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  1. Greybriar ISO: Guild To Call Home
  2. Gelidra Eternal Dawn [Casual 18+]
  3. Hailol <Echoes of Eternity> is recruiting!
  4. Laethys lf active guild
  5. Laethys Looking for an active guild!
  6. Deepwood WILL TRANSFER! Returning player, LF casual-friendly, 18+ guild
  7. Faeblight The Lost Legion
  8. Wolfsbane Thee Ascended
  9. Deepwood Returning player
  10. Faeblight <Knights of Blood> Recruiting for [T3] MoM Progression & Upcoming Content
  11. Greybriar <Eternal Souls> Greybriar NEEDS CORE RAIDERS!
  12. Faeblight <Born on The Vaiyuu
  13. Hailol Returning Player LF Friendly Guild
  14. Faeblight 65 mage looking for achievement-focused guild
  15. Hailol Empires Level 30 Super Casual and Fun Guild
  16. Greybriar Looking for a casual guild
  17. Greybriar <Mistakes Were Made> Looking for New Members!
  18. Deepwood Virus 8/9 recruiting for T3 core spots and beyond!
  19. Faeblight <Aced> is Recruiting on Faeblight
  20. Wolfsbane Looking for a guild
  21. Faeblight Of Gods and Technology: A new guild recruiting!
  22. Greybriar New Raiding Allilance
  23. Gelidra Eagerly wanting to return to the game and casual raiding.
  24. Hailol Returning Player Soon Be 65 Looking For Friendly Active Guild :)
  25. Gelidra In-Search for Guild
  26. Faeblight Looking for morning raiding guild US servers not shard specific
  27. Faeblight <Dawn of Terror>, one of the longest active raiding guilds in Rift, is recruiting...
  28. Laethys Looking for raiding guild
  29. Zaviel Looking for a Swedish/Scandinavian guild (All PvE servers)
  30. Greybriar Expert Dungeon guild
  31. Typhiria <New Order> Recruiting for T3!
  32. Wolfsbane LVL 21 GUILD FOR SALE
  33. Laethys Looking for Oceanic guild
  34. Deepwood Looking for Raid Guild
  35. Typhiria [Brutwacht] Zeitlos stellt sich vor!
  36. Wolfsbane SkinWalkers need T2 raiders
  37. Deepwood Virus 6/9 recruiting for T3 core spots and beyond!
  38. Faeblight Two Dogs Cartel is Recruiting! 18+ Mature Heavy RP
  39. Wolfsbane <Blood Pact>LFM to join in the fun
  40. Deepwood <The Art of War> - Returning guild LF raiders for HK progression
  41. Hailol <Rift Sentinels> is recruiting
  42. Hailol !!!!!Looking for guild!!!!!
  43. Wolfsbane Recruiting raiders and non-raiders <SkinWalkers>
  44. Deepwood Dol Amroth recruiting
  45. Seastone Looking for Russian/English speaking guild
  46. Deepwood SDFI, late night raiding guild! + casuals/pvp welcome
  47. Zaviel Rogue LF Guild
  48. Gelidra <Old-School> Recruiting people who have been told they are "too old for games"
  49. Faeblight Any casual/social guilds without raid requirements? :)
  50. Laethys <Trinity> High End Raiding (US-EST) MoM 9/9 Recruiting for future content!
  51. Laethys <Aequalis> is an 18+ guild recruiting for T2 and T3 progression
  52. Zaviel <Doomed To Walk The Earth> (a social casual guild) is looking for your souls!
  53. Faeblight Looking for a friendly mature guild to play the game with, including t1 raid content
  54. Faeblight <Brothers Without Banners> Twitch Streamer Group/Friendly Community
  55. Typhiria [EU] LF Late Night Raiding Guild
  56. Deepwood Returning Warrior LF guild
  57. Faeblight Switched to NA yesterday - looking for guild with active typed chat and older players
  58. Laethys <AI> recruiting for T3 MoM progression!
  59. Typhiria <Stalkers of Evergreen> - RolePlaying, PvP, PvE, Casual Raiding T1/T2
  60. Greybriar The Elders: Recruiting Mature Adults for Laid Back Fun & Medium Core Style Raiding
  61. Faeblight Cleric looking for guild to start t3 progression.
  62. Faeblight [US PVE] 8 Raiders LF Merger (Willing to Transfer)
  63. Greybriar <The Royal Guards of Valhalla> LFM for T1 and T2 Content
  64. Faeblight Wife and I are looking for a casual guild to join
  65. Deepwood Shadow Embassy
  66. Faeblight Village of Worlds Dawn looking for more
  67. Deepwood Seeking Clan For Rift
  68. Faeblight Strangers with candy
  69. Typhiria [Brutwacht] Raidbündnis sucht weitere Mitspieler die mit T3 anfangen wollen
  70. Deepwood 1425 phystact/bard looking for t3 guild
  71. Hailol Returning player of fri-mon guild Mage .
  72. Greybriar 1450 Hit Rogue LF Guild...
  73. Gelidra Invictus recruitment for tier3 progression and a bit of tier2 farming/progression
  74. Seastone Finding lvl 20+ guild
  75. Necropolis Looking for a guild that raid arround 6-12 Server time
  76. Gelidra MAKING GUILD (DEATH)
  77. Faeblight Casual Adult guild looking for mature and loyal players Raids/RP/Helpful
  78. Wolfsbane Reforged is recruiting~
  79. Wolfsbane Curiousity
  80. Faeblight Companions of the Hall
  81. Deepwood Dol Amroth - Hit hard by RL and game changes
  82. Greybriar LF Weekend Guild
  83. Hailol New player looking for guild
  84. Greybriar <Umbrage> is a large and active guild, recruiting for all raid Tiers (5-8pm server)
  85. Seastone DWMA looking for T1 AND T2 RAIDERS/PVP
  86. Typhiria Gildenmitglieder gesucht!(Brutwacht)
  87. Deepwood Shh Don't Fight It, Late night guild
  88. Deepwood Looking for a morning raiding guild- Us servers
  89. Gelidra <Harshmallows> recruiting raiders and socials!
  90. Gelidra MAKING GUILD (DEATH)
  91. Deepwood <Fusion Latina> Guild Casual y de Progreso!
  92. Gelidra Magyar klán (Supper is ready) aktív tagokat keres!
  93. Deepwood LF MORNING GUILD
  94. Greybriar Shotglass Detectives needs a few new Gumshoes
  95. Faeblight New 65 Cleric looking for casual Raid/Expert guild
  96. Laethys Holy Wisdom Recruiting for T3 Progression 找團員
  97. Laethys ~ NEFARIOUS ~ #1 Oceanic Guild Recruiting Raider's and Casuals
  98. Greybriar Xtreme Gamers is recruiting.
  99. Typhiria Dunkler Orden (Brutwacht)
  100. Wolfsbane Looking for guild
  101. Wolfsbane Anarcy is Recruiting
  102. Faeblight Guardiana is recruiting
  103. Faeblight Crimson Rising is recruiting!
  104. Deepwood <The Art of War> - Returning guild LFM for T1/T2 raiding and WF Premades - All Levels
  105. Deepwood Need an active guild!
  106. Gelidra < Russian Bears >
  107. Faeblight (Willing to transfer) Cleric looking for good company [PVE - PVP]
  108. Wolfsbane Looking for a Guild
  109. Seastone The Lannisters want you!
  110. Greybriar <The Older Games> TOG 25+ age gaming community
  111. Deepwood Looking for a morning raiding guild (willing to transfer)
  112. Typhiria Csillamfaszlama lelkesen várja magyar játékosok jelentkezését!
  113. Gelidra LFG Guild Raids
  114. Gelidra Immortals
  115. Greybriar Unhinged is recruiting multi role raiders!
  116. Faeblight Looking for raiding guild any shard
  117. Greybriar <Change of Heart> Level 26 guild ISO of raiders for our 20 man core team!
  118. Wolfsbane I have very unusual hours to play ... maybe your guild does, too? Will Transfer
  119. Wolfsbane Rogue DPS/tank 1000/1100 hit looking for guild that raids MTTF (willing to transfer)
  120. Wolfsbane Looking for Raiding guild (Progressive Player, also a healer)
  121. Wolfsbane [COLOR="lime"][Wolfsbane][/COLOR] Looking for Raiding guild (Progressive Player)
  122. Wolfsbane T3 ready Rogue looking for T3 content
  123. Deepwood LFG T2 Progression Fri/Sat Night or Sat/Sun Morning EST. 1225 Warrior
  124. Gelidra Do you dislike big guilds like me? Join to my party!
  125. Greybriar Sacred Haven (Redux)
  126. Greybriar > Defer Death< RECRUITING FOR T3 WEEKEND RAIDING!
  127. Seastone Looking
  128. Zaviel New Player Looking For a Guild
  129. Greybriar Vanilla Hardcore Raider is Back! Need help!
  130. Greybriar Change of Heart currently has openings in our core raid team!
  131. Gelidra Immortalis recruiting for progression raids
  133. Laethys Looking for T3 raiding guild
  134. Greybriar Looking for raiding team !
  135. Deepwood Cleric looking to raid again.
  136. Faeblight <FORSAKEN> Is Recruiting
  137. Wolfsbane Stud Muffins are looking for players! :)
  138. Greybriar Twizted Fate
  139. Deepwood Virus 1/9 MoM is recruiting for T3 core spots and beyond!
  140. Hailol Dol Amroth looking for a small t1 guild to partner with (not merge) for t1 runs
  141. Faeblight Returning player LF weekend raiding guild.
  142. Hailol Preserver Lf T1
  143. Greybriar Any active PvP guilds around?
  144. Greybriar Change of Heart {3/11 HK 1/4 IGP 4/5 MS 4/4 ROF lvl 26 guild) ISO raiders
  145. Faeblight <Knights of Blood> recruiting for T2 & T3 Progression. Core Spots available.
  146. Hailol <Critical Hit> recruiting for T3 progression!
  147. Faeblight Returning player looking to start over/find a guilld
  148. Bloodiron Weird Request: Can I pay you REX regularly and do mat/platinum farming for your guild
  149. Deepwood <Efficacy Manifest> Recruiting for weekend progression. *No Hit req.*
  150. Wolfsbane 1400 hit mage looking for guild.
  151. Greybriar Anyone recruiting rogues for t2? (hk)
  152. Greybriar <L`Malla> returned and recruiting for T1+
  153. Deepwood <Valkyrian Descent> Recruiting for T3 Mind of Madness. Core spots available!
  154. Gelidra Русскоязычная гильдия <Russian Bears> проводит набо&
  155. Seastone New to the game looking to switch servers for a great guild.
  156. Greybriar Looking for a new guild.
  157. Greybriar Mutli-Role T2 Cleric LF HK Guild
  158. Greybriar Mage LF Guild
  159. Typhiria !!!BRUTWACHT!!! : Club der dichten Toten
  160. Faeblight Returning Player
  161. Faeblight The Blackwood Company
  162. Deepwood Any guilds that are raiding T1 Mon/Tues(anytime) or sat/sun (morning)?
  163. Hailol Cleric 1250 hit _ seeking guild
  164. Greybriar Covenant of the Fallen
  165. Deepwood <Beep Beep Ima Jeep> Recruiting for T3 Progression!
  166. Greybriar Rogue Alt Technically 2/9 MoM LF off time raiding guild at least 1/9
  167. Typhiria Level Cap is Recruiting now!
  168. Greybriar [COLOR="yellow"]Greybriar/Will Transfer[/COLOR] Old Cleric + 2 Mages LF Raiding Guild
  169. Greybriar 3 returning players LF semi casual social raiding guild!
  170. Hailol 1400 hit rogue LF Raiding Guild
  171. Greybriar 1400 HIT MAGE LF T3 RAIDING GUILD
  172. Hailol Rusty war LF fun''ish casual raid guild
  173. Faeblight casual player seeking guild
  174. Laethys LF an Early-Morning or Fri/Sat PM Server Time Raiding Guild in NA
  175. Zaviel LF English-speaking EU guild raiding or striving towards raiding T3
  176. Greybriar Cleric 1350 hit Looking for guild
  177. Laethys 1400 hit mage Looking for oceanic raiding guild.
  178. Faeblight Returning Player seeking guild.
  179. Faeblight Cleric looking for potential raiding home!
  180. Faeblight (looking for someone) looking for HK progression guild
  181. Faeblight Returning player looking for guild
  182. Wolfsbane <Undaunted> Recruiting for T3
  183. Greybriar Looking for Raiding Guild
  184. Greybriar Away From Reality Recruiting for T3 progression
  185. Faeblight Core spots available for HK and beyond, apply within!
  186. Laethys player after three year absent looking for a early morning -evening Guild.
  187. Hailol Dol Amroth
  188. Deepwood 1075 Hit Warrior Looking for an active PvE progression guild
  189. Zaviel Heal/Dps in search for t1 raiding guild
  190. Deepwood Looking for an Asian/Oceanic/NA Morning Guild
  191. Wolfsbane Looking for social guild that raids some
  192. Hailol Impulse Seeking new raiders
  193. Gelidra Looking for a Guild to do T1 raids with...PLEASE READ FOR THE FULL INFO
  194. Deepwood <The Watch> recruiting for T3 progression!
  195. Deepwood <Victis> is recruiting! Fresh T1 Content & Beyond | Returning Players | Semi-Casual
  196. Greybriar Jynxed is recruiting for T3 raiding (1400 hit) - Wed/Sun/Mon 5-8pm server
  197. Seastone Heal,Tank,DPS or supp looking for active social guild.
  198. Wolfsbane Returning after 9 month break. Looking for laid back raiding guild.
  199. Greybriar New player looking for active guild
  200. Faeblight Ok, I feel bad for doing this again...
  201. Zaviel Heal/dps lf casual raiding guild
  202. Typhiria Gilde "Soulreaper" sucht Mitstreiter!
  203. Zaviel Leveling healer looking for PvE guild
  204. Deepwood Healer/Support LF Thurs/Fri/Sat/Mon or Late Night Raiding
  205. Laethys <Unrivalled> SINGAPOREAN Casual Guild is recruiting!
  206. Wolfsbane Returning Player Looking for a Laid Back, Friendly Guild
  207. Greybriar <Rage Against the Machine>
  208. Zaviel Tier 1 raid EU?
  209. Faeblight Extra place for guild's to recruit!
  210. Seastone LF active raiding/PvP guild.
  211. Greybriar New dedicated player looking for an active guild. Hoxbox.
  212. Gelidra Cleric LFG on Gelidra Server...
  213. Typhiria ERROR-CZ hledá CZ/SK hráče / looking for more CZ/SK players
  214. Hailol <Empires> The Casual side
  215. Wolfsbane < Kitten Mittens > Join Guild!
  216. Typhiria Knights Templar Recruiting
  217. Faeblight <The Order of the Caribou> looking for competent members!
  218. Wolfsbane Keepers of Hell is recruiting!
  219. Bloodiron FR - serveur "Bloodirone" - recherche coéquipier n.36
  220. Laethys <orphanage> Chinese Raiding Guild recruiting players that at least knows mandarin(招人)
  221. Deepwood Virus 10/11 HK 4/4 IGP HM (x2) is recruiting for T3 core spots and beyond!
  222. Laethys Three Coins
  223. Greybriar LFG 1325 hit cleric all roles - raiding guild any shard (4am or 7.30pm server time)
  224. Seastone Arcanis guilde FR sur BRISESOL recrute- Orientation casual-semi casual
  225. Hailol <- Hybrid Theory -> Is Recruiting New and Returning Players!
  226. Deepwood LFG -- Casual or Hardcore/Friendly Raiding Guild
  227. Greybriar Realm Guardians
  228. Deepwood LF guild, returning player.
  229. Faeblight Warrior LFG to raid with
  230. Laethys New player LF raiding Guild.
  231. Faeblight fresh 65 cleric LF active guild
  232. Greybriar Fresh 65 Looking For raiding/dungeon guild
  233. Hailol Primalist Healer LF Guild
  234. Deepwood <Hells Forces> - Casual Gamers!
  235. Typhiria Looking for mature guild :)
  236. Faeblight Achievement Junkie
  237. Greybriar <Nephilim> End game progression T3 raiding
  238. Typhiria [Brutwacht] <Abt-Ru-Shin> such motivierte Spieler für den aktuellen Content
  239. Faeblight FORSAKEN looking for easygoing/casual players
  240. Typhiria <Prime> Recruitment Open
  241. Faeblight FORSAKEN is recruiting old and new players....
  242. Faeblight <Adevarat> recruiting! Leveling guild focused on helping newcomers
  243. Faeblight Rivia
  244. Faeblight Looking for a guild that raids my hours.. 3pm server-7pm server during this time
  245. Hailol <Impulse> - Semi-casual raiding guild LF T2 Raiders, Casuals
  246. Laethys returning player looking for new home.
  247. Laethys Returning Players LFG (Laethys/Wolfsbane)
  248. Gelidra LF guild - EU
  249. Seastone Death Bound (The Zero Larks)
  250. Seastone <Order of the Riven Rose> PvP - Family - Drama Free