Flamespear, can't warriors do anything else?
  60. General tanking question
  61. Best healing classes to pick ?
  62. Put a 10sec CD on Detonate
  63. would love to see a monk class in here?
  64. Sabs are OP becuase anyone can be good at them
  65. Void Knight is unplayable after patch
  66. getting additional souls
  67. Looking for a soultree planer
  68. Questions reguarding Stat points and Weapon DPS
  69. Riftstalker BUG! (rogue)
  70. Why are rogues so popular?
  71. Fastest mode of Levelling? Questing vs Dungeon Vs WarFront Vs Grinding?
  72. Additional Soul Roles are Expensive, wiser to respec
  73. Roles, souls, and points
  74. Anyone have a decent Champ/Paragon builld
  75. GIMPs. Fun little game to play with classes. or as your 4th role.
  76. I beg for help.
  77. [Cabalist - CoS vs. Warlock - Nedras G] ROFL !!! A joke ??
  78. Crest Mastery don't work?
  79. Needing help/advice on what might be best class for me from experienced players :)
  80. One tedious quest to change calling
  81. I know Justicar has a "battle rez" but...
  82. PvP Soul - Lvl 50 only?
  83. So everyone is sad..
  84. Roles and item sets
  85. Bard Heals
  86. To devs: Battle-mage...
  87. What class/souls should I choose?
  88. Reason to play mage over rogue?
  89. Looking for a cleric build that fits certain criteria
  90. Macros and spells off the GCD
  91. Blast charge is not okay in 10-19 bracket
  92. Unlocking Souls
  93. WTF boost my dmg for RB and Reaver int? str? Help!@!
  94. More utility classes please!
  95. So i was messing around with a talent calc for rift..
  96. Need help
  97. Void Knight/ Champion / Riftblade
  98. Mouseover macros?
  99. PvP \ Warfronts Deserve their Own Forum!
  100. Trion: The PvP game is great. Please tread carefully with any post-launch "balancing"
  101. Mana vs. Non-Mana Classes: Why?
  102. Why r ppl complaining about non-max lvl pvp?
  103. Justicar Soul Pairing?
  104. What class would suit me best?
  105. Teach me how to douggie <rb/vk>
  106. Best 2 class combos for leveling with a friend
  107. Warrior or Cleric?
  108. Melee Range Combat Arts
  109. So, Who Has Activated/Used Their "PVP Soul"?
  110. Would like opinions ~New Player~
  111. Should I reroll my bard?
  112. Cleric DOT vs Mage DOT classes
  113. Cleric Tank?
  114. Are there too many rogues?
  115. What affects Damage? What is Weapon Damage?
  116. Known by soul, not by class. An idea
  117. For sab QQ
  118. Healing in rifts/ invasions - Do you receive your just reward?
  119. Rift Surge
  120. Quests to get 4th, 5th Soul and so on?
  121. How to switch roles
  122. another troll thread, but includes legitimacy!
  123. Which is the fastest leveling (pve) char?
  124. Class balance?
  125. Help finding right class for me pls...
  126. Whose idea was it...
  127. Best class for AoE farming?
  128. Switching out souls.
  129. Easy fix for sabs
  130. Soul changing macro
  131. Not enjoying my class
  132. best class and souls?
  133. Your souls? And why did you choose it?
  134. Balance is subjective. Never forget that.
  135. Best support class?
  136. Mages, for advanced players?
  137. Give me a champion build
  138. Effective Class Pairings?
  139. Not a QQ
  140. What can your Assassin do?
  141. Warrior bugs?
  142. For the people saying their classes suck.
  143. Training
  144. Solo spec?
  145. What class is the easyiest
  146. Nerf Healers?
  147. Do *NOT* nerf Healers!!
  148. Cleric/Warrior/Rogue Tanking
  149. no balance - nerf healers
  150. Seeking class recommendations - ranged preferred :)
  151. WoW borrowing abilities from RIFT? More likely than you think.
  152. Do clerics get compensated for healing in rifts?
  153. Help me with class choice please
  154. two quick questions!
  155. agility skill question
  156. There are FAR too many slows and knockbacks
  157. Changing souls
  158. Healing class??
  159. 51 Root points in a tree
  160. Area of Effect?
  161. Adjust Mana regen back to beta's 1-3, we just want to play! :(
  162. which class and which specX/x/X combo is the max dps for raiding/PvE? please explain
  163. How many actual characters can you make?
  164. multiple skills the same? not needed on my hotbar?
  165. Which non-cleric class has the best survivability?
  166. Can I change souls or once I pick I'm stuck with them?
  167. Are second and third souls less powerful than the first?
  168. How many roles will we be able to have?
  169. i loved my enhance shamy in wow! anything close to this in rift
  170. If Im a clerk do all 3 souls have to be clerk?
  171. I can't decide after reading patch notes.... please help!
  172. Choosing class combinations
  173. Having troubles targetting as Mage?
  174. Help! Too indecisive on what to play!
  175. Suggestion concerning squirrel (dom trans)
  176. Solo pve suggestions?
  177. What classes get Stealth...
  178. Soloing an Entire Rift and Rift Boss = Impossible?
  179. Having trouble picking a soul?
  180. Changing rolls
  181. saboteur class mechanic target
  182. nice fail trion learn to do games
  183. Please help me decide, its driving me nuts.
  184. Silences
  185. So I picked rogue and maybe not enjoying it as much and now being told rogue is the..
  186. Too many rogues?
  187. Looking for a good PvP Class / souls
  188. Attention bad players we cannot deal with a warrior that has ranged attacks
  189. Need help figuring out which souls to choose (WoW Player)
  190. Noob question about souls
  191. Is mana regen broken?
  192. Which weapon dame number is used?
  193. Silvertooth's character builder is now online
  194. Thoughts on a trio of characters...?
  195. What are folks overall opinion on best all-around AOE class?
  196. Still deciding between Cleric and Warrior
  197. Chaning souls
  198. How is "Based on weapon damage" or "130% of weapon damage" Used with dual wielding?
  199. About Bard motives and Beastmaster bonds, do they stack?
  200. Cant decide what i wanna play need some help plz ........?
  201. What is right for me?
  202. 51 Point Souls for Release
  203. Race Attrubte Bonus Gone????
  204. Duo person help
  205. What class do you hate fighting?
  206. Assessing Synergies - dynamic duo
  207. With all the soul options are soul nerfs/buffs really a big deal?
  208. Class's Speculation.. Most played ? Best at PvP ? Best at PvE dps ? etc.
  209. What classes have ranged silences?
  210. Do you actually use your secondry soul abilities or just use the stat increases?
  211. Help me decide!
  212. Best class with Good-Avg DPS and OK Healing?
  213. Saboteur Questions~
  214. Best EndGame Healer
  215. After a successful...
  216. Think the racials will be different as we log in today?
  217. Just for variety, WORST PVE combo?
  218. Do you need to switch gear when switching roles?
  219. paragon
  220. Main Tank Questions
  221. Is there an Archmage (Warhammer), Disc Priest (Wow) type class?
  222. yea baby
  223. Audio Triggers?
  224. Whats more effective? Pure Vs Hybrid
  225. How many chars can we have on 1 server?
  226. List of Quickest Solo PvE Builds from 1-25? Downtime and Ease of button pressing?
  227. Aoe warrior build
  228. bard lvling spec
  229. Main souls, secondary souls and tertiary souls
  230. Build Question in general
  231. Elemental Damage Buffs / Debuffs
  232. Question concerning mechanics of "talent" system and class/souls picking
  233. Hit/focus caps?
  234. Help me decide!
  235. Trying to understand the Hit traits
  236. Is there macro that causes a character to have a % chance to yell something
  237. Mage and Warrior (Just some chat while we wait)
  238. What I've learned from the Rift trailer
  239. Reaver or Inquisitor / Cabalist
  240. Endgame Armor?
  241. It's not NERFING it's FIXING
  242. Snarfs VS Carebears
  243. Can't decide what to play
  244. How much does my bard build suck?
  245. How does respeccing work?
  246. X versus X/Y or X/Y/Z
  247. Class + souls recommendation
  248. A Healers Guide: The Basics
  249. Good lord, they nailed champions
  250. Soul Choice Question