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  1. Wolfsbane QUEBECOIS!!! recherche guilde active
  2. Laethys Rising Fantasy
  3. Hailol Nightmare Tide Expert ready Tank(warrior)
  4. Bloodiron Hijos de la Historia Guild espańola Defiant recluta en Bloodiron.
  5. Hailol [Hailol] <Alterior Motivations>lvl 16 guild recruiting
  6. Wolfsbane NIght Watch recruiting on Wolfsbane
  7. Faeblight <The Gauntlet>Level 25 RP/PvP Guild. Active raiding. Accepting all levels
  8. Faeblight Looking for Oceanic Raiding Guild
  9. Wolfsbane Wolfsbane Prototype Recruiting
  10. Laethys War tank
  11. Greybriar Cleric LF Casual/Active Adult Guild for 3.0 & Raiding
  12. Wolfsbane help
  13. Greybriar <Break Down> ( New Guild Currently Lvl 5 )
  14. Wolfsbane [US PVE] Severed Legion is a very active well rounded guild with officer positions.
  15. Typhiria türkiye
  16. Seastone Blackheart Ninjutsu - Recruiting - An non elitist, international, adult PVP/E guild.
  17. Wolfsbane <Regni Mortis> Casual guild rebuilding
  18. Faeblight <Freelancer> Recruiting Players for 3.0
  19. Faeblight Cleric/Mage LF Active Raiding Guild for 3.0-
  20. Hailol <Synergy> Reciting for 3.0 and beyond!
  21. Hailol War temp/champ mage alt pyro/chloro looking for guild any shard
  22. Faeblight ~Vigilat Vesani~ (Sleepless Madmen) Recruiting Active and Social Members!
  23. Wolfsbane Mage/War any server
  24. Typhiria <NEXUS> You are EITHER neXus or you're AGAINST us!
  25. Zaviel Looking for EU for serious 3.0 Raiding ( EU SHARDS)
  26. Seastone <The Illuminati> <--L(.)(.)K LOOKING FOR SKILLED GUILD MEMBERS!!! ◘♦♣♠♥☻☺•◘○c○¶
  27. Greybriar <Defer Death> is recruiting core spots for weekend morning raiding (EST)
  28. Seastone Two New People looking for a guild with the following:
  29. Greybriar Warrior 3.0 ready looking for guild
  30. Greybriar Just looking out there
  31. Wolfsbane <Night Watch> Recruiting for 3.0! Gear contests! Fun!
  32. Laethys Guilty by Association ~ PVP guild recruiting
  33. Hailol LF GUILD. 60 warr tank/dps 60 cleric heals/dps rogue dps/support
  34. Wolfsbane Imperial Guards casual raiding guild looking for more!
  35. Deepwood <Soul Masters> We are Back for 3.0
  36. Seastone Looking For A 10-16 Level Tank.
  37. Gelidra <Trash on Farm> recruiting raiders and social members
  38. Hailol Returning 60 Mage looking for guild
  39. Wolfsbane <Sigil> Recruiting for T3 and 3.0 Content
  40. Gelidra Looking for a guild to Raid with for 3.0
  41. Zaviel Returning player looking for Guild
  42. Seastone New Player Seeking Casual Guild
  43. Greybriar <XtremeGamers> is requiring all classes for 3.0
  44. Seastone T2 warrior looking for raiding guild
  45. Faeblight 90k+ cleric tank lf raiding guild that is is need of a Active Tank
  46. Bloodiron Greek guild "Heroic Few" (Defiant) recruiting
  47. Necropolis Returning player LF east coast raiding
  48. Hailol Beta-1.8 Cleric Returning for endgame 3.0
  49. Greybriar Lots of money to buy all the 3.0 gear, need guild to spend it with
  50. Wolfsbane Mage + Cleric looking for Raiding guild home.
  51. Greybriar 424 Hit, 1285 Int Mage LFG and LF help
  52. Hailol <Critical Hit> T3 & 3.0 raiding (2/4 Dragons 3/4 Minis)
  53. Greybriar Looking for Night time raiding guild for 3.0
  54. Gelidra <Stack on Eight> looking for skilled and dedicated raiders
  55. Zaviel New guild, <LaFamilia> is Recruiting. With a pretty Special main focus..
  56. Deepwood Looking for raiding guild Tues/Thur
  57. Deepwood <Beep Beep Ima Jeep> Recruiting for 3.0
  58. Typhiria <nexus>
  59. Hailol Looking for a guild oriented to less experienced players
  60. Deepwood Warrior looking for weekend raiding guild
  61. Faeblight Dawn of Terror Recruiting for Expac
  62. Deepwood 95k+ Rogue tank LF Guild for 3.0 and beyond
  63. Wolfsbane Rouge Looking for weekend T1 Raid
  64. Deepwood LF Weekend Morning Raiders for 3.0 and Beyond
  65. Bloodiron 53 Rogue LF Guild
  66. Greybriar <Science> Recruiting for 3.0 and beyond; raiding and more
  67. Wolfsbane 60 Rogue Looking for guild
  68. Greybriar Fracture- Softcore raiding! W/Th/Su 6-9pm ST - Recruiting 3.0 - Progress with us!
  69. Deepwood <Transcended> Laid-back Progressive Raiding Guild, now Recruiting!
  70. Deepwood -Revenance- **NSFW** Pics inside.
  71. Bloodiron "Crafters of Telara"
  72. Zaviel Árnyjárók - Magyar RIFT Guild HUN
  73. Greybriar <The Dawntreaders> - 3.0 Recruitment - WE WANT YOU!
  74. Wolfsbane <First Knights> Recruiting for 3.0.
  75. Greybriar <-Vendetta-> Recruiting for 3.0 Raids - World First to clear SL T3!
  76. Laethys Nefarious - Top Oceanic Raiding Guild Recruiting for 3.0
  77. Bloodiron Center Town/City
  78. Bloodiron < Overkillerz > - Looking for Members
  79. Hailol Cleric Tank 90k+ looking for Raid Spot
  80. Faeblight Looking for guild
  81. Greybriar <Trinity> 3.0 Recruitment
  82. Zaviel <Prime> - Current & 3.0 Recruitment
  83. Greybriar Looking For Guild
  84. Greybriar Force of the Moon is recruiting
  85. Greybriar Jynxed is a semi-hardcore progression raiding guild, weekdays, EST hours.
  86. Faeblight <Sacred Fire> East Coast friendly [8-10(e)], LF 3.0 players
  87. Deepwood Rogue or Warrior LF guild for 3.0
  88. Deepwood Returning player looking for friendly casual guild
  89. Greybriar Skilled Returning Cleric Looking for 3.0 progression/ t1/t2 raiding to keep me busy
  90. Greybriar " Storm Predators"
  91. Faeblight Looking for fun rp guild.
  92. Typhiria <Envy> EU Hardcore Guild is now recruiting for 3.0
  93. Faeblight <Vantage> (Top Guild During P2P) Returning and Recruiting for Elite 3.0 raiding.
  94. Deepwood Stack on Smiley Looking for Expirienced Raiders for 3.0
  95. Greybriar TKagi Ro Recruitment For 3.0
  96. Hailol ANY Shard: PvP Rogue heal/support looking for pvp/progression guild
  97. Deepwood <The Really Bad Touch> is looking for some epic people!
  98. Laethys <Is Not Lootable> Recruiting for 3.0
  99. Deepwood <Honey Badgers> Recruiting for 3.0
  100. Gelidra ex WoW raider looking for a new home
  101. Laethys ROTF recruiting for 3.0
  102. Laethys Returning Mage looking for oceanic guild
  103. Zaviel Brand New RP Guild!
  104. Wolfsbane 60 Mage LF Active Late Night Guild
  105. Wolfsbane looking for raid focused guild
  106. Faeblight <Nordvegr> is recruiting! Core spots available
  107. Faeblight [RP] Brotherhood of the Iron Gates
  108. Greybriar <Nephilim> Recruiting for 3.0 and beyond.
  109. Hailol Conquest Guild
  110. Wolfsbane Tank LF Guild.
  111. Faeblight (RP) Rosae Inferni - What do you wish for?
  112. Greybriar <Crayons> 3.0 Recruitment has started!
  113. Seastone New to 60 Cleric looking for PvE (EU Server or EU timezone guild)
  114. Laethys Rogue LF guild
  115. Hailol <Critical Hit> T3 weekend raiding (1/4 Dragons 2/4 Minis)
  116. Greybriar Returning Cleric looking for 3.0 guild
  117. Hailol Warrior tank/dps Lf t1 raiding guild
  118. Laethys Lvl 50 Stormcaller looking for RIFT only guild!
  119. Wolfsbane New Rift Player looking for a relaxed guild willing to start again on any server :D
  120. Deepwood <Beep Beep Ima Jeep> 2/4 T3 recruiting for Maelforge progression/3.0!
  121. Wolfsbane <Undaunted> Recruiting for T3 and 3.0
  122. Zaviel (ANY SERVER) Raiding Guild Needed, see inside
  123. Greybriar Healing/Support Cleric Looking for a Raiding Guild
  124. Hailol warrior tank main, cleric main healer
  125. Faeblight Looking for a casual raiding guild on Asian timezone
  126. Greybriar Are you looking for a fresh guild for 3.0? Take a look at what we offer
  127. Faeblight In search of a special guild to call home
  128. Zaviel LF EU PvP Guild - Any shard / Any faction
  129. Greybriar Beautiful Insanity
  130. Hailol Lords of War Recruiting
  131. Hailol Looking for T1 raiding guild...and beyond!
  132. Laethys 40 Mage LFG!
  133. Faeblight Looking for US raid guild that raids around 10am server time
  134. Faeblight Looking for Active raiding guild.
  135. Deepwood Disciples of the Hammer
  136. Faeblight <Order of the Blade> Casual, easy going, adult guild looking for more...
  137. Wolfsbane The Midnight Brawlers
  138. Zaviel The Chaos Vanguard
  139. Seastone Roleplaying
  140. Hailol Looking for Raiding in the Future
  141. Deepwood <-Divine Fury- > (12/12 T2, 2/4 T3) is Recruting for 3.0!
  142. Seastone LF a guild that will help prepare for raids and end game.
  143. Deepwood Healer LF Raiding guild, will transfer shards
  144. Deepwood Guild Fusion Latina
  145. Hailol 60 mage looking for raiding guild, preferably still doing T1
  146. Typhiria LF EU Guild thats raids start at 8pm server time
  147. Deepwood LF night guild
  148. Seastone Looking for a guild on Seastone
  149. Typhiria Looking for 8pm server time raiding guild
  150. Deepwood LF ESt guild
  151. Deepwood Honey Badgers - T2 Casual Raiding Guild
  152. Hailol <Yakisoba> (GMT+ 8hr) Oceanic Guild Recruiting for 3.0 and beyond
  153. Hailol Cleric (main) and rogue (secondary) looking for mature mentoring guild
  154. Greybriar White Fang - Recruiting for 3.0 and beyond!
  155. Hailol Looking for a Guild With Voice chat
  156. Zaviel < Temple of Light > T1 / T2 raid - Raiders & Social
  157. Hailol Rebuilding guild
  158. Gelidra Heresy - EU Hardcore Raiding guild is recruiting for 3.0
  159. Hailol Returning Player, Former Raider - Multiple 60s - LF Adult Guild Home
  160. Greybriar Warrior Looking to come back
  161. Hailol Rogue looking for low-key raiding guild any shard
  162. Deepwood 449 Hit Mage LF Large guild to raid and etc.
  163. Wolfsbane <Acolytes> Looking to add to it's roster
  164. Laethys Day time raiding NA
  165. Faeblight Knights Of Dawn
  166. Greybriar Helios EAST COAST raiding!
  167. Wolfsbane <Frontliners> is back and recruiting for 3.0!
  168. Greybriar 603 Rogue Dps/Bard LF Semi-hardcore Guild on any Shard
  169. Wolfsbane Accord is recruiting T2/T3 raiders
  170. Wolfsbane Accord is recruiting T2 raiders
  171. Hailol <Bloodwolf Battalion> Is Recruiting!
  172. Deepwood <Pug And Pray> Social PVP/PVE T2/T3 Progressive guild.
  173. Gelidra Cleric looking for Guild
  174. Wolfsbane GraySkull-Semi Hardcore guild
  175. Seastone Looking for a T1 raid guild
  176. Laethys ROTF Recruiting Raiders!!
  177. Greybriar <Late Night> For anyone looking to raid at a later time..
  178. Greybriar T2 ready Chloromancer lf latenight guild
  179. Deepwood T2 ready Warrior LF a Late Night Raiding Guild
  180. Deepwood Multi-Game Outfit Recuriting - Decisive Gamers
  181. Hailol <Critical Hit> Weekend raiding (4/4 GA 2/3 IG 3/5 PBB | 2/4 minis)
  182. Deepwood <Stealing Your V Card> Recruiting All Classes and Roles
  183. Wolfsbane Looking for T2 guild! Late night preferred (any server)
  184. Hailol <tcH>Hardcore casuals unite! Tomorrow...
  185. Hailol <The Union> FT/EE 8/9 GA 2/4 - LF ppl to T2 20 man progression - Apply for it!
  186. Faeblight New player looking for a guild
  187. Seastone LF> PVP-oriented guild with highly active members~
  188. Bloodiron Looking for a gay guild
  189. Hailol Looking for a Guild
  190. Hailol Looking for....
  191. Seastone Returning Player
  192. Faeblight LF Guild x2
  193. Wolfsbane Looking for...
  194. Greybriar 60 rogue 520 hit LFG raid times after 10:30pm cst
  195. Greybriar Return of Ceelo The Mage
  196. Laethys -New Order-
  197. Faeblight LF 11pm - 3am Svt raiding guild any pve server
  198. Zaviel Mage lf guild
  199. Greybriar Returning Player
  200. Wolfsbane Lf bilingual latam players
  201. Wolfsbane Level 60 Rogue (dps) & Level 60 Mage (healer) looking for Guild!
  202. Typhiria Mage 623 hit LF guild T2/T3 progression
  203. Greybriar Looking for interest in a 7:30-10:30pm ST T2+ raiding guild
  204. Seastone Defiant Physician Rogue Looking for a guild.
  205. Wolfsbane [Any NA Server] Warrior Any Roll T2 ready
  206. Laethys Returning player LF Oceanic guild
  207. Greybriar <Ashes of the Phoenix> Recruiting raiders!
  208. Greybriar <Defenseless Old Lady> is recruiting!
  209. Faeblight <Freelancer> Recruiting T2 Players
  210. Wolfsbane new player looking for more pvp oriented guild
  211. Hailol <Wayaunutsi> (NOT A HARDCORE GUILD) - Looking for t1 ready/t2 progression raiders!
  212. Laethys <The Infinite Legion> Is now recruiting NEW members!!!
  213. Laethys Back from Hiatus looking for casual/semicore raiding guild Aus Perth
  214. Deepwood Guild latina "NO LIMIT" - latinoamerica
  215. Hailol Warrior MT/OT/DPS LF T2 guild, any shard
  216. Wolfsbane <GRAYSKULL> Semi-Core Raiding Guild - Currently Recruiting!
  217. Greybriar White Fang - 2/4 Tier 3 4/4 Minis Down
  218. Wolfsbane Returning player LFG
  219. Wolfsbane Warrior looking for T2/T3 progression raiding guild
  220. Gelidra Looking for guild
  221. Hailol <High Demon Kings>
  222. Greybriar Took a long break and want to get back into the game
  223. Greybriar T3 Ready Cleric
  224. Zaviel Rogue LF Guild T2 raids
  225. Seastone Meow!!!!!Raiding Guild
  226. Shatterbone Looking for guild to get lost in...
  227. Deepwood Coming back to Rift after Long Hiatus(Looking for Raiding Guild) (Rogue/Mage/Warrior)
  228. Deepwood Cryptic Souls Beginning T2 Progression 7-930am Server Time
  229. Deepwood T2-ready cleric healer/dps & rogue dps/OT looking for raiding guild.
  230. Deepwood T2 ready Mage DPS/Heals LF late night/weekend raiding guild
  231. Greybriar <Bare Riders> Looking to "expand" our raiding team.
  232. Deepwood <Dark Honour> Mature, Casual, PvE
  233. Laethys mage looking to start t1
  234. Faeblight Looking for a RP guild that would like an Oracle and healing souls in it.
  235. Bloodiron ReJects (official forum thread)
  236. Deepwood Cryptic Souls 4/4 FT 3/5 EE 2/4 GA Recruiting For 7-930AM Server Raid Team
  237. Zaviel {The Thieves Guild} A FFA Trading guild where YOUR ALT can be leader
  238. Greybriar Truth and Entropy Fri/Sat/Sun 2 - 5 AM ST Weekend Raiding Guild T1/T2!!
  239. Hailol <RELAPSE> - New and Returning players
  240. Greybriar 624 Hit Mage from Addiction LFGuild
  241. Hailol Healer looking for raiding Guild!
  242. Bloodiron Looking for oregon/northwest guild. (Any server.)
  243. Zaviel Guilda de romani
  244. Faeblight Guild Naughty Spot recruiting raiders for T2 content
  245. Seastone LF Guild Will Transfer any server.
  246. Hailol Anyone interested in starting a T1 progression and leveling guild?
  247. Laethys T3 warrior looking for late night raiding guild
  248. Deepwood <-Hello Kitty-> Anyone who likes to pvp are welcome to join :)
  249. Zaviel Any Danish players out there?
  250. Greybriar <Enrage> Greybriar is looking for friendly and social players :)