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  1. 60 - And game is over?
  2. question about zones
  3. Returning Player question about f2p
  4. Pets in the RIFT Store
  5. How do I acquire more Souls? Maybe I'm missing something?
  6. Bank?
  7. If I have a RIFT game card, what does it do when I type it in now that game is free?
  8. How do I purchase REX?
  9. New player/New Patron.. Good Work Trion
  10. Newcomer +a few questions
  11. What qualifies as a weapon attack?
  12. New to Rift few questions myself...
  13. Guide on where to spend certain currency?
  14. Hello everybody! A new player here in Rift!
  15. Hey guys i'm new to Rift
  16. Question about pathfinders
  17. Just reached 50, but where do i quest now?
  18. Concerns of new player.
  19. Storm Legion Includes Rift Base Game and F2P Benefits
  20. Been away for a while...
  21. Locked?
  22. Character Build
  23. Hello, can anyone give me a combination of souls for CC and debuffs?
  24. Refugee from GeeWhiz has a few questions
  25. Returning Player with a few Questions.
  26. Hi I been playing for a month about 20 minutes each day.
  27. Hello, I'm new. :)
  28. Hello....Ive made a few posts now asking various things but..
  29. New here, what to do with 750 credits?
  30. Bundle of Dimension Mystery Boxes - Worth it or not?
  31. Questions
  32. Can anyone give me a Saboteur guide?
  33. Best Cleric Soul Build?
  34. What did I get?
  35. What is the best order to put dots on enemies?
  36. Level 50, just came back. Tips on what to do?
  37. Opposite faction fishing turn-ins
  38. Merchant of Death question
  39. Questions about F2P and SL Expansion
  40. Tempest Bay? How do I get there?
  41. is crafting worthwhile
  42. Doing the assassin dance
  43. Hey guys!...new to to the game today, some questions
  44. Purple Hellbug Mount?
  45. Need help with fishing
  46. Hi there, I'm new to Rift, just a question..
  47. Is this normal?
  48. small problem and a quick question
  49. Question about Patron
  50. old player but came back for free to play auction house question.
  51. About the sage's pet
  52. Hiya Fellow Green Tunics, I need some help
  53. Why are NA servers constantly High pop, even outside of prime time but EU aren't ?
  54. Infinity stones - gear or rift hunt lures?
  55. New on rift (which us server is the best)
  56. Hello! Hugs! It's been too long Old Friend!
  57. Looking for a Notoriety guide.
  58. Help me please
  59. New Level 60 Questions
  60. Old trial account stopping me from proceeding on free rift.
  61. Best healing class?
  62. New to game--help
  63. turning copper ore into copper bar
  64. Advice Needed on Choosing PvP Shard
  65. Subscribing
  66. Is this game available in the philippines?
  67. Shard RP Question
  68. Need help with a build
  69. Can't Connect to game server
  70. I need help! (Noob)
  71. Trion-Please Make Auto Flag PvP Unchecked by Default!
  72. Mount quest vs store?
  73. Can't connect to server? Solution!
  74. Huntsman question
  75. Hello! Im a Newbie!
  76. bought the game. can i still register it?
  77. How do Rifts work?
  78. Int = wis?
  79. Do shields/absorb effects not stack, or is it a bug?
  80. Lost mount, (please help)
  81. Finding faceless man
  82. Help with Inquisition Quest
  83. Why is this happening?
  84. So whats the deal???
  85. 2 questions
  86. Deathwright?? why cant i
  87. Applying Code.
  88. Cant login
  89. The event in Silverwood and Freemarch this weekend
  90. Can't Find Storm Legion
  91. Wisdom and Intelligence Differences (Healing cleric)
  92. I'm new in Rift and a little lost. Do you have some tips?
  93. Dungeon EXP totally falls off at Lv42, absolutely disappointing
  94. Is there anywhere in SL lands you can BUY essences?
  95. What is the maximum number of character slots permitted on a shard?
  96. New Souls for only one faction?
  97. Achievement Issues: Normal?
  98. Re: Failed To Log In
  99. A question about Wardrobe
  100. Finding teammate?
  101. Chescatt here
  102. Returning player unable to transfer to Faeblight!!
  103. Trying to Find the Right Class
  104. General noob question about class
  105. Questions about the support role.
  106. Returning Player
  107. yet ANOTHER noob question...
  108. Updating my Forum Page?
  109. hi i am new what server got many people
  110. I have a question
  111. New Player question
  112. Returning "vanilla" player...
  113. Stuck at quest called " Malicious Undercurrents "
  114. 55-59 Loot and gearing help
  115. What's the best way to gear up after 50?
  116. Just started and liking it so far
  117. Vanity Pets
  118. Possibly dumb question
  119. 6/27/13 0930 PST Are the servers still down?
  120. Hi all !
  121. Capital city maps?
  122. Boosting/helping with lvl
  123. deeps lock box?
  124. What's the point of PvE?
  125. Not exactly a newbie, but newbie-ish questions
  126. Nooby Mage Question
  127. New to the MMO Scene, Have some questions.
  128. Newcoming questions
  129. Guardian and Defiant? Differences in gameplay?
  130. Rift Storm Legion
  131. A returning player to this amazing game...
  132. Rift game content,classes. etc...
  133. *cough* Mac client someday? (Hurls 2 cents and dives under table)
  134. FTP and Storm Legion.
  135. Deeps' lock boxes
  136. BoA pets/mount BoP on use? Loyalty?
  137. US Box Copy Code; redeemable in Canada?
  138. Best way to start the game off?
  139. Question about the low level event
  140. Callings and Shards.WoW deserter.
  141. What u do when lvl 60
  142. Group Quest Help
  143. Bags for patrons
  144. Loyalty - was I supposed to get it?
  145. Downloading
  146. Questions about souls....
  147. Need a little help. A bit confused.
  148. Shard question
  149. anyone got any extra codes
  150. The Global Cooldown?
  151. Questions about necromancers
  152. Auto-scale Mounts
  153. Returning Player--WoW
  154. New to the game, have a couple of questions!
  155. warrior tanking
  156. Help
  157. Cannot equip any lesser essences
  158. Some Newbie Questions
  159. Game is great!
  160. Question about ability damage & scaling (what's the point of some abilities?)
  161. I'm new, and have some questions
  162. Rift wut u doin
  163. Why can i play????
  164. Quick question for a class pick
  165. New free player, purchased rift
  166. A couple of questions regarding Favour and Patron.
  167. How in the frack do you play this game??
  168. Trouble starting game
  169. Marking party members with their role and refferencing them in macros
  170. Returning player, where is my level 50?
  171. What day does the server reset?
  172. Where do you obtain Ascended's armor pieces?
  173. Where Do I see my Planarite?
  174. How many bag slots should be unlocked after purchasing rift + SL?
  175. Retruning player since 2011 (questions)
  176. Best leveling spec for Rogue
  177. endgame pve questions
  178. A Few Questions :)
  179. storm legion specs -
  180. How to change server location?
  181. Seasoned WoW Player Looking to PvP. Class questions plz answer.
  182. Another new guy with questions
  183. Bonus Xp as a patron
  184. Hello, LotRO convert here with questions about...classes. mainly :)
  185. I'm Hooked - How Much?
  186. Anyone got a spare free copy of SL?
  187. new player query
  188. Questing about SL and Patron pass
  189. Is it still possible to purchase Storm Legion?
  190. Weapons Question
  191. Running "Vanilla" content and gearing up for SL raids
  192. Loyalty with game purchase?
  193. outleveling content
  194. Question about Dimension NPC
  195. Few questions
  196. Planarite Buyback?
  197. How to get the Moneybags' Purse?
  198. Whit mage problems
  199. How does a Mage use a wand?
  200. Servers population
  201. Question about loyalty
  202. Confirmation on how adding the SL exp works
  203. Saving mail?
  204. box game
  205. A new player needs help!
  206. Newcomer Doubts
  207. Have not played a long time, couple quick questions!
  208. Need help
  209. Need advise on fast leveling.
  210. Mid Level gameplay and overall impressions video from a brand new player
  211. Returning Player-Anyone want to team up?
  212. How to start again?
  213. What's up with mana?
  214. Tradeskils
  215. Hi there New to game :)
  216. Bag slots confusion
  217. Starting area missables?
  218. How the preset roles work
  219. Israeli Players
  220. Failed to login server?
  221. Storm Legion Question
  222. New player, looking for tips
  223. New to Rift? Have questions about F2P? This vid answers those questions.
  224. The 4 classes from expansion?
  225. New Player Today -Need Authenticator?
  226. leveling bug
  227. Just what does "blankety-blank" do?
  228. Returning player here!
  229. The expansion: Storm Legion.
  230. is there a way to change your
  231. hi everybody
  232. Hi everyone! A newbie here.
  233. Just started, question about buying a boxed version.
  234. is this truly truly free to paly?
  235. What am I limited to?
  236. Just Started Today
  237. PvP and PvE Spec
  238. How do people get to much HP?
  239. For new UK players looking to buy Rift/Storm Legion
  240. Mount speeds
  241. King for a Day
  242. Storm Legion CD key
  243. Any Raptr code available?
  244. Books in starting area
  245. Wardrobe
  246. Guardian Guild, Defiant Player.
  247. Party Chat isn't working.
  248. Returned
  249. Are you a new player looking for an answer to your question?
  250. Storm Legion (Expansion Only)