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  1. Anyone else Tired?
  2. Class Finding help!
  3. Best class for each role.
  4. Just hit 50, now what?
  5. Who got the genius idea...
  6. Cost to fully train a Soul?
  7. New (Experienced) Player - Thoughts on Casters - Mage vs. Cleric - PvP vs. PvE
  8. Rift: The Exploit 'em up
  9. Looking for glass cannon
  10. critique my spec
  11. Healing?
  12. Red Ball
  13. Best Class For New Player?
  14. Hey sc dps is so hi... Again!!!
  15. Specs that are terrible non-50
  16. The Rift Song
  17. Undertow
  18. Trion is doing it again
  19. Why Paragon and Bladedancers are bad concepts
  20. Fix the classes
  21. Best AoE grinding class?
  22. I heard pyromancers can do good in pvp
  23. 51NB/PvP Soul is just too much for most players, especially hybrids
  24. Stop QQing.
  25. Deadline: 29th April 2011
  26. Damage
  27. CC animations need to be made a little more obvious
  28. LoL @ OP Classes
  29. Warriors and Leather Raid Loot Opinions
  30. Role Based Armor and Weapons!!!!
  31. Healing Reduction Skills
  32. Valor should reduce healing taken.
  33. Heal tank?
  34. Upcoming New 5th Role
  35. spellcasting vs melee and character facing
  36. Most whiney classes by order...
  37. Clerics saying l2focus fire/CC, could you not focus fire/CC VKs pre 1.1?
  38. CC immunity timer
  39. Callings change for 1.2
  40. My change to GoS
  41. Real fix to GoS...
  42. most OP classes by order?
  43. simple logic: any class that kills in one shot needs to die in one shot
  44. Why is one shoting so bad
  45. Are some of you serious?
  46. Cleric top DPS on single target in Raid..
  47. Bard request
  48. Class Greater Essence's
  49. Hey Trion , I've Got something smart to say
  50. u mad
  51. A balance between PvP soul and "normal" souls
  52. When ill stop rolling on leather as a warrior.
  53. Trion unveils a new tool: the nerf chisel!
  54. Level 50 Elite Solo Souls
  55. 4 Roles is totally enough. Thanks Trion!
  56. My noob PvP experience as Warlock (32)/Chloro (17)/I forget (0)
  57. Why are most 51 point talents so crappy?
  58. Nerf this, Nerft that
  59. All souls for all classes.
  60. Master Huntsmen & Fell Blades
  61. Warrior or Cleric, which is more fun? Easier to solo?
  62. Omg alpha changes /rage
  63. Reaver Abilities and Crits
  64. what exactly...
  65. Do You Feel Heroic?
  66. Guide For Which Class Debuffs Stack and Which Do Not Stack?
  67. Stop!!!!!!!! letting Plate of any class wear any other gear
  68. All souls!
  69. @Trion Devs - Warrior vs Rogue Melee Snare Feedback
  70. After having to respec after being nerfed in 1.0 and 1.1, all i can say about 1.2 is
  71. Struggling to level
  72. Should healing debuffs stacks?
  73. mages are fine you bads just need to l2p plx kthnx
  74. Least gear dependent class?
  75. How the hell are mages OP? Rogues are saying this!!!???
  76. physical crit for a riftblae spell like attacks?
  77. The Low Damage of Paragon
  78. What soul for heal shoul i use?
  79. Balance; People are ignorant thank god triton doesnt listen
  80. Bleed effects
  81. Mage vs cleric DPS
  82. Which would be more fun to level with?
  83. General Questions about RIFT
  84. What do you think??
  85. Stealth - is it working as intended?
  86. A workable fix for clerics in PvP without interfering with PvE balance at all.
  87. AP question for the blenders out there
  88. really?
  89. Class changes and Expert fixes, need to happen before 1.2 (unless 1.2 is real soon)
  90. Best Melee DPS Class/Spec
  91. Seeing alot less mages...and a ton of Rogue rerolls.
  92. Openness About Coefficients please!
  93. How chlormancy works (for non-mages and crappy mages)
  94. Buffs ... Are Broken
  95. Rogue Damage bonuses.
  96. Missing abilities after resetting your souls?
  97. PVE vs PVP - Separate Roles & Souls
  98. Cookie Cutter?? Whats your Main spec?
  99. Rift Prison and you, making a Pyro's day just that little bit worse!
  100. would anyone be opposed to two more soul slots?
  101. My abilities ended up under "General"
  102. casters dont cry about silences
  103. remade pvp soul
  104. Mages, Warriors, and Clerics on PvP servers: Time to REROLL
  105. The problem with roles...
  106. Which class is the overall best damage dealer right now.
  107. rdps tanky warrior(pre 1.1) vs post 1.1 chloro.
  108. Where is the PVE tweaks and balancing?
  109. Best Tanking Class
  110. 4 roles is kinda not enough I really really need 5 or 6 as a mage
  111. Tablets
  112. Where's the red ball nerfs
  113. The most serious of serious questions.
  114. PvP soul is a stupid idea.
  115. To the Developers
  116. Highest Survivability without a pet
  117. Rogue vs. Mage lvling speed, whats faster?
  118. power vs energy
  119. Congrats Rogues
  120. The What did I just fight? Thread
  121. Monk
  122. Welcome back witch elves and chaotic rift/electromagnet....oh how we missed you!
  123. Fun lost to the percentages?....
  124. Clerics and you. Post 1.2
  125. ABILITY DISABLED after the event !
  126. Soul Tree really need's to be relooked at (some classes)
  127. After Pyros get nerfed, next OP class going to be!!!!!!!!
  128. pyros
  129. Armor/gear itemization vs effort with plaque concerns
  130. mages PVE ONLY discussion
  131. Grind out rank 6 now while you still can...
  132. Which soul has the longest knockback?
  133. Why are cholros better DPS & Heals then a Bard?
  134. Classes play much diffrent to WOW
  135. Legitimacy of most damage dealt in warfronts?
  136. Pvp- Classes
  137. Balance Update 15th April 2011
  138. i find another game til pyro is nerfed
  139. I just got one shotted by a pyro...
  140. Anyone else wish skills improved with points spent in souls?
  141. Pyro hit me for 6500 (on the nose) against 37.9% spell damage reduction.
  142. Nerf all AE
  143. Will there be more souls?
  144. How Single Target PVE dps should be ranked:
  145. We healers need some love now! [Solution included]
  146. World Event Death Rift Pro-tip
  147. Healing Clerics DPS
  148. What's a good fun tanking class?
  149. Nerfs that appear to be buffs (and negative talents)
  150. 4 hits are just as bad as 1 hit
  151. 'Fulminate critically hits **** for 7990 Fire damage (4207 overkill)'
  152. Build Tester
  153. What Happen?!
  154. I Want An Explanation.
  155. -delete this-
  156. Tank Gear and Riftstalkers.
  157. Waiting for 1.2 roles balance
  158. Least Played Main Soul?
  159. Resist gear
  160. Proposal: Stun/sap/disable abilities induce a short stun immunity period
  161. I "see" a stealthed rogue, but try to click on them and can not attack. This a bug?
  162. Trying to decide on an alt
  163. Mage dots vs cleric dots
  164. Can someone link alpha patch notes?
  165. what is this instant heal?
  166. souls???
  167. Need damage ? Melee rogues yes ,warriors no !!
  168. How Single Target PVE DPS should be ranked:
  169. You guys finally got your Dev responses, Now What?
  170. Okay so you guys finally have your Dev answers, now what?
  171. A friendly reminder that 1 soul != the whole class ^.^
  172. nerfing GoS won't be enough
  173. Some things need to be said.
  174. Looking for the best DPS / Healer
  175. its not just a tooltip bug
  176. Red ball is overpowered
  177. So who turned out to be the better main tank?
  178. Nerf to Riftblade vs Pyromancer
  179. Warrior was immune to knockback for an entire fight
  180. Give us a clue when 1.2 or the blanace fixes will happen
  181. Changing Classes
  182. PVP balanced. Pyro not OP
  183. Dear Trion, nice video.
  184. Best DPS build for mages
  185. Can I please have more Role slots?
  186. hmm rogue nerf?
  187. The Gray Area of Balance
  188. Riftblade being a warrior? no way
  189. GoS changed to MM pedastel
  190. Heads up Mages. Trion admits GoS is bugged - Change coming
  191. The ability to reset Adventure-class
  192. Nerf Nerf Nerf
  193. Bring back Sabos
  194. Tooltip & Ability Bugs in April 12th Hotfix
  195. bug in healing stats ?
  196. OMG class balance, I'm going back to WoW!!!1!11!
  197. A Warrior AOE grinding build that won't be nerfed - relevant to other classes.
  198. Dear Healer(s)...
  199. Best pure healer
  200. Stealth and Their Effects on the COmmunity...
  201. Nice nerf by stealth Trion...
  202. Something wrong with your class? Post here!
  203. Speculation as to Unannounced Skill Changes
  204. Class balance! Patch 1.1 and beyond...
  205. Least Played Calling and Soul/s?
  206. How to set up your Ui for pyro's
  207. Need more role slots
  208. Seriously worried about upcoming nerfs
  209. Soooo I just hit 50 and......
  210. Skill Ideas!
  211. soul talents bugged?
  212. I would LOVE to tank but i'm not leveling a pathetic warrior
  213. Please help a complete noob understand the classes
  214. Pets
  215. Class Suggestion
  216. Trion damage math...what is wrong with this picture?
  217. Laments of a Mage...
  218. Best all round class
  219. Demonstration: Soul Utilization - An epic black garden, uneditted.
  220. nvm
  221. Melee classes are unthreatening.
  222. Other issue with balance besides Pyros
  223. DPS Warriors and DPS Rouges...
  224. Class Balance Podcast
  225. Qqing going on much?
  226. Player skill is IMBA, not classes
  227. Lazy fix to PvP player combat.
  228. PvP Soulless
  229. How do you inspect in battle?
  230. How does this happen?
  231. Healers get ****ed on Rift Loot - WTF?
  232. New to rift and need some class suggestions for pvp
  233. Did not want to agree!
  234. I am worried about this game becoming the next EQ2
  235. Rants and Raves, Stories and Fables. My 2 cents, Is now on the Table
  236. Seeking advice: Bard and Chloromancer
  237. More than a month from the Rift release
  238. The REAL issue with nerfing
  239. Physical Damage Classes VS Magic Damage classes
  240. Trion and The Class System.
  241. Tank itemized world event items would be nice
  242. Question-RB-Stonespear-Pet
  243. Reasons why I, personally hate this game.
  244. Prove to Trion that you want your voice to be heard, and that you want to hear theirs
  245. Leveling after hitting level cap
  246. What is a good class these days for people who enjoy solo pve and rather melee?
  247. Cookie Cutter Chloro build for main healing 5 mans?
  248. Need help please trying to change soul trees.
  249. Shut The Hell Up Already
  250. Abilities deep in a Soul Tree need to be UN-NERFED