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  1. Trion....
  2. How about Buffs instead of Nerfs?
  3. Best 1v1 class for pvp?
  4. Rune shield expoit
  5. Healing got hit with the famous bat in the last patch
  6. Nerf healing and keep Warrior/Champ and CC the same!
  7. @sabs
  8. It's good that trion didn't go for kneejerk balance changes but...
  9. Bug list.
  10. Track (Plane) Creatures
  11. A lot more thankful than upset
  12. Lmao Squirrel punching Test --
  13. New callings suggestions
  14. Let's be honest here folks.
  15. The Most Overpowered Class is the One That Killed You Last
  16. Trion, please don't ever...
  17. Did a Mod just Necro a thread in order to lock it?
  18. Nerf Clerics!!!
  19. Sword + board warrs and healers ?! OP in pvp
  20. These forums are littered with "Nerf warrior" topics..
  21. [Paladin] Small Arms Specialization Skill - Question
  22. Overkill isn't added to the attack.
  23. Yay just bought the game now what?! soul help
  24. Pyro Damage Reduction Stacking "exploit"
  25. Being a good tank.
  26. To Trion Worlds...
  27. Big issue with Warlock's Armor / Avatar of the Rift
  28. Nerf Mages in PvP!
  29. What's the difference in rewards for Soloing Minor Vs Major Rifts?
  30. ...but which class?
  31. Help Vids? Do you think they would help people?
  32. Soloing Rifts?
  33. Healing, Pyros, Sabos and Champs OP!
  34. 3rd Soul?
  35. Class balance patch?
  36. Best build to increase Reaver DoT damage?
  37. The way classes should be !
  38. LF warr macro's ! post some if ya have for lvl 50 ofc :) !
  39. Bard ruined my class
  40. Pyro, Sabo, Champ
  41. Tanking stats for end game
  42. Bard vs Warrior
  43. Reason I canceled my 6 month sub and will not renew
  44. Most crushing win in wf yet
  45. Mages need luve. ^__^
  46. Ack! Mage, rogue, or cleric?!
  47. Ground of Strength
  48. Best 1v1 Calling?
  49. My list of Balancings..
  50. Won Odego
  51. Suggestion for PvE Blade Dancer Talent/Ability
  52. Warrior Stunlock
  53. If you want the classes more balanced ask TRION!
  54. Best Mage DPS combo?
  55. Cleric PVP Healing.... CC Issues
  56. Reseting my souls - will it go higher and higher in cost ?
  57. Rogues
  58. 14 Days to save 14 dollars
  59. Monk?
  60. Warriors are ruining the game
  61. Stop making posts about PvP class balance when you arent level 50.
  62. Least "Macroable" Calling/Soul Combinations? I want fun damnit! Not button mashing.
  63. Can't seem to find what I like...
  64. Rock: Nerf Paper. Scissors is fine.
  65. Two things I have learned reading this forum.....
  66. Class balance and principles of negotiation
  67. How to play, please help.
  68. My take on the DPS Dispute
  69. Wheres the humanity!!??!
  70. Can we get an ETA on balance patch please?
  71. The myth that dps warriors are more survivability than mages
  72. So about that balance patch
  73. What the hell were they thinking??
  74. Class Choice
  75. Why warriors is fine!
  76. Comments/Suggestions about my Marksman/Ranger Build
  77. Any chance of reviewing server groups?
  78. Time to reroll?
  79. any pvp build for a rogue at 50 that isnt sab?
  80. Proposal for chloro fix
  81. Time to nerf Warriors.
  82. Fail TRION massive fail
  83. Chloromancers are Main Healers.
  84. Longest knockback?
  85. 4 Classes with 8 Souls a piece... so why does it seem like everyone is the same?
  86. Was looking and wondered if anyone wanted to see this.
  87. Good pvp class for newbie?
  88. Unofficial Bug Post Thread.(No Forum, Trion?)
  89. So Sabs have some of the highest PvE DPS
  90. Crit cap ?
  91. BD Rogue vs. Para Warrior: An Inquiry
  92. Re-casting buffs when you die ??
  93. The only way to really balance a game and make it skill based...
  94. What soul combo for highest hp and def?
  95. Armchair developer thread. (what I'd do to fix the game)
  96. The problem with Warriors and other soul callings
  97. Friar Spec
  98. whine post dont read if you want to stay fat and happy
  99. Lets all Roll Warriors and Have a DPS RAPEFEST
  100. Summoned pet stats....
  101. Possible Sab Rework (short & easy)
  102. Best class for melee AOE
  103. Riftblades are OVERPOWERED
  104. Rogue Macros
  105. DEVS! Add some Balance! We want to do PvP with more then 1 class of each calling!
  106. Buffs and Callings. Should they stack instead of replace.
  107. Applying Min/Max logic to PvP - Can I yell Nerf! in PvE?
  108. Shows the location of all **** within a short vicinity on the minimap
  109. Melee cleric more fun than warrior
  110. The pigeonhole - Is it bound to happen?
  111. How to balance DPS for PvE Raids.
  112. Reaver/Paladin PVP Tank?
  113. DPS Balance Issues: Raiding
  114. How to "Fix" Champions
  115. Healing Clerics should be last priority to kill in PvP
  116. Brand new, could use a class suggestion
  117. suggestion for Plague Bringer
  118. Any Class Comparisons to EQ and WoW?
  119. Should I go some other class? /tears
  120. Good ranged leveling class
  121. Best crowd control?
  122. Noob Question - How do I unlock the ability to have multiple specs?
  123. Help making class
  124. Fastest melee leveler?
  125. Does soul order matter??
  126. Stun - The Sound Effect
  127. Hunters/Masksmen using jumping to exploit
  128. Best AoE calling/build in rift!
  129. Why are spells the same on most souls?
  130. Everybody play Sabo for 6k+ crit~~
  131. How are people leveling without some healing??
  132. Mana Drain
  133. Opponents should not be able to see your casting bar
  134. Understanding the difference between synergy and broken talents
  135. One simple buff to Bladedancers.
  136. Another Saboteur Thread
  137. Starting off.
  138. My Assassin PVP Video (lvl50)
  139. @ graphics devs please foward!!!! Re: Mage robes
  140. Jumping should have a cool down and slow effect
  141. ... Another Justicar tank thread
  142. Which calling is the happiest?
  143. lack of speed buffs/speed classes
  144. Leveling a soul combo without healing capabilities? How do you do it
  145. FAQ How to run away from mobs!
  146. If you want a balanced game go play WoW, real men play Rift.
  147. Why can't Cleric use sword? Really curious
  148. Newb About to Mage it Up
  149. Please rework ground of strength
  150. BiS Sites
  151. Help needed deciding on main class / souls
  152. balance for class is impossible and endless in RPG
  153. CALL GM! I found BUG! help piz
  154. What is balance?
  155. best tank pet?
  156. Class Guide: Strengths and Weaknesses of All Classes
  157. Path of the Wind should require dual wield
  158. Any one knows the drop location of this sword
  159. I need a fun alt that will level quickly with no fuss so I can catch up guildies.
  160. What are the best elite soloing souls?
  161. Perfect DPS Balance
  162. very simple question
  163. Prestige Souls
  164. Is there an all around class?
  165. Are healers OP?
  166. Warrior is overpowered Mage is overpowered Rogue is overpowered Cleric is overpowered
  167. Pronged Edge of the Devout
  168. Healing class
  169. Damage mitigation for everything except armor?
  170. A annoyed healer`s post!!
  171. Healing Clerics - pointless to roll?
  172. Ground of Strength
  173. Mages!!!
  174. Something is wrong with pets in WFs..make them drop agro already
  175. For who think the mage's powerless
  176. A good inquisitor owns dominators?
  177. lolstun by a warrior
  178. Character slots
  179. New Gamer
  180. One bottom Gameplay video... 3 second kill zero downtime with burst
  181. 3 Most Overplayed/Underplayed Souls Already
  182. Mages and counterbalance talents
  183. Tank/Healer build?
  184. Each calling should do similar dps and here is why
  185. Best Souls for Dwarf characters lore wise (new blog post)
  186. Any class with sword+Staff?
  187. Rfitblade/Reaver
  188. Rift Strom....
  189. To Counter a Riftblade?
  190. Order of souls, make any difference?
  191. [D] Best 51-Point Champ Sub-Soul
  192. Best 31 pt ability in game?
  193. Warriors Need a Bump
  194. On Cries for Nerfing and Buffing
  195. new player, class suggestion.
  196. Clerics
  197. Bards are extremely weak in raids.
  198. Armor does nothing and Damage Reduction is addictive
  199. Why is there absolutely zero synergy between mage souls?
  200. Lowest DPS class in game? Which is it?
  201. In regards to PVP balance
  202. Changing your souls
  203. Redundant powers need to be changed.
  204. So who's the next OP class
  205. Duo Classes w/ Raid Usefulness
  206. Champions & Sabs
  207. What class should i choose?
  208. Mage owning people 2-1 and 3-1
  209. Any ideas which souls make a good combo for single target DPS and survivability?
  210. What class should i choose?
  211. What passive ability cleric has
  212. Clerics or Rogues - The Jack-of-all-Trades I'm Looking For?
  213. Don't nerf warriors - remove them from PvP
  214. Top 3 Classes/Specs for solo pvp
  215. 50 will never be balanced and so balance the lower bracket.
  216. Champion counter class: Is there one?
  217. Possible solution to mage fragility
  218. Rotation Question
  219. Class for group pvp
  220. Balancing lower levels.... objectivity inside!
  221. Armor, Block, Parry, to-hit, toughness, crit and what it all means.
  222. Does investing in soul trees increase based DMG in abilities?
  223. Lolweakmages Cinderburst hits Agripa for 4389
  224. Solo Friendly/AoE class for a newb
  225. Swap Purifier and Chloromancer Callings.
  226. just wait.. WHY!?
  227. From Saboteur to Mage. My journey so far.
  228. what I find strange in the mage section
  229. Detaunt and other -damage modifiers work additively (screenshot inside)
  230. Class choices, guilt, etc.
  231. Remove Bull Rush! Soo I can atleast run away from warriors!
  232. Main healing classes of the game?
  233. Sabo lvl 13 pvp vid, now plz fix it!
  234. Warriors will not get a nerf
  235. Mages and mana...
  236. soooo,about mages
  237. Non-warrior reasons why warriors are OP.
  238. mage are so weak !!!
  239. I have absolutely no idea what to make.
  240. Solo pvp: marksman or necro ?
  241. So let me try to get something strait.
  242. Help with Different Builds
  243. Exposed?
  244. Best Classes for DPS/Quickest Leveling?
  245. Rift Role Builder
  246. Good Duo Crew Combos for Open World PvP?
  247. DUH Winning!
  248. A good class to duo w/ a Necromancer?
  249. Fail logic is funny
  250. It's not always about you!