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  1. AH
  2. Multiple users from the same household
  3. Simple question regarding rex purchase with real money.
  4. Any way to lock camera view as Third person view permanently
  5. Hello!
  6. Smart levelling
  7. Melee warriors are viable on raids
  8. REX question
  9. confused in CQ
  10. I am not able to get my character to run? /\/\0,...,0/\/\
  11. Cleric help
  12. Noob Question
  13. Question about gear
  14. Healer Questions
  15. One more thing
  16. Old character disappeared
  17. Soul Useage
  18. Any value to crafting in Rift? Not seeing it so far...
  19. Best Class for DPS and soloing.
  20. Basic questions from newbie
  21. intro:-)
  22. Can't Instant Adventure
  23. Repair Tool
  24. Old Characters
  25. Which class is most attractive as range dps in raids?
  26. Back - Quick Question
  27. Noob questions.
  28. Hello Everyone!! I have a perculiar issue
  29. are there still new players?
  30. Dream Weaver Dailys?
  31. New to Rift and looking for help picking a class.
  32. Not receiving rift loot
  33. Hey there! I'm new
  34. Unable to create a petition to contact a game master
  35. Im back, 2 years without play
  36. Server Options
  37. Newcummer questions.
  38. one more newcomer(from Romania)
  39. New player to RIFT - Hello, and some questions :)
  40. New player, what does the collectors edition get me?
  41. Forum account activation
  42. Looking for aoe/fast farm class/prof help
  43. New to the game, need some help with builds n' stuff.
  44. Warfronts: A Mystery
  45. Need some advice :)
  46. i want to experience rift
  47. Returning Newbie with Crafting questions.
  48. Saving?
  49. 'Sup?
  50. AoE DoT Class
  51. Upgrading Essenses
  52. Hey everyone another newbie here
  53. Newbie with newbie questions
  54. Hi to all // Ciao a tutti.
  55. thinking about coming back, few questions
  56. Hello from a newbie :)
  57. Returning Player
  58. Level 61+ Instant Adventure Npc?
  59. Timed magnetic lure
  60. [Dimension Q&A] What the heck are all these Dimension items?
  61. My wife wants to play on a laptop......
  62. Collectors Editions from Launch
  63. Somebody said all quests below 50 are obsolete.
  64. The Newest of the New Newbies
  65. Long absent returning player advice.
  66. which Class? which server?
  67. which Class? which server?
  68. Getting into this game.
  69. I am new and would like a prtner
  70. new here
  71. Infusion Edition, How long on the market?
  72. No soup for you!
  73. hi im new
  74. Which EU shard has the smallest dungeon/warfront queues?
  75. If I would be new to RIFT and had X amount of money, I would buy...
  76. Returnee
  77. Will i be able to run Rift on ultra with this setup??
  78. No startup menu in game.
  79. Wardrobe clothes.
  80. I can't choose any shard
  81. Stuck in Sanctum
  82. New here
  83. A Rift A Minute Wide quest. 800 planerites?
  84. Calling choice help - support and utility?
  85. Boost to Level 60 (Ultimate Nightmare Edition)
  86. Trying to decide which server to start on
  87. Greater and Lesser Essences
  88. Semi-Noob needs help from lifers
  89. When the adventures... ummm... refreshes?
  90. Please help a old timer out.
  91. How long does it take to get a ticket resolved?
  92. Mount Usage
  93. Dimensions?
  94. What is Draum's Ward skill?
  95. Rogue Purpose
  96. Rift infusion key
  97. What else can be done for leveling 60-65?
  98. How do I get to Goboro Reef and/or Draumheim?
  99. Trying to Subscribe
  100. Hello from a relatively new player
  101. world i be able to play rift on my laptop please respond?
  102. Hey sorry guys newbie question...
  103. Character Creation - "Purpose" Issue
  104. What to spend money ON?
  105. In need of help! Can't get back to Silverwood!
  106. How is this game fairing?
  107. Does loyalty disappear?
  108. Hi! I am new at posting in forums!
  109. is this game free to play?
  110. Where do you trade/buy items with one another?
  111. Newb Question
  112. Minions level and rewards?
  113. HumbleBundle Rift Code
  114. New Guy here, come flame him!
  115. Hello
  116. Hey hello everyone.
  117. Hello from down under. :P
  118. Returner to the game - Have they removed the Planarite caches from planar vendors?
  119. Sidekicking and Dungeons
  120. Planarite after the patch.
  121. Not impressed.
  122. Just started
  123. Greetings :)
  124. Wolfsbane Social Guilds?
  125. help
  126. Steam Rift
  127. Champion selection?
  128. Stopping by to say Hi!
  129. Newbie Needs Help
  130. New Here, Need Help Choosing Class
  131. Hello i am new to Rift!!
  132. FFXI Red Mage type class?
  133. Gate, Hearth, fast travel??
  134. Hey I am new
  135. Hey All!
  136. How do I sell on the auction house?
  137. A few NOOB questions....
  138. Newbie One-Shotted in Meridian
  139. How to get to Pelladane?
  140. How to cancel selling an item at the Auction?
  141. HELP! RIFT on MAC via CrossOver (login issues/remove Authenticator)
  142. HELP!: Trouble playing RIFT on a MAC (via CrossOver)
  143. New to the RIFT world
  144. Bad performance on my new pc!?
  145. Confused crafting newbie with alternative playstyle
  146. Newbie in Warfronts, is it totally unbalanced?
  147. (Semi) New Player
  148. credits
  149. Is cleric a valid class to play?
  150. Point and click to move?
  151. Skill Tree for a Tanking warrior
  152. Mentoring and leveling, can anyone help me?
  153. Is Nightmare tide content available without buying one of the packages? F2P?
  154. Be careful using the Auction House...
  155. Question about cleric builds
  156. Hello - Returning Player here!
  157. New, but a bit intimidated!
  158. full 61 character etc
  159. Herro.
  160. new from new hampshire
  161. Currently downloading, need avice
  162. 3.0 questions from a new comer.
  163. Hi there
  164. Ohhai :D
  165. Upgrading from f2p
  166. Full Server
  167. Hello! New excited player! How to build... ?
  168. New to Rift and confused about buying storm legion
  169. What is the download size for the new expansion Nightmare Tide ?
  170. New to Rift
  171. Mentoring down and random instances
  172. All lvl 40 and below
  173. new comer
  174. How to get to Pelladane?
  175. PvP Player returning, but dont know where to go.
  176. Newcomer class questions
  177. How Strict Are "Viable" Class/Souls Builds?
  178. [Q] Bolstering
  179. were to find info about the x packs
  180. Not really new...
  181. are you new to wolfsbane, too?
  182. DDO Player trying to get into this game
  183. Dream soul pack or Storm legion pack?
  184. Inventory questions...
  185. Hey there! New to RIFT!
  186. Little help (about builds)
  187. A Few Questions...
  188. Introduction and some questions :D
  189. Hi, I'm new!
  190. Hey again folks. Back with a question about ingame purchases.
  191. Quick question about tradeable REX
  192. Jorenthar/Neesan the Evil Jumping Puzzle Builder
  193. New EU player, quick question
  194. Hello Everyone
  195. Questing Question, haven't logged in more than a year
  196. reduction in mount speed
  197. Skills- Which ones of the 3
  198. Thinking of returning, have some questions
  199. Race and Origin-Min Maxxing
  200. Shard Hopping Questions
  201. Looking for people to play with
  202. Who are the people with their names in yellow?
  203. Hello im new and i do not know what to do!!!
  204. Foraging help: Can't collect yew for quest?
  205. a few questions about new souls
  206. can't play
  207. End-Game Rogue LF Raid Guild
  208. Hello, I was wondering what all Rift has to offer?
  209. warrior confusion
  210. Hi all, new player here with (of course) a couple of questions.
  211. Boosting DoTs
  212. Cast Time Reduction = Channel Reduction?
  213. Shouldn't I have 30 days of patron time after buying a boxed copy?
  214. what is planar attunement?
  215. Expansion Thoughts
  216. New to MMO's in general, super-noob questions?
  217. any opinions on rogue tanking?
  218. f2p and buying the game.
  219. Help please...supern00b question, backpack
  220. Sourcestone confusion
  221. Wardrobe items/account wide?
  222. Collectors edition of Nightmare Tide
  223. Question about purchasing - Nightmare Tide: Infusion Edition
  224. Download timing out
  225. Question about trading
  226. What i can do with already collected artifacts?
  227. Overleveling
  228. Newbie PVP/faction questions
  229. Daily activities and priority
  230. Crafting question
  231. chloromancer help
  232. Runes to make weapons glow?
  233. Returning player questions about shop, credits and subscription
  234. OK, so now that I've tested the waters....
  235. Account Bound XP Armor?
  236. Could I have a little help with loyalty points?
  237. Essence
  238. PvP Favor Points are based off of?
  239. How is Rift Different?
  240. Newbie! And as always... question
  241. Would like to complete Saga of the Endless
  242. Appropriate Gear?
  243. Mana Regen?
  244. New player questions on mounts, crafting skills, and the Rift store-
  245. Bag Slots
  246. New Comer
  247. Is there a command to limit amount of msg being spammed from macros?
  248. low level lfg
  249. Returning player
  250. Hi, new player here! (15 hours)