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  1. Typhiria Newcomer here~
  2. Wolfsbane EU Player in NA Shard looking for european players guild. 2 LV60, T1 Raider.
  3. Gelidra Dark Fusion - The Raid guild for new players
  4. Wolfsbane T2 Ready Mage seeking EST Raiding Guild - Core Healing Spot (any server)
  5. Hailol Dol Amroth - Thurs Mon Tues - 615 / 9pm server
  6. Greybriar Warrior Tank/DPS looking for Guild
  7. Laethys LVL 28 Rogue Sin/Riftstalker looking for a hone
  8. Zaviel T1 rdy\exp Cleric lf raiding crew
  9. Hailol Cancer is Recruiting players to level and dungeon
  10. Deepwood <Show Me Your Crits> Starting to Raid, Need to Fill Roles
  11. Greybriar The Defenders of Light
  12. Gelidra <Dawn of The Phoenix> is looking to grow its community!
  13. Greybriar Dimensioneer seeks home
  14. Necropolis A guilds dimension!
  15. Deepwood <Beep Beep Ima Jeep> 2/3IG 3/5PB 4/4GA. Recruiting. 6-9
  16. Greybriar <Ascendance> 4/4 GA, 2/3 IG, 1/5 PB Recruiting for T2, West Coast Raid Times!
  17. Hailol We are <The Domain>
  18. Greybriar Flexible Mage & Warrior looking for t2 raiding guild
  19. Greybriar 9/9FT-EE 3/4GA <Fracture> Recruiting T1/T2 Warrior/Cleric Raid Times: Wed/Thurs/Sun
  20. Seastone <Drinks Well with Others> Recruiting for PVP and PvE
  21. Faeblight Bloodguard - Casual light RP guild
  22. Greybriar Warrior DPS looking for T2 raiding guild
  23. Greybriar Warrior DPS Looking for T2 Raiding Guild
  24. Gelidra <Trash on Farm> looking for T2 Raiders for further progression
  25. Faeblight <Nordvegr> is recruiting!
  26. Gelidra Rogue Bard / DPS LF T2 raiding Guild!
  27. Zaviel Luminance - Semi Hardcore Raiders
  28. Faeblight <Longshot Diplomacy> LFM Gaming Buddies!
  29. Faeblight LF relaxed endgame guild most active after 7:30pm ST.
  30. Gelidra <Unity CH2> Looking for T1 raiders
  31. Typhiria Looking for a Guild, Warrior lvl 25
  32. Faeblight LF Small - Medium Guild
  33. Wolfsbane Husband/wife team looking for a group to raid with.
  34. Faeblight <Destined> is recruiting mature players!
  35. Bloodiron ищу русскую гильдию
  36. Greybriar Looking for Guil
  37. Wolfsbane Acolytes Gaming Community- LF tier 1 & 2 Raiders
  38. Hailol LV 60 Rogue looking for Raiding guild-willing to change shard
  39. Seastone Lvl 20 rogue lf pvp/pve clan
  40. Typhiria No skill requirement - below lvl 20 - casual/PvE
  41. Gelidra <Proitorem> Looking for T2 Ready Core Raiders
  42. Threesprings Cleric LF a Competitive PVP Guild
  43. Hailol U.S. Server Player Willing to Transfer, multiple 60s More Info inside.
  44. Hailol T1 raiding guild in need of core raiders asap
  45. Greybriar Rogue looking for guild
  46. Deepwood Rogue looking for Progression Raiding Guild
  47. Gelidra Uk based player looking for Guild, big on PvP, willing to change server
  48. Greybriar <-Vendetta-> 4/4 GA 3/3 IG 4/5 PB - Recruiting For 2 Raid Teams!!!
  49. Gelidra LF guild (European servers) t2 content (Cleric)
  50. Laethys Cleric Tank LF T1 Raiding Guild
  51. Seastone <Divine Gods> Guild Recruiting
  52. Zaviel LF T1 raiding guild + T2 soon
  53. Zaviel <Wiewiorki Chaosu> Polish Guild - Polska gildia rekrutuje! [Polish announcement]
  54. Gelidra Proditorem a hardcore CASUAL guild recruiting t2 ready players! ;)
  55. Seastone Aspiring Tank looking for Raid / Rep Grind Guild
  56. Wolfsbane <Zealot Gaming>, Multi-gaming Clan Recruiting Members to Start End Game Content
  57. Wolfsbane Cleric LFGuild European hours
  58. Faeblight <Crayons> Progression Raiding (9 Hours / Week)
  59. Wolfsbane <GUNBAD> No attitudes, just nice people. (Age 21+ only.)
  60. Greybriar dps warrior lf guild
  61. Faeblight Holly's LFGuild resume: Jill of all trades
  62. Deepwood <Undecided> Recruiting T2 Ready Players 520++ Hit (Semi-Hardcore)
  63. Wolfsbane Returning player looking to learn the new stuff
  64. Seastone Cleric LF Dedicated PVP + Raid Guild
  65. Deepwood Returning Warrior Looking For A Casual Raiding Guild
  66. Deepwood Mage looking for casual raiding guild - any server
  67. Faeblight The Blackwood Company (RP Guild) Recruiting
  68. Seastone PVPErs Wanted..NO Matter what class you are...Social as Well!
  69. Gelidra <Black Rose Nobles> is recruiting raid members!
  70. Faeblight Rogue 9/9 2/4 1/3 2/5 lf Guild
  71. Deepwood T2 rogue lf clan
  72. Deepwood <VIRUS> 4/4 GA 2/3 IG and 3/5 PB : W/Th/Sun 4-8pm server
  73. Bloodiron Маг Пироменталист\Хлорка ищет статик
  74. Greybriar <Science> Raid Recruiting
  75. Wolfsbane <<Five Finger Death Punch>> "under and over it"
  76. Hailol Returning Warrior LF Guild
  77. Faeblight Descension Of Faeblight Looking For Cleric Healers, Warrior, and a Mage(Chloro)
  78. Deepwood Rogue Tank looking for Home (oldschool rift player)
  79. Typhiria Looking for a nice EU guild.
  80. Zaviel 3x T2 Applicants seek T2 raiding guild (20 man)
  81. Hailol Casual Gaymer Seeks Guild
  82. Greybriar War DPS looking for a hardcore T2 progression guild
  83. Wolfsbane Looking for raiding guild any server
  84. Hailol Warrior DPS LF T2 raiding guild
  85. Zaviel Looking for EU Guild
  86. Wolfsbane Warrior Tank looking for raiding guild
  87. Gelidra Looking for casual raiding guild
  88. Zaviel Rogue DPS Looking for a t1/t2 guild in EU shard!
  89. Greybriar The Secret Society Recruiting Solid Raiders. T1 and T2
  90. Typhiria <Molten Core CZ SK> Recruiting new players (CZ/SK only)
  91. Faeblight Serious inquiry! Looking for a mostly gay (GLBT) guild...
  92. Laethys Looking for Guild to start raiding with
  93. Faeblight <Seven Days Departed> Bringing the Best Personalities, Together.
  94. Deepwood DPS cleric looking for a guild - any server
  95. Laethys Half leveled cleric looking for friendly guild.
  96. Greybriar The Defenders of Light
  97. Hailol Looking for PvP guild
  98. Bloodiron look for russian guild/ишу русскую гильдию
  99. Wolfsbane <Havoc> 9pm M/W/F Pacific
  100. Greybriar New player looking for guild
  101. Faeblight Blackwood Company is recruiting!
  102. Faeblight Faebight - 2nd chance
  103. Seastone FeverClan Recruiting! ANY level of skill welcomed!
  104. Faeblight LFG of 5-7 T1 EST Players
  105. Greybriar Order of Shadow Recruiting - T2 5/8 4/4
  106. Hailol The PvP Flagship 4BOTH Factions!!
  107. Greybriar looking to start a new guild
  108. Deepwood Warrior and Mage team LF T2 guild
  109. Hailol <Chaos Rising>
  110. Faeblight The Royal Black Watch Invites You!
  111. Hailol T A S C is now recruiting for T2 CR's with 500 + hit no exceptions!
  112. Faeblight Returning Player LF Guild. Voice Chat Preferred.
  113. Faeblight <The Frozen> 4/12 T2:13/13 T1 - Semi-Casual Raiding Guild Recruiting
  114. Greybriar 8/9, 2/4 GA Mage LF T2 Progression Guild
  115. Faeblight Cleric Looking for Raiding Guild (willing to transfer shards)
  116. Seastone ::<Stoic> now recruiting!::(Defiant)
  117. Wolfsbane <Ethereal Storm> Accepting New Recruits! 4/4 FT 5/5 EE 2/4 GA and 1/5 PB 6-9 PST
  118. Hailol guild recruiting
  119. Greybriar Situational Awareness is a raiding guild looking to fill core for 20 man's
  120. Hailol Mage Healer LF raiding guild
  121. Seastone Looking for Guild
  122. Hailol Newbee 37 male with lots of gaming experance looking for guild
  123. Hailol Solid Raiding Mage, Looking for a Solid Guild!
  124. Hailol Pyro / Guild Needs (Mage) Looking for solid raiding guild.
  125. Seastone <Das FerreiraFam> Now Recruiting
  126. Greybriar T2 Rogue LFGuild
  127. Zaviel Rogue DPS/Support LF Raiding Guild
  128. Zaviel <Rocket Science> Recruiting
  129. Greybriar Inquisitor LF CASUAL Progressive Raiding Guild-Need Early East Coast Raid Times
  130. Faeblight 520 hit mage
  131. Deepwood Chinese Guild
  132. Greybriar Former <Vantage> MT Returning to Game, LF Top-Tier Guild
  133. Greybriar Small group of (4) T2 players looking for T2 guild (willing to transfer)
  134. Greybriar Ruckstar: Rogue LFGuild (late raid times)
  135. Greybriar Looking for guild
  136. Deepwood 60k Warrior Tank LFG
  137. Greybriar <Ashes of the Phoenix> is recruiting raiders
  138. Typhiria Spanish Guild
  139. Greybriar "Situational Awareness" LF More Raiders- Early East Coast Raid Times
  140. Faeblight Looking for Guild - RP and dungeoning
  141. Seastone new player looking for a community guild
  142. Deepwood Cleric tank looking for raiding progression guild (Any shard)
  143. Deepwood Sephora is recruiting
  144. Hailol Looking For a S.E.A guild. SG player.
  145. Hailol Fluffy Unicorn Latins
  146. Gelidra <The Seekers> GMT+2 guild looking for more raiders
  147. Deepwood <Divine Fury> 4/4 GA (x2) 2/3 IG 3/5 PB recruiting
  148. Greybriar [US or EU] Returning player looking for a casual active guild.
  149. Hailol Need Guild!
  150. Wolfsbane Weekend raiding after 9pm ST?
  151. Faeblight Cleric LF PvE Guild (T2?)
  152. Gelidra Old raider looking for casual raiding guild that raids 2 nights a week
  153. Deepwood <Shh..Don't fight it> on Deepwood is recruiting
  154. Deepwood <Virtue> - looking to fill our ranks
  155. Wolfsbane <Rift in Peace> Adult Gaming Community
  156. Bloodiron Pre-raid/leveling guild recruiting [Ember Watch]
  157. Greybriar <Last Attempt> 2/4 GA 1/3 IG 1/5 PBB Looking for T2 Raiders
  158. Greybriar Fracture 8/9FT/EE and 2/4GA - 6pm-9pm ST M-W-Th-Sunday Moving into T2
  159. Deepwood The guild Grey Wardens is recruting PVE
  160. Bloodiron Spanish Guild
  161. Greybriar looking to start a guild ?
  162. Shatterbone 33Tactician/6Bard/5Marksman
  163. Deepwood Guild Grey Wardens Recluta PVE
  164. Seastone Experienced Raid Healer (and Tank) looking for a Guild (will transfer)
  165. Seastone LF PVP Guild
  166. Hailol <Passive Aggressive> | Recruiting DPS for T1/T2 Progression | Wed/Thur/Sun 5-8PM ST
  167. Wolfsbane 521 hit Mage looking for t2/VERY close to t2 weekend guild
  168. Faeblight DPS Mage Looking for Guild
  169. Greybriar {Situational Awareness} Recruiting Raiders-East Coast Raid Times
  170. Zaviel <The Suffering> EU Semi-Hardcore Raiding Guild - 19:45 - 23:00 UK Time raids!
  171. Typhiria Does Anyone want Me?
  172. Faeblight Looking for guild.
  173. Bloodiron Svenska guilds, vart är ni? :) (PVE)
  174. Wolfsbane Rogue Tank/DPS/Support Looking
  175. Greybriar 520 Hit rogue LF raiding guild
  176. Gelidra [Typhiria] Vortex Esports Recruiting Raiders for the raiding team
  177. Greybriar White Fang - 4/4 GA, 2/3 IG, 2/5 PB is recruiting raiders for CORE raid spots.
  178. Faeblight CLERIC DPS Looking for FT.EE progression
  179. Wolfsbane looking for morning raiders!!!
  180. Faeblight Destined is now openly recruiting!
  181. Laethys The Hangman's Body Count
  182. Faeblight Eth/Bahmi pair seek guild
  183. Greybriar Rogue tank / Dps LF guild for T2 progression.
  184. Deepwood Couple seasoned raiders looking for a home :)
  185. Greybriar <-Vendetta-> 3/3 IG 3/5 PB 4/4 GA Recruiting raiders for 2 raid teams!!!
  186. Threesprings Seeking respectable guild...
  187. Seastone <Blood Brothers> (Guardian) is recuiting
  188. Wolfsbane 60 Mage Heals/Dps seeking T1 Raid Guild (Any Shard)
  189. Gelidra Sic Parvis Magna are looking for more cool dudes and chicks for raiding & social fun!
  190. Wolfsbane (will shard xfer) Rogue & Cleric looking for T2 raid guild
  191. Zaviel 9pm/10pm CET Raiding (Server move considered)
  192. Bloodiron Набор в русскую гильдию "Celestials"
  193. Faeblight 520 hit Chloro/Support Mage LF T2 Guild
  194. Wolfsbane Cletic Knights
  195. Hailol Cleric LF weekend raiding guild
  196. Deepwood Cleric looking for guild
  197. Hailol New Raid Guild, starting at Tier1 Storm Legion Content
  198. Greybriar Situational Awareness is a raiding guild looking to fill core for 20 man's
  199. Faeblight Looking for PVE guild
  200. Returning Rogue (52) Looking for Svenska Gille (Casual), Any server
  201. Laethys Aequalis Recruiting for Progression
  202. Greybriar Cleric tank in search of new home.
  203. Hailol Riftin Rednecks ISO Raiders
  204. Laethys Looking for raiding guild on any US shard (not just Laethys)
  205. Wolfsbane 12-15kDPS Rogue Lookin for Raiding Guild!(Any Server)
  206. Hailol <Prominence> Raiding Guild LF Versatility for T1/T2 Progression
  207. Seastone [Returning player][Cleric][Any Server]
  208. Bloodiron 60 Mage, LF PvP guild with some form of teamspeak
  209. Deepwood Cleric Healer LF raiding guild
  210. Wolfsbane Returning All-Class Player Looking for Guild
  211. Deepwood <Halcyon> Raids Tu/W/F 6-9 pm ST Now Recruiting!
  212. Cleric LF Guild to enjoy End-Game content with
  213. Seastone <Raven Soul>
  214. Deepwood Relatively new 60 Rogue 442hit/375Toughness.
  215. Wolfsbane New to raiding Mage, SEA region
  216. Greybriar Mage & Cleric LF T2 Progressed raiding guild.
  217. Deepwood Mage looking for home
  218. Faeblight <Nicely Played> is recruiting for T2 raid core. Raid days: Mon (farm) Wed, Fri/Sat T2
  219. Ceska gilda?
  220. Faeblight The Blackwood Company, an RP guild, is recruiting
  221. Seastone <Twisted Addiction> Recruiting Active Players for Experts/Raiding Core
  222. Zaviel New Tank/healer lf EU guild
  223. Hailol Warrior dps 20k dummy LF possible new guild
  224. Wolfsbane PvP Guild
  225. Laethys Looking for casual/active guild
  226. Gelidra UK player looking for UK based guild! Look in for what I need and can offer you!
  227. Faeblight RP Guild - In the Name of the Fallen, Recruiting!
  228. Greybriar 60 Warr 9/9 and 2/4 LF a Guild
  229. Faeblight Bloodmoon Conclave - RP guild seeking new members.
  230. Greybriar LF Guild Active Around Server Time +5
  231. Zaviel Looking for late hour raiding
  232. Greybriar -Vendetta- 4/4 GA 2/3 IG 3/5 PB Recruiting Raiders For 2 Raid Teams!
  233. Gelidra <Fidelity> recruiting friendly social people
  234. Faeblight You could not ask for a finer Cleric Inquisitor!
  235. Wolfsbane noob looking for guild
  236. Faeblight Cleric Looking To Raid
  237. Greybriar <Beautiful Insanity> - TDQ/IDH 4/4, FT 3/4 - Tier 1 Raiding
  238. Gelidra Searching for home..?
  239. Laethys 527 hit Mage dps/healer/support
  240. Returning player lvl 50 mage lfg
  241. Zaviel A none false advertising guild?
  242. Laethys <Aequalis> - Progression weekend raiding - laid back 18+ community. Join us!
  243. Hailol Exceptional Altaholic seeks guilds for raidng
  244. Deepwood 520 hit Mage LF tier 2 raiding guild any server
  245. Wolfsbane Returning player LF guild
  246. Faeblight Neckbeard Alliance - And the quest for the Wire Bristled Brush
  247. Wolfsbane Rogue Raider LF Weekday/night Guild (Sun evening-Th only)
  248. Wolfsbane Returning Rogue Raider LF G
  249. Deepwood 60 Archon/Dominator looking for large active older player's guild
  250. Faeblight 460 Hit Inquisitor In Need of Casual East Coast Raiding Guild