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  1. Hello, I am new to rift and need help deciding what to play as.
  2. Empty game
  3. Stuck entering Expert dungeon with setting set to normal
  4. Accidentally Skipped Starter Area
  5. Souls/Classes on Nightmare Tide
  6. Ragestorm clarification?
  7. Ascended Rune
  8. The future of RIFT
  9. I'm New... Is this suppose to be happening?
  10. Mistdance
  11. Does a player need typhoon adition to play end game?
  12. New Player HOOKED
  13. Buffer
  14. Levelling up?
  15. new Souls, only purchase through in game store?
  16. Alternative skins for Primal Companions
  17. Question about Faction changing.
  18. Instant adventures
  19. Need help with finding best place to buy gear
  20. Can't figure out how to read a tool-tip
  21. Deleted Horse
  22. Can't upgrade essence
  23. Returning to Missing Characters
  24. Abilities/Souls and Items with damage shield/reflection?
  25. Coming back - servers, guilds, etc.
  26. Returning to Rift
  27. One Month Patron = 28 days?
  28. Returning, 14 month absence, whats new?
  29. Shard
  30. Played a long time ago, what happened?
  31. How close are dps spwcs in Rift?
  32. Friend stuck without a portal location?
  33. Dungeon guides?
  34. [EU-Typhiria] Today 5pm ST (now) - FREE starter bundles for new players!
  35. Don't get harbinger
  36. How i can get level 65? That is too hard help please
  37. Is RIFT Worth Playing (Newcomer)
  38. Free Respec when class souls are changed?
  39. mentoring and warfronts?
  40. Do I HAVE to raid for top gear?
  41. Hi there, new player
  42. This may answer some questions that new and returning players may have
  43. I suck at pvp. please help?
  44. A new player and a few server questions
  45. Looking at returning
  46. What ALL do I get with the $150.00 "The ultimate collection"
  47. Low level spell usage
  48. Help me clarify
  49. Mounts Mounts Mounts
  50. Purchasing at Rift Store
  51. send halp?
  52. Nightmare Tide Infusion
  53. New kid on the block
  54. Relative newcomer with questions about trade-
  55. storm legion combo pack (UK)
  56. New but having a hard time with gear
  57. Back after a year
  58. I just bought infusion edition[Nightmare Tide and no lvl 60 boost?
  59. Very very new but old too.
  60. Hellozzz!! Newcomer with some questions about storyline-things to do
  61. Old Player. Havent been on in a long time. Need answers
  62. Real expert dungeon guide?
  63. New Player with Questions of Course!
  64. Been away for ~8 months, what has happend?
  65. Noobs guide to buying content?
  66. How to heal in RIFT
  67. Small group to start out with?
  68. Trove Merry Mink
  69. Want to support but need your help
  70. Haven't played since the 2011 hacked Account scandals:
  71. New to game Reactives?
  72. Buff Limit question (only two self buffs?)
  73. Another thread about a returning player
  74. Traveling from Brevane to Dusken
  75. tank pet tank pet tank pet tank pet tank pet tank pet tank pet tank pet tank pet tank
  76. Just bought typhoon edition and do not even get any tangible benefit that subs do?
  77. New Player!!
  78. New Player With WoW Experience
  79. Selling items on Auction House?
  80. Pvp
  81. Does wearing a costume in fights alter your armor stats?
  82. What are Synergy crystals and Trinklets? Where do i get them?
  83. What can I do now that I'm level 20?
  84. New comer here :)
  85. What to buy with credits
  86. New player, looking for some info.
  87. Increased Damage by Soul
  88. Can a private group enter a dungeon instance together?
  89. Hi, Quick question please
  90. When they nerf content?
  91. Moving to rift, am I making a mistake?
  92. A few questions about RIFT (very nooby)
  93. Is there an updated lvl60 guide?
  94. Need a way to track Story quests
  95. New!
  96. Best server for newcomer?
  97. New Here
  98. Tips on trading
  99. Question about patron and artifact tracking.
  100. New/returning player looking for a populated server, friendly and large guild
  101. What souls are considered as Tank?
  102. Sub needed to make the game worth it
  103. Few questions from returning player
  104. Another returning player looking for help
  105. Giving RIFT a try! (WoW Background)
  106. Too low level for quests available
  107. Returning player, what to buy from store?
  108. looking for group to lvl with!
  109. Question or two, Just came back to the game
  110. Totes new.
  111. Pet bonuses and stats
  112. Trying to choose an alt
  113. Too many uprades, can't make up my mind
  114. AH
  115. Multiple users from the same household
  116. Simple question regarding rex purchase with real money.
  117. Any way to lock camera view as Third person view permanently
  118. Hello!
  119. Smart levelling
  120. Melee warriors are viable on raids
  121. REX question
  122. confused in CQ
  123. I am not able to get my character to run? /\/\0,...,0/\/\
  124. Cleric help
  125. Noob Question
  126. Question about gear
  127. Healer Questions
  128. One more thing
  129. Old character disappeared
  130. Soul Useage
  131. Any value to crafting in Rift? Not seeing it so far...
  132. Best Class for DPS and soloing.
  133. Basic questions from newbie
  134. intro:-)
  135. Can't Instant Adventure
  136. Repair Tool
  137. Old Characters
  138. Which class is most attractive as range dps in raids?
  139. Back - Quick Question
  140. Noob questions.
  141. Hello Everyone!! I have a perculiar issue
  142. are there still new players?
  143. Dream Weaver Dailys?
  144. New to Rift and looking for help picking a class.
  145. Not receiving rift loot
  146. Hey there! I'm new
  147. Unable to create a petition to contact a game master
  148. Im back, 2 years without play
  149. Server Options
  150. Newcummer questions.
  151. one more newcomer(from Romania)
  152. New player to RIFT - Hello, and some questions :)
  153. New player, what does the collectors edition get me?
  154. Forum account activation
  155. Looking for aoe/fast farm class/prof help
  156. New to the game, need some help with builds n' stuff.
  157. Warfronts: A Mystery
  158. Need some advice :)
  159. i want to experience rift
  160. Returning Newbie with Crafting questions.
  161. Saving?
  162. 'Sup?
  163. AoE DoT Class
  164. Upgrading Essenses
  165. Hey everyone another newbie here
  166. Newbie with newbie questions
  167. Hi to all // Ciao a tutti.
  168. thinking about coming back, few questions
  169. Hello from a newbie :)
  170. Returning Player
  171. Level 61+ Instant Adventure Npc?
  172. Timed magnetic lure
  173. [Dimension Q&A] What the heck are all these Dimension items?
  174. My wife wants to play on a laptop......
  175. Collectors Editions from Launch
  176. Somebody said all quests below 50 are obsolete.
  177. The Newest of the New Newbies
  178. Long absent returning player advice.
  179. which Class? which server?
  180. which Class? which server?
  181. Getting into this game.
  182. I am new and would like a prtner
  183. new here
  184. Infusion Edition, How long on the market?
  185. No soup for you!
  186. hi im new
  187. Which EU shard has the smallest dungeon/warfront queues?
  188. If I would be new to RIFT and had X amount of money, I would buy...
  189. Returnee
  190. Will i be able to run Rift on ultra with this setup??
  191. No startup menu in game.
  192. Wardrobe clothes.
  193. I can't choose any shard
  194. Stuck in Sanctum
  195. New here
  196. A Rift A Minute Wide quest. 800 planerites?
  197. Calling choice help - support and utility?
  198. Boost to Level 60 (Ultimate Nightmare Edition)
  199. Trying to decide which server to start on
  200. Greater and Lesser Essences
  201. Semi-Noob needs help from lifers
  202. When the adventures... ummm... refreshes?
  203. Please help a old timer out.
  204. How long does it take to get a ticket resolved?
  205. Mount Usage
  206. Dimensions?
  207. What is Draum's Ward skill?
  208. Rogue Purpose
  209. Rift infusion key
  210. What else can be done for leveling 60-65?
  211. How do I get to Goboro Reef and/or Draumheim?
  212. Trying to Subscribe
  213. Hello from a relatively new player
  214. world i be able to play rift on my laptop please respond?
  215. Hey sorry guys newbie question...
  216. Character Creation - "Purpose" Issue
  217. What to spend money ON?
  218. In need of help! Can't get back to Silverwood!
  219. How is this game fairing?
  220. Does loyalty disappear?
  221. Hi! I am new at posting in forums!
  222. is this game free to play?
  223. Where do you trade/buy items with one another?
  224. Newb Question
  225. Minions level and rewards?
  226. HumbleBundle Rift Code
  227. New Guy here, come flame him!
  228. Hello
  229. Hey hello everyone.
  230. Hello from down under. :P
  231. Returner to the game - Have they removed the Planarite caches from planar vendors?
  232. Sidekicking and Dungeons
  233. Planarite after the patch.
  234. Not impressed.
  235. Just started
  236. Greetings :)
  237. Wolfsbane Social Guilds?
  238. help
  239. Steam Rift
  240. Champion selection?
  241. Stopping by to say Hi!
  242. Newbie Needs Help
  243. New Here, Need Help Choosing Class
  244. Hello i am new to Rift!!
  245. FFXI Red Mage type class?
  246. Gate, Hearth, fast travel??
  247. Hey I am new
  248. Hey All!
  249. How do I sell on the auction house?
  250. A few NOOB questions....