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  1. Seastone Looking 4 guild that accepts new players.
  2. Greybriar <Alerion> Recruiting Dedicated Raiders
  3. Wolfsbane 1275-1325h Mage all roles LF Raiding Guild
  4. Deepwood SDFI Now Recruting
  5. Laethys <Dimensional Architects> is recruiting ^.^
  6. Laethys 1050 Mage (Chloro/Chon/DPS) LF Raiding Guild Currently 4/4 5/5
  7. Seastone Illuminati
  8. Greybriar Experienced Raider LF Semi-Casual Raiding Guild - Will Consider Shard Hop
  9. Typhiria Fortune Shapers
  10. Faeblight <High Elves of the Noldor> seeking the most active RPers!
  11. Typhiria <Khaos> - Looking for more members
  12. Laethys Returning player LF oceanic casual (?) raiding
  13. Typhiria Returning casual raider seeking new home
  14. Deepwood LF Raiding Guild. Willing to change shard
  15. Wolfsbane liberator ~ any shard (US)
  16. Greybriar Warrior looking for Casual/Raiding Guild
  17. Wolfsbane <Alchemy> is recruiting! NO REQUIREMENTS! JOIN US TO HAVE FUN!!
  18. Wolfsbane Demented <Looking for raiders>
  19. Laethys 1050 mage LF raiding guild
  20. Faeblight ISO Active RP Guild
  21. Deepwood LF raiding guild for 11pm EST or later start time
  22. Hailol Chemistry
  23. Faeblight Any late night weekend guilds?
  24. Greybriar Transcend is Recruiting!
  25. Wolfsbane <Deified> Recruiting for T2 raiding!
  26. Laethys Two Oce raid vets looking for a guild to kill stuff with
  27. Deepwood Cleric looking for new home
  28. Greybriar Total Chaos is recruiting!!!
  29. Wolfsbane Grayskull: Now with 2 raid teams!
  30. Wolfsbane LF PVP Guild
  31. Gelidra [EU-any Server] Former known as Kome
  32. Greybriar Truth & Entropy (Level 25) - Recruiting All Callings And Levels!
  33. Hailol Any 9pm Server Raiding Guilds?
  34. Faeblight Looking for a guild (ANY SHARD)
  35. Deepwood (US any shard) Looking for Guild
  36. Greybriar <Fluffy Bunnies of Doom> (US) 4/4 ROF, 4/5 MS, 1/3 TF. Now Filling 2nd 20 man !
  37. Faeblight <Fracture Academy>
  38. Wolfsbane 1175 war lf guild wrapping up t1
  39. Deepwood <Valkyrian Descent> Recruiting for T2 HK/GP progression. Core spots available!
  40. Faeblight Fishing Guild - recruiting for people who love to fish (in game) and are casual.
  41. Deepwood <Alpha Kenny Body> is looking for you
  42. Faeblight <Born on the Vaiyuu> is recruiting!!
  43. Greybriar **Players with no Guilds, who want to raid! Lets start a Guild**
  44. Faeblight <Fracture Academy>
  45. Gelidra Unity Ch II @ Gelidra is Recruiting all classes for raiding
  46. Faeblight <Bounty> is recruiting - A casual social guild
  47. Faeblight <Knights of Blood> building for Tier 2 progression
  48. Laethys <Nefarious> Oceanic #1, looking for more raiders! Where are you, rogues?
  49. Greybriar <Nephilim> 10/11 - Recruiting Solid Raiders
  50. Laethys Recruiting for 3.0 progression!
  51. Greybriar [OTG] Old Timers Guild is recruiting. 25+ age only
  52. Hailol [Any Server] Veteran Raider LF Late Night (Or Morning) Raiding Guild
  53. Faeblight A Nameless Guild
  54. Laethys Guardians Guild Welcoming New Players 20+
  55. Faeblight Social guilds?!
  56. Zaviel Lethiana lvl65 dps warrior LF Raiding guild still doing T1 regularly.
  57. Laethys 1100 hit rogue LF raiding guild
  58. Gelidra <Outlaws> is in search for people
  59. Seastone Looking for RAID READY TANK
  60. Laethys LF Home - 1075 Rogue DPS/Bard/Tank and 1025 Cleric
  61. Deepwood Virus 5/11 recruiting for core spots!
  62. Greybriar <Fluffy Bunnies of Doom> (US) 4/4 RoF 2/5 MS - Recruiting Raiders & Casuals .
  63. Zaviel Looking for a New Guild! :)
  64. Deepwood 1175 Cleric 1125 Rogue Seeking Guild wrapping up T1 and Starting T2.
  65. Greybriar 1125 hit Mage 4/5, 4/4, 1/3 LF Early Raid or Weekend Guild
  66. Wolfsbane Brand new player looking for active noob friendly guild
  67. Greybriar <Nephilim> 6/11 - Recruiting Solid Raiders
  68. Typhiria < AFK > ..powered by Apotheosys!
  69. Zaviel -Raid Them All- are back and rebuilding their core team.
  70. Typhiria Cleric Healer (Senti/Puri) LF a mature guild *PVE*
  71. Wolfsbane New Player Looking For a Friendly Guild (Any Server)
  72. Deepwood -Revenance- recruiting for T2 content
  73. Wolfsbane getting back into Rift
  74. Zaviel LF Pvp ,Social , Family guild (can transfer if needed)
  75. Greybriar 1200 Hit Mage Tank/DPS
  76. Wolfsbane Are You Demented Enough?
  77. Gelidra invictus recruitment
  78. Greybriar 1300 hit dps war LF guild
  79. Hailol any EU time friendly guild in a North America shard?
  80. Faeblight <Knights of Blood> Building into T2!
  81. Deepwood Random Aggression Now recruting all Raiders PVPers and PvE players
  82. Zaviel Small Guild looking for an new home to merge with
  83. Wolfsbane Looking for a new home!!!
  84. Zaviel Returning player looking for raiding guild
  85. Typhiria >>Chevo Fanatics<< LF like-minded, mature, achieve-loving, social team-players
  86. Deepwood Three Returning Players looking for a home.
  87. Greybriar T2 Geared Cleric Tank looking for new home
  88. Faeblight Looking for a good Guild!
  89. Greybriar Therapy Required: A guild for all, New and returning players, and seasoned vets
  90. Deepwood -Revenance- Recruiting for HK - Two raid teams
  91. Deepwood 1150 Rogue looking for a home
  92. Greybriar MercenaryAssassins
  93. Deepwood <The Watch> is recruiting for Hammerknell progression! (2/11 HK)
  94. Faeblight The Nexus Cartel - Evil aligned RP guild!
  95. Laethys Looking For Raid Leader and Core Group
  96. Gelidra <Priceless> Recruiting Dedicated Raiders 4 days a week, socials always welcome.
  97. Greybriar A Few Returning Players Looking For Friends!
  98. Wolfsbane Skinwalkers- Recruiting for a 4th 10 man/2nd 20 man!
  99. Deepwood Mage looking for a home
  100. Laethys <Is Not Lootable> - Semi Hard Core Oceanic Raiding Guild. 4/4, 4/5
  101. Deepwood Looking For Home
  102. Deepwood <Nap Time> Progression raiding guild coming to Rift
  103. Laethys <Juiced> [OCEANIC] Raiding Guild
  104. Deepwood Good mage looking for a good home.
  105. Zaviel Dark Mist - clan español
  106. Faeblight Looking for a Mature, Social, Role-Playing Guild
  107. Greybriar <Simus Invicti> recruiting new or returning players!
  108. Gelidra <Stack on 8> Become the best you can be.
  109. Laethys Multi-role Warrior and Rogue tank LF Raiding Guild
  110. Gelidra <Gods of Death> Recruiting Casual newbies and veterans alike!
  111. Typhiria Returning Player, looking for raiding guild EU
  112. Greybriar <Nephilim> T1 Clear, 5/11 HK. Recruiting a few solid raiders
  113. Wolfsbane New to game and looking for a home
  114. Faeblight Lost on Faeblight
  115. Greybriar 1200 hit yellow thing LF end content
  116. Laethys Muti-Spec'd Cleric (Main Tank)
  117. Greybriar <Fearless> Late Night Raiding: Recruiting
  118. Hailol <Silent Earth> Always recruiting mature players
  119. Wolfsbane 6 Excellent raiders seeking
  120. Greybriar Mage 1200 Any role 8/8 5/11
  121. Seastone Looking for/creating a PvP guild
  122. Deepwood Virus 4/11 HK recruiting for core spots!
  123. Faeblight <Knights of Blood> is recruiting players for T1
  124. Typhiria [Deutsch bevorzugt] Healer LF social guild
  125. Greybriar looking to take over an unwanted guild on the graybrier shard
  126. Greybriar multispecced cleric tank looking for casual raiding guild
  127. Hailol looking for a new player guild
  128. Deepwood <Stray Soul Gaming> - Now Recruiting!
  129. Faeblight Are you Destined for Cookies and Bacon?
  130. Greybriar Brotherhood of the Flame
  131. Hailol Chemistry
  132. Hailol Sinister Savant - Explore everything Rift has to offer with us!
  133. Faeblight Pax Illuminatus- Looking for.... YOU! Great friendly Community!
  134. Hailol <Yakisoba> (GMT+ 8hr) Asian/Oceanic Guild T1 12/12 Recruiting for T2 and beyond
  135. Bloodiron Cleric lvl 61 LFG
  136. Zaviel [EU] Any EU guild raiding earlier than 6pm ST?
  137. Typhiria Magyarok klÁn tagfelvÉtelt hirdet !!!
  138. Hailol Any guilds on Hailol recruiting?
  139. Deepwood Returning experienced raider LF guild
  140. Hailol LFG raiding guild fri/sat/sun 5-8 PM ST
  141. Gelidra Invictus <Recruiting> - Social//Raid focused community -
  142. Wolfsbane LF Casual Guild
  143. Deepwood LF Raiding Guild. Willing to change shard
  144. Seastone New character , looking to make leveling group
  145. Greybriar Rift Legends Recruiting!
  146. Greybriar Rift Legends
  147. Typhiria <Kaalimato> Recruittaa suomalaisia pelaajia!
  148. Faeblight Die Zeit Garde
  149. Deepwood Anybody Recruiting?
  150. Gelidra Veteran MMOer LF Raiding Guild
  151. Greybriar ANY - NA Server - Cleric LF Guild
  152. Deepwood LF Raiding Guild. Any Shard NA
  153. Greybriar Looking for guild.
  154. Deepwood Valiant Casual Raiding Guild is Recruiting
  155. Faeblight Any filipino guild still active in 2015
  156. Greybriar <Nephilim> T1 Clear - Recruiting Rogues
  157. Greybriar Need dps! <Silhouette> Lv 24, 3/4 RoF 1/5 MS, raids at 6pm server 3 days a week.
  158. Zaviel Weekend guild? (ANY EU SERVER)
  159. Laethys Special raiding hours
  160. Hailol <Critical Hit> T1 CLEAR! Recruiting for T2 and beyond
  161. Faeblight In Vexari Is accepting new members
  162. Laethys Link to how guilds work? i.e. access to vaults etc
  163. Wolfsbane LF Casual/Semi-Hardcore Raiding Guild
  164. Threesprings [ANY SHARD NA] any guild that raids 3-7pm server
  165. Hailol [WILL TRANSFER] Two SoCal BFFs returning after a long hiatus
  166. Greybriar <Venedictos> Now recruiting! Now _also_ focusing on PvP!
  167. Greybriar LF Guild that raids late
  168. Zaviel <The Fires of Heaven> Recruiting dedicated players for progress raids
  169. Hailol returning player from SL and beta and so on
  170. Zaviel atm [Brutwacht] LF Guild
  171. Laethys <Dragon Riders of Rift> A supportive Guild of experienced players is RECRUITING!
  172. Greybriar Healer
  173. Typhiria LF non-pvp NTE+ progression guild on EU shards
  174. Laethys Spiteful-Souls looking for members
  175. Hailol <Siege> Weekend Raiding!
  176. Bloodiron [Brutwacht] [Nordic Guild Union] rekrutiert Feierabendspieler!
  177. Faeblight Looking for a home.
  178. Zaviel Casual player looking for guild(defiant)
  179. Deepwood Looking for a Raiding guild 8pm+ or Thurs-Sat any time.
  180. Deepwood <KillSwitch> is now open and looking to get straight down to business
  181. Faeblight Looking for friends and someone to help me on group quests!
  182. Laethys Ex-Progression Raider Returning to Rift
  183. Wolfsbane <Undaunted> Recruiting for HK!
  184. Wolfsbane Casual player looking for guild
  185. Laethys <Juiced> [OCEANIC] Semi-Hardcore Raiding Guild - RECRUITING
  186. Faeblight Mage lvl 65 Looking for Guild Raiding *DPS* 900 hit
  187. Zaviel MMO veteran looking for guild.
  188. Deepwood <Honey Badgers> weekend group!
  189. Greybriar Violent Tendenciez is looking for Causal Weekend Raiders!! 1k Hit and 40k minium dps
  190. Faeblight Returning Player Looking For Guild
  191. Hailol LVL 65 Mage 1K+ hit/ 45K DPS looking for raid guild
  192. Greybriar Fluffy Bunnies of Doom - 3/4 ROF 1/5 MS - Raiders & Casuals Welcome ! Free Carrots !
  193. Faeblight I'm a returning player looking for a PVE/casual guild (just call me brand new)
  194. Faeblight Returning player looking for active social guild
  195. Wolfsbane <Deified> Currently Recruiting - 4/4 x2 RoF, 4/5 MS, 1/3 TF
  196. Wolfsbane Aussie looking for a active helpful guild (ignore the prefix)
  197. Zaviel (FIN) Kalevala Syndicate
  198. Gelidra (EU) Raid times question
  199. Wolfsbane ROS/HK/ID Vanilla player returning LF guild
  200. Deepwood Mage looking for raiding guild 12am - 4am st raid times pref
  201. Greybriar -Sons of Silence- accepting all level players!
  202. heal, chon, 50k+ dps Mage LF Guild 4/4 Rof 2/5 MS .5/3 TF
  203. Greybriar heal, chon, 50k+ dps Mage LF Guild 4/4 Rof 2/5 MS .5/3 TF
  204. Hailol Dol Amroth
  205. Hailol Warrior LF Raiding any Shard
  206. Zaviel (EU) Ex Semi-HC Vanilla Raider looking for a decent Guild
  207. Greybriar Unforgiving Venom
  208. Hailol <Critical Hit> progression raiding! (4/4 5/5 2/3)
  210. Gelidra Searching later start raiding guild
  211. Greybriar <-Sons of Silence-> of greybriar seeking helpful and fun players
  212. Greybriar Raider LF guild, server doesn't matter
  213. Faeblight Dissonance is now recruting|
  214. Deepwood (Ignore server prefix) Healer looking for a home
  215. Laethys Oceanic Semi-Hard Core Raiders(Rogue And Mage)
  216. Deepwood The Watch - Recruiting Raiding Spots
  217. Hailol Looking for a Raiding Guild (Other Shards as Well)
  218. Faeblight Returning Casual Looking For Friendly Guild
  219. Faeblight <Dies in Fires>
  220. Greybriar -Sons of Silence- lvl 16 starting PROGRESSION RAIDS needing a talented group
  221. Greybriar Looking for a guild merger
  222. Faeblight Looking for home!
  223. Faeblight Defenders of the Fallen Recruitment
  224. Zaviel Looking for Casual Social guild
  225. Faeblight Currently looking for Casual/Friendly Guild
  226. Greybriar Looking for merger/alliance
  227. Seastone Im Back Need Good Clan
  228. Greybriar Looking for a Guild
  229. Greybriar The Sanctified
  230. Seastone Looking for PvP guild (Doesn't have to be on Seastone)
  231. Greybriar <FURY> Recruitment - Raiders & Casual Members
  232. Faeblight Rper looking for a guild
  233. Hailol 2 people looking for dungeon guild and casual weekend raiding
  234. Faeblight The Blackwood Company
  235. Zaviel <Last Dawn> is currently recruiting!
  236. Greybriar <REKT> Recruiting for NT raids - NA 1st to clear NT T1!
  237. Greybriar New Guild
  238. Typhiria Looking for a friendly guild
  239. Zaviel warrior looking for casual but competent late night raiding guild
  240. Faeblight Looking for a merger
  241. Seastone My toons are Quartermaster/four/and pirateking.. at last on the servers I was on last
  242. Seastone New Returning Player Looking for Active Family-Friendly Guild
  243. Greybriar White Fang - Recruiting Raiders to Finish T1 and Beyond!
  244. Wolfsbane <Legion of Storms> Recruiting for 3.0 progression!
  245. Wolfsbane <Village Bicycle> is a casual guild looking for more players of all roles
  246. Laethys looking for somebody to create a guild with
  247. Deepwood Trippin Rifts is Recruiting
  248. Laethys -New Order- recruiting new members!
  249. Wolfsbane Looking for raiding guild
  250. Seastone new noob lvl 65 cleric healer