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  1. Planar Fragments and Max Health
  2. Repetable set of frames
  3. Is it possible to add an identifier for Frag. Inventory?
  4. Buff Type
  5. New dimension items wrong category in API
  6. Cooldown events for legendaries with changed cooldown not firing properly.
  7. Rift Discoveries not updated since Starfall release
  8. API for Quickslots and/or bars
  9. [Suggestion] API to get AH pricing
  10. Beginner Addon Tamperer
  11. Addon Development possible?
  12. [ADDON DEV] nkDebug2
  13. Addon API and Starfall
  14. A peek behind the curtain?
  15. lua being used
  16. Will we ever have...
  17. Start a function if text xyz appears in the raid channel ?
  18. Command.Message.Broadcast into channel
  19. Webservice for getting Event notifications
  20. Zone IDs
  21. Send a message with an addon
  22. Inspect.Ability.New.List() no longer functioning?
  23. Sound API
  24. Nearby Units
  25. Screen Warning
  26. Determine Combat Begin and Combat End in a raid ?
  27. API for getting chat channel messages
  28. API for runebreak/salvaging items
  29. Where to start?
  30. Assets for new Souls
  31. I need help for my project spoken raid alerts.
  32. Update 3.6 broke Command.Mail.Send
  33. Getting real character level
  34. How to import os in lua?
  35. How to grab full maps ?
  36. API Question
  37. Some thinking about API functionality
  38. Command.Minion.Send() and these new rare adventures
  39. Absorb Resolution
  40. Questions on API
  41. Add boss ID to items.xml
  42. Is Export of inventory data to CSV possible?
  43. LF Help with DKP Module/Loot - Enjin Website
  44. Inspect.Unit.Detail information and question
  45. Player target changed?
  46. Web appli
  47. Need help with Canvas
  48. Rift Discoveries 3.4
  49. New API Address
  50. Inspect.Item.Detail.Stats including dream orbs?
  51. Bad news ?
  52. Rift Discoveries data dump?
  53. New to Lua and building Addons Question
  54. [Is this possible / Addon Request] Loc Log
  55. Dimension item list
  56. BUG/Problem with UIParrent:Getbound
  57. API documentation
  58. Programmatic Target Marking
  59. Can you add audio to add ons?
  60. Better way of handling 64 bit numbers?
  61. A way to script camera controls in dimensions?
  62. Wardrobe addon? help/suggestion
  63. Change background image of RiftWindow?
  64. Reading Chatmeesages
  65. 3 Rex for fix on KALERT disappearing after dying
  66. Looking for ingame texture filenames for maps
  67. How do I start addon development?
  68. Getting Dimension info
  69. Access to map textures
  70. Command.Auction.Bid Failing
  71. Disconnecting During Execution
  72. Disconnecting During Execution
  73. Auction related API entries
  74. Pet ability data incorrect
  75. Combat event triggers before Damage event.
  76. Events, Coroutines & the Watchdog - Help Needed
  77. 3.1 Live Addon Changelog
  78. How do I start advanced addon editing/creation?
  79. Instantiating Items & Inspect.Item.Detail()
  80. Autoplaying custom music based on location
  81. Events, Creating Bars, Removing Bars
  82. Hey there, what happened to the UnitFramePortraits?
  83. Gadgets- If unit exists, then target @unit, else do nothing
  84. Determining ability key binds
  85. Intermittent issue with unit combat
  86. Two Questions about Initialization/Startup
  87. [Question] Buff description
  88. Wild Growth debuff not showing up in the combat logs
  89. New to Lua and Addon Development, a couple questions
  90. Divine Favor addon?
  91. Kalert transfer to another shard...
  92. Event.Experience.Accumulated broken
  93. Removing frames, still using CPU ("Context" render time)
  94. Utility.Item.Slot.Equipment help
  95. Question: Ability IDs?
  96. String.Format Align
  97. Question regarding deflect
  98. Frame event malfunction
  99. Using Lua for Beginners
  100. Event.Guild.Bank.Change
  101. Combatlogs and the soul XML files
  102. Imothar's bagbug
  103. [Super Meter] Soon to be [RGM]
  104. Accessing player variables
  105. Riftui host key change?
  106. Actual level not mentored level?
  107. changing mentor level
  108. New API documentation
  109. 2.8 Live Addon Changelog
  110. Question for Trion Devs...
  111. Some help understanding Item updates and Inspect
  112. How do I make a proper editable multi-line text field?
  113. Ability.costPower non-integer?
  114. Liste of collected Artifacts
  115. Only able to do 3 full auction scans?
  116. Getting Shard ID
  117. Reading messages in chat?
  118. Command.Message.Accept issues
  119. Need help with DataTables
  120. Random error
  121. Inspect.Quest.Detail
  122. Zone Event Info - Where to Get
  123. Events xml or webservice
  124. Supermeter
  125. Stats of Dream Orb on an item
  126. Shard jumping api
  127. How to load data from another lua-file?
  128. PvP Healer Marking
  129. A simple(?) request.
  130. Did the API change for Event.Buff.Change?
  131. SavedVariables Lua File Content broken/changed after a while?
  132. Gadgets Heal Frame macros question
  133. Start Up
  134. Gadgets: How best to contribute?
  135. Possible to get items through inspecting other players?
  136. Not an ADDON/API expert, so tell me - can this even be done?
  137. Bag move failed
  138. Request: New category for dreamweaving items.
  139. Dimension APIs
  140. Completely different item type strings for same item in bags vs other windows
  141. is it possible to send a chat message from a lua function in an addon?
  142. Looking for an item track + display totals addon
  143. API documentation pdf
  144. AddonType values have changed in latest RiftDiscoveries.zip?
  145. Addon Authors Top Requested API features
  146. Other beginner questions
  147. Unstable Artifacts not in latest RiftDiscoveries.zip?
  148. Command.Message.Send acting up?
  149. BananAH not detecting Dream Ribbon
  150. Moving frames
  151. Questions I can't seem to find the answers to.
  152. Any idea when there will be an update to the API?
  153. No latency display possible via API?
  154. request/challenge
  155. Tracking absorbs by player
  156. addon read text
  157. What data does Canvas need?
  158. Are there any UI art assets you want?
  159. Help with Karuulalert...can't paste....MAC
  160. Throttling certain functions
  161. Rarity type of items in Item.Inspect.Detail() ?
  162. Addon to change keybind text?
  163. Need help loading modules into nkAdvisor
  164. Associating a quest item with it's quest
  165. Some well needed UI API support & In-Default UI Addon Options
  166. Counting items in invetory
  167. How to capture text in Chat window, look for x and then do y
  168. Newb: How to make a dialog modal?
  169. Searching for a addon that count deaths
  170. EPGP Addon Help
  171. Data messaging logic discussion
  172. Overwriting a frame's name
  173. "Remaining Uses" for an ability
  174. SetTexture changes z-order - why?
  175. NerfedUtils conflict
  176. Right Click > whisper
  177. Inspect.Item.List
  178. Requesting a Crafting Addon
  179. Getting started - a few questions
  180. Placing a dimension item but it disappears
  181. Player direction - facing direction.
  182. Command.Message.Send() problems/bug?
  183. EnKai changelog
  184. [Table > String > Table] via the API messaging service: Addon sync ability
  185. EnKai bugs
  186. Triggering chat commands (macro's) via an addon
  187. Weird Addon Error Daily Report
  188. Getting the contents of a planar focus
  189. 2.4 Live Addon Changelog
  190. Current shard
  191. Missing unit details after|during a combat ress?
  192. Need Help With Dimension Toolbox - Importing Problem
  193. Issue with - Inspect.Faction.Detail
  194. API - Catching Rift Event
  195. Building in rift needs improvment
  196. Intercepting the escape and return keys?
  197. Event.Buff.Add only target and self?
  198. EventAttach and Detach
  199. Pet .owner Issues
  200. [Gadget] Gadget HealFrame modification
  201. Map Icons and texture rotation
  202. [Absorb Converter] Enjoy!
  203. Event.Unit.Detail.Role
  204. Unusual and unexplainable frame display bugs
  205. bag options?
  206. Sorting Routing
  207. [Gadget] Gadget font modification
  208. Help needed to port awesome WoW addon to Rift
  209. Is there interest in public usage of EnKai?
  210. LibSimpleWidgets -- does it support the new event model, or will it, some day?
  211. Issue with table key not a string
  212. Conquest Power
  213. Tooltips -- help
  214. Game Time
  215. Combat log/Absorption End of Event/Abilty log marker
  216. Frame behind the aktionbar
  217. Introducing LibLinAlg: Matrix Heaven
  218. Item.id's
  219. [Addon] ApiBrowser + LibWiki
  220. Linear Algebra library
  221. Dimension API Requests
  222. zllib documentation
  223. Artificially slow down addon execution?
  224. Console
  225. Roll, Pitch, and Yaw(n)
  226. Looking for an addon with the Unreal Tournament sounds in it
  227. Logging
  228. Display support for Logitech G19 keyboard.
  229. [Library] Corout
  230. Suggestion: Dimension storage
  231. RiftButton.Event:LeftClick
  232. Horizontal Scrollbars not placing correctly
  233. Live Guild Roster Updater?
  234. New to addon programming: How to change player target?
  235. [Addon] In Development Gadgets_WildGrowth "Wild growth Tracking Tool"
  236. Inspect.Buff.Detail and remaining time left
  237. Event.Buff.Remove
  238. Detecting mouse events on Native frames?
  239. [Library] LibMapNotes
  240. Raid debuff monitor
  241. Any good way to identify globals
  242. [Question] Auto-blacklist: Is it possible?
  243. Rift API Documentation is horrible
  244. RiftRC updated...
  245. Does UI.Native.BagInventory6 works as expected?
  246. Frame Question on mouse click through.
  247. [Request] Raid Assist Target
  248. A music addon?
  249. Mentor addon
  250. Efficient way of detecting item cooldowns ?