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  1. Random Questions from New Player: Shaman, PVP, Store Packs
  2. Have I finally found the right MMORPG?
  3. Rift graphics not working please help
  4. krug: I'll be trying to play Rift, what server/shard would you recommend?
  5. Fury of the ascended ability
  6. Rift kauf
  7. Professions while leveling, decent/good for higher levels/endgame?
  8. Starting a new MMORP, chose Rift, now curious what to play
  9. Deutscher Wiedereinsteiger
  10. Lock Boxes: Keep till 65 or open?
  11. New player need advice
  12. Laethys’ Fortune Pack question
  13. want to buy Laethys’ Fortune Pack or Infusion edition have a question
  14. equipar accesorios
  15. Returning player, have some questions
  16. Hello!
  17. EU cross server chat
  18. Hello!
  19. Thinking of getting this with the sale and have some questions.
  20. Rex question
  21. Thoroughly Confused
  22. Purchasing off Steam
  23. Empyreal Adventure Cache?
  25. Want to try RIFT...
  26. Steam sale until 22th
  27. Are the souls that cost money "better"?
  28. Which class for soloing (Pve, old raids, expert dungeon, ...)
  29. Rift error
  30. Coming back questions
  31. Priorities before hitting 65
  32. Hello everyone.
  33. Is Chloromancer viable or not as expert dungeon only healer?
  34. Duel and Planar Experience Newb
  35. Hello! A few newbie questions
  36. Rift Pay2win?
  37. want to get into RIFT, have questions
  38. Follow rock chomper
  39. End game content
  40. Found new reseller for RIFT Ultimate Editions
  41. Ascend-A-Friend
  42. Fishing & Survival on All?
  43. Ancient Cave
  44. Pure Distillate
  45. New player looking for information on upgrading from Storm Legion
  46. MMO veteran looking into getting into rift! :D
  47. Want to Enter Rift, a few questions
  48. Not a newcomer but returning
  49. macro failure
  50. We're Not in Azeroth Anymore; A Guide to Rift for Warcraft Players
  51. death rifts
  52. Looking for a friend from WoW who came here, have a few questions about rift
  53. quests
  54. Returning player - have some questions
  55. A few questions
  56. New player could us a bit of help
  57. Returning player question
  58. Potential returning player
  59. Returning Player
  60. New here and have a problem
  61. Returning to Rift with questions!
  62. i didn't complete the tutorial in the tower of dawn and can't get back to it.
  63. Reached level 65; What now?
  64. lost valley
  65. rift of death in freemarch
  66. new and some questions
  67. Hi im new to Rift
  68. New player - Question about activity
  69. Active Shard Inquisition
  70. Hi! I'm New to RIFT! :)
  71. Bitte schnellstmöglich um Hilfe
  72. Not necessarily new but returning.
  73. Returning Player
  74. New player with some questions
  75. new player here
  76. stillmoor
  77. Buthering
  78. New Player a few questions for you vets
  79. New Support / Tank Rogue
  80. Place for the Mrs and I
  81. stonefield
  82. Doubts about non quest leveling
  83. Dye colors off
  84. Rift Mobile-can't find it
  85. Hello
  86. Favorite add on suggestions?
  87. kasia phelorn
  88. How do I give Rex?
  89. Returning after a looooong break
  90. Help?
  91. Best class for soloing anything/everything?
  92. Purchase packages are confusing
  93. Expert Armor Merchant(s)?
  94. Looking For Crash Course For Rift
  95. Looking For Crash Course For Rift
  96. Hi I'm Nikki play rift with me please. I'm new -.-
  97. Fast level-up and addons
  98. AH
  99. New Player
  100. Stuck dead in Tempest bay
  101. Server Transfer ?
  102. Hello, and question about mobile app
  103. Instant Adventure
  104. How to tell what expansions I have.
  105. Hi plase help me I am very new to rift!
  106. Bahralt's Shrine
  107. Need Help
  108. I dont meet the level requirements to zone in for instant adventure?
  109. Returning Player Questions
  110. Event Boss Question
  111. 50-65, most worthwhile content?
  112. no embarks
  113. New to Rift, some questions on opening a rift
  114. Came back to Telaria - Questions
  115. Completely new player here :D
  116. returning to RIFT in 3.2 and wardrobe
  117. Newbie question on cost effectiveness
  118. Hello :) some basic newbie advice?
  119. I haven't been to the Forums
  120. Downloading Rift
  121. Server
  122. For New Roleplayers!
  123. Just got level 65, joining the forums!
  124. quest in dng rank descent
  125. RIFT Content Overview
  126. I would appreciate some leveling tips (Noob)
  127. Welcome to you who is welcome here.
  128. 25lv quest guardian
  129. Hey guys I'm new
  130. Returning player. What to buy?
  131. chat
  132. New guy, want to try good warrior build.
  133. skype partner or group
  134. New Player!
  135. holy champion
  136. hi question about nightmare tide ulimate edition
  137. Rifts
  138. Dual Role
  139. Ascend-A-Friend!
  140. New player, what to buy?
  141. Mouse Look Toggle
  142. Creating an Auction
  143. New, lost
  144. Messing around in Boats
  145. Helloe All
  146. Is this correct? (About Storm Legion gift for pre-ordering Defiance)
  147. Back after long absence
  148. Decoy (Köder) where can i find this ability??
  149. Returning player with some questions
  150. Thinking about coming back
  151. Dreamweaver it is worth it or not
  152. Debilitate ..what really does?
  153. Hello, new player here.
  154. Auction House curiosity
  155. No more Limited edition mounts sale?
  156. Sidekicking?
  157. Back after a break - ranger question
  158. What armor/costume is this red guy wearing?
  159. hi, and ? how can i mail something to a character on another server?
  160. Earrings?
  161. Advice needed
  162. Question about food buffs
  163. Just in case new people don't see the new promo codes.
  164. Can Dungeon group be less than 5?
  165. Bad Combat Animations
  166. Elusive magma walker
  167. Does a Nightmare Tide: Ultimate Edition CD-Key code validate with steam or in-game?
  168. What should I buy?
  169. Saying Hello to the Community and still a bit wide eyed and awestruck!
  170. Returning Player
  171. World of Warcraft Transplant
  172. Moving from WoW
  173. PvE dps mage class
  174. How do you port to a currently in use chronicle after exiting?
  175. New to the forum but not THAT new to the game
  176. L29 Cleric can't use Gloamshroud Skull off-hand
  177. newb looking for builds: ranged druid, bow-and-dagger rouge(?)
  178. Dimension key selling
  179. Hello from a newbie
  180. Carnival of the Ascended
  181. I keep dying and can't get out - Help!
  182. help! soul tree question
  183. Nightmare tide Infusion, and no lvl 60 email
  184. Newcomer with a question about souls and collector editions
  185. EU game key
  186. is there a way to check my ingame transaction history?
  187. Hi Everyone
  188. Is now a good time to come back?
  189. trying rift out
  190. hello all.
  191. Can anyone fill in the missing information for this rogue build (The Cuisinart)?
  192. 2 questions
  193. A couple questions about macros
  194. Are Instances the same as Chronicles or Dungeons?
  195. First week playing
  196. New Guy needs a friend!
  197. Rift store and regions
  198. Hello, I am new to rift and need help deciding what to play as.
  199. Empty game
  200. Stuck entering Expert dungeon with setting set to normal
  201. Accidentally Skipped Starter Area
  202. Souls/Classes on Nightmare Tide
  203. Ragestorm clarification?
  204. Ascended Rune
  205. The future of RIFT
  206. I'm New... Is this suppose to be happening?
  207. Mistdance
  208. Does a player need typhoon adition to play end game?
  209. New Player HOOKED
  210. Buffer
  211. Levelling up?
  212. new Souls, only purchase through in game store?
  213. Alternative skins for Primal Companions
  214. Question about Faction changing.
  215. Instant adventures
  216. Need help with finding best place to buy gear
  217. Can't figure out how to read a tool-tip
  218. Deleted Horse
  219. Can't upgrade essence
  220. Returning to Missing Characters
  221. Abilities/Souls and Items with damage shield/reflection?
  222. Coming back - servers, guilds, etc.
  223. Returning to Rift
  224. One Month Patron = 28 days?
  225. Returning, 14 month absence, whats new?
  226. Shard
  227. Played a long time ago, what happened?
  228. How close are dps spwcs in Rift?
  229. Friend stuck without a portal location?
  230. Dungeon guides?
  231. [EU-Typhiria] Today 5pm ST (now) - FREE starter bundles for new players!
  232. Don't get harbinger
  233. How i can get level 65? That is too hard help please
  234. Is RIFT Worth Playing (Newcomer)
  235. Free Respec when class souls are changed?
  236. mentoring and warfronts?
  237. Do I HAVE to raid for top gear?
  238. Hi there, new player
  239. This may answer some questions that new and returning players may have
  240. I suck at pvp. please help?
  241. A new player and a few server questions
  242. Looking at returning
  243. What ALL do I get with the $150.00 "The ultimate collection"
  244. Low level spell usage
  245. Help me clarify
  246. Mounts Mounts Mounts
  247. Purchasing at Rift Store
  248. send halp?¿
  249. Nightmare Tide Infusion
  250. New kid on the block