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  1. Trinkets - am I missing an avenue to get a useful one?
  2. patron pass
  3. Level 40. What now?
  4. Question about the boxed game copy
  5. Why do players just give up in warfronts when they know the opposing team is a PM?
  6. Good skills to learn?
  7. New Lvl 60 mage looking for help with where to get gear before raids
  8. How do I skin an animal?
  9. Questions about getting a original game key.
  10. Active Guilds
  11. Warfronts
  12. Earning Loyalty using a F2p account?
  13. Recommended crafting professions?
  14. 2 questions about Conquest
  15. new player, question about souls for a spellcasting class
  16. LFG (how to find people?)
  17. New Aiir Saga
  18. What skills are need to create weapons?
  19. WamJamz
  20. End-Game Raid Content
  21. Is there a mount that jumps up steep hills?
  22. Help!!!!!!
  23. Which shard for used to be a hardcore pve player
  24. Been playing for about a month -- have noticed a few things.
  25. New to the game and need help/advice
  26. Starting out with a friend
  27. Healer question.
  28. i don't understand
  29. how to open all classes in rift?
  30. 'The New Guy'
  31. What the ACTUAL ****
  32. When is a good time to start playing PvP?
  33. [SEEKING ADVICE] Returning Player - Fresh Reroll
  34. Buying Credits
  35. Skipping questing
  36. a little overwhelmed
  37. Confusion in comparing ability damage
  38. Character class question
  39. Locked shard
  40. Coming back. When I was last here, Lvl 50 was highest.
  41. Can I buy Patron Pass with my Steam Wallet?
  42. What do I do if a teammate ignores the objective while holding onto the sourcestone?
  43. Returning player need help!
  44. Fishing skill stuck at 60?
  45. quests in Russian
  46. Tossing ideas around
  47. Looking for some people to play with?
  48. Which class to pick?
  49. PA levels
  50. What is the best way to unlock bhag space, mounts, other useful items?
  51. Hello Folks!
  52. Trying to understand the game, help please.
  53. warlord conquest cell
  54. Automatically silenced upon EVERY successful catch while fishing! (video link inside)
  55. A few questions about various things
  56. I'm just going to stop in.
  57. Losing Heart
  58. Seal
  59. how do I become a tempest?
  60. What is tempest?
  61. I'm back..
  62. Sir / Dame Title.. How to achieve it..?!
  63. Support class
  64. Question about money cap and transfering
  65. Bought Infinity Edition with Storm Legion, still have to buy SL souls from shop?
  66. Most populated NA servers?
  67. New and confused about 1 teeny thing
  68. Completly new and can't play
  69. I think I'm lost...
  70. Soul tree builder?
  71. Fishing novice
  72. Confused with levelling
  73. Returning vet
  74. Returning, but New
  75. What is there to do in this game?
  76. So I wanna come back to RIFT.
  77. Coming back after quite some time...
  78. Question about trading
  79. Coming Back After After about a year break. I have a ton of questions!
  80. How do I avoid hitting the Freelancer's Marks of Conquest cap?
  81. Another Storm Legion thread
  82. quest are red but im at the same lvl
  83. New Ranged Weapons
  84. just got storm legion need help
  85. Hullo folks! [Seastone]
  86. It's been a while
  87. PvP Quests
  88. Swapping Planar Focuses
  89. Question about boxes
  90. Tips on updating gear at low to mid levels?
  91. Recipe: Silverwood Angel Lure
  92. Attack button
  93. Newbe duo wondering what to choose
  94. How do people boost their stats by like 50?
  95. Sigil of the planes?
  96. Rift noob. Looking for raiding guild
  97. Hi there
  98. 2 buffs can't be on same time?
  99. Returning Player!
  100. Starting fresh! (New or experienced players)
  101. Leveling Via IAs
  102. Server question.
  103. Fairly New Player With A Build Idea - Critique Please. (Rogue)
  104. New Rift player, and new to MMOs in general
  105. New Player Finding Rift Too Easy
  106. Returing questions
  107. Gloamwood Samaritan Ach. Reward
  108. Need advise please.....
  109. WHy the hell are Potions so freaking useless??
  110. How to get the artifact tracking working
  111. Question about server queue
  112. New To Rift. Looking For A Guild/Server.
  113. semi noob question here..was patron now not can I auction still?
  114. Getting Started in Rift - Rage's Rift Boot Camp [PODCAST]
  115. How to buy patron?
  116. Returning/New Player Where to Role-Play?
  117. Server downtime?
  118. Fairly new, interested in a budgie mount! Where can I get seed?
  119. so i heard.
  120. where can i find the pri quarter master?
  121. Buying upgrade packs.
  122. New player. Question about item I got.
  123. Are instant adventures the best way to level?
  124. A total noob
  125. Newbie (well, kinda) using the sage preset?
  126. Lookin' for friendlies.
  127. How to eat last item for achievement
  128. mount
  129. How to download a game
  130. Rift loot bag
  131. Does PVP allow anyone to attack me?
  132. Rift Crystals
  133. Identify enemies
  134. Questions about vendors
  135. Guilds
  136. TH v Lycini Essences
  137. how do i get four toons on one shard
  138. Damage Per Second Explanation
  139. Credits
  140. tanking and healing
  141. Game box and Game time 30 days to 10?
  142. Want to tank endgame - Cleric or Warrior
  143. How to get someone to "anchor" you to another shard
  144. Patron question
  145. Why would someone want both of the healers on his team to leave the warfront?
  146. Cant decide between these two classes
  147. How does one trade REX, and where do you find it on AH? Also 3-day patronage?
  148. What settings and fps can i expect?
  149. Armory
  150. Searching the forum
  151. I'm just a Bladedancer, and Paladins seem too OP
  152. Loyalty Points
  153. Instance Soloing?
  154. Soul build question? Help! :)
  155. Confused Level 51
  156. Macros for Dummies (like me)?
  157. what a breath of fresh air the Rift support team is...
  158. Hi all! Posting Forum doubt.
  159. Rift & Storm Legion Combo pack
  160. Any one from EQ Solro Sever
  161. RIFT© Special Edition
  162. storm legion and base game
  163. is this game PAY to WIN on endgame content(PVP), can you buy power?
  164. I need help with getting started, Caster class help mostly! and PvP questions!
  165. Warhammer Online, Badlands players.
  166. Persistence pays off in getting an artifact in Stillmoor!
  167. newbie to game
  168. Resolution Center?
  169. Looking for a 2h sword dps class
  170. Thinking about coming back...
  171. Need some help regarding macro creation :)
  172. Am I missing an upgrade?
  173. New player from wow here
  174. Where to sell mined items?
  175. Thinking of Returning
  176. Wreck of the Endeavor.... quests removed??
  177. Returning player
  178. necromancer lore
  179. Question about mail
  180. stuck in some login hall.....cant play
  181. F2p question
  182. Newbie Help: Getting Back to Gaming (MMO).
  183. Also back after long break!
  184. Removing Role Flag
  185. storm legion addon
  186. Newbie :)
  187. Im new. I found a ward stone taken over and army of rift creatures...questonotherside
  188. Testing reactionary abilities
  189. Double Favor
  190. Guardian Foothold in Silverwood
  191. Rift performance
  192. Returning Player - But I'd call myself "Newbie"
  193. Is there a system akin to heirlooms?
  194. Hello
  195. Tracking friend/party quest objective completion?
  196. Inate Fire or Fiery Resolve - PvE Build.
  197. Guild Perks
  198. Uber noob
  199. Where can i find the loot-table of drowned halls ?
  200. Where to get these items?
  201. Just came back after 2 years
  202. Is this the best starter build for healing in warfronts for a cleric? (video link!)
  203. Hello World :salut2:
  204. Lookin for friends to adventure and do dungeons with! :D
  205. Walkthrough
  206. Easy way to pick new souls?
  207. Where do I get a PvP trinket?
  208. Maybe not a newbie post...
  209. Storm Legion Expansion code doesn't work.
  210. Holding down shift stops movement?
  211. Hello!
  212. What are the requirements to receive Freelancer's Mark of Conquest at the end of CQ?
  213. Plz help!
  214. New to RIFT and am LOVING it!
  215. Tanking help
  216. Where should I farm Choice Cut?
  217. Greenscale lock box (blue)
  218. Hello Friends
  219. Lvl 60 chronicles chest locations?
  220. Buffs effect not showing?
  221. Someone to run with.
  222. Hey everyone!
  223. Level 51 and bored
  224. How do you clear a bag slot?
  225. How to change light settings
  226. Newcomer
  227. Macro casting only one spell.
  228. How's going?
  229. Yo!
  230. Concerns about Soul trees.
  231. Trying Rift for the first time soon
  232. Torn between Rift & WoW
  233. Guest Character Deletion
  234. Level 60 - Next Steps
  235. Where is the recipe for salt-encrusted pondleaper?
  236. Daily Fae Yule Patron Gift Loot
  237. hp/mp pots, drinks??
  238. [Shard Selection] Seastone or Greybriar?
  239. Any advice on healing in Warfronts like Black Garden? (video link inside!)
  240. Any idea how to fish from this school of rare fish? (video link inside)
  241. rift or swtor
  242. So theres a chance I will be joining this community, but I want a quick clarification
  243. Information for noob?¿
  244. ISO: Adventuring Group
  245. Pet class question
  246. how many people play rift
  247. Quick Noob Question - has Death's Ally been fixed?
  248. Collector Edition - bag slots locked
  249. Referral Program
  250. Which EU PvP Server?