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  1. Newly Ascended
  2. Get Cerulean & Atragarian notoriety within a week
  3. Wiki for Rift?
  4. Runebreaking vs salvaging
  5. Overload ability?
  6. Travel to Morban and Seratos
  7. Is it possible to unlock the wardrobe: abyssal chain spaulders?
  8. Which cleric healer soul to learn?
  9. Returning Player
  10. Learning to Rift: FAQ
  11. Please explain both need and greed
  12. Planar Stabilizer? Where are they?
  13. busts down the doors to the forums
  14. Instant Death upon Resurrection
  15. Gears with bonus notoriety, xp, token
  16. DLC and Patron
  17. Stupid Newbie Question!
  18. Thinking About Coming Back, Looking for Buddies :)
  19. It's not letting me purchase the Dream Soul Pack
  20. How do I check my progression in the Nightmare Saga Quest?
  21. Runes for Trinket and Amulet besides NTE notoriety?
  22. Akylios Plushie - Artifact with the same name?
  23. for DEV and mj of trion
  24. Greater Essences and Seal for new 65
  25. servers down
  26. Getting favor outside WF/CQ
  27. Level 10 Ascended Trove Reward
  28. T2 weapon in rift store worth it?
  29. Drops, Crafted or Planar?
  30. How do you spend extra craft marks?
  31. Q on REX
  32. Planar Focus Question
  33. Which server for new character?
  34. What do glyphs do?
  35. Haven't Played in a while
  36. 5th anni cape +1 resist?
  37. Considering coming back after couple of years out
  38. Which weapon is better?
  39. arclight infiltration frequency
  40. Really want to come back
  41. Multiple rift store planar essence
  42. Anywhere to get Crift weekly besides choreburg?
  43. Sigil of power drop rate
  44. Full benefits of Planewalker: Water
  45. Won't let me heal a player during dungeon runs...
  46. New player in seastone and several questions regarding the population
  47. Rogue combo point display covered up by pet buffs
  48. wierd thing in shimmersand
  49. Question about Warriors
  50. Where is the weekly IA quest giver for lvl 10-49
  51. How to upgrade profession to Skilled?
  52. Why do NMR2-4?
  53. Low Level PvP?
  54. NMT adventure not mentioned in patch note?
  55. Summons
  56. Returning player with a few "Good" questions
  57. What do I buy now?
  58. Getting craft marks
  59. How to spend planarite?
  60. Returning Player, low level community?
  61. Anyone know a cloak you can get in game to unlock this wardrobe appearance?
  62. Is there a safety lock feature for gear/equipment?
  63. Returning player, new toon! :)
  64. Can guardian get defiant pvp cosmetic gears?
  65. New players confused about alot help
  66. Are patron bonuses toggle-able?
  67. Why weapon-rune much cheaper than twin-rune?
  68. RIFT Alive or dead?
  69. Are raid HIT requirement imposed by player or the game?
  70. need link to a Chloromancer guide
  71. Crafting weeklies/dailies
  72. Quest that reward Strands of Draum
  73. 61 inq dps cleric, which trinket is better
  74. Just came back to the game - what the heck do I do now?
  75. Dyes that are uncraftable?
  76. NTE blue gear worth upgrading?
  77. Click Box Healer?
  78. How to unlock this sword's cosmetic appearance?
  79. New to the forums and a veteran role-player as well~
  80. Getting ACM
  81. Dismount criteria
  82. Planar protection increase resistance by 0?
  83. Shiny?
  84. Addon for KaruulAlert and DPS meter
  85. Stat weights for inquisitor cleric
  86. For paladin tank class, should I be stacking guard stat only?
  87. Raid gear from rift store or raids?
  88. How to play NTE content without raid gear?
  89. Quick question about stats
  90. Why buy Essence from AH? Rift store cheaper?
  91. I have loyalty points, but I don't have access to the Auction house, help?
  92. Noob here
  93. What is the reward for random instant adventure bonus?
  94. Reset instance and Dg difficulty?
  95. Start rift without starting glyph
  96. How did i get distinguish gift 5%?
  97. Is there still a way to get this specific cloak?
  98. Being able to teleport to different shards...
  99. Where to get gears
  100. Rested xp not working
  101. Is the Captcha permanent?
  102. 0% soul vitality penalty
  103. Question about Planar focus/essence
  104. Funny icons on character
  105. Question regarding the interface
  106. Veteran raider considering a return
  107. Returning to Rift
  108. New Player Feedback
  109. Howto create a guild and get the first 5 levels fast & cheap
  110. newbie here some questions
  111. Noob questions on Patron status
  112. Hello
  113. X DPS
  114. Some basic noob questions....
  115. end-game content is it viable for f2p players ?
  116. Group - Level lowers when I join group
  117. Rip data?
  118. Stuck in Scarlet Gorge
  119. Helpin friend start, will he need to buy EVERY exp to play new one?
  120. Can you wear costumes over armor?
  121. How get enough wisdo65m for expert dungeons
  122. Will Earth Lure work on tears?
  123. Event quest (currently Budgie Madness)
  124. HOWTO: Instant Adventures
  125. Ascend A Friend went wrong
  126. Inc new player
  127. Spell animations disappear
  128. How to find friend already playing in Rift
  129. How to get help from Trion ?
  130. Graphics look washed out? Settings maybe?
  131. Returning player - ways to level?
  132. Returning Player (or not?)
  133. What is the best shard US for a player making a comeback to game
  134. lf someone to make new toon with
  135. Additional Characters Slots 2015/2016
  136. Can you do the Saga of the Endless quests in Expert Dungeons?
  137. 90% mount moves at 60%
  138. Fire, Water, Air, etc. Maybe a dumb question
  139. Different kind of artifacts
  140. Mount is slow
  141. New Guy to Trion/rift
  142. Which vendors can you spend your planarite with and where are they?
  143. Is there any way to level up fast now?
  144. Is RIFT dead?
  145. 2 players combo
  146. Returning - a question about alts
  147. New Bearded streamer come say HI!
  148. IsThis Game A Good Wow Alternative
  149. Keeping Costumes in the bank?
  150. Fun, easy chances to win a Wilds Pack, Rex, 30 days Patron OR an Arclight Rider!
  151. Returning to RIFT, first steps as lvl 60?
  152. Somewhat newish to Rift
  153. New player looking for people
  154. Do the NT upgrades include character and bag slots?
  155. Returning to Rift
  156. Lv. 60 Boost from the Infusion Collector's Edition
  157. Bitte schnells möglich um Hilfe!! :D
  158. Returning player
  159. Returning Player Questions - Packs
  160. This server feel so down
  161. how to use macros?
  162. How to keep levelling entertaining?
  163. instantly dead in sanctum
  164. Long time lurker trying to adapt to rift tank pacing
  165. Reason to Quest
  166. Class Options
  167. Void stones, nightmare caches, and level question
  168. Best DPS/Tank
  169. FaeblightUnited.enjin.com!
  170. what does corruption do?
  171. How to get raid ready in 2 weeks – a guide for F2Pers
  172. What skill is this?
  173. LF populated shard / active guild !
  174. Which NA server should I join?
  175. Newbie inquiry
  176. RIFT Community Discord - Your all in one voice & text chat RIFT Hub!
  177. EU Shard palyerbase population
  178. Nightmare Tide Expert Carries and Lessons
  179. Newcomer with questions
  180. planar lure
  181. Explaining i'm new = kick
  182. Newbie Question on Chat Windows
  183. UI and Skill Bar configuration
  184. Need some help please.
  185. Anyone play this game? just started, so empty...
  186. Options at 65.
  187. Shard Fragments - 'Salvaged by apothecaries from planar essences.'
  188. new player seeking advice.
  189. What pairs well with?
  190. Second account?
  191. What do I need to buy for all souls and content?
  192. So, are mana potions basically useless?
  193. New player souls question
  194. Plane of water?
  195. Backstory: Do I Need To Do Any Homework As A Returning Player?
  196. Returning player with time restrictions - Seeking Some Advice
  197. Relic NMV lessers
  198. How do I do Intrepid Chronicles?
  199. New and Confused
  200. Mounts
  201. Upper-Tier Harvest Event currency?
  202. New Player and Halloween Achievements
  203. All hail the newbie
  204. Dear: "Returning/new Player"
  205. Harvest event guid for newbies?
  206. Cat ears... costume?
  207. RIFT Werbt ein Freund
  208. Hello again Rift!
  209. Need help with rogue build for questing/solo or group stuff
  210. Skirmish events
  211. Empyrean Adventure Cache void stone rewards
  212. New player looking for advice--pet class
  213. RIFT Humble Bundle Starter Pack? Total slots?
  214. perks after subcription?
  215. Questing VS instant adventures for leveling
  216. Resetting souls
  217. Boss loot drops?
  218. Planewalker: Water ?
  219. Returning Player (After a veery long time...)
  220. This is a bit... hard?
  221. Help a returning player
  222. New to the game, coming from SW:ToR
  223. Minion Card Runald recipe
  224. Where did they go?
  225. Account management
  226. Patron bonus loot: "Supply Crate each week"
  227. Playing Rift on Geforce 9500GT 512MB is it worth downloading?
  228. Do Tooltips Update as you invest talents?
  229. Rift Power Pack: applies to all characters on account?
  230. For German newcomers: the currently best deals for you
  231. speeding up nightmare tide
  232. New AND returning player
  233. noob question: Why is postage cost so high on mail?
  234. Trying to convince a Friend to Return
  235. New Player - Payment and F2P model questions
  236. dlc question (returning player)
  237. Rogue soul tree
  238. Greeting alls (new player)
  239. Returning player
  240. New and got a question ^_^
  241. Looking for other people who like to level up a bit together
  242. Rogue: "Plane shift"?
  243. Hello
  244. Hello and thank you thread
  245. Jumping high
  246. New player,, unsure if something off on graphics
  247. Im from england should i go EU or NA
  248. Is this the best WOW alternative?
  249. Just like any other mmo, Rift is digging their own grave.
  250. rekindle the drowned firestone quest