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  1. Greybriar Warrior DPS/Tank
  2. Faeblight Pax Illuminatus of Pax Gaming: Gaming For Everyone
  3. Hailol Looking for guild with early raid times (US)
  4. Laethys Southeast Asian guild or Singaporean guild or GMT +8 guild?
  5. Laethys Is Not Lootable: Recruiting for T2 and Beyond
  6. Bloodiron Looking for pvp guild!
  7. Faeblight Cleric looking for guild, want to group up first
  8. Wolfsbane Crimson Asylum Recruiting
  9. Faeblight <Warcry> Recruiting for T3 progression
  10. Greybriar Selling Guild
  11. Faeblight D H R New progression guild starting up for the new comers and returning veterans
  12. Deepwood ASYLUM- t2 progression guild is RECRUTING!
  13. <House of Dulo> - The Bulgarian Guild
  14. <Raid Them all>
  15. Greybriar In search of a good fit guild for older but newer player to RIFT.
  16. House of Dulo - The Bulgarian Guild
  17. Greybriar <My Little Guildies> When you want your guild to be 20% cooler!
  18. Faeblight Warrior DPS/Sort of tank looking for a guild to progress with.
  19. Seastone Searching for friendly & active guild on any server!
  20. Deepwood Phoenix Rises recruiting the causal players to the serious raider
  21. Luminance - Building a close team.
  22. Typhiria <The Chosen Few> now recruiting
  23. Greybriar !Allied Fury!
  24. Seastone <Death Before Dishonor> Guild Now Recruiting!!!!!!
  25. Greybriar <Nephilim> 3/3 IG, 4/5 PB is Recruiting!
  26. Faeblight <Tinfoil Knights> Focus on RP and PvE content
  27. Deepwood Looking for a guild
  28. Greybriar White Fang - 3/3IG 3/5PBB Recruiting core raiders for T2 and T3!
  29. Seastone Level 17 Raiding Guild - <Meow>
  30. Brutwacht <Priceless> Recruiting T2 dedicated raiders and social members
  31. Greybriar Warrior Temp/ Lib 559 LF guild with weekday raid times later than 6:45 sever
  32. Brutwacht New tank and healer looking for new raiding guild to clear t1 and up
  33. Wolfsbane Older CASUAL player looking for a friendly, casual guild to hang out with
  34. Greybriar Looking for late night raiding guild (late T2 or higher)
  35. Greybriar Cleric looking for T2/T3 guild raiding after 8pm server
  36. Hailol T1 ready Mage seeks T1 progression guild!
  37. Deepwood Cleric Tank looking for casual guild
  38. Greybriar 60 Rogue Tank LF Guild
  39. Typhiria Magyarok - Typhiria shard, Aktív Magyar RIFT Klán, Guild
  40. Greybriar mage looking for t2 guild
  41. Greybriar Jynxed is recruiting for T3 progression, East Coast hours, weekdays
  42. Laethys New Guild looking for members #Underground Gamers
  43. Spanish guild
  44. Rogue tank Lf raiding guild EU
  45. Greybriar Last Attempt - recruiting for T2/T3 progression - M-W 7p-10p ST
  46. Deepwood <--Godlike Awesomeness--> is recruiting for progression 4/4 TDQ/IDH
  47. Brutwacht Polska Gildia Steel and Magic
  48. Nerdy couple looking for a fun guild to start raiding with
  49. Deepwood Fusion Latina busca nuevos miembros
  50. Typhiria A Typhiria guild that needs a hero
  51. Looking for a PvP guild. (EU)
  52. Greybriar <Windrammers> Casual, Mature, Level-Cap Guild Recruiting!
  53. Greybriar Equinox - We Already Love You
  54. Faeblight mid-day raid times [EST] (any server)
  55. Hailol Remnants of Whitefall
  56. Deepwood Any active PvP guilds?
  57. Brutwacht Any European or North American Guilds Raiding in unconventional schedules???
  58. Faeblight New to Rift looking for guild
  59. Deepwood {Nova}Family Orientated Guild Seeks Like Minded Players
  60. Deepwood Rogue(all roles) currently T1 Looking for a progression raid spot
  61. Deepwood Enduring Dawn is Looking for Raiders for Tier 1 Progression
  62. Brutwacht Bastion is back and rebuilding
  63. Faeblight Cleric Tank LF T2 Raiding Guild that starts raids after 7:15pm ST
  64. Deepwood Warrior and/or Rogue looking for 7pm or later raid guild. Will shard transfer.
  65. Deepwood <-Divine Fury-> is recruiting competitive raiders for end-game progression!
  66. Wolfsbane <Frontliners> |4/4 GA | 3/5 PB | 2/3 IG| Recruiting for T3
  67. Deepwood Frree: War DPS LF Raiding Guild
  68. Deepwood <VIRUS> 2/4 BoB : W/Th/Sun 4-8pm server
  69. Faeblight Scions of the Shade - Guardian RP
  70. Deepwood <The Art of War> Looking for possible Guild Merge for T2 Content
  71. Greybriar Older player with a few characters looking for a CASUAL home.
  72. Wolfsbane Looking for guild
  73. Greybriar (Old player) new acc looking for casual guild with lots of players!
  74. Typhiria lv 60 para looking for mid-core raiding guild!
  75. Wolfsbane Level 60 DPS Cleric Looking for Guild!
  76. Deepwood Mage Tank LFG (Guild) in any Shard. [Transferable]
  77. Deepwood T2 Ready Rogue DPS LF Late Night Raiding Guild
  78. Typhiria Aktív MAGYAR RIFT Guild , Klán - Typhiria shard
  79. Deepwood 546 Cleric dps/hps looking for raiding after 9pm PST
  80. Seastone [US PVP] <HyperActive> Recruiting !!!
  81. Tier 3 Ready Warrior Tank + DPS
  82. Greybriar Looking for Afternoon Raiding Guild
  83. Hailol Warrior Tank / DPS LF raiding guild any shard
  84. Wolfsbane Returning Player Looking For A Home
  85. Laethys New Guild: Shard Negotiable.
  86. Faeblight <Game of PWNS> recruiting for T1/T2. Fun, serious, organized raiding!
  87. Wolfsbane <Legion of Exile> is recruiting all levels - casuals, raiders...come have fun!
  88. Brutwacht Two players looking for a home
  89. Seastone <KoS'> Recruiting Active players
  90. Greybriar Cleric Tank LF solid guild
  91. Faeblight NEW Late night raid guild
  92. Greybriar Looking for a Morning T1 raiding guild
  93. Deepwood LF Weekday Raiding. Willing to Shard transfer.
  94. Brutwacht Is this you?
  95. Greybriar Returning player looking for guild
  96. Typhiria Khaos - Looking for some awesome members
  97. Hailol <PVP> guild Looking for Members
  98. Hailol Rogue LF Progression Guild
  99. Deepwood "Covenant of the Blood" is recruiting for 10m raids
  100. Greybriar Helios - East Coast Raiding
  101. Faeblight Rogue looking for a guild
  102. Laethys <Forgive and Forget> now recruiting all active, mature, and friendly players!
  103. Greybriar <Unity.> 4/4 GA, 3/5 PB, 2/3 IG is recruiting!
  104. Deepwood Phoenix Rises is recruiting for Raiders and Causal players.
  105. Greybriar [Storm Predators]-Casual Adult Progressive Raiding at Early Times
  106. Typhiria Any EU guild raiding between 1-4PM server time?
  107. Hailol <Looking for possible Guild Merger(s) - T2 Progression and Beyond | 3D/Week Raiding>
  108. Wolfsbane <Ethereal Storm> Accepting New Recruits! 4/4GA 3/5 PBB 2/3 IG and 2/4 T3 mini-bosses
  109. Laethys LF active PvP guild (any server)
  110. Árnyjárók - Magyar RIFT Guild HUN
  111. Deepwood T2 Cleric looking for late night or early/mid day guild NA
  112. Faeblight Dawntreaders looking for a few players.
  113. Faeblight 520 hit mage looking for a late night raiding guild
  114. Hailol Level 18 casual guild recruiting on Hailol
  115. Greybriar <Ctrl Alt Elite> Casual T2 Progression/Pvp guild!
  116. Deepwood <The Watch> |4/4 GA 2/3 IG 3/5 PBB| Recruiting T2 Ready players
  117. Faeblight <EverEmber> Brand new PVP AND PVE guild!
  118. Faeblight Looking for raid group in US cluster
  119. Brutwacht United Kingdom currently recruiting for Raid Progression.
  120. Hailol <The Black Knights> Are looking for more friends for Storm Legion content
  121. Deepwood Looking for a raiding guild in NA
  122. Typhiria Looking for Raiding guild. Prepared to server transfer. [Mage]
  123. Greybriar <Trinity> Tier 3 Recruitment (US-EST) 2/4 BoB
  124. Wolfsbane <Chaotic Measures>Is looking for new and returning players!!!
  125. T2 Ready rogue tank
  126. Faeblight New Guild forming
  127. Greybriar 3/3 4/5 DPS warrior LF raid gang
  128. Greybriar Fracture 9/9 4/4GA 3/5PBB 3/3IG M/W/Th/Sun 6-9pm (New and Improved Volan Kill)
  129. Wolfsbane Guild shopping
  130. Greybriar The Elders Guild is looking for folks who believe in "Medium-Core" progression
  131. Newly returned player looking for a guild.
  132. Deepwood <Show me Your Crits> Recruiting core raiders
  133. Deepwood Colossal guilde francaise, the french guild
  134. Faeblight 432 Hit Mage LF T1 progression guild
  135. Deepwood <Undecided> LF T3 Raiders All Classes 12/12 T2, 2/4 T3 9-12 SVT Wed, THurs, Sun, Mon
  136. Free Teamspeak 3 Server
  137. Brutwacht <Priceless> Recruiting T2 dedicated raiders and social members
  138. Deepwood <SoulMasters> 9/9T1 4/4GAx2 2/5PBB 2/3IG LFM!
  139. Hailol <Siege> Welcoming casuals, raiders & new players to our friendly guild community.
  140. Deepwood Returning, looking for casual raiding
  141. Faeblight dps warrior in need of late night raids
  142. Faeblight T2 Rogue lfg
  143. Faeblight 600+ hit raiders LF new Home on any shard.
  144. Seastone group of 3 in 50's looking for new guild home
  145. Wolfsbane Weekday Raiding! T2 core spots avail. Developing T1'ers welcome.
  146. Greybriar 600 Tough / 598 hit tank - 611 hit dps - Rogue - Lf t3 progression guild
  147. Typhiria <Serenity> is recruiting (active characters only)
  148. Greybriar <-Vendetta-> Raiding and Happy Fun Time - 2/4 T3
  149. Luminance - Are you interested in a guild alliance?
  150. Deepwood T2 Mage Alt looking for Weekend Raiding Guild
  151. Laethys <MTAR> Recruiting for EE/FT 10pmEST-12pmEST WED/SAT
  152. Group of 4+ looking for T2 progress Guild
  153. Greybriar 611 Hit Mage LF Core Raiding Spot - 3/3 IG 3/5 PBB T3 Minis Dead
  154. Hailol LF higher end raiding guild
  155. Deepwood Lf morning raid guild
  156. Greybriar Hello!
  157. Greybriar <Victorious Secrets> Semi-Hardcore - Recruiting Raiders
  158. Brutwacht Newbie raiding guild looking for a raid ready chloromancer!
  159. Deepwood 4-5 T2 raid ready members LF Raiding guild.
  160. Greybriar <Ashes of the Phoenix> Recruiting Raiders for T1
  161. Greybriar Casual weekday newbie in search of an active guild w/voice chat
  162. Greybriar Looking for raiding guild
  163. Tier 2 Warrior Tank
  164. Faeblight Looking for casual guild
  165. Faeblight Lf guild
  166. Greybriar <Crusader's Legion> Recruiting Raiders
  167. Greybriar Ten Inches Unbuffed is Recruiting [T3]
  168. Deepwood T2 Geared DPS Rogue LF a T2/T3 raiding guild
  169. Deepwood Looking for fun guild
  170. Faeblight rogue/warrior lf t2 progression
  171. Faeblight NA Mage/Cleric Looking for t2 Raiding guild!!
  172. Brutwacht Eternal Dawn [Casual 18+]
  173. Deepwood im recruiting members for my guild. send me a private message if you wanna join
  174. Faeblight Bounty Hunters está recrutando!
  175. Faeblight T2 ready raider looking for a friendly home!
  176. Laethys Looking for late night t1 - t2 guild
  177. Greybriar Cleric heals 603 hit LF guild for t2/t3 progresion
  178. Deepwood Looking for someone to run guild ?
  179. Deepwood LF Guild
  180. Wolfsbane We Are Recruiting
  181. Faeblight IceQueens on Faeblight recruiting!
  182. Hailol Adult Guild Recruiting all levels & time zones
  183. Hailol <Siege> is looking for raid minded individuals
  184. Deepwood LF est guild
  185. Wolfsbane Rogue LF 9-12 ST Guild
  186. Brutwacht The White Wolves
  187. Hailol <Unity> 2/4 FT Fri-Sun 6:30-9:30pm EST
  188. Typhiria <Camelot> Social guild, in process of gearing up it's first raiding team
  189. Typhiria <Camelot> Social guild, in process of gearing up it's first raiding team
  190. Deepwood Cleric LF Progression Guild
  191. Faeblight Warrior Dps + Cleric Healer LF T2 Guild 7:30PM ST
  192. Wolfsbane mage looking for t2 progression guild
  193. Laethys Mature Casual Player
  194. Greybriar STORM PREDATORS-4/4 TDQ/IDH , 3/4 FT Looking for Raiders & Others to join us!
  195. Deepwood DPS/Tank rogue LF tier 2+ raiding guild.
  196. Deepwood T2 ready rogue tank LF guild on any PvE Server
  197. Greybriar <Ashes of the Phoenix> Recruiting for FT progression
  198. Typhiria The Hexter Clones recruitment thread
  199. Greybriar Looking for a T1 raiding guild 8-9pm Server
  200. Wolfsbane <Frontliners> 4/4 GA, 3/5 PBB, 2/5 IG - Recruiting for T2/T3 and beyond!
  201. Greybriar LowLvL Looking for Guild
  202. Deepwood returning player
  203. Faeblight Rogue LF T2/T3 guild any PVE shard
  204. Árnyjárók - Magyar RIFT Guild HUN
  205. <Moloch> Semi-hardcore raiding guild is looking for a few more mature raiders
  206. Typhiria Looking for dungeon - pvp guild
  207. Greybriar Couple looking for raiding guild
  208. Gamer Couple LF Mature Clan
  209. Deepwood 11/12 t2 cleric lf home
  210. Greybriar Looking for a guild
  211. Deepwood 60 Warrior Looking for home
  212. Faeblight The Fox's Den is recruiting!
  213. Greybriar White Fang - Recruiting Core Raiders - 3/3 IG 3/5 PBB 4/4 GA
  214. Wolfsbane <Frontliners> |4/4 GA, 2/3 IG, 2/5 PBB| seeking T2 raiders and beyond
  215. Hailol Rogue LF Guild Any PVE Shard
  216. Deepwood < The Wolf Pack> Now Recruiting!
  217. Deepwood Warrior pvp-er
  218. Deepwood <The Praetorians> LFM for Progression FT/EE/GA - 7 PM Server
  219. Deepwood Hello my name is..
  220. Brutwacht dimension enthusiast LF guild
  221. Greybriar <Victorious Secrets> Semi-Hardcore Recruiting T2 Ready
  222. Faeblight New level 60
  223. Deepwood <Fat Kids with Cake> 18+ Casual Raiding Guild 8/9 T1 and 1/4 GA
  224. Greybriar looking for weekend raiding guild
  225. Wolfsbane LF AM Raiding Guild 5:30-11:00 PST
  226. <Last Dawn> Recruitment open for our last bit of T2 progression (Abominus) !
  227. Hailol Набор в русскоязычную гильдию (Rus)
  228. Deepwood New to Rift, vet mmorpg LF friendly,helpful guild
  229. Deepwood 546 hit mage LF T2 guild any shard
  230. Faeblight <Nordvegr> is recruiting all classes!
  231. Faeblight Returning Player - Seeking Casual, Mature Guild
  232. Faeblight <Temporal Insurgence> HUGE guild recruiting for T2+ // Prog days: W/S/T 6-9ST // Lv25
  233. Typhiria Looking for raiding guild, willing to switch shard
  234. Deepwood Looking for a small-medium guild that raids around 2am server time
  235. Laethys Experienced Chloro raid healer LF guild raiding around 3:30am with 4/4 GA
  236. Deepwood <Drunk and Confused> LVL 21 Casual Guild, Serious Raiding(T1) LF all classes.
  237. Greybriar Any guilds that raid before 6pm server?
  238. Hailol Cleric / Mage healer/support/dps looking for guild
  239. Deepwood A Newby looking for a fun casual guild
  240. Greybriar <Divine Legacy> LVL 22 Semi-Casual PvP/PvE - 4/4 TDQ 3/4 FT
  241. Greybriar Cleric LF Semi-Hardcore Guild T2 Progression
  242. Hailol <ANY SHARD> Fresh 60 Cleric (Any Role) Wanting to Start Raiding 9PM-1AM Server Time
  243. Faeblight The Blackwood Company
  244. Greybriar <Unity.> 4/4 GA, 3/5 PB, 2/3 IG is recruiting!
  245. Greybriar < Ctrl Alt Elite> Casual t1 progression guild
  246. Greybriar <Majora> Looking for high quality raiders!
  247. Brisesol "league of extraordinary noobs" wants YOU!
  248. Laethys Selling: Hack Slash Repeat
  249. Brutwacht <Priceless> Recruiting T1/T2 dedicated raiders and social members
  250. Recruiting