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  1. Confused about classes
  2. I just downloaded and can't login
  3. All shards are locked
  4. I need some help
  5. Where to purchase to unlock classes?
  6. Help! Empyreal Slayer Marks ?
  7. Infinity stones
  8. Exchange Inscribed SS for Infinity Stones?
  9. What class should I pick?
  10. Looking for easy rotation class for disabled friend
  11. Mana?
  12. Costumes
  13. Changing factions - how does it work?
  14. Is this the original RIFT game to unlock bags and character slots?
  15. A question about clothing/costume
  16. Cannot Open Game?
  17. Hello, new player with a question
  18. Unlock all character and bag slots
  19. Help, really want to play but cant!
  20. Worth playing ?
  21. Rift returning player questions
  22. new souls are live ?
  23. Can I transfer an existing character into an empty slot?
  24. Eldritch Vanguard?
  25. Newbie questions....
  26. Greetings
  27. Hello All!
  28. Which of these two PvP Defiler builds should I use?
  29. Hello
  30. Hi im new read on?
  31. Question about patron pass
  32. Storn Legion Expansion won't work
  33. Didn't get my Loyalty points.
  34. Looking for a group to start and play with till 60
  35. 750 Credits - What to buy from Store?
  36. A new World...
  37. Power of Nightmares
  38. Newbie saying Hello
  39. Casting speed bufs and chanalled skills
  40. Need some answer :)
  41. Newbie Alert! (come say hi)
  42. 271 Silverwood Adventures
  43. WTB quick keys?
  44. Is this artifact in Gloamwood impossible to reach? (video link inside!)
  45. Any way to send things between your chars without mail?
  46. Questions about instant adventures
  47. An old habbit comes to life
  48. Can you re-spend or un-spend your skill points once they are saved?
  49. Gear Guide?
  50. is there a rift version of max dps
  51. Any advice for a newbie?
  52. Question about servers
  53. New player here!
  54. Cerulean Crocnard Dropped from Bloodfire Army Event?
  55. Do you have to spend rl money to progress and enjoy this game
  56. Question about mounts
  57. Old Player Returning
  58. How do i unlock Fury class for tank
  59. A question re costumes
  60. Help with Magma Walker and the quest for Torrid Ember
  61. Help WASD extremely sensitive
  62. Is this artifact in Moonshade Highlands impossible to reach? (video link inside!)
  63. Hiya! New player here~ (question about souls)
  64. Crafting Gathering Etc. Help pls!
  65. Where do i go?!
  66. Where do i go?
  67. I'm having trouble Crafting, please help.
  68. Leveling 40-60
  69. Lvl 60, now what?
  70. Quick question about Loyalty
  71. Will be levelling with a friend, both new. Class duo suggestions?
  72. Question regarding PvP vs PvE
  73. Can I transfer an na character to eu?
  74. I'm Stuck!
  75. Noob Question!
  76. Dimensions, and things to do
  77. old player
  78. A question about artifact set
  79. New Player In Rift Got Questions! :D
  80. Hello There!
  81. My team won Conquest but chest NOT sparkling and so I couldn't loot from it!
  82. World Quests not on Quest Tracker
  83. What are sleds?
  84. Active Shard?
  85. cant get back my quest
  86. New player
  87. God like /say?
  88. Whaduuuuup`!
  89. Button recover
  90. Just hit 50 and now...
  91. SO...Rift....so much has changed..
  92. I hit lvl 6 and it's asking me to register....
  93. New but not really to Rift.
  94. Any good reason to fish?
  95. Patron status and loyalty issue from boxed game.
  96. Healer Available For Hire
  97. Where can I find a PvP Defiler build?
  98. New player looking for a guild.
  99. A few stat questions
  100. Choose a path help
  101. Can' edit my post
  102. Rogue help noob :l
  103. Is there a new Conquest weekly involving defeating 7000 enemies in Conquest?
  104. The noobest of noob questions
  105. Any way to track storyline quests?
  106. Need help
  107. is there's an option to buy credits with mobile?
  108. Stealth Confusion?
  109. Stoopid question
  110. How dead is this game?
  111. Do you read all of your quest?
  112. Is survival something I should level?
  113. What is this I hear about CQ stacks?
  114. Information for server to go to (EU)
  115. Ceska ci slovenska guilda
  116. Mage Help?
  117. Returning Player - Addons?
  118. Maps and levels
  119. corss-channel help
  120. crafting items
  121. Hello from England
  122. Few questions about essences
  123. Noob Help
  124. Question about Storm Legion?
  126. Upgrading to collectors edition.
  127. returning player help!
  128. Transcendent Token Tablet
  129. Help with the right Shard for me
  130. A few questions about... everything basic.
  131. Total noob to RIFT, help please
  132. Opinions on my three souls.
  133. Do you have to choose a purpose?
  134. EPIC noob here.
  135. Need help with connection
  136. Bonus Exp Last Week
  137. Rogue raid build help
  138. How do I make planarite useful/ is there a voucher to convert it to infinity stone?
  139. Highest hp possible?
  140. Lost when it comes to gearing
  141. Downloading RIFT next week. Got a couple questions
  142. About those beads
  143. Returning Tank/Heals team need Guildance
  144. Naming your custom class
  145. Loyalty and Boxed games.
  146. Adventure Dealer in Tempest Bay only sells items for INFINITY STONES!
  147. 2 questions about crafting
  148. How to make the quest more readable? The words are too small for me to read.
  149. Is Twyl's Facade actually better than PvP trinkets like Freelancer's Unbroken Bauble?
  150. Im New and i would like to play with some people!
  151. Trying to not get scared off.
  152. Hey guys, Newcomer here
  153. What happens with plat after f2p limit?
  154. New player WLTM...
  155. Introduction
  156. I need a little guidence
  157. original launch player.. left for swtor .. trying to come back and totally lost lol
  158. Thinking of playing Rift..
  159. how do you get used to the multiple roles available to your class?
  160. Two handed hammers ?
  161. newly 60 after 2 weeks??? newbie question about dungeons...
  162. Mentoring down for Planar Challenge Quest
  163. Is there an Estimated Time of Arrival for the new Conquest daily quest in TB?
  164. no edit 1 more question please
  165. I have many questions
  166. if i reset my talents from the rogue trainer, does it also reset the souls i can
  167. Loyalty sub question
  168. Purchasing a Rift Digital Key?
  169. Brand new, ISO knowledge
  170. Looking for a NPC
  171. Not sure where to post this
  172. wrold event archievement unobtainable for new players
  173. Noob questions here
  174. Twyl's Facade or Freelancer's Unbroken Bauble?
  175. For the sake of being a n00b!
  176. greybriar or deepwood?
  177. Foot In The Door
  178. Guild Level
  179. Reactives
  180. How do cross-shard mechanics work?
  181. Freemarch rarem ob spawn time for archievement
  182. rare mobs in terminus
  183. New to rift, got some questions.
  184. lvl 20 levelup reward in mail
  185. Auroral Doubloons- 1 short
  186. Reset roles
  187. Hi! New here and a few simple questions
  188. Getting ready for new souls?
  189. Life of the Party achievement at lvl 46?
  190. Healer
  191. 2.7 patch?
  192. Need people to play with
  193. Getting started again...
  194. My Experience coming back after beta
  195. Also back after rather long break
  196. Where do I report an in-game problem?
  197. Woes of a lowbie paladin
  198. Confused about Cleric Class
  199. Mana use, heal effeciency, general spell balance
  200. Back after Long Break
  201. Learning from the Experts
  202. (Another) question about race change
  203. Character Creation Help?
  204. Soul Tree
  205. server PVE-PVP ?
  206. Veteran player returning after a long break...
  207. *waves*
  208. Loads of questions
  209. Where would I find the PvP quest NPCs for Guardians?
  210. Another newcomer here!
  211. Character and Bag slots - special?
  212. server transfer name reset?
  213. Lvl 60 trolling Argent Glade
  214. Hey, so just signed up.
  215. Doubt about leveling and quests
  216. Hi there
  217. what does guardian's flare do? i used it on a foothold but nothing happened?
  218. Why am I limited to preset Soul Tree builds?
  219. Hello I'm new
  220. New Players considering upgrading to Patron
  221. Greetings!
  222. How do you unlock all the classes?
  223. Questions about bank
  224. Help please... Coming Back...
  225. Hi there :)
  226. need help with warrior race
  227. How do I get to Morban and other surrounding areas?
  228. Patron Status Ran Out
  229. Hi ya Rifters
  230. Total size of the game?
  231. Storm Legion Raid List?
  232. Newcomer post
  233. Help! Aritifacts confusing me.
  234. Rift Back Story
  235. Just returned, cant find characters.
  236. Hotkeys and menders.
  237. Warlord gear
  238. Hello, new Rift player, need some answers
  239. Do storm legion souls unlock the auction house?
  240. It's been a while....
  241. Brand new to Rift!
  242. Hello
  243. Dimension limits?
  244. Is Conquest chat still shared among ALL teams and when is it going to be fixed?
  245. Transcendent Vials
  246. I am so indecisive
  247. Is there phone method to donate?
  248. How long for Support reply?
  249. Totally NEW-Mount/Patron/SL Soul Questions!
  250. Time to say THIS again.