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  1. [Tank] 5% stat reductions potential bug?
  2. Overpower Warriors and other issues.
  3. There once was a time...
  4. Necrotic Semblance
  5. New Trend and Issue: Rogues in Plate
  6. melee damage weapon?
  7. i cant be rogue what should i take?
  8. Trion you appear lazy, lets fix that and do away with redundant talents
  9. Warrior killed me in 6 GCDs
  10. To ANYONE who complains about sabo/warrior's damage
  11. GoS balance idea.
  12. New Trend and Issue: Warriors in Leather
  13. I don't understand
  14. Which classes are good a both PvE/PvP?
  15. Attn Trion - why you should be careful how you handle Warriors (PVE)
  16. Are assassins like 'Sub rogues' and fun in pvp?
  17. Best melee class with spells
  18. Post your parsing from Alpha server here
  19. Nerfing fun out of the game
  20. Help a noob
  21. Why flamespear and not fiery spike
  22. Cast on target option for GTAoE spells please!
  23. Quick question regarding Beastmasters by a new player
  24. these 900dps ranged warrior parses?
  25. how to beat a cleric in 1.1?
  26. Alpha Server Class Specific Plaque Gear cost of T1 and T2
  27. The world is coming to an end
  28. @Gersh and other devs from WAR. and an idea
  29. Tanking, Cleric or Warrior
  30. New mage observation...
  31. Greater Essences and class skills
  32. Patch 1.2 notes already lol
  33. For those who have tested em both. How is the most FUN? Rogue or Mage?
  34. Creeping Death
  35. Shields
  36. take shifting blades off GCD.
  37. To Nerf or not to Nerf
  38. Melee in this game is woefully BLAND and MINDLESS.
  39. Genuine Thoughts about 1.1
  40. All I see is QQ.
  41. Wars will no longer be Gods, Rogues will no longer be viable
  42. Testing Mage v1.1 video
  43. Need class/build help
  44. The new changes. ONLY LV50s need to reply
  45. BUG: people equip one handed and two handed weapons simultaneously! pls fix trion!
  46. Reroll questions?
  47. [Video] Assassin PvP (Buff Rogues, pls. D;)
  48. Best DPS/Heals for Mage?
  49. Looking for right class and souls
  50. Traditional Archetypes
  51. This is what is wrong with the callings IMO
  52. Fun class for pvp? Currently trying a purifier/sentinel/warden
  53. Buff Fulminate!
  54. dps dps dps ...
  55. WF Healing at 50
  56. [Video] Phirefly - Warrior PvP
  57. Crippling Infestation fix
  58. Rogue problems and Suggestions
  59. Need a 5th Role
  60. Why roll anything else than mage? Balance
  61. Just let everyone remove charges
  62. Whining and Crying players
  63. 0 Nerf Fix for DPS balance with 2 simple changes.
  64. Riftstalker Tanks
  65. Trion DEVS I want you to consider Buffing not NERFING
  66. Rerolling Pyro on patch 1.1
  67. rog is suppose to be higher dps then war
  68. Warriors @ Devs ((A little laugh))
  69. who wins...
  70. Nerf Mathosian/Eth Females
  71. Trion WAKE UP!
  72. DEV Sweet, is Trion's goal to balance soul type and calling?
  73. question to the devs about tank passive heals
  74. Defiant bards need planar guitars!
  75. The class imbalance issue
  76. Trion: Before 1.1, please try this.
  77. Ranged PvP class
  78. To the Devs: Some appreciation & applause
  79. Chloro > Clerics in pve Healing. (Fix Small Medium and Big heals).
  80. What It Costs To Be Number One
  81. We should all resub. Trion's efforts are unprecedented three weeks into the game
  82. New to Rift - Which class to chose?
  83. Warlord the "Defensive soul"
  84. Balance Update 25th March 2011
  85. PvP: Only Pyromancers allowed.
  86. Maybe the 1.1 patch is an early April fools joke?
  87. So Warrior is the only calling with no options now?
  88. Challenge: Justify this.
  89. Please remove the rogue calling.
  90. From Alpha Tonight, New changes
  91. Trion, please fix CC and DR, learn from WAR
  92. Starting to think Trion actually doesn't have a clue afterall
  93. Classes and Confusing
  94. Comparing WoW classes to RIFT souls
  95. Warrior and Sab tears make me lol.
  96. Indepth Class Reviews and Evaluation
  97. Just Subscribed, Need a AOE class Build
  98. World Best MMO Feature now is might as well remove souls
  99. I've never PVP'd much, but want to start
  100. It's not the soul, it's the player.
  101. How many of us think the devs suck at PVP and nerfed all those who ***** them
  102. So the nerfs were due to progression?
  103. PVP please help
  104. All you people do is complain
  105. Can we PLEASE get some clarification on Combat Prec/Armor Pen bug?
  106. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhh
  107. What game are you guys playing? @ Devs.
  108. No point in playing a Rogue.
  109. Baffled by pyromancers
  110. It was the 500 point block PE not the paladin BOP that let them tank big melee groups
  111. List of all buffs and debuffs
  112. Should you be expected to encompass all the Roles your Calling can do?
  113. A few bug reports, thoughts on Sab changes as well as a few suggestions for rogues.
  114. Envisioning Class Roles
  115. Ranged Rogues Need Love or RIFT Will Loose Momentum
  116. Class Homogenization
  117. Skillcap between classes/souls
  118. Sick and tired.
  119. Rogue reroll!
  120. should we all just delete our rogues or what?
  121. About Pyros....
  122. Mana (drain) concerns. (Clerics)
  123. the big emote and animation thread
  124. A warriors concern...
  125. @@@@Assassin Vid 2@@@@
  126. Exactly how much is Champion dps reduced (if any) on alpha?
  127. Sabo changes.
  128. Sword and Board swapping
  129. 1.1 REDUCED the scaling of riftblades.
  130. Plate in PvP
  131. 1.1 Very Biased Feedback
  132. 1.1 (actual) unbiased feedback
  133. Before you increase the CD on Warrior ranged attacks...
  134. Soul Idea
  135. Nerf Antarctica-too big and too cold, Ruining the game
  136. Cup for everyone
  137. 52 suggestions for new souls
  138. Least played Class in Rift?
  139. Wow...(and not world of warcraft)
  140. What happened to the "Nerf Antarctica" thread?
  141. Cya, my beloved warrior....
  142. Alpha notes are Alpha
  143. Help me pick my class!!!
  144. [Help] - Struggling to decide on a class
  145. So Trion's going for the FotM roller coaster instead of trying to balance the game?
  146. Dear Devs: An Un-biased assessment of the 1.1 changes, and proposed alternatives
  147. Nightblades, the unknown threat?
  148. Open your mind, before you doom us all.
  149. Since when does 'balanced for group pvp' = Team with more healing wins
  150. Everyone will be clerics
  151. After reading the patch notes I decided, that I made the right decision by unsubing.
  152. Carpet Bombing
  153. Reaver/Paladin build - tank while you watch TV
  154. Fix Necros
  155. A one-post-wonder`s thought on Rogues and 1.1
  156. 1.1: Reaver has higher magic mitigation than Void Knight?
  157. Lol is 1.1 some type of cruel joke?
  158. I am swimming
  159. Some questions for Trion
  160. Why only gear drops for warrior tanks?
  161. Rift Surge Proposal
  162. Going to cancel my sub nerf outrage.
  163. Love the druid nerf
  164. The Ballad of the Two-Button Saboteur
  165. OMG Pyros
  166. For those who still want a spammable ranged attack for warriors
  167. Wow..
  168. Bards were nerfed?
  169. Rogue PVP 22-25
  170. So why inferno was moved off GCD?
  171. Am I reading this right?
  172. A clerics take on VK and Mage mana drain
  173. Warriors are not ranged and other absurdity
  174. Endless barrage of nerfs? What do you still find FUN?
  175. Big nerf to all melee classes
  176. I am HAPPY with my class.
  177. These changes.....sigh.
  178. Chloro/bard healing mechanics *not QQ*
  179. Best Solo, Explorer Calling/Souls?
  180. not wanting to swing the pendulum in the complete opposite direction
  181. Patch Notes?
  182. Idea: bandages for rogues
  183. Up coming changes
  184. We are definately not in Azeroth anymore
  185. My DPS rotation is ruined by this flamespear nerf
  186. Warriors - dps tank support? for what now anyone need warrior.
  187. PvP Souls, a couple of suggestions.
  188. I need class advice
  189. Cleric Solo Build Help.
  190. People Crying about Instant casts hving CD
  191. Calling it now
  192. So you buff mages, what about the other terrible classes no one cares about
  193. Does anyone at Trion play pvp at all? And pve for that matter too.
  194. Looks like we are in azeroth after all.
  195. Buff marksman please
  196. Spell Power
  197. ACCOUNT STILL CANCELLED, since Warriors are getting buffed instead of nerfed.
  198. A Day in the Life of the Average-Intelligence Rift Player
  199. Extreme highest DPS class + soul
  200. Riftblade no longer ranged warrior
  201. Which Class
  202. Warrior or Rogue
  203. Where is the fix or expllicit mention of the 100% armor pen problem?
  204. PvP affecting PVP
  205. I for one welcome our new pyro overlords.
  206. Alpha Patch Notes (now posted)
  207. Thanks for disabling Rune Shield, Trion...
  208. My problem with Trion.
  209. Anyone else concerned about class changes pre 50?
  210. I forgot about the crazies
  211. No way I can sub now... (aoe healing nerfs)
  212. I really dont understand improving mage damage.
  213. To Trion. the new Blizzard
  214. Are alts old news?
  215. Game Wide: Kill a warrior week!
  216. Warriors are FINE
  217. Future of Rift
  218. What next, after warriors and sabo's ?!
  219. PRO TIPS: QQ Im quiting, X Class owns Me in PvP.
  220. Why warriiors SHOULD do more damage than other classes
  221. What goes nice with chloro/lock ?
  222. Path of the wind hits harder than deadeye shot
  223. A.W.C.S.I.P.T (kind of)
  224. Does the entropic embrace increase healing from soul feast/devour?
  225. Patch notes?
  226. Which CLASS?
  227. Warrior Stances
  228. Amazing
  229. Trying to fogure out a class...SOMEONE PLEASE HELP
  230. 110% physical damage reduction when stunned... grats mages
  231. Radda Radda Radda!
  232. This whole nerf Warriors campaign is funny, all I see is Rogues
  233. To Trion: if it's possible can we not ruin pve viability with pvp nerfs.
  234. Chill the feck out...Nerfs/Buffs will come...
  235. It's proven, even Trion doesn't know anything about their classes:
  236. I am going to cancel my account blah blah blah
  237. If you expect Class Balance within 30 days of Release you don't know MMORPG's.
  238. To the moaners..
  239. Warriors Melee or range?
  240. Warriors = I win button
  241. Omfg-wtf-sabos
  242. Upcoming Balance changes vs Hot fixes
  243. vs Nerfing, try this?
  244. (Devs) An annoying issue for casters
  245. Class balance - damage.
  246. ACCOUNT CANCELLED - until Warrior fixes go live.
  247. ER Er eR why was this not sorted in Beta?
  248. Before I go nuclear, I'll wait to se the rest of the "sneek peeked" notes.....
  249. Um...the hotfix was changed?
  250. Trion....