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  1. Mobile app down?
  2. Not receiving rewards.
  3. Plz fix app for android
  4. More character Details on the selection screen
  5. Scratch off and F2P values
  6. Blackberry 10 - Rift Mobile App
  7. Dreaming Stars on App now.
  8. Question about friends on mobile app
  9. Dreamed a Odd Dream
  10. Cant access friends list
  11. [BUG] Incorrect Number of Credits Deducted
  12. Planar invasion
  13. Please make improvements to mobile app
  14. How do you log off toons on kindle fire?
  15. No more Carnival scratch offs?
  16. Constant disconnect
  17. crss fraction tells
  18. Add Conquest Timer to Mobile App Please!
  19. Failed to connect to server!
  20. Nexus 4 - can't get guild chat, error connecting
  21. the scratch games
  22. What game do you recommend doing? I been just doing Carnival Candy,
  23. Telaran Wedding Mementos from Shinies
  24. Increase the Play Count build-up from 6 to 24!
  25. Keep getting network connection error
  26. Windows 8 phone?
  27. Using setting
  28. Logging out of Mobile app?
  29. 8-9 Snake Tears from Shinies in under 3 months.
  30. Mobile Bug
  31. Guild Chat function is a time machine
  32. can you change mobile status when logging out?
  33. shinies nerf
  34. Lootables credits disappearing; stuck at Loading Lootables message
  35. Paid mobile App would you
  36. Corrupted Sourcestone
  37. Ghost whispers
  38. No characters created?!?!
  39. Phone stats to use RIFT Mobile?
  40. Ipad version - rewards not coming in the mail
  41. Wrong Character logged in ?
  42. pvp scratch off game
  43. Any actual plans for the Mobile App?
  44. Rift Mobile not working right now?
  45. Some suggestion for Rift Mobile with SL
  46. [Android] not recieving rewards
  47. Bluestacks not mailing items
  48. Not receiving rewards
  49. Unable to log in via RIFT Mobile
  50. Replay button?
  51. IOS Planarite scratch-off awards not correct
  52. having issues with the lootable section
  53. Item links not functioning
  54. No Shard selection
  55. Rift Mobile chat extension idea
  56. Guild Chat - Not updating while signed in
  57. Invasion Alerts not sending Notifications iPhone 5 iOS 6.0.2
  58. Crafty Critters - Artisan's Marks
  59. Add Fish Rewards
  60. Mire chat options please
  61. Tells from...no one?
  62. Update to Storm Legion?
  63. Infinity stones?
  64. Scratch offs refuse to load
  65. No more augs in Planar Invasion?
  66. Suggestions: Things I would like to see and would pay for
  67. TRION: Will build Windows Phone 8 / Windows 8 RT app for Free.
  68. More like Mobile Armory pls
  69. Not Updating Characters
  70. Update Delay Error
  71. Whispers through the app
  72. Suggestion for Mobile App
  73. Rift Mobile currently not working?
  74. Any new features coming now that SL is out?
  75. NOT recieving my winnings :(
  76. rift mobile for windows phones
  77. Cant Login to mobile App
  78. We need to know what going on. Mobile users Unite
  79. Adding forums to the app?
  80. Not receiving loot in mail after wins on Mobile App.
  81. Matching 3 symbols in a row but not winning?
  82. Update with SL Loots
  83. Guildlogin issues
  84. The App is Broken Again
  85. Old Crafting Augments
  86. iphone 3g scratchcard bug
  87. Why is this not available for windows phone?
  88. Change in win rate???
  89. Speed up your scratchers
  90. Mobile and Storm Legion.
  91. Mobile not working after 1.11 patch
  92. Please remove the pumpkin patch scratcher.... (also a bug with the app)
  93. "RIFT Mobile App Beta" forum
  94. Volume control
  95. planner invaaion mini game.
  96. please REMOVE "replay"
  97. Cant Login to mobile App
  98. A thank you to Trion for the Event scratchcard!
  99. Some issues with new Pumpkin Patch mini game
  100. New (Limited Time) Pumpkin Patch Scratch Off
  101. Adding lvl50 chat
  102. Conquest notification and/or countdown in Rift App
  103. No contacts/guild info after transferring/renaming
  104. Players unable to send whispers to Mobile App users
  105. Player Could not be found
  106. User must add you as friend or guildmate...
  107. Failed to Connect to Server
  108. Suggestion: Fishing
  109. Apps for Tablets
  110. Why oh why?
  111. Guild chat access via browser
  112. Mobile Character and Stat Viewer
  113. Guild chat not refreshing -
  114. Crafty Drops
  115. New game, new rewards
  116. App Idea
  117. Randomize the wins.
  118. mobile app
  119. Friends and new guildmates not showing up
  120. Mobile App dead
  121. Getting low level loot on minigame.
  122. Bug issue with charachters not showing up on account.
  123. glitch
  124. win rate declining
  125. Android: New Characters Not Showing
  126. No more development on the Rift app...
  127. No smartphone? Run the mobile app on your PC, completely free.
  128. Can't tap item links anymore - blank screen?
  129. suggestion: mobile app notification/timer for Conquests
  130. Whispers
  131. Guild issue
  132. Kindle or keyfob auth, please?
  133. Login screen not responding.
  134. mobile app servers down?
  135. Odds on the Rift addon scratch off.
  136. Rift mobile authenticator Cannot setup the application.
  137. Items not arriving in mail!
  138. New Game
  139. Bluestacks and Rift Mobile
  140. Planar Invasion Game
  141. Screen not showing properly
  142. How do I log on a different account?
  143. Two observations/recommendations
  144. iOS Notifications Error.
  145. Include Forum
  146. is this still being developed?
  147. Black screen on planar invasion
  148. iOS Notifications Not Working?
  149. Need Gold or Silver for winnings
  150. pvp lootable??
  151. Planar Invasion 3rd row bugged?
  152. Tells to mobile app ingame bugged?
  153. in game mails on the app?
  154. How about a fishing scratchcard
  155. Win Rate on crafty critters?
  156. How can I fix blocky text?
  157. Cannot log in / no toons on this account
  158. Crafty Critters Bug
  159. rift mobile and blackberry ?
  160. Rift Mobile - Tells
  161. Guild not showing in app.
  162. Android: item links not working
  163. Android, not receiving the loot I won
  164. After carnival
  165. [Android & iOS]Missing graphics in minigames
  166. Rift App help!
  167. Mobile App - Well done.
  168. What would you like to see included with the mobile app?
  169. Win rate gone up after 1.8?
  170. I miss the Carnival game already
  171. Different game displays than selected game
  172. Bug an Android 4.0.4
  173. anyway to hide my characters from guild roster?
  174. Guild chat not updating on andoid
  175. Ignore not working
  176. iOS: Missing info from chat links
  177. RIFT Mobile Web App
  178. Event notifications don't seem to be working.
  179. Suddenly, errors connecting to servers all over!
  180. Can't erad info for lootables nor get regular scratch cards
  181. FC on re-connect
  182. App suggestions
  183. The game is on Windows but no app for WP7 phones? What nonsense is this?
  184. Nokia Windows phone coming out on AT&T next week - RIFT APP?
  185. No access to server?
  186. Bug: Prize description leaking out
  187. Sometimes app wont register a win
  188. Request / Suggestion
  189. Nook conversion
  190. Scratch games... REPLAY is annoying
  191. iOS - Some images not appearing in the mini game area
  192. Rift Mobile App not working.
  193. Could we get clean copies of the scratch-off apps?
  194. Issues with Rift Mobile.
  195. [Compatibility Issue] Please update Market
  196. Pattern to determine if you win
  197. RIFT Mobile App Suggestions
  198. Mobile App suggestion for non-smart phone /ipad owners?
  199. There was a problem processing package...
  200. Did the drop rate for carnival scratch game get nerf?
  201. Snakes on a lootable
  202. Cross Console Gameplay interaction
  203. Win,win,win!!!
  204. Thanks for making the android version functional!
  205. Rift Mobile app on PC
  206. [Android Mobile BUG] Scratch Image not Showing, but still you need to scrach
  207. Rift mobile app
  208. Current issues with contacts/chats/guild
  209. Auto reply
  210. Gingerbread compatibility issue
  211. Rift app Username and pass query .
  212. Notifications
  213. Custom chat channels for Mobile App
  214. Does the lootable 'replay' option ever give a win as well?
  215. Android- Event Notifications: Do they even work?
  216. How to mute the scratchgame?
  217. Suggestions for the RIFT Mobile application
  218. never connects with the server
  219. <PETITION> Tablet supported version, please
  220. Lootables cause force close every time, credit used, no "winnings" ever sent to mail
  221. Auction House
  222. Missing graphics
  223. Whoa WHAT gives?
  224. Drop Rates for Mobile Drastically reduced?
  225. From disaster to near perfect in 1 update? (android)
  226. Kindle Fire - how to deal with your 'Unsupported Version' error.
  227. [Android] "You have not created any characters" error and what seems like a remedy
  228. The amazing bait and switch! (Carnival Candy) iOS
  229. Would a log out option help android app?
  230. App crashes, doesn't load or stalls out...
  231. Not receiving mail
  232. Carnival candy!
  233. Quick Developer Question about the Android and iPhone app
  234. Update 1.0.12 is live for Android - Stability improvements
  235. Lootables crashes and wastes my credits. (iPhone)
  236. Windows Phone 7 App
  237. Better Question: Is anyone's app actually working?
  238. HTC EVO - Frequent crashing & hanging
  239. Rift mobile android crashes: Samsung epic 4g
  240. refresh option for moble rift
  241. Trion - You Guys are Good, But Your Mobile App Blows
  242. Can we get an update on the Amazon Store?
  243. Once Droid version is stable...
  244. make for my calculator please1111!!
  245. Report bugs.....find answers ?
  246. Lootables wont load
  247. Rift Mobile Mail
  248. No longer works since Feb 25th update.
  249. Loading Character.....
  250. Would help if you could see when guildies actually logged in