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  1. Successful Purge / Interrupt / Cleanse Tracker
  2. Cleansing Addon!!
  3. ACT Triggers
  4. join public group button
  5. Mouse Over Macros and Out of Range Targets.
  6. Help with Karuul Alert PLEASE!
  7. World , Zone Map Overlay for artifacts
  8. Combatlog addon?
  9. Hiding "could not cast unknown ability" error messages in macros?
  10. Addon: Attend, player made update anywhere, or an alternative?
  11. LF Addon: In game Events tracker
  12. Anyone having problems with Click Box Healer?
  13. LF Addon: to remove Portrait from my target
  14. I think you guys should seriously consider...
  15. Shortcut to toggle onscreen tchat and quest log ?
  16. Macro for channeled abilities
  17. [addon] KTE2
  18. Is it possible?
  19. Only 1st spell cast
  20. Interupts and Cleanse
  21. [Addon] Crafting Material Information
  22. assist no longer working
  23. %t for mouseover target
  24. Problem with addons
  25. [Addon Request] Invite Guild Range?
  26. Way to target deselect if sticky targeting enabled?
  27. BananAH 0.4.14 problem
  28. Warzone Scoreboard FFS!!
  29. UI Life Bar help a noob out.
  30. Gadgets possible bug?
  31. Quest tracking frame keeps moving, Also, recommended Gadget setup I can import?
  32. about macro naming
  33. Debuff tracker addon?
  34. Add-On Request: Monitor Channels
  35. [Addon Request] Battlerezz only
  36. Can I make a macro to target non-specific party or raid members?
  37. Newbie Question About Macros and Items
  38. Any good aggro meter addon?
  39. Friendlist Add-on
  40. Hotbar modifications?
  41. Is there a way to make chat text larger?
  42. Indiana's Artifact Catalogue
  43. language for macros
  44. Internal cooldowns
  45. Macros to show target's spell name
  46. [REQUEST] Damage/Healing numbers font changer?
  47. how do you cast @focus
  48. How can i make my raredar show when other people find rare mobs?
  49. Is there a rangefinder addon that is not part of gadgets?
  50. LF addon
  51. Mere healing, selecting frames?
  52. Name Plate Addons?
  53. Macros and why they won't work for me...
  54. XMacros Addon help
  55. Show extra action bars while inside vehicle?
  56. Possible Addon like Simple Unit Frames in WoW
  57. skill+chat macro=unknown command
  58. addon help : unit/raid frames and buff tracking
  59. cast spell if buff is active
  60. UI Windows Creeping Upwards
  61. Accurate tracking of absorbs?
  62. Macro help
  63. [ADDON] nkQuestLog
  64. karuulalert Question
  65. Problems with conquest tracker addon
  66. Macro: Assist Focus
  67. Nameplates keep reverting to default
  68. Keybind to Temporary Action Button
  69. Crafty: A crafting dailies helper
  70. DPS Meters
  71. Moving frames of Click Box Healer
  72. Easily targeting the tank's target
  73. #show Thread of Death
  74. Spell Sequencer
  75. Kinda still new
  76. what is this macro you speak of?
  77. Macro Sort?
  78. '' No target with the name : '' spam.how do i stop it
  79. Quest Finder update?
  80. [ADDON] nkZoo
  81. [ADDON] nkWardrobe
  82. Addon showing EVERY ability a player used instead of just damage and healing?
  83. Party/raid buffs
  84. [ADDON] nkPanel
  85. Dimensions: Magic Carpet Add On - Possible to Update?
  86. Raid assistant macro?
  87. Multiboxing allow?
  88. New to rift, and trying to sort out macro's...
  89. For the KBM developer
  90. Question/problem with karuul alert.
  91. legality of macro stuff ?
  92. Searching for an addon
  93. IQ macro
  94. track dots/hots on multiple targets?
  95. Cleric macro - BoJ Instant cast/GCD question
  96. Cannot paste text into macros
  97. Curse Hacked?
  98. downloaded addons to proper rift folder, not showing up on list
  99. Macros May Need Nerfing
  100. UI Layout on New Server (Shard)
  101. Can Super Meter track damage over the course of a dungeon?
  102. Saving auction house data to file
  103. Switching between Focus and target Macro
  104. Change Health Bar Colour (enemies)
  105. is there a addon for guild inviting
  106. Addon for tracking tagets target on multiple mobs
  107. UI Elements do not stay where placed
  108. Targeting Macro
  109. "Remaining Uses" for an ability
  110. DPS Meter ADD-ON
  111. I can not use macro
  112. My Role Play
  113. Click through invis hotbars?
  114. guild rally
  115. Cant figure out
  116. Hide Illusions macro
  117. Curse Addons Through Steam?
  118. best PvP addons?
  119. Request for MailBox Addon
  120. Resource tracker?
  121. Where to put a new addon?
  122. Tomtom doesn't show any more
  123. How to copy keybinds/addon config from another character to a new one?
  124. [Addon] RaidFinder
  125. Question regarding macro.
  126. Looking for Bind and Macro help
  127. SWF seeks macro...must love dogs...
  128. Could not cast unknown abillity
  129. [Textures] TexturePack
  130. LF Macro/Addon Resource
  131. The subtleties of queuing macros
  132. Weapon Macro help needed
  133. problem for addons
  134. Necro Macro problem
  135. Action bar 1 issue in Storm Breaker Protocol with Tsuki UI
  136. [Macro] Help with DOT macro
  137. Help please...
  138. Can API open Rift Store? Sell Greys? Filter my chat? Mail?
  139. looking for addon blocker
  140. [Addon] Gadgets: Lifeismystery Unit Frame
  141. RiftHealer & Target Macro
  142. Macro not working?
  143. health bar
  144. I've seen this asked for repeatedly
  145. [Addon] RiftActionbarCooldowns
  146. [Addon] RiftHud
  147. Macro to buff an item
  148. Purifier -Self Symbol Casts
  149. Combat Log Bug - Affects Meters
  150. Macro Information Request
  151. saveequip
  152. Is there some addon like BattlegroundTargets for WoW?
  153. is there a way to hide debuffs you cant cure in the default raid frame?
  154. Karuul Alert for my buffs only?
  155. Zone Achievement Addon?
  156. Magic Carpet Help
  157. Removing target castbar and target of target castbar
  158. Upgrade me Druid weights
  159. 2 "no cooldown" ability possible in Macro?
  160. Is there an addon like this?
  161. [ADDON] Super Meter
  162. Looking For AddOn
  163. Cleric Healing Macros
  164. Are fish bots allowed?
  165. ClickBoxHealer broken?
  166. Error text when attempting to use a macro.
  167. New to macros and need help
  168. Are these old UI still any good?
  169. Rift Meter (recount)
  170. Buff icons, buff icons and more buff icons!
  171. macro to change specs.
  172. Useful kalerts
  173. [Request] Minimap Rotation with Circular Shape
  174. [ADDON] nkAdvisor:Loot
  175. Tiny bags on screen
  176. Custom Channel mess
  177. #show Role/Soul icons in macro?
  178. Inventory/Equipment manager question
  179. Restoring Bags position to default.
  180. Spammable tab target/nearest enemy macro
  181. Cast on self add on
  182. TomTom addon.
  183. can only run one macro at a time
  184. is there a addon to type in cord to have it mark map for you
  185. Healer Addons
  186. Cant paste macro. Help!
  187. New Rift Skin?
  188. Summon Pet in Macro?
  189. Graphic modifications
  190. Combo counter?
  191. kalerts not working properly after death?
  192. Add On to save the world.
  193. Any addon that show what spell of cd?
  194. Click Box Healer Addon Macro Help
  195. Help locating Cursor UI
  196. Macro command for targeting an area?
  197. DKP Addon
  198. Help with Macros
  199. Raid frame settings
  200. Healing Addons not seeing mouse 4 and 5 buttons.
  201. Alert based on my name being used
  202. Constantly Have To Resize Chat Window
  203. Move The Respawn Counter Window?
  204. Auction House price addon like Auctioneer
  205. Looking for an addon used for mouseovers.
  206. [UI] Chat window cuts off/corrupts text randomly
  207. Rift isn't recognizing addons
  208. Macro help
  209. Need help with level 43 Rogue, 40 bard/7 NB/10 RS Macros!!
  210. Issue with Karuul Alert
  211. Need Addon to place mark on map
  212. Dungeon/Raid loot table?
  213. Chloromancer Withering Vines addon?
  214. [UI]Diamond quest indicator going mad
  215. Need/Greed windows in the way
  216. Artifact Addon
  217. Need cooldowns and timers UI addon. Please help.
  218. Looking for Script to Share Earned Achievements and Group Quests.
  219. Grandpa needs help with a macro
  220. need some usefull macros for a warrior or rogue!!
  221. Preset Gadgets Layouts Available?
  222. Automated foraging, butchering
  223. Saving Gadget Layouts between computers
  224. Map notes?
  225. An effective UI, how?
  226. how to Macro
  227. Gadget Help Please
  228. Need help with Macros.
  229. [REQUEST] New Dim Toolbox Addon
  230. Cycling through Group Members
  231. [ADDON] nkReputation
  232. Identify these Frames Please
  233. Teleport Ground Selection Macro
  234. Mark Target Macros?
  235. How can I reset the chat window size?
  236. PA XP tracking before lvl 50
  237. looking for raid frames that does this -
  238. Macro modifiers
  239. macro help
  240. Is there an addon where I can put it coordinates and it would mark them on the map?
  241. [Request] CC Tracker
  242. Why in the flaming hell can I not put my buffs in a cast sequence?
  243. [REQUEST/QUESTION] Events & Achivements
  244. Hotbar Cooldown numbers
  245. Odd Macro error or am I straight wackadoo?!
  246. What is this addon?
  247. Pressing vs Clicking
  248. Command /abilitybar
  249. [Addon] MapPOI
  250. 1 keystroke Macro. Need Help.