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  1. The List Of Balance
  2. Ok mages, want to keep GoS the way it is? how about this compromise!
  3. Personally I'd rather have mages sorted out than anymore Live Events
  4. OP to Balanced
  5. Open letter to Trion Devs
  6. Let the revolution begin..........
  7. The only true fix for Rogues!
  8. Maybe the problem with rogues is to many archtype's
  9. 4 Archtypes, 32 souls: The ultimate form of 'having everything handed to us' ?
  10. The Virtues of imbalance: Why "OP" is good
  11. Psst, everyone's quitting because you aren't fixing meaningful things.
  12. Reflect damage armours need a nerf
  13. GoS does not belong to mages
  14. with new loot, new tanks?
  15. Void Knight
  16. Stop cry, we need just two changes
  17. An Idea for CC in PvE
  18. Crowd Control
  19. cleric or mage pve
  20. Stop cry,we need just 2 changes
  21. All Classes balanced
  22. Can we have more Profile Slots?
  23. Trion: Still no comment about rogues, the unwanted forgotten gimp class of Rift
  24. i don't get why rogues need a buff...
  25. best defense + best offense = bad game design
  26. What soul/calling has "attack on heals"
  27. Add magic resist to armor please
  28. DPS vs Sustainability
  29. Not sure if correct thread but can you somehow switch sides?
  30. MM Pedastel vs Pyro GOS
  31. DPS vs Survivability
  32. If the ability unlocking system was different...would you enjoy your classes more?
  33. How to get your Red Wings
  34. Quest tracking "Use" item size.
  35. Macro help
  36. What if GoS was aoe buff?
  37. Is there a way to tell class difference
  38. New gadget for pyros, enjoy!
  39. We Need To Know The Devs' Goals
  40. Bard!
  41. Aoe Grinding?
  42. @Hartsman and other Devs... Clerics still want attention :(
  43. Nerf Bright Wizard and you.
  44. Questions about bards
  45. Highest Self Magic Resist Class/Calling/Build
  46. looking around the threads i see a terrible omen for the maturity of this game
  47. Dear sir.
  48. Yo, i bring fresh news: pyros are op!
  49. If you nerf pyros then cleric will become unkillable gods
  50. Pyro cookie cutter build pve/pvp
  51. @Trion - Serious Question on Auto-Attacks
  52. warlock32/pyro34
  53. i dont want to auto-attack
  54. Suggestion to Balance Mages
  55. The Truth About Patch 1.1
  56. [Guide] Rogue PvP.
  57. Video: RIFT level 50 Rogue PvP - Get Ganked! (Guardian, patch 1.1)
  58. PYROs are OP. Nerf now Trion.
  59. Official Word on Upcoming Patches Addressing Class Balancing?
  60. Can't wait to read all the QQ threads when Pyromancers get nerfed!
  61. Pyro is chuck norris!
  62. GoS is not the only problem
  63. Video: RIFT level 50 Rogue PvP - Yippie Kye Yay! (Guardian, patch 1.1)
  64. Every class but Rogue get a Rez???
  65. Pyromancers OP? No wai, Photoshop is OP!
  66. Requesting PVP Class Forums
  67. [Guide] PvP Healing
  68. Which rune to get?
  69. wtf is your problem trion?
  70. how can you block a bleed?
  71. Wtf? Dodge works against spells?
  72. There are NO "Pure" classes in Rift.
  73. is there a new achievement?
  74. mages..
  75. I am tired of this unbalance
  76. Question regarding Shaman meele skills :)
  77. Saboteur cirts you for 34688 !!
  78. Support Solo/Main Heal in Expert Other than Clerics
  79. From a warrior: Pyro's need GoS
  80. Pyro is OP ALSO without the red orb
  81. Game isn't balanced around 1v1.
  82. Cinder Burst critically hits you for 10134 damage!?
  83. Symetric vs. Asymetric
  84. How to lower burst without nerfing dps
  85. Soul Purge
  86. The terrible Purge argument
  87. Only 2 souls? What did I miss/how do I get my third?
  88. Enough About Pyro.
  89. Zomg fix stealth glitches
  90. Cleric or Mage?
  91. PYROMANCERS Are OP, Not Mages!
  92. I fought a Pyro mage...
  93. Need a little help with AOE abilities.
  94. To everyone QQing about mages on the forums:
  95. So can I have Grounding of Strength?
  96. Just dispell GoS
  97. Podcast #38 with Adam Gerschowitz
  98. Red Power Orbs
  99. Is titan strike considered AOE
  100. Why did Reaver's Grisly Works get nerfed but Riftstalker's Rift Scavenger still exist
  101. I Finally Beat the Game!
  102. Trinket option at 50 without doing expert dungeons?
  103. Whats the cookie cutter Lock / Chloro PvP build?
  104. Not just another Pyro thread. This has a Fix. A solution, A petition.
  105. 9.5k Fulminate! OP!
  106. Looking for Spreadsheet Buffs / Debuffs
  107. What should I play?
  108. Best healing class/soul for PVP/warfront healing?
  109. The Giant holes in the almighty Pyro's armor.
  110. My opinion on balance
  111. Magic Resistances and Nerf to GoS = Viable mage fix?
  112. Affinity/Soul level and skill damage, heal amount?
  113. Pre-Defined Roles Don't Apply in RIFT
  114. Pets need love so PC's cant ignore them
  115. Classes will never be balanced so shut up.
  116. Necro pets and Elemental pets
  117. FYI, PvP screamers
  118. PVP-gear vs. Raid-gear / Instance-gear
  119. Healers = broken as hell
  120. Channeled abilities not counting for Rifts and Invasions?
  121. how looks like playing a pyro
  122. brightwiz/sorc ruind WAR dont make the same mistkaes plz
  123. 8.6k crit fulminate
  124. Since you have devs from EQ2 in your Team
  125. Let us Entertain the thought that Pyro's are balanced.
  126. Cleric damage
  127. Pls Nerf pyromancer
  128. Why cant the devs just test things to make sure they work?
  129. Pyros are ridiculous
  130. On the bandwagon now
  131. PvP Tank
  132. Player snares still additive?
  133. Raid buffs - need your help
  134. Tanks tanks tanks
  135. Trion, you have 3 months to show some interest in balance...
  136. For the record Pyro was the second most powerfull spec pre 1.1.
  137. Suggestion to fix the pvp imbalance between caster VS melee and archer
  138. Remove Red Power Orbs From WFs
  139. Slow down please Trion
  140. need more proof?
  141. To All you White Knights of Trion!
  142. Trion, you forgot to turn on Tactical Strike
  143. If more people don't quit....
  144. Official response needed please - What is Trion's plan for PVP.
  145. Triple-wield hotfixed day after widespread posts
  146. Let's face it, some people playing this game will never stop QQing
  147. Wow, most of you are pretty stupid.
  148. Please poke holes in this mana drain fix!
  149. Unbalanced on Purpose?
  150. Effective DPS in PvP (and rogues)
  151. Nerf Pyros
  152. People crying pyro nerf I lol at u
  153. Help Please? Much Appreciated :(
  154. Clerics and Mages, Endless Mana???
  155. Why is it fair for Soul Purge to hit for 500 a tick and Cadence only 140 a tick?
  156. What nerfs/buffs do you want to see in the future?
  157. how long this "Dawn Of The Pyros" going to last?
  158. If i am a Rogue, can I change to a cleric?
  159. What needs for this game to be balanced (not a qq thread)
  160. Looking for a specific melee soul.
  161. Trion... if you don't fix the game now...
  162. This crazy crap has got to stop!
  163. Pyromancer Nerf Hits
  164. Why are most of the souls unplayable
  165. WTB AOE Warrior Fear Resistance
  166. Trion, you have 3 weeks to show some interest in balance
  167. Help deciding what to play!
  168. Making warriors and rogues equal value for raids
  169. Yeah... Thats Balance...
  170. Macro question
  171. Pharaohz 1 - Constellations [HD]
  172. Just wondering, from a newbie
  173. Wielding a 2H weapon with an Offhand weapon at the same time
  174. Block, Dodge, Parry, and casting.
  175. Target Dummies - Not the be all end all
  176. Arrangement of souls
  177. The standard of debate is very poor
  178. Red Orb Argument
  179. one vs many
  180. Is there a class/build that can take down a Pyro in GoS?
  181. The problem with stats in this game. Am I Wrong?
  182. Pyromancers are making the game worse even for other mages
  183. Classes that need fixing constructive critism
  184. Trion, why do Rogues think they are entitled to do the most dps?
  185. I've always played cloth and squishy classes..Want to try some plate for a change.
  186. For the recorcd, the patch only hindered the bad players. Pyros are fine.
  187. Some more ammunition for those crying for Pyro nerf :P
  188. Rift similarities with...
  189. Best class for lots of big crits?
  190. Tell me it's not true
  191. Let's Play a Game ...
  192. Latest parses on Raid Rifts - rogues are crybabies
  193. crybaby orchestra
  194. Trion Devs; Mind chewing the fat off the record about RPG character fundamentals?
  195. Why do Warriors deal good DPS and Rogues deal poor DPS
  196. DPS from another perspective.
  197. Non pyro mocked in Port Scion for wrong spec
  198. Do you have an identity in end game?
  199. Question to healers.
  200. best healing spec for cleric?
  201. What is the Best AOE grinding Class? After 1.1!
  202. OMG Rogues are OP. Video Proof
  203. Drakefoot stems
  204. Healers shuld have a longer cd on big self heals !!
  205. leveling a healing cleric...
  206. Do 5 rogues = 1 Pyro?
  207. Call for papers: tank build DPS
  208. New Class recommendation?
  209. 1.1 is a perfect example as to why you should fix bugs BEFORE balance.
  210. Can't Decide
  211. new player advice
  212. Pigeonhold, Nerfs, and other things.
  213. GoS fix:"now also reduce all damage DONE by 50%"
  214. so its Go Pyro Or Go Home?
  215. New player question
  216. Not sure what my class is for anymore..
  217. People crying for nerfs...
  218. Justicar/shaman nerf?
  219. Pyros don't win battlegrounds
  220. whats a good mage build
  221. Raid preference (class based)
  222. How does "Silence" work?
  223. Finally Mages have 1 soul that's where it should be for pvp, 1.1 was a good patch
  224. 1.1 and how it seems to be affecting PVE/PVP.
  225. Picture form of being nerfed
  226. mage or cleric?
  227. New heals
  228. magical classes will own at endgame
  229. Dear Trion
  230. At least when Champions were OP
  231. Warriors were OP from bugs, Pyros are OP by design.
  232. Stat Plan for Clerics?
  233. This game is balanced.
  234. Valor, are we forgetting about it?
  235. Macros: Lets talk combat mechanics
  236. Champ able to kick Pyro off GoS?
  237. Trion Hates Warriors!
  238. It's the button presses - not the numbers!
  239. Class with high survivability.
  240. Purging levels
  241. Pyromancers Take Skill to Play
  242. New, and wondering what class i should play.
  243. 51 points into one soul, ever really worth it?
  244. GoS Hype?
  245. To all of you "Gershlol"ers.
  246. Try a different class
  247. How to actually achieve balance
  248. Pyroz!
  249. A bit much...
  250. Good Job pissing everyone off Trion. This patch might have ruined your future