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  1. Trouble with Abilities Not Being Activated In Macro
  2. Chat Login/Out Filter
  3. can we control hotbar layout?
  4. Raid Buff/Debuff Add-on
  5. Any addon that allows notes on map
  6. Can you put up a sticky how to add addons please
  7. LF X to level addon
  8. Equipment Swap Macro
  9. [Addon] DailyCraftingMaterials
  10. LF Addon
  11. Ok. I need help..or I'm going to have to quit :(
  12. Will this macro work?
  13. Addons keep resetting/// Need help
  14. Storm Legion
  15. Possible to make a Shard Selector app?
  16. Healium?
  17. LF Addon
  18. Click Box Healer assistance
  19. [ADDON] nkAdvisor
  20. Can't install addons
  21. [Addon] Book of the Fallen Reborn
  22. [Addon]Montage's Killing Blow Indicator
  23. looking for soulwalk addon
  24. Addon for tracking favor and PvP kills?
  25. [Addon] EZRebuff
  26. [Addon] Gadgets: WildGrowth
  27. [Addon] Tome, an RP support addon for RIFT
  28. [Addon] AHShortcut
  29. Can I have a Wardrobe / Mount macro pls ?
  30. I want Recount
  31. Wish RIFT had its own internal damage meter.
  32. IS there a addon that shows the damage u do sideways
  33. SMARTBUFF for Rift
  34. [Addon] JABOB - Just A Bunch Of Bags
  35. Dialog box fonts in addons
  36. Edit layout
  37. Weapons Buff Macro
  38. Its possible to put item link in macro ?
  39. saved UI is no good
  40. UI and click-cast on frames
  41. Add on -- Any way to get soul info?
  42. [Addon] Gadgets: Outfitter
  43. [AddOn] Merisioux -- now updated! *Mandatory Update* before 2.5
  44. Why won't my macro work?
  45. [Addon] PopupItems
  46. Health Bars Above Head
  47. OmniCC type addon?
  48. How to hide default ui frames?
  49. Mouse button binds
  50. Can't change UI scale
  51. conceal macro wont supress failures
  52. [Addon] Rifter
  53. Equipment Char window.
  54. [Addon] ResourceTracker
  55. Music replacer?
  56. Please fix the Social Window Sort functionality!
  57. [Addon] Teleporter
  58. Macroing vs Non macroing your rotation?
  59. Viewport Settings?
  60. Curious if anyone uses Razer synapse 2.0
  61. Is there a way to link an ability in chat through a macro?
  62. Edit Layout makes interface windows permanently unavailable
  63. Wild growth macro breaking everytime in chloro spec
  64. Do any raid frames actually work?
  65. Lua script in a macro to click "ok" on invitations/rezzes?
  66. Macro Cancelbuff makes me sick
  67. Is there a way to have Multiple UI Layouts?
  68. Can i display monsters in a list? If so, then how?
  69. How to addons?
  70. Simple UI Problem
  71. Macro with modifier wont queueu skill that uses modifier
  72. Cleric Druid Macro Question
  73. Up to date epgp addon?
  74. Can I keybind a macro?
  75. Addons Conversions.
  76. Macro to dismiss a pet (Beacon of Despair)
  77. Need some addons, help needed!
  78. [REQ] Reminder addon
  79. [Addon] Backchat -- fix chat backgrounds
  80. Addons like Bartender and Xperl
  81. Healing Add ons?
  82. [ADDON] nkRebuff
  83. Lua script inside of macro
  84. KBM "Ready!" Bar
  85. Add-On Settings not saving
  86. Target buffs, anyway to make them smaller or more managable?
  87. Can addons corrupt Windows?
  88. [Addon] King Boss Mods
  89. Toggle show/hide Helm
  90. Does this exist? Friendlist Sync | Ignorelist Sync?
  91. Which chat channel displays addon output?
  92. What is a good DPS meter?
  93. Buff Macro not working?
  94. Help! Gaming Keyboard Macros+Mouseover Macros
  95. Meter addon to show total damage/dps in current fight?
  96. [ADDON] nkRWardrobe Reloaded
  97. Nameplate Height Adjustment
  98. Empowered Shot & Lock N Load
  99. Map marks
  100. Mouseover > Target macro help.
  101. [ADDON] SlideDown Continued
  102. I found like someone to help me. I need a macro. I have 1 arn and 1/2 brain.
  103. [Addon] Roles
  104. Addon coding help
  105. Is there an addon for an NPC finder?
  106. How to remove party and raid frames.
  107. cleric macro
  108. Scroll wheel bindings (or lack thereof)
  109. Click Box Healer - Custom Macro Guide
  110. lock ability buttons macro ?
  111. Click-cast addon (to work with any targetable frames)?
  112. Character movemet, map functionality, auto-routing.
  113. Misspelling on a tooltip.
  114. Help,Simple meter
  115. Local or cloud storage of macros, keybindings etc?
  116. [Addon] Hand Me Down (Artifact mailing addon)
  117. Action Bar Bugged
  118. Is there a Gatherer-like add-on for Rift
  119. [SUGGESTION] Wardrobe change macro commands.
  120. Ground marking addon for raiding
  121. Is there an addon that allows you to display the fps more promionently or pin it ?
  122. Tsuki UI - Healer and DPS
  123. Addon request: Block infinity stone loot
  124. Action Bar Addons?
  125. Way to request addons?
  126. Quick question for those of you using Rift Meter
  127. default screen messages
  128. Card game or board game in Rift
  129. Enormous Shop Window
  130. Waypoint Addon
  131. Question about replacing 3 things on the UI.
  132. Problems with macros
  133. Need help with Rogue (Huntsman/Sharpshooter Rolls
  134. [MACRO] Looking to mass kick guild members after X amount of days offline?
  135. Special character in AddOn directory path
  136. [Addon] Quest Finder
  137. [Macro] Why are some macros working and some not?
  138. How to set mentor level when solo? Portrait options missing it
  139. Sliding bar cooldown tracking mod?
  140. Group Quest Tracker Addon
  141. [macro] help
  142. DPS/HPS Meters: Does it Help or Hurt The Way You Play?
  143. [addon] Click Box Healer
  144. Is It Possible to Replace the Loading Screens?
  145. Question Regarding Player Created Chat Channels
  146. Addon to show a character/friend is in range?
  147. UI layout issues
  148. Help Please...
  149. [REQUEST] Wardrobe Changer
  150. List of Addons
  151. Default Name Plates turning on by them selves.
  152. Is there a setting or add on to just show dispellable buffs for Marksman?
  153. Welcome to Addons, Macros, and UI!
  154. Macros.
  155. Macro Not Working?
  156. Help with a macro
  157. Macros
  158. [Addon] KaruulAlert - Karuul's Alerting System
  159. [Addon] BananAH - Auction House Addon
  160. [AddOn] BiS Calendar
  161. [ADDON] Resource Radar
  162. [ADDON] Carnage Book
  163. [Addon] Gadget's: Currency Bar
  164. [Addon] Babytown Killer (WIP)
  165. [Addon] Dimension Toolbox
  166. Macros you can't live without
  167. Macro's other than ability icons?
  168. [Addon] Gadgets: Buffs
  169. [Addon] Gadget's: Stats
  170. [Addon] Easy Mail
  171. Emotes
  172. [Addon] Gadgets
  173. Macro Assistance for my Movement Macro
  174. Hey devs, how come no UI section?
  175. [Addon] Imhothar's Bags
  176. ZAM's Guide to Macros
  177. Guide to Help Set up Your Own Mouse-Over Macro's
  178. Guide to Combat Parsing, How To Set it up and What it Does: Part 2
  179. Guide to Combat Parsing, How To Set it up and What it Does: Part 1
  180. The Comprehensive Macro Guide
  181. Ultimate Rift Macro Guide