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  1. Good Job pissing everyone off Trion. This patch might have ruined your future
  2. OK, loaded question - class for me...
  3. Just Play.
  4. Hotfix pyros
  5. What to do with Rogues?
  6. Cant decide between Mage or Cleric
  7. a class with 100% backloaded damage is bad design.
  8. Flamespear - Alternate Solution
  9. I cant decide anymore, help me to find interest:P
  10. Firebolt,Firebolt,Firebolt... Boom!! you are dead!
  11. PVE Tips - All Classes
  12. Proven Pyro balancing fix, additional testing going on now
  13. A couple reasonable nerfs I think would help for Pyros.
  14. MMO Math for Rift
  15. How to balance souls/callings
  16. Rogue and cleric tanks
  17. Class Balance Complaints
  18. @ whiners.
  19. Misconceptions about Mages after the patch by Warriors/Rogues
  20. Man people's mentality in this game...is horrible...
  21. Petition for Better Water
  22. Wtf!?
  23. Uniform DPS parses available?
  24. Vk/Paladin and still receiving 1.4k crits by Pyro
  25. Riftstalker Buff Bar needs to be looked at
  26. People need to stop complaining, and enjoy the class they play.
  27. Overpowered mages in mmo = the norm
  28. Regarding Class Balance Methodology: An Open Letter To Trion
  29. What would you include for PvP?
  30. Improve Dispell Skills
  31. Void Knight/Paladin/Assassin
  32. A genuine balance concern. DEVS PLEASE READ. The Pointy Hat
  33. QQ is to easy
  34. So Rift, you want to be like WAR? Cause you are going to be.
  35. Post 1.1 PvE Dps for all specs.
  36. A genuine balancing concern: The element of surprise
  37. What melee class is the most fun for solo play?
  38. DPS Compilation and Comparisons of Warrior, Rogue, Mage
  39. isn't rogue th supposed to kill mage(pyro)?
  40. How many warriors/ rogues/ mages/ clerics spec 51 points into one tree?
  41. How to fix Pyro !
  42. Melee classes souls with magic damage?
  43. Don't worry Trion. I'm not leaving the game.
  44. Hi i want to open a char which will be just like my bright wizard
  45. Pyromancer Ground fix idea
  46. Final blow not so final?
  47. Tanks!!! Stop switching group to raid every time you get crown!!!
  48. To Trion (devs) - Pyro damage atm in pvp is not aceptable.
  49. Trion do listen, stop saying they dont!
  50. Why is not Ground of Strenght a Warlord ability?
  51. My name is Mako482 and I'm a Respecoholic
  52. What class to play?
  53. Respeccing
  54. Mage questions
  55. New pvp rules from Trion
  56. If you cut pyros dmg by 50% they would still be good in warfronts.
  57. quick replies please
  58. Sab and Champ were just the fall guys so Pyro could go all Bright Wizard on us ;)
  59. Warriors
  60. OMG 1.1 is just so unfair!!!111!!!1111
  61. Trion: When will you be in a position to discuss your plans for rogues further
  62. Mage = Chloromancer End-Game?
  63. So Uhm... About this...
  64. Your definitions of how the classes should be played...
  65. Was the pvp Armor bug ever fixed in 1.1?
  66. Rogue: lament of the “god class”
  67. What happened to forums not being all about QQ?
  68. PvP after the patch as a warrior (from a positive warrior)
  69. QQ
  70. Should Trion have a follow-up thread after every patch, explaining their changes?
  71. Why i left the game!
  72. 1.1 Rouge vs Warrior
  73. **** Whistle Build?
  74. Is it possible to kill a mage 1v1 in 50 PVP?
  75. Healing.
  76. 1 Thing That Would Fix Pyro. Fo real.
  77. Fulminate Crits you for 5861
  78. All the QQ about Mage high DPS so high
  80. Warrior tanking classes?
  81. My only complaint about the soul system.
  82. Since Warriors now take more skill to play
  83. way too much cc
  84. (PvP) The class souls of it - regarding mage.
  85. Dear Devs
  86. What did 1.1 do to Cadence Damage (bard)?
  87. Mages
  88. Is it possible to have 2 Soul Sets?
  89. Mage vs Cleric...
  90. An Idea for class balance
  91. Sabos 5k oneshot crit = Not balanced / Mage 8k crit = Balanced
  92. Forum Summary. Then and Now.
  93. Warriors immune to roots/knockbacks?
  94. Parses are 3rd party
  95. Suggestions: Changes needed to Rogue class
  96. Would you Please... !
  97. Recognize Class Leaders Idea
  98. I finally figured out what Rogues are for!!
  99. Is range dmg the same as physical?
  100. Calling/roll combos you would like to see.
  101. Class Pecking Order for DPS and Roles (Basic class distinction)
  102. Best Soul to pair with Ranger for PVE and lvling?
  103. Trion, some mage classes are balanced nicely, others not so well
  104. Let's Put the GoS Debate to Bed.
  105. Challenge-'They drastically changed the classes'
  106. How to kite a warrior as a MM/Ranger
  107. What is the best tank?
  108. Bright Wizards
  109. 1.1 - Bringing us closer to Balance. (PvE)
  110. Keeping Everyone Happy
  111. Trion Please roll back the melee attack sound. Its terrible!
  112. I dont understand....
  113. Fix god damn cooldowns already.
  114. a general new-player class query
  115. Attack Power vs Physical Crit
  116. Low Skillcap Melee Souls ROFL so bad
  117. Stealth Nerf?
  118. This patch...
  119. Be Patient
  120. Get rid of stunlock across the board
  121. Dont quit just yet on your Melee toons
  122. With the Mage buffs you could revert all the warrior & rogue changes for balance.
  123. Damage shields bugged
  124. High end viability of hybrid (not a good word) specs
  125. Message to trion
  126. QQ more
  127. So i've been looking up about respecing a class and...
  128. To all Warrior QQers: Try Playing Rogue, I DARE YOU
  129. My turn
  130. pvp at lvl 50 is destroyed
  131. Im a noob but please read before flaming
  132. GoS could be "balanced" but only if...
  133. My 2 cents, from an Englishman.
  134. I'm not a dev but...
  135. How many people go for full 51 points in a single soul...
  136. too all the rogue- yes, it sucks. To all the warriors - its all your fault
  137. If you can fix Turning for Casters you can fix Jumping for Melee!
  138. What Could've Been: Ampere's Rogue Assessment
  139. Re-rolling Really??
  140. Balance stuff to all the nerfed people and stuff
  141. It's so much worse than what I thought.
  142. Keeping Ampere's feedback ALIVE!!! a truly Constructive post.
  143. Rift Devs covering their tracks.
  144. Thoughts on Ampere's farewell
  145. Stick with Trion, things will improve
  146. Probably quiting soon
  147. a bit worried about the game
  148. Wahhh wahhh wahhh ;((
  149. 1.1 Whining
  150. Just saying
  151. Give rogue(sabo) charge booster back!
  152. SoulBuilder v1.1 Update Live
  153. Are you actually crying about mages?
  154. Attention Developers: Please read for CLASS BALANCING (don't overreact to rogues)
  155. My Eyes!
  156. *sniff* goodbye flamespear.
  157. Did I roll the right class?
  158. What Could've Been: A Rogue's Farewell
  159. Any news?
  160. When is it our turn!?
  161. sin dmg?
  162. night blade assassin
  163. Paladin block heals (TtB) post 1.1
  164. Balance of Power 1.1
  165. Is this Balance?
  166. Mana Regen : WTF happened
  167. Cinder burst - 1.2k non crit
  168. Auto Attacks not scaling with AP/Str
  169. Rerolling mage, need 1.1 friendly leveling spec
  170. Not every soul got nerfed
  171. hey warriors...
  172. POTW/Flamespear nerf - Why this was a deal breaker for me.
  173. Most common and uncommon classes.
  174. Being a straight/dedicated healer?
  175. Cleric or Warrior tank?
  176. Don't worry Rogues, you still have a place in groups
  177. Absolutely Bloody Ridiculous...
  178. Flamespear and Path of the Wind cooldowns incorrect.
  179. Rogue Stealth has been "stealth nerfed" into oblivion
  180. VKs and RB - Devs check this - replies welcome. [PVP]
  181. Dearest Warriors and Sabs
  182. Close to shadow priest?
  183. Rune Shield still Deactivated?
  184. How DPS versus SURVIVABILITY should look!
  185. Thinking of rolling a rank, unsure of which to go with.
  186. Warrior ranged abilities are 6 seconds, not 4.
  187. It just hit me. Fire will fix it!
  188. Gratz Mages
  189. Is this what it's come to?
  190. I just want to make sure I understand this correctly...
  191. Please nerf...
  192. Gz Trion! You killed the game
  193. Please tell me what Rogues do better than the other classes?
  194. Newbie class question
  195. Rushdown2 Rogue 20-29 bracket 1080p HD
  196. @Trion dev's looking for an official word on Crowd Control!
  197. For those about to rock
  198. Classes and souls
  199. On Fear
  200. Due to the 1.1 patch what should i roll for tank?
  201. About mages
  202. DPS Pecking Order
  203. Bug : Diminishing Returns (.....)
  204. Sab damage needs a massive buff
  205. IF you post ho class X ran you over on class Y post your gear and build also
  206. Riftblade Silence is not on DR with other silences.
  207. Calling X Should Have Highest DPS Because Y Has...
  208. Once again, scaling problem.
  209. rogue or cleric
  210. Cleric DPS Idea
  211. Change to Armors! + Give us Freedom!
  212. Warriors are not overpowered
  213. Paragon being castrated by its own ambiguous soul tree
  214. Charge stun.
  215. Champ Vs Bard PvP Vid, waaaaay OP
  216. Baddie arguments 101
  217. So I becomed FOTM without know it
  218. Crying nerf is for the weak
  219. MM/Ranger or Pyro/warlock
  220. Dual Wielders: What is the off-hand weapon used for?
  221. @ those who complain about warriors killing them
  222. New Trend and Issue: Mages in Nothing
  223. A little story of a 42 Ranger vs a 43 Warrior who was at 65% health.
  224. Trion so you nerfed reavers cause they could AOE too much?
  225. Fastest solo leveling?
  226. Inquisitor relies on spell damage too where is there buff like mages?
  227. Rogues/Warriors- Only classes that can complete Capture The Flag Quest?
  228. Maximum Builds
  229. Mages need more damage!! Nerf Warrior Reavers!!!
  230. Riftblade=FS spam
  231. Trion cant you just hire 1 man that will PVP?
  232. Sergant's Order vs Rift Summon
  233. Most OP class + combonation??
  234. PVP items and dyeing
  235. simple fix for the leather warriors
  236. Tactical Strike bug???
  237. Channelled spells. Currently not checking for range or LoS past the initial cast.
  238. Class balance
  239. Rever nerfed, ok ,and CLERIC AOE ?
  240. 1.1 respec class please
  241. 2hander tanking
  242. is the rogue soul REALLY underpowered? or are there just too many complainers?
  243. Anybody else feeling antzy about the healing debuffs (not PvP)
  244. Warrior is seriously OP
  245. The warrior nerf / mage buff was needed
  246. Attack/Spell power Coefficient lists?
  247. I want to DPS but be needed later.
  248. So, what should I reroll?
  249. Can't decide on what tank to roll with...
  250. Mages need a buff