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  1. What language do we need to make Addons?
  2. [Addon Request] Warmaster - Please stop hitting it.
  3. [Addon Request] Permament Customizable Healthbars
  4. [Addon Request] FollowMyLead
  5. Is this to much?
  6. [Release] Message Encryption/Dencryption
  7. saved variables and using a GUI
  8. Very Simple (Terribly Coded) Addon Example
  9. Creating an addon - Step by step
  10. [Addon-Released] BuffBar with only the buff you want it to show
  11. Idea: Be able to inspect the addons players are using
  12. Very approximate future plans, perhaps?
  13. [Hiring] Paid RIFT UI Development
  14. API / Features Suggestion Thread
  15. Addon Request: Class Timers
  16. PTR addon code developers and implementation - cause for concern?
  17. Basic Hello World Addon
  18. Welcome to the addon forums!
  19. Addon documentation
  20. Example addons
  21. Are if/then statements available for macros or addons?
  22. HoT Friendly Frames?
  23. WF addon thought
  24. For TRION: Excited about UIs for RIFT- Any idea when we will see it in Live game?
  25. 2 PvP addons which will be appreciated
  26. Please add sqlite support
  27. RiftUI is now Open!
  28. Name outside tools that give you an advantage in game
  29. The difference between the default UI and addons is...
  30. Dear Anti-Addon Crowd...
  31. Is there such a thing as a "bad addon"?
  32. GearScore: Wanted?
  33. Addon Request: Consolidated
  34. The GearScore Debate Thread
  35. Exclusive AddOns
  36. Things ive found
  37. Doomed - The UI Mod Truth.
  38. Learning LUA
  39. Addon development in Rift
  40. Riftstalker Newbie Guide: Good idea, bad idea?
  41. Deadly Boss Mods: What did it do, and who cares?
  42. Api?
  43. Addon Information
  44. LUA for Addons, Confirmed!
  45. IRC chat for addon peoples...
  46. Addons: How Addons Alter Game Design
  47. please make a nameplate mod
  48. Trivia Bot
  49. The addon wishlist
  50. Addon Developers: Responsibility to the community?
  51. Addon dev site!
  52. Addon Development: Alpha
  53. Do Not Allow [This Mod] etc
  54. If addons are coming in 1.3... PLEASE put out info for addon devs
  55. Time Frame?
  56. Addon API List
  57. Addons
  58. Wholly Crap.. Addons
  59. Xanadu log parser