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  1. Preparing for the storm!.....how?
  2. Coming Back to Rift!
  3. I can't train a third skill:(
  4. Popping in to say hello
  5. Returning to Rift
  6. any guild from east side that plans to raid or raids from 5-8pm est?
  7. Crafting daily
  8. Is there anywhere I can go so i can train?
  9. New To The Game Looking For Guild Or Some People To Play With
  10. Which version?
  11. maybe a dumb question...attachments to email
  12. Wandering city of heros orphan new to Rift
  13. i want to change my gender and race.
  14. My paid for mount disappeared?
  15. New player a little overwhelmed by class/spec choice
  16. Returning player Questions
  17. How can I switch from using far away weapon to close up weapon in my 2 action bars?
  18. Rift type?
  19. New Player, Already confused o_O
  20. Macros, please tell me how to use them properly.
  21. Shard questions
  22. Stuck in Guardian Newbie Area
  23. Hello, back after a year.
  24. Newcomer, loving the game and the community!
  25. Hello! New player here, looking for info on Support/Healing/DPS
  26. Should I extend?
  27. What Flags Me For PVP on a PVE Server?
  28. 3 accounts, 3 computers, 1 household question
  29. Frustrated Tank, looking for an answer:
  30. How will Defiant/Guardians work post Storm Legion?
  31. Best Shard For Fast PVP WarFronts?
  32. Returning player overwhelmed by options: help with a list of 'things to do'?
  33. Let the newb questions commence!
  34. new 50 , slightly confused
  35. Hey guys im new, better late than never i guess lol, just have some questions, Thanks
  36. Hello, Returning player here.
  37. Old Player Returning: Request for advice
  38. Shard for new players??
  39. I greet you my friends!
  40. Rift - Day 2 players drooling
  41. Beginner's Perspective
  42. 'ello!
  43. Hello there & Soul Tree Switching Question
  44. Alright how do I play this game
  45. Best way to level a fourth toon?
  46. Need help picking a calling
  47. Server
  48. need help with auction-house ui
  49. Too late to start?
  50. Launch player coming back to take a look before expansion
  51. New to Rift, looking for action. No, not that kind of action!!
  52. Collecting Mounts
  53. question about rogue poison weapons
  54. Macro help?
  55. New player - Where is everyone?
  56. New to Rift & Loving it!
  57. Lets Talk Shards
  58. Random Instant Adventure = Silverwood Instant Adventure... Basically
  59. Can't find people playing
  60. new player looking for advice?
  61. New Player saying Hi
  62. Just thought I'd say hi
  63. How long did Rift take you to dl?
  64. Opposite Faction Footholds
  65. Hello Again :P
  66. I Just Came Back to Say...
  67. Newbie warrior help.
  68. Thx for the great game and costumer support. :)
  69. so starting playing again tonight need help on.....
  70. I'm thinking about coming back to rift been playing swtor but...
  71. Just came back to Rift after 8 months.
  72. Need help understanding the class system.
  73. So, new to RIFT and mmorpg's in general.
  74. Server Populations?
  75. The flow between lv 50 and 60?
  76. Trying out this Free trail
  77. Best PVE server with transfer...
  78. Long term duo?
  79. Question on Tell in chat window
  80. how do you hide where your from on the fourms?
  81. Trying to identify a class
  82. Welcome new players!!
  83. got free gamestop trial, now what?
  84. Is Rift Dead?
  85. Armored White War Tiger Mount
  86. Augments?
  87. Looking for advice on when to spend currencies leveling
  88. Started playing Rift again - where do I begin (again)?
  89. Looking for a new shard.
  90. Back after a year [Questions]
  91. Hello and thanks.
  92. So no idea what i'm doing..
  93. Gearing Up a Fresh Level 50
  94. How friendly is this game to a fresh player
  95. How to make multiple builds
  96. Hotbars
  97. 3 days free time, coming back
  98. Question
  99. More Character Guides and Help
  100. Newbie here
  101. Warrior or Rogue?
  102. why am I losing level points?
  103. Important dungeon finder question.
  104. Back after a long time and I have a problem!
  105. Farming instances with mentoring?
  106. New player and IA/Dungeons question
  107. Patch 1.9 #6 won't update
  108. How many are playing Rift?
  109. I discovered a Rift Cinematic: Non-Spoiler.
  110. Hay!!
  111. So after at least a year, I came back and...
  112. Returned to Rift
  113. Considering re-subbing
  114. Hello Rift!!
  115. A newbie with some q's
  116. Neat!
  117. Random Violence
  118. collecting books
  119. Returning to Rift
  120. I can't find the druid soul!
  121. Just hit Level 50, im so lost!
  122. New to the game...
  123. Which servers are west coast? all servers seem to have 90 to 130 latency.
  124. Welcome to Rift-a guilde for new 50s
  125. Returning player & Trial Server
  126. New...Best Resource?
  127. skype and Rift question
  128. Hello everyone!
  129. Brand new player looking for some advice/info!
  130. Back to Rift
  131. New to Rift
  132. Hey, I'm Death Knight!
  133. New to Rift
  134. First character, first level 50 - few questions
  135. Changes
  136. Rift Status
  137. The Ascended Chronicle: Why Rift is the Best MMO on the Market
  138. Newbie; questions.
  139. Newbie questions on mail and bags.
  140. soul questions
  141. Just Bought Rift; Some Questions
  142. Cosumes for Classes
  143. Let me level 1-60 through Instant Adventure
  144. a few questions
  145. So, I brought the game...
  146. New to Rift, not to MMOs
  147. Considering starting. I have a couple of questions.
  148. Storm Legion free?
  149. New to Rift - Trying to Find a Good Fit From the Beginning
  150. Fishing loot window
  151. How to Change Soul Tree (Adding Beastmaster)
  152. game progression
  153. Planar Goods past FreeMarch..into your 20 and 30s
  154. What am i suppose to be accomplishing?
  155. some questions
  156. Questions
  157. What exactly is an instant adventure???
  158. Armor Sets
  159. Changing Shard for a returning player
  160. wht the frank
  161. if i cancle my sub?
  162. Group Looting While Dead
  163. My character was in Firesand, where is he now?!
  164. Lfd?
  165. Help with pet assist macro
  166. What advice would you give a level 1 newbie based on what you've learned?
  167. Should I lvl to 50 or XP lock?
  168. A Returning 50
  169. Auto attack
  170. Hey everyone, new player to the game. Need some advice please.
  171. A Few Questions
  172. Simple question from a beginner
  173. Wolfsbane or Faeblight?
  174. New guy
  175. Trial client download, Normal Client download
  176. EU Trail shard (firesand)
  177. Quick Mount Question
  178. Portals/Travel?
  179. Any way to bring back my characters from months ago?
  180. Newcomer.
  181. Location Command
  182. a few things buggs me to hell as new player in rift !
  183. Hello, is this thing on? (tap tap)
  184. Can I be a Warrior/Necromancer in RIFT?
  185. Confused about "Expert Rifts" versus "Raid Rifts"
  186. Can anyone plz explain pvp rifts?
  187. Noob question on pvp gear. Need helP
  188. newbie here....
  189. Gear Question
  190. Advice sought
  191. Changing email address
  192. Old RIFT gamer returning
  193. What happen to my char?
  194. fresh level 50
  195. Zone Progression
  196. Pvp Question about callings
  197. Returning Player
  198. Solo Class
  199. New To Rift - would appreciates some links
  200. 50 Mage looking for layed back group to play with
  201. Winter is Coming
  202. Hello All. A very new player here.
  203. Quick question or two.
  204. Getting back into Rift
  205. Hey All
  206. Body still sparkles
  207. can I transfer gear from one char to another?
  208. Need a question answered about annual pass.
  209. New to game need some input please...
  210. Selling to a Vendor
  211. Just started again this week, is it even possible to get the event mount?
  212. Hey community, newish player here
  213. Finishing an already started raid / instance lock
  214. To Level 50, And Beyond! (Buzz Lightyear was a Mage at Heart)
  215. Hello community; a new(ish) player.
  216. A few endgame and general questions for a somewhat new player
  217. Zone Progression
  218. Some new player questions on Runes
  219. A friend and I coming back, have afew questions
  220. Quick Mage Question
  221. What do you think?
  222. few newb questions
  223. Inert Raport Egg & Burning Earth Shards question
  224. Newbie
  225. Question about phases
  226. I'm back, yet so lost
  227. New Rift Player - Need End Game Advice
  228. "n00b" Question
  229. How do you respec planar attunement?
  230. It's my fault...
  231. Couple of Newly 50 Rift Players LF Mentors
  232. Looking for a Shard and Friends!
  233. Does this game have any large battlegrounds like Alterac valley?
  234. Planerite exchange
  235. Completely New To RIFT and MMO games
  236. assassin problems
  237. Hi I'm new and just need some advice
  238. Brand-spankin new Rift player here...
  239. returning player..best pacific time active server?
  240. Grats Trion Worlds/Rift development team
  241. Returning to rift - haven't played since 1.2
  242. Tips on finding a friendly guild
  243. Most Healthy Well-Rounded PvP Server
  244. HOw in the world do we get to moonshade highlands?
  245. Access to other character items?
  246. So, Resubbing....
  247. 2 accounts, want to transfer all relevent settings and so on
  248. New Player Thoughts
  249. Not new by any means but i am a fresh fifty.
  250. New Player Seeking Answers About Spec.