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  1. Patron renew
  2. New to Rift
  3. Brand New Player
  4. Re-introducing myself
  5. I came scilently, just sleep.
  6. Returning Player - Start Over?
  7. Rifts: what's the payment scheme like?
  8. Hello
  9. what to buy?
  10. wow this is insane troll?
  11. Returning Player
  12. How do I apply augmentation to a crafted recipe?
  13. Token Weekly Limit Indicator
  14. Hi, new ,invalid ability
  15. Switching targets?
  16. Now at level 40 and...
  17. Just started or about to start! Looking for someone to play with/level with
  18. Hello :)
  19. protip for new and returning level 50s
  20. question from second day newbie
  21. Strange Sounds
  22. Hey guys
  23. Deeps' Lock box
  24. Can't find mount collection
  25. Sub Question
  26. Where do I go to spend my Artisan's Mark?
  27. Leveling via PvP
  28. hey I'm back but question
  29. PvP ? I am on a PvE shard, please help.
  30. :Stupid Question: How to invite a friend to help me with a quest ?
  31. Multiboxing?
  32. Loyalties and the Auction House
  33. Almost level 50 and worried :(
  34. Question about subscriptions
  35. A lot of various questions about this great game.
  36. Question re: souls
  37. Things to do at level 60
  38. Things to do at level 50
  39. Welcome! Questions?
  40. New and had a question
  41. Tanking from 50 to 60 (returning player--gear scaling question)
  42. Question about buying credits
  43. Hi There! I'm Looking for spanish speakers.
  44. Sub question
  45. Help a brand newBIE
  46. Old Newplayer.
  47. Do Dungeons scale to fit the party?
  48. help with the group finder
  49. if someone game me a 3 day patron pass in game would it grant the auction house
  50. Doubt about buying credit and what to do with it.
  51. New guy loving the game few questions.
  52. phase 2 summerfest ? when live
  53. I unticked the "track world events"... how to turn it back on? :)
  54. Lag, lag and LAG!=(
  55. How to see max. cast radius?
  56. Returning player after 2 years or so!
  57. Collectors Edition
  58. Another newbie question from yours truly.
  59. My Intro and a small question about coin-lock
  60. Why was there an orange squirrel logo over my character's head?
  61. Scintillating's Guide to Abbreviations-For Newbies!.
  62. Returning player from around 1.4 what did I miss
  63. How to get access to Storm Legion Souls?
  64. Flatyard Disguise Problem
  65. Anyone Have A Free Raptr Pet Code They Could Give Me?
  66. Can you trade currency items for PA Exp?
  67. Why can't I go past 60 fishing?
  68. Any new builders building Dims? - Happy to help.
  69. Damage bard in midde of screen go away!
  70. Is defense or endurance better?
  71. Red Name box
  72. Rex
  73. So many options, I'm gonna die!!
  74. Dungeon - some advice please
  75. what is rift?
  76. Incognito Staff
  77. Your nooby things when new to mmo's!
  78. Lot going through my mind waiting for my download. need advice!
  79. quest not registering - ie. in the count
  80. Fresh 60,PVP/Pve what to do in this situation?
  81. Event Merchant location
  82. Is blue gear always better than green gear?
  83. Confused about the class system ing VS on the site
  84. Armour Packs from the Wardrobe
  85. automove
  86. Order of Notoriety importance and daily locations?
  87. PVP Question
  88. bag slot
  89. Howdy
  90. Regarding upgrades
  91. someone got me the storm of legion souls ???????
  92. Help about credit card online statement
  93. pvp build and controls
  94. Auction house question
  95. Hello, new, have a question
  96. Not getting credits from summer gifts?
  97. How do cross servers talk on our servers chat?
  98. Lost old account
  99. I came back since it went F2P but..... Have to buy souls?!
  100. Best rogue spec for a beginner?
  101. Hello everyone :)
  102. How does one enter clickable links in the chat?
  103. The Chronicles of a RIFT Newbie
  104. A brand new tank
  105. Crafting for a newb
  106. Rift (Infinty/ash's of history)
  107. Help with Dendrome and World Events
  108. Is there any bonus if i buy the game??
  109. New player, LF PvP class.
  110. Newbie alert
  111. No really I am REALLY new to this game.
  112. Question about Subscription
  113. New Warlock Help Please
  114. Is Bolstering Applies in Conquest.
  115. New to RIFT: What class to play?
  116. Returning player needing advice
  117. Little scavenger hunt part 1 question + 1 other question
  118. A question regarding the Rift Standard Edition.
  119. Purchasing Storm Legion
  120. Too many cooks spoil the authenticity?
  121. Having a facepalm moment
  122. gearing up?
  123. Question about warfronts, and different factions
  124. Noobie questions.
  125. Inscribed Sourcestone
  126. Is Rift one of the better F2P MMOs? P2W?
  127. for all the newbies about the PA reward.
  128. Different Installer Files
  129. quick question about rift
  130. If You Can't Connect....
  131. Class/Spec Recommendations for a duo?
  132. New and ready..
  133. how can i get rift storm legion ?
  134. Benefits to subscribing to Rift via Ascend A Friend if you are a NEW SUBSCRIBER
  135. PVP Conquest Questions.
  136. PVP Rank 60, Are there NEW items Gears to SAVE for?
  137. Error,error,error
  138. Level 50 warground question.
  139. Getting started
  140. Need a little advice
  141. Ummm
  142. problems
  143. Why does Rift seem so easy?
  144. New to Rift - Questions
  145. Difference between pve and pvp shards
  146. How do I complete the Scarlet Gorge leg of the Scavenger Hunt?
  147. New and need some help!
  148. Returning healer help
  149. Buying plat.
  150. rift store weapons..dungeon?raid?world?
  151. About to start playing
  152. 56 Rogue Marksman many questions!
  153. Will I Miss Out On The Game Experience With IA 10-50?
  154. Where do I buy the tempest soul?
  155. Need Vs Greed
  156. Quick question please
  157. Hello everyone, New to the game, seeking tanking advice.
  158. Returning to Rift! need some advice for my Rouge.
  159. Pvp gear
  160. Is food worthless?
  161. Hello Rift! i have a couple questions.
  162. Looking to FS on a Justicar - need build suggestions
  163. question about CD-key
  164. What is the safest way to complete Uncle Stan's Fishing Derby - Gloamwood as Defiant?
  165. i need help new to rift
  166. Failed to log in to server
  167. Ascended's Neophyte Gear?
  168. Best Cleric healing build for low-level (10-50) dungeons and groups?
  169. 2 items to claim Riftstore?
  170. Should I buy a mount now?
  171. Store Wardrobe Outfits.
  172. Why newcomers shouldn't play on PvP shards...
  173. Really??? Why go Patron then
  174. Just dropping in to say hello
  175. Help a returning Noob out!~
  176. Subscription
  177. Courage pet + ascend a friend
  178. What is d safest way to complete Uncle Stan's Fishing Derby - Silverwood as Defiant?
  179. Joining Faeblight?
  180. Phase 1: Beat the Heat
  181. What happens when subscription runs out?
  182. Purchasing/Earning credits
  183. Many question!!! (massive wall of text alert)
  184. Bad choice of class?
  185. Newbie teaming question in regards to quests.
  186. Guild Perks: Total Recall
  187. Hello newcomer a bit confused
  188. Low levels on high level mounts
  189. auto leave on a party?
  190. Noob Question
  191. New player - Need help choosing EU server.
  192. Strongholds?
  193. Threesprings cannot enter.
  194. newcomer would like class/build help
  195. Ascend-A-Friend and Patron Question
  196. Beginner in need of some information!!
  197. How do you kill the guy in the quest Turn the knob?
  198. Upgrade path?? i dont know :D
  199. Where is the Ascended Goods Merchant for Defiant?
  200. Experianced Gamer Tips
  201. New To MMO`s
  202. Guild Question
  203. Summerfest - where to start from ?
  204. digital upgrade and patron questions
  205. Where do you buy souls?
  206. Returning Player
  207. Noob Summerfest question
  208. Endgame in Rift
  209. a few noob questions
  210. Need Help Trolls need not look
  211. How do I reach an artifact underneath a cabin in Stonefield?
  212. "Keeping up" in the world of Level 60 in Storm Legion
  213. Question about Warfront gear bolstering
  214. Loading Storm Legion New Souls from Copy of SL
  215. New(ish) to Rift
  216. Is it really laggy today?
  217. auction house loyalty
  218. New to Rift, could use some help please =)
  219. need advice what worth to buy digital upgrade
  220. Don't be a jerk to the newbies...
  221. Puzzles and Dimensions
  222. Given a fair chance
  223. Does weapon speed effect GCD of abilities?
  224. bind on account issues
  225. Hellbug mounts and pets
  226. New Lore/Storyboard fan looking to learn the backstory
  227. A newcomer from a new dimension has appeared!
  228. Mount Purchase ?
  229. Experience Vial From Rift Store
  230. New to Rift, old to MMO's..some quick Q & A's
  231. cc wont get accepted
  232. Very Noob to Rift question
  233. Help with decisions~
  234. Trion Reduce Membership from 14 to 7-10 Bucks
  235. buying credits/patron
  236. Download Rift F2P today but can't join any servers or create character?
  237. How to tell which abilities share cooldowns?
  238. New player here. Any tips for a wannabe-tank?
  239. Legionnaire's Shield of Valor or Hussar's Shield of the Defender?
  240. Having an action bar show stealth skills like action bar 1
  241. Newly hit 50 rogue in pvp world
  242. Subscription Questions
  243. Deleting old character making new with same name
  244. What do we do with the extra duplicate artifacts?
  245. Noob Warfront Questions
  246. error 2019 cant start
  247. What should I be doing with my planarite?
  248. New Guy
  249. Potential player
  250. Just returned and...