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  1. Why TRION Should Say "No" To Nerfs
  2. Cancel your account until class balancing is fixed
  3. anyone know
  4. How is champion/Riftblade so awesome?
  5. Resetting Souls
  6. Post Here to Support Trion in keeping the game as is !!!
  7. Think Warriors will be nerfed?
  8. If you are a Warrior or Cleric, I expect you to be able to tank or heal(respectively)
  9. @ all QQers about class imbalance
  10. Healers impossible to take down without Sabs and Champs
  11. Saboteurs ARE OP. Live with it.
  12. Which class is the most active? Both at lower levels and in general?
  13. DR Question
  14. What is the better PVE/Melee None AOE Solo Class?
  15. Look look i made a dk
  16. Combat Question
  17. Mages.
  18. PVE and PVP Balancing
  19. proof that clerics are op
  20. Nightblade/Assassin/Bard advice?
  21. Do you want Rift to fall just like the other MMOs?
  22. I love killing people with my dots.
  23. Help me build ranged dps
  24. wat should i do now
  25. Weakest Damage dealer soul(s) in the game?
  26. [Video] Mid-Level Pyromancer Codex PvP
  27. Torn between cleric and mage, WALL OF TEXT!! 9000 crit!
  28. Raise Health.
  29. in all honesty
  30. Be careful what you wish for
  31. ranger/MM/assasin spec
  32. Noob Question: how/when can I choose new souls?
  33. Not radical fix to sabs.
  34. Where is my soul that completely ruins gameplay for warrior/rogue?
  35. Missing 3rd Soul on Guardian character
  36. Can we change souls -- get new ones?
  37. The Myth of Dispel/Cleanse vs a Sab's Charges
  38. Blast charge HIT for 2.2k. Then after crit for 3.5k on plate
  39. Why bother with DoTs?
  40. Support Class, Bard Supremacy?
  41. Is it even worth to level my bard when i have a mage like almost as much?
  42. RB/Reaver abilities conseidered spells or physical?
  43. Best class/spec to eliminate clerics/healers?
  44. Need some Info.. Please :)
  45. Are we are forced to be OP?
  46. Couldnt even run RotF with 32 mage
  47. Riftblade: Are we satisfied?
  48. Class for high latency
  49. ╬ Best PVP Warrior build ╬
  50. You kids make me giggle...
  51. Tired of the Sab *****ing.
  52. Assist with my Tank Build.
  53. titan's smash and bullrush
  54. Need a good second build with Paragon... Maybe Champion/Riftblade?
  55. Why do players always do it?
  56. Question about Saboteur
  57. If Saboteur was a Mage Soul
  58. Debuff questions.
  59. Are you intentionally trying to lose subscriptions trion?
  60. So PvP is for warriors and rogues?
  61. Quick PvP Question
  62. Suggestion for Saboteur
  63. Why class balance is an issue
  64. Balance issues
  65. Seriously warriors, shield!=tank
  66. Warriors - Can we get some PvE Balance Please?
  67. looking to make a healer
  68. What class combo is the most fun?!
  69. Omg so op
  70. saboteurs need a huge nerf
  71. Flamespear and RiftSurge = Skill
  72. Why no lock outs on interrupts?
  73. Wow look at all the options we can choose from!!!!!
  74. How important is +hit?
  75. Still trying to make sense of the MM nerf/change/fix
  76. No balance discussion forum?
  77. Best single target DPS?
  78. Cleric and mage pictures and pvp spec
  79. Why do macros favor melee calsses so much?
  80. Hacked account!!!
  81. New Souls ideas.
  82. Question about class survivability
  83. Healers in Leather, Rogues in Cloth and Mages in Chain.
  84. [video] Warlock PVP
  85. Trouble getting started.
  86. Dual spec?
  87. Hopelessly lost and character bouncing and issues wanting to be useful in rift
  88. Dispells?
  89. My Class Reference Chart
  90. My full time PVE/PVP NB/RS/Bard Spec.
  91. This game needs pet customization
  92. Sabs, riftblades and champions will not be nerfed anytime soon.
  93. PvP Builds from (10-50)
  94. Compared op skills
  95. Rift Surge
  96. Riftblades needs a rework?
  97. Game so unfun
  98. Buff healing
  99. Classes: their "scale and balances" my input on class balances.
  100. How well does your toon farm?
  101. Simple Solution to Sab *Both sides Win*
  102. New Souls are coming - Samurai, Ninja, Onmyoji, Monk
  103. Wow... Okay - Sabs...
  104. War vs rogue tank
  105. Interesting Classes?
  106. Will start levling tomorrow, could need some tips.
  107. Classes OP...or not?
  108. Class Roles Healer/Tank/DPS
  109. what class should i be?
  110. What is a "spell?"
  111. WTF?!?!!? is the game meant to work like this
  112. Crit and Crit reduction
  113. Best PVP-Trio?
  114. Can you find the rogue in this picture?
  115. Best class for handling multiple mobs
  116. PvP
  117. Highest DPS class does not need so much stun.
  118. Soul swap later?
  119. Want to heal - don't want to be a Cleric - advice?
  120. New Mage souls
  121. Cleric dps vs other callings
  122. New player question
  123. Flicker and other similar effects.
  124. what identical classes would you dual box?
  125. Spell Effects, and do they change at higher levels?
  126. How does the dps of the 4 callings compare?
  127. I found a cure for all the QQ
  128. trion plz
  129. Which souls are the most fun to play?
  130. shamans end game
  131. Mages Present No Threat in PvP
  132. Planar Focus
  133. Toughness Stat?
  134. Beastmaster, Marksman, Stormcaller
  135. My main complaint about the classes
  136. Tips for all the whiners
  137. average guy trying to help for the black gaden fang in WF
  138. Duo for both pve and pvp
  139. Weapon speed, normalization and melee attacks
  140. Necro Pet Thoughts
  141. Stormcaller: Suggestion Thread
  142. Rogue or Warrior?
  143. Kaboom.. A Saboteur video (full of lulz and kabooms!)
  144. Public service announcement for sabs from the non rogue community.
  145. What your soul can do for you.
  146. Saboteurs are not OP, its simple math.
  147. Help Needed for Archons and Warlords
  148. Role of this Setup?
  149. Pets, Ranks, and Graphics
  150. Re-spec question
  151. Hit 50 now what - Reputations to max-
  152. What class do you guys suggest?
  153. Splitting/Pulling
  154. Most Popular / Highest Rated Build List
  155. Clerics rolling need on high int/low wisdom items with a mage in the group?
  156. What roles are often in short supply?
  157. Which Souls are the most effective for 1v1 PvP kiting?
  158. Warlock PvP Guide?
  159. need some skill description clarification...
  160. Stuck with the soul trees i pick?
  161. Anyone looking rogue for a 20-29 pvp spec
  162. QQing without reason?
  163. Archons Soul Trainer?
  164. The balancing complaints in here are ridiculous.
  165. Macro - To change souls.
  166. How to grind as a rouge(suggestion)
  167. Crest of the Abyss. Fix it.
  168. Justicar tanking...is it viable?
  169. Parallel abilities
  170. Class/Spec to solo 'Kill the Elite' Group Quests without kiting/consumables?
  171. Warfronts: pets not respawning with you when you die.
  172. Will the QQ ever end?
  173. Should I reroll? Mage seems underpowered in PvP
  174. Patch Notes:
  175. What class should i take?
  176. [Attn: Devs and PvPers] In Respect to Ability Concerns in PvP
  177. Hit cap
  178. Explain to me why a warrior with plate and a shield
  179. All the "Sabs are OP!" threads crack me up since...
  180. Mage Leveling Vs. Ranger Leveling OMG!
  181. Clerics have ruined me for all other callings
  182. Prereqs to posting on this forum...
  183. Saboteur class mechanic window
  184. Best build for PvE and PvP
  185. The Rock, Paper, Scissors method.
  186. idea for calling change quest
  187. @Trion: Please Fix Chloro: Call of Spring
  188. General Advice on Builds/Rotations/etc.
  189. Any reason for Single class Char?
  190. Please slow down energy generation of warriors (and rogues)
  191. Rogue: Marksman,NightStalker,Assissin
  192. Need help deciding what my next character should be
  193. I just can decide!
  194. PvE Rogues read
  195. things that might fix mages
  196. Players seem to not understand the concept of support role....
  197. How do I stop my spells from being resisted?
  198. Warrior defeats mage without ever touching her
  199. So here's what i dont get
  200. Fix channeling spells.
  201. If you are complaining about class balance this game...
  202. What is the level cap?
  203. So when do you start balancing the classes of Rift??
  204. Tank Spec Help
  205. Need help on class
  206. What am i doing wrong? (Cleric)
  207. Made many souls cry tonight...
  208. Sub Nerf-Read
  209. Class setup a turnoff
  210. We need a Druid class
  211. Having a real hard time making my mind up
  212. Ranged Easy Mode builds ?
  213. Warlord vs Bard
  214. Saboteur vs Riftblade
  215. Healing Debuffs.
  216. Your Favorite Build
  217. Ranged DOT Dpser ?
  218. Want to fix mages? remove the dominator soul.
  219. I worked it out...
  220. No Monk Class???
  221. Sabs can spec to be stun-immune?
  222. Can you remove or replace souls within a role?
  223. Do healers have to really work in instances? Heals seem so weak?
  224. Why do some of you refuse to heal?
  225. Riftblades and Saboteurs - Common Sense and Logic
  226. Show your love for Dominators
  227. The fix for SAB damage. And its not a nerf!
  228. Someone please explain rift spell damage mechanics!
  229. Squishy Clerics
  230. Bored of mage. Need new class to play with gf.
  231. A bit lost with warriors DPS souls... Help me!
  232. Class Issues in PvP: Summarization
  233. Need strats to overcome bards healing in Warfronts
  234. Looking for a specific class...
  235. Melee and Ranged
  236. Soldier's Bearing now bugged for champions?
  237. I found a cure for all the QQ that's going on.
  238. Casters! why don't you turn!!
  239. Cornered beast dissapointing. Also destroyers bearing seems lackluster.
  240. Remember in Warhammer when people said wait for max level to balance pvp?
  241. Spammable Ranged Mana Drain
  242. Make weapon enchantments/buffs VISUAL?
  243. Cross Class
  244. Rift: War of the Healers
  245. Prove the community wrong please
  246. Suggestion: Kelari Pet Classes and the Racial
  247. can u name ur pet?
  248. What class tanks with 2 handed weapons?
  249. My take on Sab's Not sure if OP, but maybe......
  250. Gleaming Stone Seed - Bugged as of today?