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  1. Armor does not mitigate anything in pvp?
  2. 1 or all
  3. In-combat Rez?
  4. Mages are fine. Suck less.
  5. "You don't have a tank spec bro?" - Rogue
  6. Mage Question
  7. Any counter for Saboteur + Incap?
  8. Do skills stack with others in your group?
  9. SABS: (Rogue's Perspective)
  10. Simple Fix - Remove Macros
  11. One shotted..?
  12. Abilities/Items - Accidental Use Prevention
  13. BEst pinball?
  14. Recommendations for new husband/wife team?
  15. Attack points in UI
  16. Is asking for balance really the same as whining?
  17. Looking For PvE Solo Build Advice (Chloro)
  18. Pvp qq
  19. Trion, please post % of mages in warfronts
  20. How would YOU "fix" sabos?
  21. i wish pvpers would just shut up
  22. Ok so this Blast Shot Business...
  23. Suggestion: Macros
  24. Trion Classes of Telara forum = daycare children
  25. Bard or Choloromancer
  26. This is a PVE game
  27. Iam not going to PvP until they fix this crap!
  28. Mana Drains need to be fixed
  29. No mana = No heals
  30. Tanking
  31. mixing souls question
  32. Roles
  33. Is it possible to weild 2 minions at once?
  34. [VIDEO] Melee Requires (no)Skill!! Instructions to become elite are inside
  35. It's balanced, you're not.
  36. I only have 2 classes!
  37. Rouge Soul Tree help
  38. Before Posting about PvP Class Balance Issues
  39. Which Calling?
  40. How does vile spores heal for chloro?
  41. The best 42 point build
  42. Healer Souls? Help Please?
  43. Outmelee'd by a Warrior
  44. Sab Charges: each charge now has it's own critical % chance calculation.
  45. Finally figured the warrior nerf cries out.
  46. Class, Roles, Souls...HELP?!?!
  47. Best Weapon in Game?
  48. Bads will always be ranged
  49. A Champion's purposed changes
  50. Counter to Assassin Slip Away
  51. Ranged PvP: Marksman or Mage?
  52. Dmg Reduction% comparison between Cloth/Leather/Chain/Plate?
  53. How much did you get 'blast-charged' for?
  54. 10 in newbie starting zone?
  55. Rogues 1v1
  56. The real problem with casters is that we have 2 forms of cc against us...
  57. Make mana have a point.
  58. Stop th nerf QQ!
  59. MFW PVPers rage over imbalance.
  60. Cleric mana in WFs
  61. Laser Spell/Ability/Etc Effects
  62. Question about classes and subclasses
  63. Best PvP survivability
  64. When the Levee Breaks: Champion Nerfs
  65. Questing exp too low?
  66. Team PvP vs warrior, 4v1 even
  67. soul points in other tree
  68. missing a 3rd class
  69. Sabs and Warriors
  70. Shard Aedraxis
  71. The trees that don't scale at 50, real problems.
  72. Embrace your calling diversity
  73. Acquire more souls?
  74. Plate vs Leather for DPS
  75. Warrior and rogue builds, questions
  76. Anyone else notice a huge lack of Mages/Clerics in 50 Warfronts?
  77. A draw and sheath animation please?
  78. Justicar or Reaver
  79. Happy with your class?
  80. so maybe it really is balanced?
  81. Lack of healers... so - I'm rolling a healer
  82. To the Persons complaining about no Healers!
  83. Which class?
  84. I want a new class.
  85. Sab vs Dom: how is this fair?
  86. Reaver is the only Soul that can AOE spread dots without pressing Tab?
  87. Attack Power is giving insignificant bonuses
  88. Class Changes: Recommendation from Players - (Please Sticky)
  89. EXSPOSED? what
  90. PvP sabo....Where?
  91. Typical Champ vs Mage
  92. Who has the best pet?
  93. Mages and Clerics are not playable classes in PVP.
  94. Looking for a pairing
  95. Warrior utility?
  96. Level 1-20: Does Paladin kill mobs faster than Justicar?
  97. About the Soul Trees
  98. Skip Quests. Grinding Mobs provides faster leveling instead?
  99. Are healers at 50 undertuned?
  100. HUGE Skill Imbalance Between Souls/Roles
  101. Justicar Doomed To Be Off-Tank
  102. What type of attack is Detonate?
  103. which class is better for dps etc.
  104. Good Duo
  105. Nerf that F*#$ING mana drain
  106. Who does the best area damage?
  107. Justicar tanks (to shield or not to shield) that is the question...
  108. Best Ranged DPS Solo?
  109. Should different callings be better at different things?
  110. Recently in warfronts..
  111. Fix polymorph already ffs
  112. All mages are worthless in pvp
  113. Trion Hates Melee
  114. Already seeing a bad trend on the Warfronts between Factions.
  115. Chloromancer in depth part 2 - dps souls
  116. Rogue or Warrior, I'm torn.
  117. Don't nerf warrior DPS, rather, do this....
  118. Combat visuals/spellcasting is kind of repetitive and boring.
  119. Talents which increase stats - base, or total?
  120. Selecting a "Class"
  121. Physical Crit
  122. What to roll for PvP? Rogue or Mage
  123. Self-Healing
  124. Fix overrun / bullrush
  125. Myth or Truth: 3 or 4 days to Solo level 1-50?
  126. Ever think it might be the macros?
  127. Riftblade or Inquisitor 4 PVE??
  128. Warriors stupid OP
  129. Dear Playerbase
  130. Cleric or Mage? Need Advice!
  131. WTF is the madness?
  132. The difference between Equal and Balance
  133. Flashiest DPS souls?
  134. Pet AI Issues...
  135. PvP Whines - Disgrace To A Great Game
  136. Why would I make a warrior tank when ...
  137. Now that you know better, how would you roll your first toon?
  138. What would be the polearm AOE specialist?
  139. PvP is unplayable
  140. From Cleric to Warrior and loving it!
  141. Riftsurge is a balance to the equation
  142. Good and fun healing mix for PVP? But also easy to level with
  143. Forum Suggestion
  144. NEWBIE: Soul help
  145. Is there a section or thread for a macro how to?
  146. Healer Advice
  147. Very impressed with Rift so far, but a word of caution
  148. Anyone notice that most Warfronts are Warriors and Rogues with a touch of clerics?
  149. Rerolling madness
  150. Strong single target dps?
  151. Since plate armor seems to be the problem, ill take leather on my champion
  152. Do you regret rolling your current class?
  153. Your Favorite Abilities
  154. Skills Trainer + Multiple Roles oversight?
  155. Which soul combo have you used to handle a single even level epic?
  156. Soul swapping?
  157. Respec costs
  158. How do you nerf classes w/o screwing up PvE?
  159. Soul Tree Abilities
  160. Champion/Beastmaster opinions please.
  161. learn to balance pvp
  162. boosted recovery
  163. Warrior class.
  164. Please explain pets <3
  165. I think i figured out how attack power works.
  166. Salvation! Salvation! Salvation is free!
  167. Shaman/Justi AEing, AvalancheStrike or Even Justice? Which is better?
  168. Good Ranger spec? viable?
  169. champion/paragon question
  170. Level 15... 5 points remaining...
  171. What is a good Calling/Soul combination for a newcomer?
  172. Beastmaster: Pet macros broken with new 1.01 patch.
  173. What to play.
  174. Bolt of Judgment "fix" broke Bolt of Judgment
  175. Healing?
  176. So I'm fairly new to Rift and I was wondering...
  177. Best solo build and pvp build? and tank build?
  178. Got 4 souls but can use only 3.
  179. Marksman dmg way down after patch!!
  180. Check out the warrior hypocrisy
  181. RIFT IncGamers SoulBuilder Updated to v1.0.1 - Compare Your Builds
  182. What Class/Soul?
  183. Calling and Souls Reference Chart - Forum List Format
  184. Callings Guide at ZAM!
  185. Dwarf satyr =(druid)
  186. Taking a tanking holiday
  187. Valor (And PvP souls) will fix it!
  188. Whats a good class for soloing PVE
  189. How Much favor do you need for the pvp souls
  190. What souls meet this description?
  191. Please don't nerf clerics, warriors and rogues
  192. Are there any classes/soul combinations that don't....
  193. "skill"
  194. What is an Off-Healer?
  195. How do YOU learn a new role?
  196. [video] Chloromancer - Mage Healer?!
  197. ZAM Soul Builder Updated for Incoming Patch - Thoughts on Changes?
  198. Thank you and good bye !!
  199. Spec into +Hit% only if you want to be able to hit Mobs above your level?
  200. Melee and Spellcasting speed?
  201. So the Mage is getting buffed in this Patch?
  202. Good duo combo?
  203. A little unorthodox build...would love some input
  204. Mana Drains again.
  205. Looking for a class to play, please read before posting
  206. Any Classes to NOT PVP with
  207. Attention Noobs: Please Read
  208. Community submitted damage parsings for possible class balance speculation.
  209. looking for some build suggestions, post your soul combinations !
  210. /who 50
  211. Least Played?
  212. + spell power weap for a reaver/riftblade?
  213. n00b Question
  214. The formula of 100% balance
  215. Lets cry!!!
  216. So how do we take rogues or assassins out of stealth?
  217. Mages: Just a few questions
  218. Champion & Paragon seem imbalanced in the level 40-49 bracket.
  219. Stop treating us like the mages of other games!
  220. Riftblades can do it nekkid
  221. Fundamental flaw with pets. (Ranger for starters.)
  222. BTW to All the QQers - Sabs are getting buffed next patch
  223. Clerics are eeee-zzzzzzzzzz
  224. Nerf Sabotour
  225. Best mana base PvP healer?
  226. Class =/= Souls
  227. Hi, I'm new. What class should I play?
  228. Suggestion for Trion and the Community
  229. Have Tanking Questions?
  230. back in the good ol days
  231. Healer support souls - a discussion regarding end-game content
  232. Do Bards save lives?
  233. Enough crying about "insert class" is OP
  234. Solo AOE Tanking/Killing Speed for Rift Invasion Waves: Warrior Vs Cleric
  235. Little funny pvp video. Cler aoe/rift spec.
  236. mana burn
  237. Best 1 on 1 class? (Duel)
  238. I am a Cleric, and yes, I can outdps most DPS class in this game.
  239. In depth view of healing as a Chloromancer
  240. Is Sab/Riftstalker/Nightblade combo a fail build?
  241. Am I the only one that think's classes are balanced?
  242. [Bug] Random inconsistent tooltips
  243. Pally in Rift?
  244. Regrets
  245. Give mages & clerics a shorter GCD as well!
  246. Mana Drains.
  247. A Sab Crits you for 1800
  248. Justicar tanking - Need +hit or +focus?
  249. Void Knights, Mana as a resource, or How to create a failure in design.
  250. Whats the most lazy soul?