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  1. Addon for toggle sound by hotkey
  2. RiftTextField: ALREADY multi-line
  3. Addon communications: What to do about space limits?
  4. Character set for character names?
  5. Squeee!
  6. Unit (and other) specificiers?
  7. In game textures for Plat/Gold/Silver
  8. [AddOn] Sharing data from SimpleMeter?
  9. [Addon] Kreiri's Buff Bars
  10. Addons Enabled - Kills FPS bigtime
  11. A Stop Watch for Rapid ...
  12. [Addon] Mere Healing Frames
  13. Regarding Inspect.Addon.Cpu
  14. dkp addons
  15. Player location
  16. Delete Frames
  17. Out of range detection question
  18. Event.Buff.Add
  19. [Tool] Rift Addon Workbench
  20. Trying to learn about addons
  21. [How To] Simple slash commands
  22. Clickable Unit Frames addon?
  23. Charge Bar
  24. Souls XML files and ability ID's
  25. is /cast @u64bitUnitId supported?
  26. File I/O
  27. Question re: Rift Healer
  28. Namespaces
  29. Reactive bar: Can we implement this?
  30. [Addon] KnowThineEnemy
  31. Unit frames being click-throughable?
  32. Question about the UI
  33. Current exp data
  34. Misc queries about addon development...
  35. [Addon] Quick Cooldowns
  36. To all add-on Developers- just have to throw this out there...
  37. [Addon] Autwofit
  38. Coming soon: teaDoc
  39. Trouble with Item.Move
  40. Chat/addon communications: Features, requests, thoughts, etc.?
  41. Why table.remove(Event.Something, myIndex) is bad
  42. Spell images
  43. Buff events and teleports
  44. LibConnect - Making addon to addon communication not only possible, but simple
  45. Event.Unit.Available ... looking for rares
  46. Proposed option: Addons and Saved Variables in user's home directory
  47. Macro/Addon/Script
  48. Detecting resize...
  49. LibString
  50. moded ui
  51. Tea Club addon development hosting! Git repo, SSH access, web & more
  52. Particle effects?
  53. Namespace Cleanup: Addon.*, SavedVariables.*
  54. Raidframes... without the raid!
  55. Totally more important than the remaining bubble to 47: RIFTPONG!
  56. help with and add on
  57. event for units entering/leaving warfront
  58. [Alpha] BananAH
  59. Auction IDs: Guaranteed unique/stable?
  60. [dev tool] RiftRC -- it's a login script!
  61. How do I get arrow keys?
  62. Cooldown timer on spell bars addon?
  63. [ADDON] nkBar
  64. 0 countdown skill for macros
  65. How does Inspect.Item.Find() work?
  66. LibSlashCmd - Simplifying and securing slash commands
  67. noSecureFrameAndEnvironment and requireSecureFrameAndInsecureEnvironment
  68. Command.Auction.Scan: .usable?
  69. My experience developing an inventory addon
  70. Exposing addons to other things that want them?
  71. Slash command table structure
  72. libTea: Library Handling, Event Handling and OOP for everyone!
  73. (Utility.Item.Slot.Bank("bag",bag_number) => change in functionality ?
  74. DKP addon to evaluate raid members?
  75. Inspect.Item.Detail(slot) return inconsistency is annoyingish
  76. LibBaggotry: Now available standalone.
  77. Inspect.Auction.Detail: Min. bid required
  78. Over-head, color-coded health bars (by class)
  79. LibEnfiltrate: Filter ALL the tables!
  80. What does Command.Buff.Describe do?
  81. SavedVariables format and parseable documentation
  82. Bossready version French?
  83. Batch runebreak/Salvage
  84. Will a Nameplates Addon EVER be supported?
  85. Contexts: Do I ever need more than one?
  86. what would be really cool for addon developers...
  87. Found a very good Lua optimization article...
  88. Any idea when right-click functionality will be available to the addon community?
  89. WTB XP tracker/meter
  90. Timelapse Combat Meter
  91. Vertical Text
  92. Graphic settings addon? profiles?
  93. Zorba, default SVs and global vs local
  94. Intended use of party? unit identifiers?
  95. Having to put up with idiots while testing...
  96. simple meter... the rebirth... work in progress
  97. [beta] RangeFinder -- PTS ONLY
  98. req: multiple character item search
  99. [Question] Frame and mouseoverui
  100. Help with Zooming in and out on an image please?
  101. Money Bars
  102. Add on request list
  103. Request: Zone Event Notifier
  104. I hate LUA so much :E
  105. Changing text
  106. Any way to detect Bank or Bag open?
  107. Inspect.Unit.Detail("player") => nil on /reloadui
  108. Command.Item.Split affecting bank when not near bank?
  109. converting between unitID and unit
  110. [REQUEST] RecastBox alternative
  111. params.damageModified in ... event.damage < 0
  112. [bug??] some events have params.abilityName .. but no params.ability
  113. nkRebuff Version 2.0.0 released
  114. Positioning coordinates with different resolutions
  115. [Addon] Combat Alerts
  116. Developing Add-on Question
  117. event death firing before event damage... and even event combat start
  118. Possible Bug - Addon screw-up linked to action bars being wiped?
  119. Rare monster map
  120. Command.Auction.Scan - Function Documentation
  121. Variable Arguments using Lua Function unpack
  122. Addon Suggestion
  123. Simple item compare addon?
  124. Bag addons?
  125. An Addon for measuring distance to your target?
  126. Auction/artifact addon
  127. Is this type of addon possible
  128. I cant get Simplemeter to show up in the directory
  129. Add on, for larger icons for tracking Warrior Action Points?
  130. Item Type
  131. [Addon] zBag - An inventory management addon
  132. Crafting Daily Addon
  133. Improved debugging using nkDebug
  134. Is there an Addon that shows your run speed/mounted speed?
  135. A question for the addon authors in general...
  136. Addon sync
  137. [Request for Addon] Quest Tracker
  138. Detecting what role a player is using?
  139. A cooldown timer that isn't a slide bar?
  140. Need help -- don't know where to start!
  141. nkAdvisor V2.0.0 gone live (Rift Patch 1.7 compatible)
  142. [Addon Request] Notes/Notepad
  143. [Question/Request] BindPad
  144. Fps
  145. Stackoverflow error
  146. Addon Screeen
  147. Zorba, that display bug I mentioned
  148. Load, enable, disable addons
  149. What language do I use to develope and Add=on?
  150. 1.7 Live Addon Changelist
  151. Error, free up some space => while batch posting
  152. Scrolling Combat Text
  153. Inspect.Unit.Detail(unit) not working
  154. How do you "wait" without crashing the game client.
  155. Incorrect function usage Command.Auction.Scan(params)
  156. [Question/Request] Hot Addon
  157. Concerning the addon Archimedes, and 1.7
  158. bag sort
  159. Any chance at a MinUI revival?
  160. Rift Games Add-ons
  161. Addon API moving too slow?
  162. this is the interface i want in rift.
  163. Mogit Type Addon for Rift?
  164. nkAdvisor needs your help
  165. Atlasloot addon for rift?
  166. Open Addon Directory
  167. Inspect Achievement
  168. DKP addon?
  169. [Request] Is it possible for a target ring mod yet?
  170. [Plug-In] KBM: Mark-It
  171. Addon Request
  172. Api 1.7 Calendar?
  173. Issues with trying to test first addon
  174. Web access in game
  175. help with hit, crit, and dodge/parry calculations
  176. Grouping/Color-Coding Macros?
  177. WTB Chat API
  178. Request Trade skill addon
  179. [Help Wanted] Why won't it show?
  180. Returning player what addons?
  181. [Request] Account Inventory
  182. Request for DPS meter authors
  183. [Request] /aftercast ?
  184. LibDraggable: Because it was easy
  185. Finding the players current zone?
  186. Name Plates
  187. Dyes and changing room!
  188. Request: Cleanse Parser
  189. UI elements and secure mode
  190. [Request] Raid Loot Tracker
  191. All NPC Chats Please
  192. New Suggestions to improve rift
  193. [request] Auction House: Show only new artefacts filter
  194. REQUEST : Viewable Health bars!
  195. Quest Tracker - a Fix for the Fade Option - Help request
  196. Request: Bag sort by type
  197. [Addon] Grinch
  198. Tooltip to cursor
  199. Addons keep resetting
  200. [ADDONREQUEST] Quickbar macro change
  201. any mods out there yet
  202. What is this bug?
  203. [Idea] Healer addon for party/raid bars.
  204. addon for razer naga mouse?
  205. Chat log format of player deaths in Hammerknell vs. all other zones
  206. Open Bags & Auction House Interface at same time?
  207. [REQUEST] Auction House addon
  208. rift meter question
  209. SpartanUI like request
  210. [ADDON] nkZoo
  211. REQUEST: Titan Panel like add-on
  212. Stats Weight - "Gear Ratting" addon
  213. Which addon shows
  214. Summary of popular addons as of 1.6.1
  215. [ADDON] nkWardrobe
  216. [Request] Zone Event Monitor addon
  217. Chat Mods to show chat text in a configurable on-screen window.
  218. [Request] Meter range Add-on
  219. [Addon] Rift Healer
  220. Does this exist in Rift yet?
  221. [Library] LibAccounts -- unique account IDs
  222. does anyone use or have something better than myui ?
  223. How to get the Out of range/out of LoS information?
  224. Command.Tooltip
  225. Gathering addon
  226. [Request] One-bag'like addon?
  227. Addon Request (that's possible and will be very benefitial): Skill Crits/Hits/%
  228. SetFont(source, font)
  229. [REQUEST] OneBag Style AddOn
  230. LibUnitChange
  231. [REQUEST] LuaSQL Bindings Integration
  232. What about Inspect.Unit.List()?
  233. Bank item commands
  234. reading a lua file (not from Rift) then show it in game
  235. Super Meter - There one second, Gone the next
  236. Is there an addon that shows buff timers?
  237. Any chance of a function to determine direction/facing/heading?
  238. Sleep() function in Rift
  239. local become global wtf? :o
  240. Request Event.Combat feature Dev pls read :)
  241. [Request] CT-Raidtracker like addon
  242. p.o.i map
  243. Command.Tooltip
  244. Help with unit buffs pls
  245. Help with unit buffs pls
  246. Frame.SetMouseoverUnit ?
  247. Why don't addons have the ability to chat or send messages?
  248. Wire's Raidkiller vs King Boss Mods:
  249. any way to force noncombat logging active by default ?
  250. [Request] Wild Growth Watcher