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  1. Gelidra Русские гильдии
  2. Deepwood <Undecided> is recruiting GA/IG Ready People (Especially Mages)
  3. Wolfsbane <Banefire> Level 19 - Weekend Morning Raiding. . .Interested?
  4. Threesprings -Evolution- ™
  5. Deepwood Cleric Looking for Guild
  6. Necropolis I'll let you use my website for your guild
  7. Threesprings <Gray Hands> looking to build our community
  8. Laethys <The Riftguard> Morning raiding guild!
  9. Threesprings Audax - Looking for core raiders
  10. Faeblight <Crayons> End Game Raiding Guild (9 Hours / Week)
  11. Wolfsbane LF Guild For Several
  12. Deepwood ~DPS / Support Rogue LF Raiding Guild
  13. Wolfsbane <Soul Forged> Welcoming T2 Ready Raiders for weekend/weekday Raiding
  14. Gelidra Cleric looking for "casual" active Guild
  15. Faeblight [Any PVE] Small Group of Friends Looking For a Guild
  16. Laethys <Is Not Lootable> JOIN US, AND BECOME UNLOOTABLE
  17. Wolfsbane <Banefire> Level 19 - Weekend Morning Raiding. . .Interested?
  18. Faeblight Strong DPS mage looking for east coast raiding times guild!
  19. Seastone The Daveman Co. LTD, a Limited Liability Corporation (casual, leveling guild)
  20. Zaviel < The Fires Of Heaven > recruiting more members !
  21. Deepwood Knights Of The Vigil
  22. Wolfsbane <Ruthless> Looking for more for our tier 2 core!
  23. Hailol T2 Raid-Ready Cleric
  24. Wolfsbane Inquisitor LF Casual Progressive Raiding Guild-Need Early East Coast Raid Tmes
  25. Hailol I want to be your 1st substitue
  26. Hailol <Coriolis> #1 oceanic 4/4GA (x2) 2/3 IG
  27. Greybriar <Order of Shadow> Storm Legion Teir 2 Raiding guild.
  28. Gelidra Looking for a similar minded guild for a possible alliance for 20 man progression
  29. Gelidra I want to be your 1st substitue
  30. Necropolis Lvl 60 Mage looking for raiding guild (Necropolis)
  31. Greybriar Strong DPS MAGE LFG, will move to any shard, east coaster!
  32. Greybriar strong DPS MAGE LFG!
  33. Bloodiron New player- Looking for Guild
  34. Shatterbone DPS / Support Rogue LF Raiding Guild ~
  35. Threesprings LF Guild, any server, that is most active between 9am/2pm PST
  36. Necropolis DPS / Support Rogue LF Raiding Guild
  37. Deepwood (looking for MORNING am st guild)
  38. Deepwood <-VIRUS-> 4/4 GA 2/3 IG is Recruiting for Tier 2 Progression!
  39. Wolfsbane Looking for guild circa 2am server time
  40. Faeblight r80 plus pvp warrior tank/dps lf pve
  41. Deepwood <Infitialis> late night, hardcore raiders w/ 500 hit wanted!
  42. Team Sweden Gaming [TSG]
  43. [color="#33FFCC"][Blightweald][/color] Team Sweden Gaming [TSG]
  44. Faeblight Nicely Played, 2/4 GA all other content on Farm
  45. Faeblight DPS/Heals Mage [9/9, 1/4 GA] + Aspiring Rogue/Warrior Tank looking for Guild
  46. Seastone <Death Before Dishonor> Guild Now Recruiting!!!!!!
  47. Deepwood Rogue 9/9 2/4 LF Late night Raiding Guild
  48. Hailol Lf warriors and a bard
  49. Deepwood <Council Of Dragons> LFM Adult Casual players to fill 20 man. -No Drama-
  50. Wolfsbane <Grievance> LF more to fill 20 man raids for FT/EE
  51. Wolfsbane <Raiders of the lost Planarch> seeking new members! Please give this a read, thanks!
  52. Wolfsbane Inquisitor LF Casual Progressive Raiding Guild-Need Early East Coast Times
  53. Greybriar Guild Seeking on GreyBriar
  54. Zaviel Requiem, Spanish Guild (Clan Español) looking for more players!
  55. Wolfsbane <Frontliners> 8/9 FT/EE 2/4 GA | Seeking more for IG progression
  56. Greybriar Returning Player Warrior Tank LF Guild
  57. Shatterbone Sinister Playthings – Casual Raiding Guild, Negotiable Raid Days
  58. Deepwood Cleric LF late night raiding guild
  59. Hailol 17k Self Buff DPS Warr LF GA Group
  60. Hailol TASC is Recruiting
  61. Greybriar <Passive Aggressive> BRAND NEW GUILD! Embrace Your Passive Aggressive Side!!!
  62. Deepwood Returning warrior [Defiant} Looking for pvp/pve guild
  63. Laethys Time Bandits --- looking for casual players
  64. Deepwood <Malum Factum> 9/9 + 3/4 GA Recruiting for Core t2 Progression Spots
  65. Deepwood <Nova> LF Cleric/Mage Healers and DPS
  66. Faeblight <Invicta> Seeks orphaned, returning, and veteran players of all levels!
  67. Greybriar 2/4GA 5/5EE 4/4 FT 4/4 tdq dps rogue looking for T2 raiding guild.
  68. Laethys Cleric LF IG Raiding Guild
  69. Wolfsbane <Ethereal Storm> Progression Raiding M-W-Th 6-9 PST
  70. Bloodiron AlphaOmega приглашает русских игроков =) (recruiting Russian people) :D
  71. Wolfsbane 8/9 1/4 mage lf t2 prog guild, 15kdps great heals archon, willing to transfer
  72. Deepwood Morning Raiding guild <The Riftguard>
  73. Greybriar Cleric and Mage LF new guild
  74. Deepwood Looking for a PVP Guild
  75. Wolfsbane <Banefire> Level 18 - Weekend Morning Raiding. . .Interested?
  76. Greybriar Cleric (Defiler/Warden/Justicar preferred specs) LF Casual/Core Raiding
  77. Greybriar Lvl 60 Mage - 4/4 FT 5/5 EE 4/4 GA & 4/4 HM LF Raiding Guild
  78. Deepwood Veteran Chloro looking for raid guild
  79. Greybriar White Fang - 9/9 FT/EE, 4/4 GA recruiting. East coast raid times!
  80. Wolfsbane Mage\Cleric looking for T2 guild ASAP (8/9, 1/4, 520+)
  81. Greybriar <Evermore> Recruiting New Members
  82. <Flare> a hardcore casual guild with good atmosphere and skilled players
  83. Faeblight Looking for Solid Community
  84. Faeblight Shattered Pact is looking for lost souls!
  85. Faeblight Casual Player ISO Dedicated RP Guild on Any Server
  86. Greybriar 9/9, 1/4 GA dps Mage
  87. Gelidra <Ordem Tuga> Guild Portuguesa
  88. Hailol LF Cleric for Main Raid Core Spot
  89. Faeblight [Vox Novus] Lfm for core or looking to merge into a bigger guild
  90. Greybriar Cleric - Looking to fill a core raiding spot
  91. Bloodiron Healing Cleric LF Guild
  92. Shatterbone Solitude
  93. Faeblight Looking for a Casual, Drama Free, Guild
  94. Bloodiron Cerco gilda | Looking for guild
  95. Greybriar Thinking of coming back, Need raiding guild
  96. Hailol T A S C is Recruiting
  97. Faeblight <Family> filling core raider positions
  98. Gelidra Ordem Tuga
  99. Greybriar <Nephilim> recruiting a solid Cleric
  100. Deepwood The Art of War
  101. <End of Decency> Looking for hardcore Raiders
  102. Deepwood <The Art of War> Recruiting Raiders for 2nd Raid Team
  103. Deepwood Cleric DPS/Heals looking for a guild that raids Saturday and Sunday.
  104. Deepwood Decimation
  105. Wolfsbane <Raiders of the Lost Planarch> Looking for new members!
  106. Threesprings Seeking Guild Merger for Better Raid Experiences
  107. Hailol Sons of Ymir - Newly formed casual guild looking for new players!
  108. Zaviel Luminance - Casual Raiders
  109. Faeblight Solid Group of Four players looking for a Guild
  110. Threesprings -evolution-
  111. Faeblight Frozen 5.0 | Weekend, North-American Based, Semi-Core Raiding Guild
  112. Hailol Riftin Rednecks 4/4 TDQ Recruting core raiders
  113. Deepwood <Terrible Idea> NA 3rd Recruiting Raiders!
  114. Threesprings Wanting to create a guild (NOW)
  115. Faeblight MISC Recruiting Raiders and Casuals
  116. The Silverwood Wardens [Argent, EU]
  117. Gelidra New Player looking for a few people to play with
  118. Gelidra Looking for European PvP guild (english server)
  119. Wolfsbane There will be ... NO DRAMA ! :) and we mean it
  120. Zaviel <ZAT> Late night raiding guild recruiting
  121. Bloodiron Looking for PREMADE PvP Guild (ANY SERVER)
  122. Faeblight <Enigma> Rebuilding and Recruiting
  123. EU casual Guardian lf pvp/pve guild
  124. Faeblight <Warcry> Recruiting for GA/T2 Progression Raiding!
  125. Shatterbone <The Secret Society> Recruiting All classes for Progression!!!
  126. Deepwood <Undecided> 9/9 +1HM 4/4 GA Recruiting GA/T2 Ready players
  127. Threesprings Recruiting Morning Players
  128. Shatterbone <Riftaholics> Now open recruiting any and all!
  129. Zaviel Lf pvp guild on eu pve server
  130. Wolfsbane <Banefire> Level 18 - Weekend Morning Raiding. . .Interested?
  131. Zaviel Looking for PVP focused guild on Zaviel (other shards also OK)
  132. Deepwood Heyo it's Shayo LF guild for Cleric alt
  133. Deepwood EXOTICA PvP Guild Recruiting
  134. Laethys !!Any Shard!! Looking for PvP and teamwork focused guild, usage of voice chat a must
  135. Deepwood Looking for late night guild
  136. Hailol looking for an active guild and raiding
  137. Necropolis <In Death We Trust> New PvP Guild
  138. Greybriar Returning Player Looking for Raiding Guild
  139. Seastone Heavens Demons!
  140. Deepwood <Nova> is looking for a few brave souls!
  141. Hailol guild merger with us or with you
  142. Laethys Looking for Guild
  143. Greybriar Anguish 8/9 EE/FT 2/4 GA 4/4 TDQ Recruiting skilled players
  144. Gelidra <Resident> Recruiting!
  145. Laethys Looking for a group to play with - US Eastern time zone
  146. Threesprings LF raiding guild Thu to Sun between 9pm-3am pst
  147. Zaviel looking for Mature relaxed raiding guild.
  148. Deepwood Nova is looking for Healers
  149. Seastone -=legion xiii=- pvp small aussie guild.
  150. Threesprings Weekday Morning Raids
  151. Laethys Repost from General Discussion: US Pacific Time Zone Guilds?
  152. Seastone Shepards of hell
  153. Faeblight Husband/Wife Guardian Team Looking for a Guild - Any Server - PST Preferred
  154. Greybriar Rogue Tank/Bard/Dps LF Guild
  155. Zaviel Newcomer looking for friendly guild
  156. Shatterbone Jaded Fate-Level 23 Guild Recruiting Raiders
  157. Greybriar cleric 9/9 and 3/4 looking for a raiding guild
  158. [ANY SERVER] Looking for Guild
  159. Hailol Looking for a guild for 6+ people
  160. Gelidra Bastion is looking for social and active players for 20man raiding
  161. Shatterbone Archon, or Chloro, or DPS Mage looking for Raiding Guild in Cluster 2
  162. Shatterbone LF early morning raiding guild
  163. Wolfsbane Looking For Guild Willing to Transfer
  164. Shatterbone Looking for Active Guild any server
  165. Faeblight <LSoN> is looking for players wanting to progress with a guild
  166. Threesprings Weekday Morning Raids
  167. Shatterbone Looking for friendly, active guild to run experts with
  168. Deepwood Looking For Raiding Guild - And Beyond
  169. Wolfsbane <Frontliners> 8/9 FT/EE 2/4 GA | Seeking for SL Raiding
  170. Magic! Become one of us!
  171. Seastone Looking for more Active players
  172. Deepwood Multi role cleric LF Guild
  173. <Apotheosys> :: Quality Raiding!
  174. Deepwood Lvl 60 Tank Cleric Looking for Guild
  175. Deepwood Rogue LF Late night raiding guild
  176. Zaviel Looking for Russian guild (Ищу Русскую гильдию)
  177. Shatterbone Raid Ready Inquis Cleric LF progression guild.
  178. Seastone guild master left
  179. Zaviel Bastion - Open invite guild - Casual raiding [Raiders wanted]
  180. Hailol <Prominence> up and coming raid guild is looking for more!
  181. Seastone <Spirit Fire Elite> Recruiting
  182. Wolfsbane <Banefire> Level 18 - Weekend Morning Raiding. . .Interested?
  183. Necropolis Looking for raid guild - will shard transfer
  184. Seastone Looking for a pvp guild on seastone
  185. Threesprings New Player, Eventual Raider, Open to transfer
  186. New Player looking for a guild
  187. Faeblight Lost Souls of Necropolis is looking for new cap-level players for our raid rosters!
  188. Hailol Dedicated and Determined Rogue LF Morning/EU time raiding guild
  189. Deepwood Cleric LF late night raiding guild
  190. Deepwood <Top Shelf> VOIP oriented & Casual guild looking for more friends to enjoy Rift! 18+
  191. Faeblight <Sacred Fire> M/W 8-10pm EST Raid and PVE Guild
  192. Faeblight <<MISC>> Semi-core EST Raiding Guild. 4/4 FT, 4/5 EE, 1/4 GA, plus Alt Raids
  193. Threesprings LF Weekend casual Raiding guild
  194. Greybriar <Unity.> [8/9] [2/4] EST raiding guild seeks members for core raid slots
  195. Wolfsbane 15k DPS Warr + 14k DPS Mage LF atleast 5/9 Guild
  196. Zaviel Wipe Inc. (9/9 4/4) looking for at least 1 cleric.
  197. Shatterbone Guild Brasileira ( Bounty Hunters ) recrutando BR
  198. Wolfsbane Cleric DPS LF Weekend Raiding Guild
  199. Laethys <Divine Fury> 9/9 3/4 GA recruiting
  200. Wolfsbane Cleric DPS (not heals) or Mage dps/heals LFGuild
  201. New player looking for the right people to start my RIFT adventures with. (any server
  202. Threesprings Looking for a Pre-Raiding Guild? Check out Ascend.
  203. Laethys <Nefarious> 9/9, 2x 2/4 - Australian Raiding Guild LFM
  204. Deepwood Guild or players that are supportive, helpful & active.
  205. Seastone Spirit Fire Elite is Recruiting!
  206. Faeblight Looking for Raiding Guild!!! Any Shard!!
  207. Wolfsbane <League of Exiles> @ Wolfsbane Looking for more members
  208. Shatterbone ACCORD, active raiding guild!
  209. Hailol [Hailol] TheUnion - Dial **TheUnion
  210. Laethys Vox Novus Lfm for our core
  211. Hailol Looking for Guild
  212. Wolfsbane I am looking for a real guild.....ANY SERVER
  213. Laethys 8/9 T1, 1/4 GA rogue tank looking for US guild
  214. Threesprings Looking for a raiding guild weekend late night
  215. Faeblight <Nicely Played> recruiting
  216. Deepwood LF Raiding Guild
  217. Hailol Masters of Tel Aran Rhiod <MTAR> is Recruiting raiders!
  218. Shatterbone The Best 18+ Guild is Recruiting
  219. Laethys (Any Server) Just starting the game!
  220. Wolfsbane <League Of Exiles> Progression guild
  221. Coming back to rift. Anyone wanna play?
  222. Hailol New guild looking for staff and members, accepting all levels!
  223. Threesprings Looking for PvP guild
  224. Hailol <Fierce> End-Game Progression 9 Hours/Week (Wed/Sun/Mon)
  225. Hailol <Fierce> Casual-Core 9 Hours/Week (Wed/Sun/Mon)
  226. Faeblight Looking for a raiding guild and beyond.
  227. Greybriar <Damaged Goods> 4/4 FT, 4/5 EE, 1/4 GA Recruiting for core raid spots!
  228. Faeblight Invicta Seeking Versitile Raid-Ready Mage for core group
  229. Hailol Top 10 US WoW Player looking to make Rift my new home
  230. Faeblight Cleric LF EST Raiding Guild
  231. Greybriar Cleric LF late night raiding guild
  232. <Entity> - it can be your home!
  233. Wolfsbane Seeking Assistance
  234. Deepwood <The Riftguard> Morning raiding guild!!
  235. Shatterbone <Zoot Allures> Now recruiting core raiders for 20 mans!
  236. Threesprings Rogue DPS/Support looking for a Raiding Guild
  237. Deepwood <Hype> 9/9 & 2/4 GA (8PM PST M/Tu/Th) LFM For 2.4 Content
  238. Greybriar White Fang - 9/9 FT/EE, 3/4 GA recruiting for core spots. East coast raid times!
  239. Seastone World verse Player Guild Recruiting
  240. Laethys Newcomer Looking for Friendly Leveling Guild!!
  241. Wolfsbane Fade To Darkness
  242. Zaviel Polish guild WhySoSeriouS
  243. Wolfsbane <Banefire> Level 18 - Weekend Morning Raiding. . .Interested?
  244. Zaviel <Overkill> Recruiting casual raiders (Max 3 days) and socials!
  245. Wolfsbane Weekend Raiding after 8pm Server? (any shard)
  246. Shatterbone Mage DPS, Archon, Heals 4/4 FT 5/5 EE and 3/4 GA
  247. Shatterbone Mage and Rogue looking for active guild.
  248. Deepwood Requiem of the Planes - Recruiting!
  249. Faeblight <Insane Asylum> Recruiting!
  250. Deepwood Casual & Raiders The Outcast Misfits wants you!!:turning: