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  1. Clerics rolling need on high int/low wisdom items with a mage in the group?
  2. What roles are often in short supply?
  3. Which Souls are the most effective for 1v1 PvP kiting?
  4. Warlock PvP Guide?
  5. need some skill description clarification...
  6. Stuck with the soul trees i pick?
  7. Anyone looking rogue for a 20-29 pvp spec
  8. QQing without reason?
  9. Archons Soul Trainer?
  10. The balancing complaints in here are ridiculous.
  11. Macro - To change souls.
  12. How to grind as a rouge(suggestion)
  13. Crest of the Abyss. Fix it.
  14. Justicar tanking...is it viable?
  15. Parallel abilities
  16. Class/Spec to solo 'Kill the Elite' Group Quests without kiting/consumables?
  17. Warfronts: pets not respawning with you when you die.
  18. Will the QQ ever end?
  19. Should I reroll? Mage seems underpowered in PvP
  20. Patch Notes:
  21. What class should i take?
  22. [Attn: Devs and PvPers] In Respect to Ability Concerns in PvP
  23. Hit cap
  24. Explain to me why a warrior with plate and a shield
  25. All the "Sabs are OP!" threads crack me up since...
  26. Mage Leveling Vs. Ranger Leveling OMG!
  27. Clerics have ruined me for all other callings
  28. Prereqs to posting on this forum...
  29. Saboteur class mechanic window
  30. Best build for PvE and PvP
  31. The Rock, Paper, Scissors method.
  32. idea for calling change quest
  33. @Trion: Please Fix Chloro: Call of Spring
  34. General Advice on Builds/Rotations/etc.
  35. Any reason for Single class Char?
  36. Please slow down energy generation of warriors (and rogues)
  37. Rogue: Marksman,NightStalker,Assissin
  38. Need help deciding what my next character should be
  39. I just can decide!
  40. PvE Rogues read
  41. things that might fix mages
  42. Players seem to not understand the concept of support role....
  43. How do I stop my spells from being resisted?
  44. Warrior defeats mage without ever touching her
  45. So here's what i dont get
  46. Fix channeling spells.
  47. If you are complaining about class balance this game...
  48. What is the level cap?
  49. So when do you start balancing the classes of Rift??
  50. Tank Spec Help
  51. Need help on class
  52. What am i doing wrong? (Cleric)
  53. Made many souls cry tonight...
  54. Sub Nerf-Read
  55. Class setup a turnoff
  56. We need a Druid class
  57. Having a real hard time making my mind up
  58. Ranged Easy Mode builds ?
  59. Warlord vs Bard
  60. Saboteur vs Riftblade
  61. Healing Debuffs.
  62. Your Favorite Build
  63. Ranged DOT Dpser ?
  64. Want to fix mages? remove the dominator soul.
  65. I worked it out...
  66. No Monk Class???
  67. Sabs can spec to be stun-immune?
  68. Can you remove or replace souls within a role?
  69. Do healers have to really work in instances? Heals seem so weak?
  70. Why do some of you refuse to heal?
  71. Riftblades and Saboteurs - Common Sense and Logic
  72. Show your love for Dominators
  73. The fix for SAB damage. And its not a nerf!
  74. Someone please explain rift spell damage mechanics!
  75. Squishy Clerics
  76. Bored of mage. Need new class to play with gf.
  77. A bit lost with warriors DPS souls... Help me!
  78. Class Issues in PvP: Summarization
  79. Need strats to overcome bards healing in Warfronts
  80. Looking for a specific class...
  81. Melee and Ranged
  82. Soldier's Bearing now bugged for champions?
  83. I found a cure for all the QQ that's going on.
  84. Casters! why don't you turn!!
  85. Cornered beast dissapointing. Also destroyers bearing seems lackluster.
  86. Remember in Warhammer when people said wait for max level to balance pvp?
  87. Spammable Ranged Mana Drain
  88. Make weapon enchantments/buffs VISUAL?
  89. Cross Class
  90. Rift: War of the Healers
  91. Prove the community wrong please
  92. Suggestion: Kelari Pet Classes and the Racial
  93. can u name ur pet?
  94. What class tanks with 2 handed weapons?
  95. My take on Sab's Not sure if OP, but maybe......
  96. Gleaming Stone Seed - Bugged as of today?
  97. So flamespear and discharge was op but blastcharge is ok? lol
  98. RIFT SoulBuilder Updated
  99. Warriors 1-30
  100. Asha and Orphiel - What classes?
  101. Reverse grip dual weilding
  102. PVP and Warfront forums are up :)
  103. Advice on a good combo for a leveling pair?
  104. this is not good at all
  105. Please keep balance changes separate between PvE and PvP
  106. These forums are going to explode when more newbies find out about squirrel bombs :)
  107. Warrior DPS/PVE and PVP build for level 20.
  108. Which souls have a cleanse?
  109. Favorite Tank to Heal?
  110. PvP lvling
  111. Rift Spell Damage Mechanic Explanation
  112. do many people think they will really max 1 soul or just take a balance or 2 or 3?
  113. Champion and Bard Duo?
  114. Clerics are awesome!
  115. Support soul as main?
  116. all points in one soul tree
  117. Different GCDs Really??
  118. Most interesting class/soul to play?
  119. Game Needs More Anti-Healing Skills
  120. Changing Souls
  121. No pure dps
  122. Chemical Bomb + Black Garden
  123. So who thinks alot more nerfs are coming for rogues and warriors?
  124. Do you put Souls in certain slots in your souls UI?
  125. Pyromancer/Warlock Levelling?
  126. Help needed. Pwease!
  127. Where is the PVP section of the forums?!?!?!?
  128. Waited until 40... Champions are pretty balanced lol
  129. quick question about souls?
  130. Champions...Wait wait what???
  131. Class to start?
  132. Using Shadow Shift now destealths
  133. Adjustment to dmg output urgently required
  134. Bards unable to help people not in their party sucks.
  135. Would you need a buffbot in this game?
  136. Enabling quick Soul set changes
  137. Pet Movement
  138. Bards the best raw healers?
  139. For mainly solo game
  140. Healing in PvP
  141. Teleporting around (advice?)
  142. How in the hell does a warrior
  143. Please don't take my Soul Combinations.
  144. Which Movement/Mount Speed Buffs stack/don't stack?
  145. Personality type and class part 2
  146. Q? Training spells in new roles
  147. Pets too good/too accessible?
  148. Broken character class...
  149. Solo class
  150. Rolling First Character
  151. How do melee(warriors,rogues) solo?
  152. Whate the least played class (War/Mage/Cler/Rogue) and role (DPS, Healer, Tank, CC)?
  153. Having trouble deciding between tanks!
  154. Whats a good class to start with?
  155. Mana Burn
  156. Lack of Efficent Enhance roles for Cleric - Justicar, A Case Study (w/TL;DR)
  157. Rogue/warrior seemingly overcrowding
  158. Resetting Roles?
  159. warriors imbalanced
  160. 2 level 31 spells?
  161. never received my third soul in the starter area
  162. Questions on classes
  163. Saboteurs and soloing.... more absurdity
  164. Flamespear, can't warriors do anything else?
  165. General tanking question
  166. Best healing classes to pick ?
  167. Put a 10sec CD on Detonate
  168. would love to see a monk class in here?
  169. Sabs are OP becuase anyone can be good at them
  170. Void Knight is unplayable after patch
  171. getting additional souls
  172. Looking for a soultree planer
  173. Questions reguarding Stat points and Weapon DPS
  174. Riftstalker BUG! (rogue)
  175. Why are rogues so popular?
  176. Fastest mode of Levelling? Questing vs Dungeon Vs WarFront Vs Grinding?
  177. Additional Soul Roles are Expensive, wiser to respec
  178. Roles, souls, and points
  179. Anyone have a decent Champ/Paragon builld
  180. GIMPs. Fun little game to play with classes. or as your 4th role.
  181. I beg for help.
  182. [Cabalist - CoS vs. Warlock - Nedras G] ROFL !!! A joke ??
  183. Crest Mastery don't work?
  184. Needing help/advice on what might be best class for me from experienced players :)
  185. One tedious quest to change calling
  186. I know Justicar has a "battle rez" but...
  187. PvP Soul - Lvl 50 only?
  188. So everyone is sad..
  189. Roles and item sets
  190. Bard Heals
  191. To devs: Battle-mage...
  192. What class/souls should I choose?
  193. Reason to play mage over rogue?
  194. Looking for a cleric build that fits certain criteria
  195. Macros and spells off the GCD
  196. Blast charge is not okay in 10-19 bracket
  197. Unlocking Souls
  198. WTF boost my dmg for RB and Reaver int? str? Help!@!
  199. More utility classes please!
  200. So i was messing around with a talent calc for rift..
  201. Need help
  202. Void Knight/ Champion / Riftblade
  203. Mouseover macros?
  204. PvP \ Warfronts Deserve their Own Forum!
  205. Trion: The PvP game is great. Please tread carefully with any post-launch "balancing"
  206. Mana vs. Non-Mana Classes: Why?
  207. Why r ppl complaining about non-max lvl pvp?
  208. Justicar Soul Pairing?
  209. What class would suit me best?
  210. Teach me how to douggie <rb/vk>
  211. Best 2 class combos for leveling with a friend
  212. Warrior or Cleric?
  213. Melee Range Combat Arts
  214. So, Who Has Activated/Used Their "PVP Soul"?
  215. Would like opinions ~New Player~
  216. Should I reroll my bard?
  217. Cleric DOT vs Mage DOT classes
  218. Cleric Tank?
  219. Are there too many rogues?
  220. What affects Damage? What is Weapon Damage?
  221. Known by soul, not by class. An idea
  222. For sab QQ
  223. Healing in rifts/ invasions - Do you receive your just reward?
  224. Rift Surge
  225. Quests to get 4th, 5th Soul and so on?
  226. How to switch roles
  227. another troll thread, but includes legitimacy!
  228. Which is the fastest leveling (pve) char?
  229. Class balance?
  230. Help finding right class for me pls...
  231. Whose idea was it...
  232. Best class for AoE farming?
  233. Switching out souls.
  234. Easy fix for sabs
  235. Soul changing macro
  236. Not enjoying my class
  237. best class and souls?
  238. Your souls? And why did you choose it?
  239. Balance is subjective. Never forget that.
  240. Best support class?
  241. Mages, for advanced players?
  242. Give me a champion build
  243. Effective Class Pairings?
  244. Not a QQ
  245. What can your Assassin do?
  246. Warrior bugs?
  247. For the people saying their classes suck.
  248. Training
  249. Solo spec?
  250. What class is the easyiest