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  1. Faeblight Looking for casual PvE guild
  2. Faeblight Looking for a guild to join on Prime
  3. Bloodiron Holyfreaks
  4. Gelidra [Brisesol] Résurgence Level 30 cherche 18+
  5. Greybriar PRIME Cleric
  6. Seastone [Prime] Calling all Scrappers, Dungeon Crawlers, Raiders and Crafters!
  7. Greybriar [PRIME] <Rift Prime> is currently recruiting raiders and casual/social members.
  8. Bloodiron [PRIME] ~<ContEnd>~ recruiting raiders and socials
  9. Wolfsbane <Disturbance> #1 EQ2 TLE guild recruiting for Rift PRIME!
  10. Zaviel Purple Haze
  11. Wolfsbane PRIME Tank LFG (EURO)
  12. Necropolis CZ/SK PRIME
  13. Greybriar [PRIME] Looking for Guild for my Group!
  14. Bloodiron [BRUTWACHT] Neuling sucht nette familiäre Gilde
  15. Faeblight Gone Fishin' Guild - Open for new members that fit the following:
  16. Deepwood Any old members of LOFT
  17. Wolfsbane Guardian Leveling Guild Wanted
  18. Deepwood Mage LF raiding guild
  19. Faeblight Need a place to call home join! <Exiled Children>
  20. Wolfsbane Returning Player Looking for Guild
  21. Wolfsbane Rift Prime Looking For Guild
  22. Hailol Solace of Crimson Pheonix
  23. Faeblight Seeking new players/Returning Ones for Guild Dim Rp!
  24. Wolfsbane In search of guild members from <Legion of the Fallen>
  25. Greybriar Dimensionerds Unite!
  26. Deepwood <Last Alliance> Deepwoods Most Active Guild!
  27. Deepwood Looking for Guild
  28. Gelidra <ArmyOfTheDead> recruiting raiders and Casuals
  29. Deepwood <Phantheon> NA/EU Recruiting Old/New/Returning Players!
  30. Deepwood <LaG> Last Alliance Now Recruiting
  31. Hailol Looking for Guild - Level 62 Rogue Tank
  32. Deepwood <Last Alliance>
  33. Deepwood Trouble finding a Guild
  34. Wolfsbane Returning Player
  35. Typhiria Looking for top PvP guild to join
  36. Deepwood LF Raiding Guild that is Active and Still Do Dungeons!
  37. Deepwood LF guild on EST
  38. Faeblight Returning Player looking for home
  39. Zaviel Busco guild española
  40. Gelidra Mature,Active Gamer Looking for Helpful Active Guild (EU servers)
  41. Laethys Power Rangers: a tribute to sabons most popular show
  42. Greybriar KAIROS guild recruiting raiders and casual - raid spots open!
  43. Deepwood Guilds that make raids at the weekend [Deepwood]
  44. Deepwood FANG is recruiting.
  45. Gelidra <Gnomeaters> Polska gildia poszukuje graczy! [Polish announcement]
  46. Wolfsbane Healer looking for a guild to help
  47. Wolfsbane Tank LF Raiding Guild
  48. Faeblight Returning Player looking for casual Guild
  49. Laethys <Soul Reapers of Chudahs> is now recruiting!
  50. Deepwood Returning player looking for guild that raids 7PM or later, any NA server
  51. Deepwood looking for guild that raids, old raids
  52. Deepwood Returning Warrior tank
  53. Greybriar Returning Cleric tank lf Raiding guild
  54. Bloodiron returning player after 2 year break
  55. Gelidra BRISESOL - THE FRENCHSHIP recrute
  56. Deepwood Dol Amroth - t1 core spot available
  57. Faeblight mage returning looking for a new home
  58. Deepwood Rogue Healer looking for active guild!
  59. Greybriar Mage with a Rogue alt looking for a home.
  60. Zaviel Bulgarian Guild
  61. Laethys <Beard Nation> Mature, Casual. PVE Guild. ( All levels / Classes Welcome)
  62. Faeblight Looking for entry-level raiding guild with variety of interests
  63. Bloodiron Suche nette, familiäre Gilde
  64. Greybriar Returning player LFGuild
  65. Seastone What is a good shard for guilds?
  66. Deepwood New(ish) player looking for Guild/Guidance
  67. Greybriar Looking for Guild any Shard
  68. Wolfsbane Looking for casual, mature group of folks to join the fight with.
  69. Greybriar LF Causal Raiding Mature Guild - Returning back to the game
  70. Zaviel New player (MMO veteran) looking for active guild (happy to transfer)
  71. Typhiria Aequis Librae
  72. Hailol Black Shroud Recruiting Now
  73. Faeblight Abyss Rising ~ 18+ Mature Heavy RP Guild
  74. Wolfsbane New player searching a french (Quebec) Guild
  75. Hailol Black Shroud is recruiting!
  76. Zaviel <REBELLICIOUS> gaming community for 30plussers
  77. Greybriar LF Late night content Guild or Group.
  78. Deepwood <VIRTUE> Rebuilding time!
  79. Hailol The Stoners Guild
  80. Typhiria Trying to get back in guild Serenity
  81. Zaviel Looking for a guild
  82. Deepwood Five friends coming to Rift looking for a Guild
  83. Hailol Searching for an old player: Sculti
  84. Deepwood Back to Basic
  85. Bloodiron Lonely mage looking for raidinguild (no hardcore bs pls)
  86. Deepwood LF Guild Any Shard
  87. Deepwood <Lemme Smash> wants you!
  88. Deepwood Looking for a CHILL Guild
  89. Wolfsbane <Grievance> is looking for Raiders.
  90. New Player would like to join a guild
  91. Hailol Epic Inquisition
  92. Faeblight Looking to buy
  93. Deepwood Looking to buy a Guild
  94. Typhiria LFG IRoTP
  95. Gelidra Resonance - Hungarian guild/magyar klán
  96. Wolfsbane Returning player. Looking for Guild any shard
  97. Greybriar Looking for Guild Merges
  98. Hailol WTB a lvl 15+ Guild any shard
  99. Faeblight Dawn of Terror: Raiding and Good Times
  100. Hailol gilde
  101. Typhiria Looking for a PVE guild (EU)
  102. Hailol Looking For Guild... NA and any shard
  103. Wolfsbane Returning Player looking for Semi-hardcore raiding guild
  105. Laethys Guardian - Ex WoW raider Aussie times LFGuild
  106. Laethys Fire N Ice! Recruitment
  107. Deepwood looking for a guild
  108. Deepwood <Telera Liberation Front> Looking for Casual Players
  109. Deepwood Returning player looking for guild!
  110. Deepwood Looking for a new Guild, the 1 I'm in, is dead!
  111. Faeblight Faeblight Shard Guild Recruitment
  112. Deepwood Need a guild asap
  113. Gelidra Mage & Krieger suchen Deutsche Gilde
  114. Greybriar <Fluffy Bunnies of Doom> is RECRUITING
  115. Faeblight Guardiana
  116. Laethys <Fallen Eclipse> Come join the fun!
  117. Zaviel Warrior for Casual family guild
  118. Zaviel interest checking for an swedish only guild
  119. Typhiria Returning Player Looking For Guild
  120. Greybriar The Elders: Recruiting Mature Adults for Laid Back Fun & Medium Core Style Raiding
  121. Hailol Neuling sucht deutsche Gilde
  122. Laethys Looking For Any And All New To The Game
  123. Greybriar "The High Ground" 65 and under PVP guild looking for recruits
  124. Deepwood Looking for Casual guld
  125. Deepwood LF Oceanic guild times
  126. Deepwood Returnee LF Guild any PvE US shard
  127. Deepwood Looking For Pretty Serious Raiding Guild (Returning Player)
  128. Zaviel Trying to find a guild or group of players that are willing to do late night raiding
  129. Bloodiron [Polygames] FR- Guilde Francophone PVE & all
  130. Greybriar Looking for a guild
  131. Zaviel LF for polish guild any shard // szukam polskiej gildi :)
  132. Greybriar Storm Predators (25)
  133. Hailol <Wolf Pack>
  134. Laethys THE ELITE TEAM
  135. Laethys level 30 looking for friendly players or guild
  136. Deepwood Returning player LF Late Night guild
  137. Wolfsbane Returning Player LF german speaking Guild
  138. Faeblight Been a long time...
  139. Faeblight Kingdom of Minreal
  140. Deepwood Smaller Guild Drifting Apart due to Lack of Content ?
  141. Seastone Defenders of Talara Recruitment
  142. Zaviel The Clandestine - EU RP guild
  143. Seastone Returning Player LF Guild
  144. Laethys <AI> Recruiting for SFP Raid Progression
  145. Wolfsbane LF Guild
  146. Gelidra Russian guild community (Eu and NA shards).
  147. Greybriar Returning player LF PVE focused guild
  148. Hailol Moonfiend! Little Guild Seeks Slow Friends
  149. Greybriar Rogue DPS/Support LF Active EST Guild
  150. Deepwood Returning Player need help
  151. Faeblight Older Player Returning....
  152. Laethys New guildies
  153. Greybriar |PvP, PVE, Social| Adult Gaming Community +18
  154. Seastone [US PVP] Beholder Gaming |PvP, PVE, Social| Adult Gaming Community +18
  155. Gelidra CZ/SK guilda Sanctum Guardians
  156. Deepwood Guild with more mature players?
  157. Greybriar <Lucidium> Recruiting Warriors/Rogues/Primalist for 4.1 raiding
  158. Greybriar Looking for PvP/PvE guild
  159. Deepwood <virtue> is Recruiting for New content
  160. Seastone Looking for hardcore/semi hardcore guild
  161. Faeblight Looking for trans friendly LGBTQ guild
  162. Gelidra Swedish guild looking for all players min age: 18
  163. Faeblight Cimmerium
  164. Wolfsbane Utopian Guard LFM @ WolfsBane
  165. Greybriar Looking for Training Guild - if such a thing exists
  166. Faeblight Returning to Game, need a Guild
  167. Greybriar Top Rogue NA LF non-suck Guild
  168. Greybriar Looking For An Excellent Raiding Guild
  169. Faeblight Faeblight Returning player looking for a casual guild
  170. Faeblight <Let One Rift> has a place for everyone :)
  171. Hailol The Kingdom
  172. Typhiria Polish guild "Ministerstwo Prawdy" recruitment annoucement
  173. Faeblight Roleplaying:Seeking Experienced Demonologists & Doctors
  174. Greybriar UMBRAGE guild recruiting!
  175. Faeblight [Aced] is Recruiting - PVE/PVP/RP/DIMS
  176. Faeblight Looking for casual guild
  177. Greybriar loooking for guild on any server doing starfall experts
  178. Deepwood Dol Amroth recruiting
  179. Gelidra <<Inner Circle>> Spanish Raiding Guild
  180. Deepwood <Valkyrian Descent> Recruiting for Raid Progression!
  181. Zaviel <Lowland Elites> - Looking for socials (Nederlandstalig)
  182. Faeblight Returning player LFG
  183. Hailol justblameme
  184. Typhiria LF Raiding Guild within the EU
  185. Faeblight Returning to Rift
  186. Greybriar Question!!!
  187. Greybriar Old School raider, return
  188. Greybriar Equilibrium is now recruiting for 4.0 raiders and beyond!!
  189. Hailol New guildies
  190. Faeblight Gaiscioch | Celebrating 15 Years of Epic Adventure
  191. Faeblight Finding Roleplayers in 4.0: A Guide
  192. Zaviel [Brisesol] Input, communauté FR
  193. Faeblight Faeblight - Forsaken. Easy going guild of working adults
  194. Hailol Myriad, LGBT+ friendly guild, PvX
  195. Deepwood Returning Player (deepwood guardian) LF Guild
  196. Wolfsbane Returning to RIFT - Looking for Guild
  197. Wolfsbane Grayskull Now recruiting for 4.0!
  198. Faeblight Healer seeking Guild
  199. Deepwood <Well That Didn't Work> Look no further for your casual guild needs!
  200. Bloodiron LFGuild
  201. Seastone LFGuild
  202. Greybriar < Mistakes Were Made > Looking for New Members!
  203. Greybriar Veteran Chloro Mage (w/ Lvl 50 Raid XP) Returning to Rift - Looking for Raid Guild
  204. Shatterbone Lvl 65 all classes, returning player, looking for eastern time raiding guild SFP
  205. Laethys Looking For Guild
  206. Faeblight ~Council of Ages~ Heavy RP, Active Schedule, RP/PVE/Community
  207. Faeblight Abyss Rising: Heavy RP Guild is Recruiting!
  208. Wolfsbane <Hells Forces>
  209. Greybriar Storm Predators is Recruiting
  210. Greybriar 2 casual players looking for guild
  211. Deepwood Two returning players looking for casual guild
  212. Deepwood Returning player LF Semi-Hardcore/Hardcore Guild
  213. Greybriar Returning Tank LF guild for Tank with in SP
  214. Wolfsbane Looking for an afternoon raiding guild !
  215. Faeblight The Perennial Flame
  216. Deepwood Returning player, LF weekend raid team any shard
  217. Greybriar Guild Master Recruitment
  218. Deepwood returning player LF relaxed guild
  219. Hailol Empires
  220. Deepwood <Well That Didn't Work> Looking for new members to join our family on Deepwood!
  221. Seastone Recruiting For "Trillest Gang" A new but soon to be very successful guild.
  222. Deepwood Rogue Heals(If there relevant) or dps looking for 4.0 Home!!!
  223. Gelidra <Skins on Farm> is looking for motivated players for SFP!
  224. Gelidra 2 returning players seeking casual raid guild (Any PvE shard)
  225. Deepwood LFG
  226. Hailol Just turned 60 looking for a guild
  227. Zaviel <Temple of Light> recruiting raiders and socials
  228. Greybriar Ignore server. Experienced, talented healer looking for a hardcore raiding home.
  229. Greybriar Covenant of the Phoenix is rebuilding for 4.0
  230. Greybriar <Guild Name> Just formed!
  231. Faeblight Guardiana
  232. Hailol Looking for weekend raiding guild
  233. Greybriar Brand New Guild!
  234. Bloodiron LF eu guild
  235. Faeblight The Forgotten returns
  236. Faeblight Returning player looking for a late night raiding guild
  237. Greybriar looking for a raiding guild
  238. Greybriar <Cadre> New Raiding Guild LF Core Members
  239. Gelidra Experienced Raider for SFP (Any Shard)
  240. Laethys <Legions of Morrigan>
  241. Laethys Any pvp guilds around for moderate players
  242. Gelidra Russian Bears
  243. Laethys < THE Deadliest Few> Join a guild who loves the game of RIFT
  244. Hailol experienced Mage lf PvP guild
  245. Deepwood LF: Oceanic / early morning US guild for raiding (english speaking) US(any Shard)
  246. Gelidra Immortal Tyrants is looking for raiders & socials
  247. Wolfsbane Returning Raider/PvP'r looking for Raiding Guild!!
  248. Faeblight Reborn - Recruiting all Levels
  249. Wolfsbane <The No Pants Party> is recruiting!! (Last Updated: 8/29/2016)
  250. Deepwood Virus 4/4 HM CoA recruiting for NOW and 4.0!