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  1. bind on account issues
  2. Hellbug mounts and pets
  3. New Lore/Storyboard fan looking to learn the backstory
  4. A newcomer from a new dimension has appeared!
  5. Mount Purchase ?
  6. Experience Vial From Rift Store
  7. New to Rift, old to MMO's..some quick Q & A's
  8. cc wont get accepted
  9. Very Noob to Rift question
  10. Help with decisions~
  11. Trion Reduce Membership from 14 to 7-10 Bucks
  12. buying credits/patron
  13. Download Rift F2P today but can't join any servers or create character?
  14. How to tell which abilities share cooldowns?
  15. New player here. Any tips for a wannabe-tank?
  16. Legionnaire's Shield of Valor or Hussar's Shield of the Defender?
  17. Having an action bar show stealth skills like action bar 1
  18. Newly hit 50 rogue in pvp world
  19. Subscription Questions
  20. Deleting old character making new with same name
  21. What do we do with the extra duplicate artifacts?
  22. Noob Warfront Questions
  23. error 2019 cant start
  24. What should I be doing with my planarite?
  25. New Guy
  26. Potential player
  27. Just returned and...
  28. Newbie: Server selection and general question
  29. Defiant skill trainers?
  30. Takes quite a while to get raid ready doesn't it?
  31. What a huge difference in attitude!!!
  32. Returning player, Are cloaks in the game yet?
  33. Newcomer with old problems please help
  34. Also a Returning Player, what packs should I get?
  35. Which 2-handed sword is better: Broadsword of the Dark Ceremony or Astral Edge?
  36. hey guys new to rift
  37. New Player Subscription Question
  38. Looking for info up upgrade packages
  39. Completely new to Rift
  40. Returning player been gone A LONG time need help.
  41. Porticulum crash
  42. ISO a non-trival guide to Planar Attunement
  43. How to go about leveling?
  44. What male race do you think has the best melee animation?
  45. Differences between each of the tank warrior souls?
  46. Newcomer here...which version/what to buy?
  47. Rift bag?
  48. Streaming some newby Rift gameplay ( come watch and play with me ! )
  49. need help with shard transfer and AH!
  50. Donate a Raptr SL Key
  51. Shards Important in regards to Location?
  52. Is tempest needed for a warrior?
  53. New to RIFT, looking for people to play with.
  54. Cant log in to game at all.... Help please
  55. Is there any way to buy items in bulk?
  56. Returning Player, help!
  57. hey new to the game and need help
  58. Hello Friends
  59. Returning player here
  60. Skills question
  61. Rogue | Whats best for PvP for low lvls
  62. Changing from F2P
  63. Newcomer needs help
  64. How is the base-damage for abilities calculated?
  65. Which plate armor is better?
  66. Rift Contribution points?
  67. Howdy
  68. So what are the forum ranks?
  69. I'm a returning player... where to get started
  70. What are the areas for the dailys?
  71. Random Warfront Bonus? What is this?
  72. I am new conglomto this game
  73. what do the color of the armor names mean
  74. Please help me out a bit(Runescape)
  75. New player looking for veteran bard for leveling advice.
  76. Just sayin' Hello....
  77. coming back, originally bought the game
  78. How to tell how long someone has been in a guild?
  79. New to Rift and looking for friends
  80. Not really new, a returnee, but mostly new :)
  81. Another Newcomer!
  82. help me
  83. DoomDoctor
  84. Why wont it let me get into a shard
  85. A few questions from a newb
  86. Returning player
  87. How much HP do tanks need for expert 60 dungeons?
  88. How to gear when I hit 60
  89. Is the expansion free with rift?
  90. Planar attunement
  91. bladerunner and rift
  92. Melee class question?
  93. Rex purchase
  94. is rift just questing?
  95. Hello
  96. New need an acend a friend
  97. Swimming and diving.
  98. Confused
  99. How do I get to Silverwood?
  100. Newplayer and alot of questions XD
  101. As a newcomer and f2p, how hard will it be to get a mount?
  102. New player
  103. Play as Guest
  104. Rested XP
  105. Question on Buying Credits.
  106. Im newcomer I like PVE
  107. About myself
  108. Where i can buy SL expansion digital code
  109. Im New to The Game Need Advice
  110. I've lost my story quests, how do I find the next one?
  111. log in problems
  112. Achievement hunting
  113. Is it just me or do many PvP players can't understand the meaning of the word no?
  114. Box copy
  115. New to the game - looking for other newbies to play with
  116. Upgrade System
  117. Account misunderstanding
  118. Puzzle Reward
  119. Find Asha in king's breach
  120. Coming Back
  121. wardrobes
  122. Dwarves hamme
  123. Newcomer question about healing classes
  124. How can i use the auction house?
  125. Back from a long pause
  126. Subscription
  127. unlocking through store or buying game
  128. Questions on rogues
  129. How to party with opposite faction guildies for dungeons?
  130. Hello and my name is Xumbie.
  131. Rift® storm legion™ – standard edition
  132. Crafting survival 290-300, Gathering 280
  133. Hello and...
  134. Hey and Help...
  135. Dailies
  136. I got skillz? How about survival?
  137. Hi :))
  138. Filling loyalty lines
  139. Whats are good methods of making platinum while leveling?
  140. Can i register my storm legion key?
  141. Pros and Cons of each tank class?
  142. Loyalty Rewards not Showing Up
  143. Question about backpack bag
  144. Client download question.
  145. In-game shop questions.
  146. Betatester returning to the game!
  147. I'm new and have a question already :)
  148. Tal's New Players Guides: 1. Character Creation and Class overview
  149. noob question about quests
  150. how to acquire the crocnard mount
  151. Tracking target in combat broken?
  152. Preset Soul Confusion
  153. Character slots, bag slots and the like
  154. Spirit of the Wilderness + Guardian Phase
  155. tanking in Rift
  156. question about hitting lvl 50 and beyond
  157. Loyalty
  158. LF Tank build
  159. PvP Question about gaining Valor
  160. SL souls?
  161. Spending points on souls
  162. broken or just stupid?
  163. new player
  164. Some newbie questions
  165. Where Do I get a cape?
  166. General chat is beyond useless when it comes to questions
  167. Another loop
  168. Just bought Storm Legion
  169. Ok i want to buy the new souls?
  170. Putting Locs on Map
  171. Crafting Profesions for a Cleric
  172. Mostly new person with a few questions...
  173. Point of conquest and how to play it ?
  174. Warrior or Cleric (Tank/DPS)-pve
  175. Help on mining and planar charges.
  176. Came from Guild Wars 2
  177. Former WoW and Aion player giving Rift a shot!..
  178. SilverSilver has arrived
  179. People whining about tank not using 'tank' gear in SL dungeons?
  180. I am a new player .
  181. When to travel
  182. 60. Now what?
  183. Installing SL
  184. New Level 60 Rogue, what do?
  185. Can't access character selection screen!
  186. Trying to complete Corrupted Rituals Quest?
  187. A newbie...
  188. PvP Servers
  189. newcomer with some questions
  190. hello new player got some questions
  191. Is it just me, or is it hard to click on mobs (enemies)?
  192. Hey all :) Newcomer with some questions
  193. New to Rift: Does Race Matter?
  194. If you a copy of Rift what do you get?
  195. New player seeking Warrior advice.
  196. Problems with the SL digital download. Need help
  197. Hello! New player here :>
  198. Locked classes question?
  199. Mage Buffs?
  200. Round 2
  201. How do you buy new character slots?
  202. Propeller Hat
  203. I just thought I'd say hey!
  204. Good Build for Rogue
  205. Basic ability management, screen layout, etc.
  206. New To Rift, Old to MMOs
  207. Easy Question: Do you have to level your character to level professions?
  208. new player, approaching lvl 50 -- advice?
  209. LF EU shard with healthy ingame economy
  210. Least played Class/Soul combo?
  211. What do I need to buy for endgame content ?
  212. Hello! new player here wondering something about storm legion CD-Keys
  213. Loving Rift So Far
  214. Faction based mounts?
  215. Patron Passes and Boosts Question
  216. Question about PVP boosting at 60
  217. Newbie starting over and a tip about choosing class
  218. Random Question
  219. planar vendors for all levels?
  220. Most Profitable Scratch-Off at Low Level?
  221. Question about patron
  222. Firestorm Animation problem
  223. Elemental Lures
  224. "Get over here" warr spec
  225. Yet another new player with questions. :(
  226. character
  227. Older raids.
  228. Mage planar attunement and gearing post 50.
  229. how many hours does it take to be a hard core pver ect.
  230. Level 40+ IA's
  231. Server Locks
  232. Couple questions I cant seem to get an answer to in game
  233. Stacking hot bars
  234. Weapons not working
  235. Hey there! Some questions about gameplay ^^
  236. Raid tacts
  237. I Abandon a quest, i cant get it back
  238. How do i make plat?
  239. Another new player with a couple of questions
  240. Hello from new player
  241. Shoulder armor display one side only
  242. Suggested addons for newbies?
  243. pyro macro's
  244. Coin Locked?
  245. Hi im new and wanna group up!
  246. Option to purchase game?
  247. How many gold = a platinum?
  248. Buying Rift and SL Separately
  249. Transfiguration Bauble: Bows to guns?
  250. New player having some class issues