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  1. Greybriar <The Last Prophecy> Seeks PST/EST/GMT Raiders for Various 20m Teams
  2. Faeblight Pak'Cafan Recruiting
  3. Greybriar <-Vendetta-> 4/4 TDQ 1/4 FT
  4. Greybriar Raid ready rogue tank LF est freindly guild.
  5. Wolfsbane <FRONTLINERS> 4/4 TDQ | 1/4 FT - Seeking Raiders - Storm Legion
  6. Greybriar <Nephilim> Recruiting for core raid positions
  7. Faeblight Praeter victum
  8. Deepwood Blackout 3/4 FT, 1/5 EE, 4/4 TDQ Recruiting for our core raid group.
  9. Faeblight <Babytown> 4/4 FT - Recruiting
  10. Deepwood Blackout lf player bundles / guild merging
  11. Faeblight Unsung Heroes Raiding Fri/Sat 6pm Server
  12. Greybriar -Vendetta- 4/4 TDQ 1/4 FT
  13. Cleric LF Raiding Guild.
  14. Wolfsbane <Drow> 3/4 FT 1/5 EE, recruiting
  15. Faeblight <Crayons> HC 3-Night Raiding guild
  16. Wolfsbane <Persona> Recruiting for SL Progression
  17. Threesprings Growing Guild looking for members!
  18. Faeblight FANG is recruiting
  19. Laethys Infitialis - Late Night (US) Raiding 11 p.m. Server time. LFM
  20. Greybriar Rogue tank LF EST based guild.
  21. Greybriar Shades of the Fade Recruiting 4/4Todq 1/4FT 1/5EE
  22. Faeblight <Voice of Reason> 4/4 TDQ Recruiting
  23. Faeblight (Defiant) Riftstalker Looking for Home
  24. Faeblight A group of friends looking for a casual guild
  25. Faeblight In Vexari New Gulid needs Members
  26. Deepwood SMA (4/4 TDQ) semi-hardcore guild recruiting cool people for 20-player raids!
  27. Greybriar Small Group of raiders or guild lacking members willing to merge into us?
  28. Threesprings Gayme 0n - the LGBT+ally community [Raid: Sun/Tues 830p-1130p EST]
  29. Wolfsbane LF Tank spot in raiding guild Rogue will tranfer
  30. Faeblight SL raid geared Cleric LF Guild
  31. Wolfsbane Cleric Looking for Raiding Guild
  32. Wolfsbane Rogue looking for for US casual raiding guild
  33. Wolfsbane New raid guild <Content Clear> recruiting for 20m progression.
  34. Faeblight Pak'Cafan looking for members
  35. Threesprings 60 raid ready cleric seeks guild.
  36. Shatterbone 60 raid ready cleric seeks guild
  37. 60 raid ready cleric seeks guild.
  38. Faeblight Rogue tank looking for a niche guild
  39. Deepwood Terrible Idea recruiting a warrior dps
  40. Greybriar possilbe merger...
  41. Greybriar Looking for a new home, and help.
  42. Wolfsbane <Last Pull> Recruiting for SL raid. 5-8 pst raid times
  43. Faeblight Blood Storm Troopers seeks Raiders/Raid Leader
  44. Greybriar Cleric heal LFG any PVE server
  45. Greybriar adult, competent couple looking for guild (any server). Raiding, dungeons, etc...
  46. Faeblight <Essence Of Evil> filling main raid positions for Storm Legion
  47. Greybriar <Lucidium> Recruiting - 7-11 PST - T/Th/S - [3/4 FT]
  48. Deepwood <LU> (Semi-Hardcore guild) is actively recruiting!
  49. Faeblight <Nocturne> Is now recruiting!
  50. Wolfsbane <Disciples of Night> Recruiting Casual Players
  51. Deepwood FTFD! Casual Raiding Guild
  52. Faeblight <Essence Of Evil> seeks more SL raiders!
  53. Wolfsbane LF Late night/west coast casual guild
  54. Greybriar Nephilim Recruiting 6-9pst Raids (Mon, Wed, Thur)
  55. Threesprings Twisted Vengeance
  56. Threesprings [Transience] Now recruiting 5-8:30pst raids.
  57. Faeblight <Sacred Fire> M/W 8-10pm EST Raiding : Prepairing for SL Raids
  58. Greybriar <Haven of Heroes> - Casual Friendly Guild Recruiting
  59. Faeblight Essence Of Evil Recruiting Raid Ready SL Players!
  60. Deepwood <Fatality> [Brasil]
  61. Laethys LFGuild, Oceanic.
  62. Faeblight [TG] The Guardians - RP/PvE/PvP
  63. Laethys Cleric Heals LF Raiding Guild 12:30AM Server time onwards.
  64. Deepwood ~*Helios*~ Deepwood - Recruiting!
  65. Wolfsbane Returning Player LF Late Night or Sun/Mon Guild Any server
  66. Looking for some like-minded raiders
  67. Deepwood Phoenix Arise
  68. Seastone <Tickle My Elmo> Semi-Casual PVP Guild recruiting all classes
  69. Faeblight <Prototype> Recruiting Raiders for 20m Progression
  70. Deepwood <Thantos Gallone Xentos> 4/4 TDQ - Recruiting Support and DPS
  71. Greybriar Returning Mage LF Raiding Guild
  72. Threesprings Support Bard/Tact Rogue Looking for Guild
  73. Faeblight <Mutiny> Casual guild strong performance, company and PuGs
  74. Returning Defiant player seeks a guild! (any server!)
  75. Seastone Newly returned Defiant - Looking for a guild (Not committed to Seastone)
  76. Greybriar Dawntreaders LF Raiders
  77. Faeblight LF an Elder Guild +35ish on any shard
  78. Faeblight Mage(Healer,DPS) and Rogue(Tank,DPS,Support) Looking for morning raid guild.
  79. Laethys <No Quarter> Recruiting For Storm Legion Progression
  80. Greybriar Warrior Tank/DPS LF Progression Raid Spot
  81. Greybriar Healing Cleric and/or Support Rogue LFG
  82. Greybriar 9.5k DPS Pyrobringer Mage LF late night Raiding guild. (Any Shard)
  83. Greybriar <-- Reborn Destiny --> Recruiting Raiders for FT progression (also open to casuals)
  84. Laethys War Looking for home, server time 2/3 am+, can transfer if needed
  85. Greybriar Ten Inches Unbuffed (TIU) LFM (4/4 TDQ)
  86. Wolfsbane Mage LF active late night guild (any shard)
  87. Greybriar [Everlasting Vendetta] - 8/8ID, 4/4 TDQ - Raids 6 pst W,TH,SU - rogue & warrior spots
  88. Deepwood Cleric looking for new home
  89. Laethys LF late night west coast or early Oceanic
  90. Shatterbone Veritas Obscura-Est Coast guild
  91. Threesprings SNAFU Recruiting for Endgame
  92. Deepwood <Undecided> Accepting new members Raiding 9pm-12am Server Time
  93. Deepwood Returning cleric seeking home in Deepwood.
  94. Deepwood <Thantos Gallone Xentos> 4/4 TDQ - Recruiting Clerics and Warriors
  95. Greybriar <Immortal Council> Recruiting for 10/20M SL content
  96. Faeblight LGBTQ Freindly Guilds
  97. Threesprings [Aegis] - Recruiting Raiders - mon/tues/thurs 6-9pm server (US Pacific)
  98. Greybriar Lf west coast guild
  99. Greybriar Trinity - (3/4 Frozen Tempest) currently seeking all classes!
  100. Deepwood Untouchables Newly forming Raiding guild Looking for all classes for SL Progression
  101. Threesprings \\\\\nexilis 1/4 ft 4/4 tdq looking for raiders/////
  102. Deepwood Jynxed Recruiting for Core Raiders
  103. Wolfsbane <FRONTLINERS> Recruiting for Frozen Tempest (20m) - Storm Legion
  104. Faeblight Vendetta recruiting for storm legion raiding!
  105. Faeblight [RP] The Magitech Guild is Recruiting!
  106. Faeblight Stellar (Faeblight) Casual Family Guild
  107. Faeblight Immortal Rose - Over a year and still going
  108. Faeblight [Defiant] Sodality of Shalastiri - Bahmi-centric RP Guild
  109. Deepwood <Warborn> - Is recruiting all levels
  110. Deepwood <Warborn> - Is recruiting all levels
  111. Wolfsbane Looking for a guild (Defiant)
  112. Deepwood I don't want to live on this planet anymore
  113. Faeblight Bottom Line *PandaLine* Team Recruiting
  114. Faeblight cleric looking for guild
  115. Deepwood <Thantos Gallone Xentos> 4/4 TDQ - Recruiting for Frozen Tempest
  116. Shatterbone New player coming back to game...
  117. Faeblight Bottom Line *Core Team* Storm Legion Raiding
  118. Greybriar Everlastiing Vendetta - 8/8 ID, 4/4 TDQ - seeking DPS rogues and permanent Bard
  119. Greybriar The Last Prophecy - Looking for prospects
  120. Shatterbone LF casual guild
  121. Shatterbone Jynxed is looking for Raiders for SL
  122. Threesprings Lf raiding guild
  123. Laethys Invictus
  124. Laethys War DPS / Tank Aus/NZ
  125. Faeblight Cleric Tank LFG That Raids, Willing to Transfer
  126. Laethys The Nightwolves start-up/recruitment (Defiant)
  127. Shatterbone Returning player looking for semi casual guild
  128. Faeblight <Exposure> Recruiting for SL Raiding.
  129. Greybriar <The Black Tower> Semi-casual Guild is Recruiting
  130. Deepwood Fires of Heaven - Recruiting for SL Raiding (Cleric Tank/Rogue DPS wanted)
  131. Wolfsbane 60 Cleric 8/8 Pre-SL looking for new guild
  132. Greybriar [Greybriar] <Last Attempt> (level 20) is seeking raiders!
  133. Faeblight 1b/4 Frozen Wrath, 4/4 Triumph of the Dragon Queen, ID Conq DPS Rogue/Bard LFGuild
  134. Threesprings Rogue tank LF guild
  135. Shatterbone Jynxed is Recruiting
  136. Deepwood ▫▫<NO REMORSE>▫▫ Recruiting for End Game Progression
  137. Deepwood <Ethos> Casual Adult (Weekend Raiding) Guild - LFM For SL Raiding
  138. Wolfsbane wolfsbane Organized aggression is looking for pvp minded adults
  139. Greybriar ******<Realm Guardians> 3xSL Raid Groups, Casual and PVP Welcome to Join******
  140. Faeblight LF Raiding Guild for SL. Came from WoW (Wow Guild Rank US74) (Mage/Cleric)
  141. Laethys <The Empyre Strikes Back> Mature, casual-raiding, OCEANIC time-based - LFM SL raiders
  142. Laethys Blitz - Oceanic Raiding Guild, 4/4 TotDQ, 8/8 ID, Recruiting
  143. Faeblight 8/8 ID Rogue looking for guild
  144. Greybriar <The Brethren> Looking for future raiders in SL
  145. Deepwood Cleric dps/heals LF SL Raiding guild
  146. Deepwood Warrior DPS looking for raiding guild
  147. Deepwood New to Rift and looking for a guild
  148. Greybriar <Lucidium> Recruiting - 7-11 PST - T/Th/S - [ID 8/8 Conq]
  149. Deepwood <Nocturnal Kin> the noc shift raid guild. LFM late night raiders!
  150. Threesprings Healer from WoW looking for a guild (not tied to a specific server)
  151. Wolfsbane <FRONTLINERS> | Recruiting raiders for Storm Legion |
  152. Deepwood Returning player looking for raiding guild.
  153. Greybriar <The Chosen> 8/8 ID Conq pre-SL seeking raiders!
  154. Laethys returning DPS warrior looking for an about 8 am serverraiding guild, will transfer.
  155. Faeblight <Snakes On A Planarite> - Fri/Sat 5pm-9pm server time raiding - RECRUITING!
  156. Shatterbone Rogue tank looking for SL guild east coast guild
  157. Shatterbone Tank looking for end game guild
  158. Deepwood Fires of Heaven - Recruiting for SL Raiding (Cleric tank wanted)
  159. Seastone Defiant PvP Guild <Phoenix Rising>
  160. Threesprings (Casualist Jerks) Recruiting
  161. Faeblight Altruistic Valorians - 8/8 ID - Recruiting for Storm Legion RAIDING
  162. Threesprings Thedeor's Blade, New Guild on Server
  163. Deepwood Mage Looking for a serious raiding guild. (Big raiding Background)
  164. Deepwood <Hope in Ruin> Late night guild recruiting for SL Raiding.
  165. Faeblight Cleric LFG w/ 1AM EST Raid Times - Willing to transfer
  166. Want to buy guild
  167. Greybriar <Clandestine> Recruiting for Storm Legion!
  168. Want to buy level 20 guild
  169. Deepwood Ascent@Deepwood
  170. Deepwood <Halcyon> Raids @ Tues/Wed/Fri 6-9pm ST. Recruiting for Storm Legion!
  171. Wolfsbane 51 cleric looking for raid guild prefferably 9pm+ servertime (can xfer)
  172. Laethys <Sons of Ro> Recruiting Quality Players for Storm Legion
  173. Wolfsbane Lethal Karma is Recruitting
  174. Greybriar <The Last Prophecy> Recruiting Hardcore PvP/PvE Players for Storm Legion
  175. Faeblight <Midnighters> A casual defiant guild
  176. Laethys <GMT Plus Eight> Looking for Asian and WA Gamers
  177. Deepwood <The Art of War> - Weekend raiding guild as well as a casual community guild!
  178. Shatterbone *Looking For* PVP GUILD! CAN TRANSFER
  179. Wolfsbane <Frontliners> Recruiting for Storm Legion
  180. Wolfsbane Warrior Nation is recruiting
  181. Wolfsbane Shadow Guild
  182. Threesprings room for Casuals with War o' Silk
  183. Greybriar Sacred Haven Recruitment
  184. Seastone Player Looking for New Home
  185. Wolfsbane Dark Passion Play is recruiting!
  186. Deepwood New Rift Player w/ Long Term MMO Raid Experience LFG
  187. Wolfsbane Flameborne looking for more!
  188. Deepwood Mage Main with Rogue Alt Looking for Active Endgame Guild
  189. Deepwood Experienced Raider LF Guild (will xfer)
  190. Greybriar <Window Lickers> Seeking New Members
  191. Greybriar Lf guild
  192. Seastone Returning player looking for FRIENDS.
  193. Deepwood <Conviction> Starting Mentor-Down/Achievement Guild
  194. Seastone <Wipe> Recruiting all sorts of players for just about everything in Storm Legion
  195. Laethys Looking for an A.M. guild
  196. <The Dutch> is still welcoming more Raiding and Social members!
  197. Wolfsbane Carpe Vinum is recruiting
  198. Faeblight Botomline Guild
  199. Faeblight Returning Warrior LFG MT for SL will xfr
  200. Deepwood <Thantos Gallone Xentos> Weekend raiding guild RECRUITING for SL - 8/8 ID
  201. Greybriar <ARG> 8/8 Recruiting for SL
  202. Laethys Returning Guardian (Warrior) Seeks Cas/HC Raiding Guild (2PMish GMT Start Time)
  203. Deepwood Malum Factum Progression PVE Raiding Adult Gaming Community
  204. Greybriar <Clandestine> Recruiting for Storm Legion! Newly Formed Guild
  205. Laethys <Seraphim> Oceanic Social Raiders
  206. Faeblight <Nicely Played> 7/8 ID recruiting for Storm Legion Core
  207. Faeblight <Dirty Deeds> Casual Raid Guild - Looking for all classes and experience levels.
  208. Greybriar cleric and rouge looking for guild will move servers
  209. Threesprings The Watch -- Casual Raiding guild recruiting for Storm Legion (Cst guild)
  210. Greybriar The Brethren, Looking for raiders for SL
  211. Shatterbone ★ Negative Ghostrider ★ - 8/8, 4/4 - Recruiting for Storm Legion!
  212. Wolfsbane | FRONTLINERS | 5/8 ID P2 +(HM) | 4/4 PF | 11/11 HK | Seeking Raiders / Storm Legion
  213. Seastone 100SLOT Public Community TEAMSPEAK *JOIN TODAY*
  214. Deepwood Warrior Tank LFGuild
  215. Laethys <Coriolis> World First Oceanic ID Conqueror Recruiting
  216. Deepwood Cryptic Souls Recruiting 4/8 ID 4/4 PF 11/11 HK
  217. Deepwood <Demented Asylum> Recruiting like minded players
  218. Faeblight Discordia has returned and is recruiting!
  219. Wolfsbane Bard LF SL Guild
  220. Greybriar The Brethren, Looking for raiders for SL
  221. Faeblight Husband and Wife team looking for guild!
  222. Shatterbone Returning player looking for a new guild, will transfer servers if needed
  223. Wolfsbane <Soul Forged> Recruiting for Storm Legion!
  224. Deepwood <Fires of Heaven> Recruiting Talented Players/Groups for Hardcore SL Raiding
  225. Greybriar Rogue or Warrior LF SL Guild Thurs-Sun (4:00pm to 9:30pm EST)
  226. Wolfsbane Anonymous Propaganda (New Guild)
  227. <Blood Storm Troopers)
  228. Deepwood Covenant of the Phoenix [8/8] is recruiting for Storm Legion
  229. Seastone <Phoenix Rising> Defiant PvP Guild
  230. Wolfsbane <Beyond the Gates> - Recruiting for Storm Legion Raiding, Weekday Nightss
  231. Faeblight <Aegis> of Faeblight 8/8 ID (Conq.)
  232. Faeblight Nectere
  233. Faeblight CIRICULUS looking for more members
  234. Faeblight Guardians of the Vigil Recruiting All Callings/Professions
  235. Deepwood Warborn is Recruiting all levels...
  236. Greybriar Midnight Aeternus recruiting for raiding
  237. 28 Mage looking for a new home
  238. Seastone <Kultist> New guild of returning Rift player looking for more active players.
  239. Faeblight <Vindicated>
  240. Wolfsbane <T A S C> - Recruiting active members
  241. Greybriar ★★★ <Allegiance> ★★★ 4/8 4/4 LFM or Small guild merger
  242. Faeblight Prometheus
  243. Greybriar <Shades of the Fade> 8/8 4/4 LFM for storm legion
  244. Faeblight [RP] The Magitech Guild is Returning to Rift!
  245. Deepwood "This is not a Premade" - PvP Guild
  246. Greybriar <White Fang> 8/8 - recruiting for Storm Legion - need rogues
  247. Greybriar <TheBlackTower> 8/11 Weekend Raiding Guild LFM
  248. Threesprings Returning Player LF Guild
  249. Deepwood Bard looking for guild
  250. Wolfsbane Warrior LFG (Will Transfer)