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  1. Laethys T3 warrior looking for late night raiding guild
  2. Deepwood <-Hello Kitty-> Anyone who likes to pvp are welcome to join :)
  3. Any Danish players out there?
  4. Greybriar <Enrage> Greybriar is looking for friendly and social players :)
  5. Greybriar White Fang - 2/4 T3 (3/4 minis) Recruiting Core Spots
  6. Faeblight Return Player LF West Coast/Aussi Guild
  7. Typhiria <Immortalis> - The social raiding guild with hardcore values!
  8. Greybriar war dps lf t2 raidiing guild; any shard is fine.
  9. Seastone warrior and rogue lf raid guild t1 ready t2 soon will transfer
  10. Deepwood Returning Player - Mage Looking For Guild
  11. Bloodiron Looking for Defiant PvP guild
  12. Hailol Rogue LF Raiding Guild
  13. Deepwood Returning player LFG
  14. Deepwood DPS Rogue & Cleric LF Guild
  15. Wolfsbane New to Rift - Level 19 Mage/Necromancer
  16. Wolfsbane Late night casual raiding guild (18+)
  17. Greybriar ANY SERVER 585 Hit Rogue dps/support/heals. 600 toughness Tank LF Guild
  18. Laethys The Hare Elite
  19. Typhiria <GODS> is recruiting. PVP/PVE/Socials.
  20. Deepwood 56 Warrior lookin for a home
  21. Greybriar <Nephilim> 2/4 BoB is Recruiting
  22. Wolfsbane <Accord> 9/12 T2, 2/4 minis lfm
  23. Hailol Divergence
  24. Looking for EU progression guild for my toons
  25. [ANY EU-SHARD] Looking for RP-guild
  26. Wolfsbane 18-25k DPS/80k Tank Warrior LF Tier 2/Tier 3 raiding guild!
  27. Laethys Mage 598 hit Looking for any shard guild t2-t3 raiding
  28. Faeblight Husband and Wife team looking for guild
  29. Wolfsbane 20k+ DPS Warrior LF night raiding guild US SHard
  30. Faeblight <REBEL> Evening Fun 4 Lonely Returning Players & Newbs
  31. Seastone Lvl60 Cleric LFGuild. Any Server, I'll transfer.
  32. Deepwood Returning Player LFG - Casual Player
  33. Laethys Three Elements
  34. Laethys (Complexity) now recruiting
  35. New or returning player? Looking for some help or people to play with? Check here.
  36. Typhiria [Wrekt] Friendly, helpful Rift Guild // All players welcome!
  37. Seastone 60 Liberator will transfer LF PVP Guild active after 7PM EST / 5pm WST
  38. Wolfsbane Looking for friendly endgame-content and raiding guild *ANY PVE SERVER
  39. Faeblight LFGuild any server; raid time has to be 8PM servertime start; rogue 508 hit all roles
  40. Faeblight NEW & Returning Players UNITE!! PLZ READ
  41. Deepwood Lv45 Cleric Heals LF Active PvP Guild
  42. Greybriar <Champions of the Discarded> Recruiting
  43. Bloodiron portuguese guild?
  44. Laethys < Night Blades> is Recruiting
  45. Greybriar White Fang - 10/12 T2 + 1/4 T3 with three minis down
  46. Wolfsbane Jaded Fate Looking for a Smaller Active tier 2 ready guild for merge
  47. Laethys Complexity
  48. Faeblight Coming back to the game!
  49. Wolfsbane Long time players of RIFT: Im looking for an active home
  50. Deepwood All day Saturday raiding guild
  51. Greybriar <Ashes of the Phoenix> LF T2 progression core raiders!!!
  52. Faeblight LF Guild any NA PvE Shard
  53. Greybriar Fracture - 6-9pm - Wed/Thu/Sun - Recruiting for T3
  54. Deepwood returning player
  55. Brutwacht <Lost> is looking for people not afraid of challenge
  56. Wolfsbane Looking for a guild 611 hit mage.
  57. Faeblight Unsung Heroes! A weekend raiding guild Looking for YOU! or YOU!
  58. Deepwood <Valkyrian Descent> recruiting for T3 progression!
  59. Seastone [DawnStar] is looking for ANYBODY who's active!
  60. Greybriar 551hit mage looking for guild
  61. Faeblight Looking for a casual friendly guild.
  62. Greybriar <Ashes of the Phoenix> Recruiting raiders (wed/fri/sat 6-9pm pst)
  63. Bloodiron Looking for Casual, Mature pvp guild.
  64. Seastone [ALL SERVERS] - Seeking Guilds for GvG Tournaments! (PactGaming!)
  65. Faeblight <House Cantera> is now recruiting
  66. Faeblight Returning Player
  67. Hailol (Will Transfer) Returning player from '11 - T1 Ready, reliable, looking for guild
  68. Deepwood <Is Bad> Now Recruiting for T2 - T3 content
  69. Deepwood Looking for friendly endgame-content and raiding guild *ANY PVE SERVER
  70. Faeblight Looking for a Guild
  71. Greybriar Returning 60 Mage
  72. Faeblight Any West Coast "Late Night Guilds" out there?
  73. Wolfsbane Looking for helpful guild!
  74. Laethys <Like this Yo> Looking for more members!
  75. Greybriar New and in need of a guilds help
  76. Seastone Level 60 Warrior Aspiring to Raid Tank. Will Transfer.
  77. { Awakening } - Reborn as a guild, looking for everyone to join our family!
  78. Greybriar <Fracture> LF: Cleric, Warrior, Mage - 6-9PM M/W/Th/Sun - T3 Go!
  79. Faeblight <Nordvegr> is recruiting Warriors!
  80. Wolfsbane <Organization XIII> - We want you!
  81. Greybriar Cleric (648)DPS/heals (623)Tank LF tier 3 (US servers) raiding guild.
  82. Seastone Returning player looking for raiding guild. Willing to transfer to any server!
  83. Seastone Group of new and returning players looking for an active guild
  84. Laethys Returning level 59 warrior.
  85. Deepwood <The Watch> |4/4 GA 3/3 IG 3/5 PBB| Recruiting 580+ hit for the T3 push!
  86. Hailol Cleric (prefer healing) LF EST raiding guild on T2 progression
  87. Laethys Looking for Guild Mage 600+ dps/Tank
  88. Core Spots FT Raid Recruit <Crisis Crusade>
  89. Greybriar 572 Rogue Dps/Bard LF competitive guild
  90. Deepwood LF T2 Raiding Guide 8:30-9:30 ST start time w/ T3 near future
  91. Greybriar 546 Mage LF T2 raiding guild Shard change ok!
  92. Hailol Rogue LF late night or morning, West Coast raiding guild, can transer
  93. Faeblight Looking to start a guild :)
  94. Faeblight looking for an active guild
  95. Seastone Level 47 Mage returning to game.
  96. Deepwood Mage LF T1-T2 Weekend Raiding guild
  97. Greybriar Cleric 600hit lf 8:30-9:30 raiding start
  98. Faeblight <Family> is looking for new members (raiders AND casual welcome)
  99. Seastone ProKSseR (french guild)
  100. Faeblight New(ish) Rogue looking for Casual Guild
  101. Wolfsbane Alguma guild BR?
  102. Deepwood Returning Player
  103. Wolfsbane Warden / Puri / Learning defile
  104. Typhiria Divide - Looking for new talent!
  105. Seastone Looking for PvP Guild (Seastone)
  106. Seastone New player searching for active guild
  107. Faeblight Cleric looking for a raiding guild (EST times)
  108. Árnyjárók - Magyar RIFT Guild HUN
  109. Seastone Join our Seastone pvp guild!
  110. Hailol New Player looking for a Guild to Grow with
  111. Laethys Hej, jest może jakaś polska gildia na tym serverze? ;)
  112. Deepwood Cryptic Souls 3/4 FT 1/4 GA Recruiting
  113. Deepwood Rogue LF T1 Raiding Guild
  114. Deepwood Cleric / Warrior Duo looking for raiding guild
  115. Hailol Experienced warrior LF late night raid guild
  116. Hailol Looking for solid guild on any server.
  117. Bloodiron Returning player LF EU semi-hardcore PvE
  118. Deepwood Couple + friend looking for raiding guild, may be willing to transfer shards.
  119. Bloodiron Looking for an active Hungarian guild
  120. Deepwood Looking for pvp guild
  121. Wolfsbane Multi-role Rogue LF Active T2/T3 raiding guild
  122. Deepwood Mage Healer/DPS looking for a Guild to call home
  123. Greybriar Cleric/Rouge(soon™) LF Raiding Progression Guild, any server
  124. Faeblight <Temporal Insurgence> Looking for T2 raiders, possible merge also.
  125. Laethys Warriot Tank looking for new home
  126. Greybriar Cleric Tank/DPS LF T2 Raiding Guild that starts raids after 7:15pm ST
  127. Greybriar Cleric Looking for a Home
  128. Deepwood New Player Looking For Guild
  129. Hailol Divergence
  130. cual es el server con mas latinos o habla hispana
  131. Seastone Looking for a group of people to level, quest, and play the game with
  132. Deepwood Warrior Looking for guild
  133. Faeblight Warcry recruiting for core raid roles (T3)
  134. Faeblight Server change (seeking family oriented guild)
  135. Faeblight 60 level Chloro LF T3 raiding guild
  136. Deepwood New player looking for raiding guild
  137. Deepwood 572 Hit Rogue LF raiding guild
  138. Greybriar Three Brothers
  139. Typhiria <The Reapers>
  140. Bloodiron Returning Veteran (LF guild that does PvP in EU servers)!
  141. Deepwood Cryptic Souls Recruiting for AM raid team.
  142. Hailol <Brotherhood of Solaria> After noon hours, Central Standard Time, mature players
  143. Brutwacht LFP cp leveling team
  144. Greybriar Looking for a PvP/Casual PvE friendly guild
  145. Brutwacht OSCURA SIMMETRIA - Italian guild
  146. Wolfsbane LF Late Night Raid Guild 11-3am server time any shard
  147. Hailol SIEGE - A Home For All (Raiders, Casuals, PVP, Dims)
  148. Seastone A Rift Returner LF PvP/PvE Guild
  149. Greybriar <Nephilim> T3 2/4 BoB Recruiting!
  150. Wolfsbane 551 hit mage LFG
  151. Greybriar <-Vendetta-> Raiding and Happy Fun Time - 3/4 dragons bound
  152. Deepwood Looking for a guild
  153. Deepwood Fresh 60, new player LF guild. Former WoW raider
  154. Deepwood Looking for late night raiding guild
  155. Seastone Looking for level 20-30's for officer ranks
  156. Greybriar LF Guild.
  157. Faeblight Looking for active West Coast guild
  158. Deepwood 584 Cleric LF raiding guild
  159. Faeblight The Third Crusade
  160. Deepwood <Transcended> is now recruiting raiders! Laid-back and fun atmosphere!
  161. Wolfsbane 546 hit mage looking fot t2 raiding guild
  162. Deepwood 559 Hit Chloro - Looking for a guild
  163. Faeblight Looking for raiding guild
  164. Greybriar Looking for player to quest with and show me the ropes
  165. Deepwood Expiereced WoW raider (pre WOTLK) getting into RIFT [cleric[
  166. Faeblight Veteran Player Returning on New Account
  167. Greybriar Cleric defilier dps/healer LF pvp/pve guild
  168. Deepwood A few players returning to the game in need of a casual home!
  169. Deepwood Future Raiding Mage LFGuild
  170. Greybriar Warrior looking for T2 raiding guild.
  171. Seastone PVE Dungeon/raiding cleric looking for active guild
  172. Faeblight 2X T3 Ready Players LF Guild
  173. Hailol New player, active 0700-1200 NA PT (1500-2000 GMT) - guild activity, mentoring?
  174. Deepwood Established Level 12 Guild on Deepwood, now recruiting!
  175. Greybriar <Fracture> LF: Cleric - 6-9PM M/W/Th/Sun (T3 Push!) Inyr/Volan Down.
  176. LF T1 Raid guild (eu server)
  177. Deepwood Returning Player looking to Re-Level for raiding guild
  178. Faeblight New player lfg
  179. Faeblight Looking for an Active Guild
  180. Typhiria <The Black Skull Squad> Recruiting T2 players for progression
  181. Greybriar "Storm Predators"-Casual Raiding at Primarily East Coast Times!
  182. Laethys 547 Hit DPS, 523 Hit 71K (Aspiring) Mage LF T2 Oceanic Guild
  183. Greybriar t2-t3 raiding guild
  184. Greybriar T2-T3 Cleric LF >>>>>>EAST COAST<<<<<< guild
  185. Typhiria Lvl 60 LF raiding guild progression
  186. <RTA> Raid Them All, is looking for semi T3 ready raiders.
  187. Deepwood 623 hit mage LF T2/T3 raid spot
  188. Laethys Raider looking for morning work
  189. Deepwood Recruiting for Morning Raiding
  190. Deepwood <Nights Watch> - Accepting All Players!
  191. Wolfsbane Night Watch Recruiting
  192. Bloodiron Lf friendly casual guild
  193. Greybriar Extraordinarily Ordinary <Greybriar> looking for New Recruits and Joint Guild Runs
  194. Laethys LF Tier 1 Raiding/Progression Guild
  195. Brutwacht [EU PVE] <Unganked>
  196. Deepwood <Undecided> LF T3 Ready Raiders | 12/12 2/4 | 9-12ST Wed/Thurs Sun/Mon
  197. Faeblight Looking for small Guilds still gearing for T1 Raids.
  198. Looking for raid member's
  199. Deepwood Phoenix Rises recruiting for T2/T3 Progression
  200. Greybriar 533 hit Warrior DPS/Heals looking for raiding guild.
  201. Faeblight Hello Faeblight (and other shards!)
  202. Faeblight <Immortal Disguise> RECRUITING!!!
  203. Greybriar NA Shards Weekday Afternoon Raiding
  204. Faeblight Returning Player LF Guild
  205. Wolfsbane <Frontliners> Recruiting for T2/T3 - 4/4GA, 2/3IG, 3/5PBB +2 minis
  206. Laethys 546 Rogue looking for t2 raiding guild.
  207. Deepwood Lf morning or early afternoon raiding guild Will transfer
  208. Wolfsbane <Night Watch> LF Core Raiders (especially healers)
  209. Greybriar Eternal Hope - The Family Friendly Guild on Greybriar shard.
  210. Seastone Looking for players in Seastone
  211. Crafting Toonlets LF Guild any Euro PvE Shard
  212. Greybriar <Fracture> LF: Cleric, Warrior, Mage - 6-9PM M/W/Th/Sun (T3 Push!)
  213. Wolfsbane LF casual/leveling guild
  214. Faeblight 521 hit DPS war looking for T2 and Beyond. Will Transfer.
  215. Wolfsbane Jaded Fate recruitment page
  216. Typhiria <The Chosen Few>
  217. Brutwacht Looking for friendly Guild (Any EU server)
  218. Greybriar Cas rogue tank/yomama LF T1 guild CST
  219. Greybriar Cleric tank LF Raiding guild
  220. Deepwood <-Divine Fury- > (10/12 T2, 1/4 T3) is Recruiting T2/T3 Raiders for Progression
  221. Greybriar New Guild <Kitten Crusaders> Looking for Members
  222. Laethys Alpha Company - Casual guild recruiting for a limited time.
  223. Laethys Warrior and Rogue or Mage LF T1 Raiding Guild
  224. Faeblight seeking a progressing guild
  225. Faeblight Seeking a home to start fresh on
  226. Laethys 533Hit War DPS LF GMT+8 T1-2 Guild
  227. Wolfsbane LF SEA guild especially SG/MY on any server
  228. Faeblight <Sacred Fire> East Coast friendly, LF T2 progression players
  229. <Last Dawn> Sociable guild, serious raiding - looking for competent raiders!
  230. Faeblight Casual little guild (especially focusing on 8am and beyond PST and EU times)
  231. Deepwood <Beep Beep Ima Jeep> 3/3 3/5 +2 minis recruiting!
  232. Greybriar LF Casual/Leveling guild.
  233. Greybriar <Crayons> Progression Raiding (9 Hours / Week)
  234. Wolfsbane looking for a brotherhood
  235. Wolfsbane Bad Influence Recruiting for T1 Content and T2 Progression
  236. Wolfsbane Returning player looking for a compatible guild
  237. Wolfsbane looking for guild active East Coast mornings
  238. Deepwood Returning Players LF Casual Raiding
  239. <Servants of None> Are looking for a few good trolls
  240. Laethys Is Not Lootable: Recruiting for T2 and Beyond
  241. Deepwood -Divine Fury- 10/12 T2, 1/4 T3
  242. Hailol <Unity> Adult friendly guild - PvE focused 4/4 FT 1/5 EE - JOIN US!!
  243. Wolfsbane Couple looking for Casual Guild
  244. Greybriar Warrior DPS/Tank
  245. Faeblight Pax Illuminatus of Pax Gaming: Gaming For Everyone
  246. Hailol Looking for guild with early raid times (US)
  247. Laethys Southeast Asian guild or Singaporean guild or GMT +8 guild?
  248. Laethys Is Not Lootable: Recruiting for T2 and Beyond
  249. Bloodiron Looking for pvp guild!
  250. Faeblight Cleric looking for guild, want to group up first