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  1. 1 Little Tiny Question about Whitefall server .
  2. Destiny on Blightweald
  3. Rogue & Warrior LF good home !
  4. LF DKP using guild . (at least GSB/ROS Raiding one)
  5. Chimaera @Steampike EU Recruiting for casual raiding
  6. Is there any guardian pvp guilds
  7. Calling organised PvP Defiant guilds
  8. <Caution> Are Recruiting for Hammerknell [3/11]
  9. Immortalis - Riptalon
  10. LF Raiding Guild
  11. Warrior dps/tank LF raiding guild 8-9pm - midnight or more!
  12. Defiant cleric tank lf morning raiding guild (5am - 10am)
  13. Looking for EU LGBT Guild
  14. Join Absit-Invidia - Raiding Guild on Steampike
  15. Rogue T3 looking for raiding guild
  16. <Cosa Nostra> Recruiting! (Steampike-EU PVE)
  17. <MOIRAE> @ Whitefall are recruiting for HK progress (West Wing at the moment)
  18. Mage looking for HARDCORE PvP or Raiding guild.
  19. Cleric Looking For Raiding Guild
  20. Heresy is now recruiting for Hammerknell (Whitefall) (HK 5/11)
  21. WTT Guardian Money for Defiant money
  22. <Nightfall> Late Night Raiding (Whitefall-EU PvP)
  23. <AmbrosiA> Blightweald. Looking for raiders
  24. <Dutch Defiants> looking for more Dutch and Belgium players
  25. Riptalon-> Malebranche <- recruiting!
  26. <Chimaera> of Steampike Recruiting for Casual Raiding.
  27. Any 9pm+ (PST/PDT) raiding guilds?
  28. Ragnarok (Scandinavian guild) [PVE/PVP][Bloodiron] We want ALL Scandinavians!!!
  29. <Lost Innocence> @ Bloodiron recruiting!
  30. Whitefall - Semi Hardcore Raiding Guild <The Chaos Engine>
  31. <Absit Invidia> Steampike Recruiting Raiders
  32. Bulgarian PVE Defiand guild
  33. Older but experienced gamer LF a causual raiding guild
  34. Paranoia...Steampike...looking for a few good men/women
  35. <The Convicted> - Bloodiron Server - Recruiting!
  36. - Pure - recruiting
  37. <Titan>@ Blightweald, recruiting for HK progress!
  38. Defiant mage looking for a serious raid guild, HK preferred.
  39. Mysteryman@Riptalon Looking for players to conquer HK
  40. Highest pop Eu [english] server ???
  41. Casual dude LF new Shard.
  42. Which shard to choose?
  43. Recruiting raiders
  44. <Nightfall> Whitefall-EU **A Late Night Guild in Europe**
  45. Looking for an easier way to recruit players / find guilds? Your answer is here!
  46. LF Bulgarian Guild
  47. returning player looking for server
  48. <<Ninth Order Recruiting>>
  49. Taedium@Riptalon Recruiting
  50. Mage 50 looking for a starting raid guild
  51. <Defiant Souls> Are Recruiting (shard: Riptalon )
  52. Looking to raid? Chef's Knife @ Argent recruiting!
  53. Temporary @ Bloodiron
  54. <Taedium> @ Riptalon
  55. Team Hoff - Casual yet Uber most things Rift
  56. <Seraph> are recruting!(Shard: Riptalon)
  57. Wolf Pack [Argent]
  58. Paranoia...steampike...needs u
  59. Absit Invidia (Steampike) = Recruiting all for Hammerknell.
  60. <Ez> Steampike - Recruiting [All Content on Farm]
  61. Warfront Parity
  62. Any guilds for someone over 50?
  63. Please help me to find my own people !
  64. Cleric looking for early afternoon guild
  65. Lords of Czar wants more of EU!!!
  66. <Nightfall> Sagespire - Late Night recruitment!
  67. Returning guardian, looking to taste defiances...
  68. [Felsspitze-Defiant] Hybris Raidgilde sucht Dich für Hammerknell Progress!!!
  69. Best shard for defiant Character?
  70. ****ing Stop tranferring your guilds !!!!!
  71. <Special Olympics> are recruiting! (server: Whitefall)
  72. <T H U N D E R> Recruiting - Late Night - Icewatch
  73. <Special Olympics> are recruiting! (server: Whitefall)
  74. Newbie looking for guild
  75. <Shaving Ryan's Privates> on Bloodiron. Small, social, mad!
  76. Ragnarok (Scandinavian guild) [PVE/PVP][Bloodiron] We want ALL Scandinavians!!!
  77. LF for some old wow players from Agamaggan
  78. <The Convicted> Best progressive Defiant guild on Bloodiron rec. 1-2 Clerics for HK
  79. <Art of War> Shivermere's #1 ranked PvE guild recruiting
  80. Skywatch (Argent EU)
  81. Chefs Knife- Argent, looking for more to start raiding
  82. LF Late Night Guild!
  83. Why is Steampike not eligible for transfer
  84. Questions on a few PvE servers (for a multi-guild transfer)
  85. Fates Encompassed is recruiting on Firesand (PVP-RP)
  86. From Firesand to whitefall and now back to Firesand
  87. LF Italian Good Guild
  88. Question/Servers
  89. Any 'Early' Raid Guilds?
  90. Victis Honor <Defiant, Argent Shard PVE RP>
  91. Cloudborn Battlegroup Defiant Dominated
  92. <Ez> are Recruiting - 5/5 GSB 4/4 GP 3/5 ROS
  93. Bloodiron - Best Place To Be
  94. Lets All Go To Whitefall
  95. Good realm to transfer to?
  96. Transferring? Steampike Defiants need YOU!
  97. <Amicitia> - Blightweald
  98. Looking for the Guild with later raiding time (22.00-23.00 GMT+1)
  99. Paranoia...Defiant...Steampike is looking for raiders
  100. Will The Currently Available Transfer Choices Kill Low Population Shards?
  101. Step-by-step Free Character/Guild Transfer Guide!
  102. *cough* Ahem, Firesand Server Announcement.
  103. Oh noez