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  1. What is this in the middle of my screen and how do I get rid of it?
  2. [ADDON] Gadgets: Arc Castbar
  3. Items.xml enhancement?
  4. Creating buttons
  5. Looking to setup Macro to port to home shard
  6. Add On for Crushing Xarth's Skull Event?
  7. [Addon] fragRecycle
  8. [Addon] Rat hunter
  9. Anyone know of a Fishing add-on that makes fishing more obvious?
  10. raredar
  11. Is there... ?
  12. How to hide text errors from cancelbuffing not active toggleable buffs?
  13. macro
  14. Using /abilitybar to place macros?
  15. Damage Meter (Rift 4.0)
  16. If your game is crashing due to addons
  17. Is there a mana tracking Gadget?
  18. Still having Karrul cooldown problems.
  19. Is there an Addon that can port to a specific shard?
  20. Technical/Addon Patch Notes and/or addon API changes for 4.0?
  21. Karuul and Legendaries
  22. Macro aborting when trying to activate some powers
  23. [Addon] RaidCoolDowns - Rift 4.0
  24. Info on addon making?
  25. Makro erstellen Ritter der Leere
  26. New Gadgets element
  27. Preset Emotes Macro Page
  28. Wardrobe Catalogue
  29. Social/Alerts Tray and Combat Fade
  30. Minimizing chat window
  31. Rogue help
  32. Can Gadgets be role-specific and not just character-specific?
  33. [UI Request] Main ability bar
  34. kalert for ability ready/cool down sometimes not showing
  35. EQDKP generates a Rift invite macro and invite your raid member with one click
  36. Weird macro bug (?)
  37. [ADDON PVP] nkWar
  38. Too Much Information ... ingame, kalerts, KBM
  39. Raid frame that only shows whitelisted buff/debuff?
  40. Combat Text
  41. Toggling HUD
  42. UI Recommendation for Tracking Wartouched
  43. Tracking GCD timer
  44. Tech Request: Add a Hook for Shard Switching
  45. raid finder
  46. Use item not following macro order
  47. [ADDON] nkHelios
  48. How to show marked target portraits on screen?
  49. make 'target' macro to rotate targets
  50. Avoid Channeling Interruption?
  51. Kalert Bugged After Hotfix?
  52. how to stop shift modifier?
  53. [Addon] nkAdvisor:Loot
  54. Macro to dimension
  55. [Add-On] Pull Timer
  56. Make raid frames show only non-raid-wide debuffs
  57. Anyone using imohar bag addon?
  58. Macro for shard hopping & interact nearest
  59. How do I get my DPS Meter back
  60. All chat channels on Typhiria for EU clients, useless event ann. for chars@Brutwacht
  61. Different Screen Resolution Solution?
  62. [Addon] Rift Raid Alert - spoken raid warnings
  63. Trouble with add on folder
  64. EasyMail Addon stopped working
  65. KAlert hour long buff that has the same name as a proc
  66. RaidBuffWatcher (Anything near)
  67. In game email change
  68. Add-Ons [Rift NkAdvisor: Loot
  69. Why use @targettarget?
  70. Is expanding the RIFT API dead?
  71. How to import os in lua?
  72. Macro to switch actionbar?
  73. Macro to cast interrupt only if target channelling (blue bar)
  74. Recommended addons for a returning player?
  75. bankit addon
  76. Macro to interrupt Nysyr's Rebuke in order to cast interrupt
  77. nkRebuff active buffs display faded/translucent
  78. Setting up a KAlert for my Primalist
  79. add action bar?
  80. Spellflash addon
  81. kalert
  82. Is it possible to make a single macro for all your self-buffs?
  83. Introducing Rift Logs (Alpha)
  84. Several addons cause Rift instability on Skylake-based system
  85. Chat channel for boss attack announcements?
  86. Macro [Notactive] having issues
  87. Get addons through glyph?
  88. RIFT Music Addon/Mod??
  89. Difference in Damage Meters
  90. Map Extension
  91. PABuffs
  92. Crafting Dailies
  93. Macro: Tabbing between targets
  94. Affinity
  95. Cross-server macros?
  96. Kalert question
  97. Error with Eldritch Armor buff Macro
  98. Summon/dismiss macro for Defiler's beacon
  99. All I want is a simple boss cast bar
  100. Consuming hardware events and macros
  101. CPU saving letterbox addon!
  102. Looking for a specific chat addon/macro
  103. sugesting to add macro delay
  104. Triggers
  105. Addon for Recently Used Casts?
  106. Changing UI scale from out of game
  107. Bananah(Addon) Crashing
  108. Macro to mass guild invite?
  109. Rift Meter question
  110. Supermeter and Primalist
  111. Best way to back up addons
  112. [Addon] PullTimer
  113. raretracker issue
  114. Macro editing issues
  115. Is there a shard hop add on yet?
  116. Any suggestions for tank add ons?
  117. Replacement/similar addon to UpgradeMe?
  118. Did a nomod option ever get added...
  119. Stripped down Cunning/Fury bar wanted
  120. Is there an AdBlock addon for this game?
  121. Groupwatch or similar
  122. [RIFT API] event for primalist resource
  123. Ctrl modifier on 3rd mouse button
  124. Kalert macro
  125. Need help on FPS Issue :( thank you!!
  126. Ground targeting aoe at targets target
  127. UI Moving
  128. [macro] @mouseover not working as intended
  129. Addon to Track GCD
  130. More control over audio possible?
  131. Updated dps meter?
  132. Ability Spy?
  133. What is the name of this Addon?
  134. [Addon] KAlert not displaying Conductive Medium properly
  135. Making Quest Font bigger
  136. Karrul Alert
  137. Hiding Combo Points Under Portrait
  138. Quick Question about KBM
  139. Macro's copy/paste
  140. Problems with Command.Auction.Analyze
  141. notactive macro doesnt work
  142. Any Addons
  143. Mystery addon is deleting my Infernal Conduits.. how to track down the culprit?
  144. Discoveries XML files
  145. One Bag Request
  146. Need help with recursion and event release
  147. Macro?: Anyway to get /use and /cast to play nice?
  148. Character variables export?
  149. @mouseoverui failing?
  150. Alignment Issues With 60% Global UI
  151. [Addon] Choco's Cooldowns (CCD)
  152. Help: Need an addon developer
  153. Don't understand Karuul alert...
  154. Macro to turn party names on/off
  155. [Addon]Raidextension-GermanClient
  156. Can you add audio to add ons?
  157. An Explanation of the "AbilityBar" command and the implications of what's to come
  158. Can macro modifier affect the performance?
  159. Minion Trainer 2.0 Beta!
  160. Addon Tooltip Anchor Point
  161. Carbonite addon for Rift
  162. Change Addon Directory
  163. Need help with macros.
  164. Any working inventory managment addons?
  165. Objects Moving
  166. importui not working?
  167. RaidCoolDowns?
  168. Toggle Names
  169. How To Untrack A Completed Achievement ??
  170. Sharable Action Bars - new request
  171. Is there a Right Click option to use in macros?
  172. Custom action bars
  173. Action Bars won't activate
  174. Macro for Pull Timer
  175. MM Macro's ?
  176. Riftparse.com
  177. Search Option in the store
  178. ADDON for chat requested
  179. [Addon] New Raid Finder
  180. Boss Watch
  181. AddWatch alternative
  182. Battle Rez addon?
  183. [ADDON] nkCartographer
  184. Question - Addon UpgradeMe
  185. Achievement Notifier
  186. [Addon] nkCartographer [ALPHA]
  187. Summon Friend, from Loyalty Rewards - Macro with Tooltip
  188. Where can I find some layouts?
  189. macro help
  190. Looking for Encounter Instruction Addon
  191. Macro syntax
  192. Riftparse
  193. [Addon] nkAdvisor - Loot
  194. [Request] XP/Hour Bar or Box
  195. [Addon] Sync Mo Friends
  196. Kalert help?
  197. Macro help request.
  198. [Addon] - Crafty (updated)
  199. Buff/debuff clutter issue
  200. Bag position bug
  201. [UI] Bag position bugging.
  202. Is there a PvP killstreak Macro with Unreal Tournaments spree's?
  203. [Addon] StarTipG [Fixed version of StarTip-Rift] - tooltip next to the mouse
  204. A not about my nk addon range
  205. [Macro]cast only if X buff is up
  206. [Addon] Power of Nightmares
  207. [Addon] Life_UI
  208. [Addon] Minion Sender
  209. [Addon] Mamigo
  210. Lets see your UI!
  211. [Addon] Minion Trainer
  212. Way to indicate focus in a "say" macro? (like %t = target)
  213. Minon API feedback
  214. Macros not working?
  215. Rift Meter
  216. Missed Quests on big map.
  217. [Addon] Zone Event Tracker
  218. BiS Broken for everyone?
  219. Are addons dead?
  220. Macros to enable/disable pet abilities?
  221. [Addon] nkRadial
  222. UI completely resetting
  223. Is there a conquest countdown addon?
  224. Macros for camera control?
  225. Getting Abilities/Attacks from a mob
  226. How to clean your chat
  227. How to clean you chat
  228. How to get UnitID (hex) from a mob ?
  229. Weird behavior of @mouseoverui and [notactive]
  230. RaidCoolDowns
  231. ArtifactTracker addon is legal???
  232. Open World Nightmare Rift Addon request
  233. New addon idea that I will pay plat for lmfao
  234. Is there a way to shut theses buffs off?
  235. Quest Finder on Big Map...
  236. Trying to find an add-on...
  237. Gadgets Images addon code question.
  238. Addon Request: LootDISPLAY
  239. Rift doesn't "see" my addons despite being in the right place
  240. Request; Eye of the storm and Hailstorm watcher
  241. Requesting Crafting addon to be made
  242. Custom Mofix UI Edit.
  243. Minion addon
  244. [Addon] RGM
  245. Very important question about resizing the item/inventory tooltip
  246. Rgm
  247. AOE spell macro
  248. Spell Sequence
  249. Target Macros on Green Daily Mobs
  250. CC timer Addon?