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  1. Wolfsbane "The Alliance"-A newer EAST COAST Casual Progressive Guild for Raiders & Levelers
  2. Cahail Hunt/Raid in the Morning
  3. Tulan Secret of the Seventh Planet Casual Guild (Formerly Probes of Uranus)
  4. Laethys Cleric willing to move for raiding
  5. Devs please read
  6. <Lowland Elites> het grootste & actiefste NL/BE guild heeft altijd plek voor spelers
  7. Faeblight <Anthem From Below> seeking Dwarf Roleplayers!
  8. Faeblight Vicious Geezers (age 30+, EST based & 'serious')
  9. Hailol Super Friends LFM
  10. LF Danish Guild
  11. Tulan 60 pyromancer LF casual raiding guild
  12. Tulan <Sinister Swarm> is recruiting
  13. Hailol Rogue tank LF EST raiding guild. (will xfer anywhere)
  14. Bloodiron <MAXIMUS ERECTUS> Defiant guild at Bloodiron server
  15. Returning player looking for guild/buddies for good times :)
  16. Wolfsbane [Cleric][DPS] Longtime Player LF Semi-Casual Raiding Guilld, willing to transfer
  17. Wolfsbane Scions Of Telara
  18. Cahail <Live to Win Till you Die> is recruiting
  19. Wolfsbane LFG Wolfbane - PVP
  20. Greybriar Anguish - Recruiting exceptional Players
  21. Seastone (This Week/xfer) Mage Pug LF FT/DQ to get currencies at least.
  22. Hailol Looking for guild
  23. Hailol <Gentlemen's Gamers> bring your monocle and smoking jacket!
  24. Bloodiron Esistono Legioni ITA su questo server?
  25. Greybriar Realm Guardians ARG 4/4 4/5 Recruiting
  26. Seastone Selling Access to my TeamSpeak 3 Server
  27. Faeblight Frozen 4.5 | Weekend, North-American Based, Semi-Core Raiding Guild
  28. Cahail DPS warrior LF eastern raiding guild
  29. Wolfsbane "The Alliance"- A newer EAST COAST Casual Progessive guild for raiders & levelers
  30. Cahail LFG never really played before but I really want to
  31. Deepwood LF Pacific Time Guild
  32. Faeblight Absolution Guild is recruiting
  33. Wolfsbane <League of Exiles>
  34. Hailol New player lf social guild
  35. Greybriar Cleric Tank/DPS/Heals/Support Looking For Laste Night Raiding Guild
  36. Hailol Order of the Silver Dragon - Now recruiting all levels and classes.
  37. Hailol Rogue DPS or Mage Healer/DPS
  38. Tulan <Audacity> is recruiting!
  39. Hailol Dps warrior and bard looking for guild
  40. Hailol {IR} Insomniac Raiders
  41. Nocte Eterna - Moving
  42. Faeblight Two looking for an active friendly guild!
  43. Tea Club, Hardcore Raiding Guild | LF Warr Tank and Healers
  44. Deepwood Guild: TERRIBLE IDEA (All Content Cleared)
  45. Faeblight Looking but Low Level
  46. <eXile> Semi Hardcore Raiding guild recruiting!
  47. Brisesol [necropolis] busco guild latina
  48. Laethys looking for a guild
  49. Seastone [Guardian] - Ubiquity Gaming
  50. Tulan <Ominous Latin Name> is recruiting!
  51. Deepwood ~No Remorse~ Recruiting 9/9 2/4GA
  52. Laethys Join <Is Fabulous> For a dedicated Achievement based guild in Laethys
  53. Brisesol Seeking Progression
  54. Hailol Aegis - 9/9 4/4 HM 4/4 GA - 9 Hr Raid Week - Recruiting!
  55. Greybriar Equinox looking to form alliance for 20 mans
  56. Wolfsbane < Drunk and Stupid> is looking for a few more.
  57. Wolfsbane "The Alliance"- A newer East Coast Guild for Casual Progression Raiding and Levelers
  58. Seastone Rouge Dps/bard LF active raiding guild/any shard
  59. Seastone <Dynamite> Level 4 PvPvE guild w/ RaidCall
  60. Faeblight Titans of War: A Faeblight Original, Is Back
  61. Geostigma is recruiting
  62. Greybriar Acolytes 18+ guild
  63. Deepwood <Thantos Gallone Xentos> 9/9 and 2/4 GA Recruiting all classes
  64. Faeblight Proteus, now recruiting talented players of all classes (East Coast)
  65. Bloodiron Pandemic Legion - Premade PvP & Future Raiding!
  66. Cahail Old WoW player seeking a friendly possibly raiding guild
  67. Brisesol BARD Full Suport - LOOKING Guild BRASILEIRA!
  68. Wolfsbane Looking For Guild
  69. Eternally Ethereal
  70. Brisesol BloodBrothers the newly formed pvp guild
  71. Hailol 60 Warrior Tank 400 Tough 420+ hit with 57k HP (60k Raid buffed) looking for Guild!
  72. Guild search
  73. Laethys <Resonance> Australian Gaming Community
  74. Bloodiron <The Beast Within> - looking for new members all classes/levels. (social)
  75. Cahail [Any Server] Experienced Mage LF Late Night Raids
  76. Brutwacht Lf casual guild
  77. Deepwood 9/9 4/4 HM 2/4 GA rogue looking for guild
  78. Wolfsbane Soul Forged of Wolfsbane Recruitment
  79. Tulan <The Night Crew> Looking For Anyone From 1-60!
  80. Wolfsbane <Nirvana> Semi-Casual Raiding Guild is recruiting.
  81. Wolfsbane <The Alliance> - Now recruiting east coast raiders! (Sun 4pm-7pm ST, 7-10pm EST)
  82. Faeblight Looking for PVP Guild
  83. Brisesol Lost Souls of Necropolis
  84. Deepwood Returning Player looking for an active and consistent guild
  85. Wolfsbane <Frontliners> 3/4 FT | 2/5 EE | Progression Guild Seeking Raiders + Beyond
  86. Tulan Warrior-DPS Seeks Semi-core raiding guild
  87. Greybriar <Ashes of the Phoenix> is recruiting new and old players!
  88. Deepwood <Valkyrian Descent> Casual Progression Guild
  89. Cahail <Just Another Guild> - Looking for normal people to have fun with.
  90. Bloodiron 3 Level 60 Clerics & Midlevel 50 Rogue Seeking Guild
  91. X-Ecutioners are recruiting
  92. Seastone Rude Dudes Recruiting for Raiding.
  93. Hailol Fated Gaming Recruiting All!
  94. Brisesol <Dynamite> Level 4 PvPvE guild w/ RaidCall
  95. Necropolis Guild <Seal Cub Clubbing Club> needs some assistance.
  96. Hailol looking for new, seasond, or returning players
  97. Hailol <Eternal>: Veteran guild seeks more for casual raiding and leveling!
  98. Laethys Thunder Down Under Guild (Laethys)
  99. Tulan <Warriors of Silkweb> Banking and Crafting Club
  100. Greybriar Warrior DPS looking for 9/9 guild
  101. Wolfsbane Rouge Tank/DPS Need Guild That Raids on Weekends
  102. Seastone Level 60 Defiant Cleric looking for serious PvP or PvE Guild (willing to transfer)
  103. Everybody's Dead Dave is looking for a few more for all round stuff! (Guardian)
  104. Faeblight Capable Cleric available - will transfer for the right guild
  105. Illuminati is Back! - Re-Rolling as a Casual Raiding Guild!
  106. Wolfsbane looking for older casual fun guild
  107. Dutch Extreme Gaming Clan is Recruiting NL/BE Players
  108. Wolfsbane Unscarred Recruiting
  109. Brutwacht Blaze of Glory (HU)
  110. Greybriar Looking for a fun casual guild
  111. Bloodiron Looking for netherlands guild?
  112. Hailol Insomniac Raiders
  113. Wolfsbane LF Raiding spot
  114. Cahail Rouge tank with 7+ years of hardcore progression experience lf late night prog guild
  115. Brisesol Gifted pvpers wanted
  116. Wolfsbane LF Raid guild without attendance requirements.
  117. Seastone Wasn't Going to do it..
  118. Brisesol EX-WoW (Top 20 US) Raider LF Guild.
  119. Wolfsbane <Wet Water> A Guild of Mostly New Members Looking to Grow Larger!
  120. Laethys <Divine Fury> 9/9 2/4 GA LF active raiders
  121. Brisesol Lost Souls of Necropolis is Recruiting
  122. hi..
  123. Laethys Returned War tank LF a home
  124. Greybriar Back to Rift, it's been a few months
  125. Deepwood DPS/Tank Warrior LF Guild
  126. Hailol TheDeathMoonClan is looking for you
  127. Hailol Twynk
  128. Laethys <Propoganda> Looking for all kinds of members.
  129. Wolfsbane (Desolation) Newish guild, very active.
  130. Seastone <NsK> PvP Guild Looking for More Members
  131. Hailol <No Shame Gaming> Now Recruiting
  132. Seastone [Vigor] Recruiting New and Old Players
  133. Deepwood <So Many Achievables> Raiding and Super Happy Fun Time - 9/9 FT/EE, 1/4 GA
  134. Hailol looking for you :)
  135. Brutwacht The Unnamed are back and we want you!
  136. Game honor guilds
  137. Cleric LF Guild
  138. old hardcore raider looking for a fitting guild
  139. Faeblight Cleric Healer seeking to patch wounds and cheat death. (Will Transfer)
  140. Greybriar <Order of Shadow> 9/9 2/4 GA Recruiting for main raid spots
  141. Brisesol (any Server) Returning to the game; looking for a fun easy going guild.
  142. Deepwood PVP server hunting
  143. Wolfsbane Among the Shadows is recruiting!
  144. Seastone - Crafting Inc. - l Crafters l Proffessions l Money l Economy l PvE l PvP l Defiant l
  145. Tea Club, Hardcore Raiding Guild
  146. Balkan Guys
  147. Wolfsbane Brotherhood of the Forgotten is recruiting active palyers
  148. Greybriar Everlasting Vendetta - Seeks crew of raiders
  149. Seastone LF Brazilian Guild
  150. Deepwood <Is Lost> A level 17 guild recruiting all levels and callings.
  151. Deepwood Looking for a beginner friendly guild!
  152. Brutwacht Cleric Healer LF guild to take me under their Wings (Defiant EU )
  153. [21+] Imperium - Recruiting to join our raid force + community
  154. Tea Club, A Raiding Guild for New and Veteran Players
  155. Brutwacht <Ajda> Friendly no aggro pve guild
  156. Tulan Haven Reforged - transfer over, join up, if you want something different in a guild
  157. Faeblight Newly 60 Rogue LF PVE GUild
  158. Brisesol looking for guardian pvp guild on necropolis
  159. Hailol Celtic Knights
  160. Hailol <Yakisoba> Lvl 20 SEA (GMT+8) FT 2/4 Guild Recruiting Core Raiders.
  161. Wolfsbane League of Exiles
  162. Cahail NVM I'm done with Rift
  163. Cahail LVL 60 Rogue Tank, DPS , and Bard LF Active Raiding Guild
  164. Deepwood Silver Moon Golden Sun wants you. Recruting all classes/roles/levels.
  165. Cahail LF Active HARDCORE Raiding Guild
  166. Cahail LF ACTIVE Raiding Guild
  167. Faeblight Devious Massacre Recruiting!
  168. Bloodiron Unleashed - A guild focusing on group dynamics and teamplay.
  169. Tulan Looking for GUild
  170. Brisesol Order of the White Lotus - looking for "family friendly", casual, social, players.
  171. Cahail New Guild Nightsong Thieves
  172. Laethys new guild for new players
  173. Wolfsbane Brotherhood of the forgotten is currently looking for active players
  174. Laethys Join a new guild just formed today, 6/24/2013
  175. **HAVE NOT TRANSFERRED YET** Cleric (Ghazella) returning from retirement LF new home
  176. Brisesol <Atrophy>Guardian PvP Guild
  177. Greybriar <The Last Prophecy> LFM to Fill Their Trekkies Raid Team: Sun/Mon/Wed 9-11 PM Server
  178. Greybriar Ten Inches Unbuffed: 9/9, 1HM, 2/4 GA Recruiting for GA and 20mans
  179. Seastone 60 Cleric & Warrior looking for Semi-hardcore raiding guild
  180. Brisesol Dynamite | Leveling | Dungeons and Raids | PvP | Ventrilo
  181. Faeblight <The Verdant Order> is recruiting!
  182. Deepwood Looking for a Guild to play with that uses voice com
  183. Brisesol The Agency
  184. Darkwind is recruiting!
  185. Deepwood Any Regulos folks left?
  186. Hailol Guild Recruiting for enzio assassion
  187. Faeblight Looking for active RP guilds with regular RP events.
  188. Cahail Jaded Fate-Recruiting New and Veteran Players
  189. Deepwood Sanitarium - Welcoming New, Returning and Veteran Players
  190. Wolfsbane Lock/Pyro mage lf Raiding progression guild
  191. Seastone FeverClan Recruiting! ANY level of skill welcomed!
  192. Greybriar <Lucidium> 9/9 Conq | 4/4 HM | 2/4 GA Recruiting Raiders
  193. LF friendly guild
  194. New(ish) player looking for a guild.
  195. Brutwacht Fatal Alliance - Social 18+ Multi-Game Community
  196. <The Blue Lion> is looking for more Finnish players to join its ranks!
  197. Deepwood <Hype> Thurs/Mon/Tues 8pm-11pm pst
  198. Bloodiron or Argent] Mathosian Mage (currently 58) LF Dungeon Runners [Bloodiron] + RP [Argent]
  199. Faeblight AXIOM Semi-Core Progression Raiding
  200. Hailol Just putting this out there...
  201. Greybriar Returning Rogue LF guild with west coast friendly raiding times
  202. Searching to join the "Guild of Hyrule"
  203. Greybriar <Fall Damage> Some random casual guild!
  204. Cahail returning DPS warrior looking for home
  205. Brisesol Sleep is Overrated
  206. Khaos Legion BlightWeald EU
  207. Wolfsbane Returning Player looking to reroll and a leveling guild
  208. Greybriar New to game and looking for guild
  209. Hailol <TASC> 4/4 TDQ, 4/4 FT, 4/5 EE Seeking Progression Minded Raiders
  210. Deepwood 60 Cleric Tank LF guild
  211. Brisesol Healing Cleric LF Newb friendly PVP guild (Can transfer as well)
  212. Only for greeks!!!!(mono gia ellinares)!!!!
  213. Hailol <Ninja Pirate Monkeys> Hardcore mentality, Casual schedule - recruiting DPS/Support
  214. Bloodiron EU (willing to transfer) - New player looking for a raiding guild
  215. Hailol Riftin Rednecks new guild recruiting all !!
  216. Brutwacht LF South African Guild or Guild with raid times from 5 - 8 GMT
  217. Wolfsbane <Undaunted> Recruiting Core Raiders
  218. Deepwood .:Couple Looking For Mature Defiant Guild:.
  219. Brutwacht [EU PVE] <Harshmallows> recruiting!
  220. Brutwacht <Harshmallows> recruiting
  221. Greybriar Late-night (9:30pm PST+) duo looking for a friendly guild that fits our schedule
  222. Greybriar <The Last Prophecy> LFM for their Misfits Raid Team: Wed/Fri/Sun 6-9 PM Server
  223. Wolfsbane looking for a new home
  224. [CGU] Crimson Guards United recruiting new and veteran players
  225. Brutwacht Returning player looking for a new home in an active EU shard Guild
  226. Cahail <House of Garrun> - Recruiting Casual Players
  227. Wolfsbane <Adventure Time> Recruitment! 4/4TDQ 4/4FT 4/5EE
  228. Seastone Todos los latinos bajo una misma bandera
  229. Brisesol LegendaryAssassins Now Recruiting
  230. Deepwood Dedicated New Rift Player LFG Any Shard
  231. Hailol Aegis - 9/9 4/4 HM 3/4 GA - 9 Hr Raid Week - Recruiting!
  232. Bastion - Open Invite guild
  233. Greybriar Latin Guild - Hermandad latina
  234. Deepwood <Concordis> Looking for all classes, levels, and races of players.
  235. Hailol Silent Warriors - Adult Gaming Since 2001
  236. Brisesol *OMERTA* recruiting for PvP/PvE
  237. Deepwood Thantos Gallone Xentos <TGX> 9/9, 1/4 GA Hardcore/Casual Guild
  238. Wolfsbane LegendaryAssassins Now Recruiting
  239. Guild Recruitment Guidelines - Now with more color coding!
  240. Laethys <Chaos Inc> Casual-Core Oceanic raiding guild Recruiting!
  241. Bloodiron GELINDRA shard im looking for a cassuel raid guild
  242. Faeblight Looking for my old guild Deviant Souls!!
  243. Faeblight Cleric Healer looking for casual raiding guild (730pm ST Raids)
  244. Faeblight Guild for a new player (Ignore the world I selected, I had to to post this)
  245. Greybriar Mage looking to start raiding
  246. Wolfsbane Eternal Sanctuary (An LGBTQA Multi-Gaming Community)
  247. Lf south african guild
  248. Deepwood Tempest GC is Recruiting
  249. Faeblight <Vibe Raiderz> Guardians Recruiting!
  250. Wolfsbane <Infinity> Progression PvE Guild