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  1. noob asking for help
  2. How does the game look right now?
  3. Level 60 but now I am confused by the currency
  4. Wow, the cost to buy purple slayer mark gear and the new purple gear is so high
  5. i have a few questions before playing rift again
  6. Just want to say...
  7. Tips for preventing "overwhelmed" feeling? New to online RPG/Rift
  8. Question about Instant Adventures cross-shard
  9. Curentlly downloading the game.
  10. I'm a returning level 50.
  11. Newbalicious Questions & Curiosities from a RIFT newcomer!
  12. What should I do with the Ascended's Lesser Signet Token?
  13. Is there a feedback thread?
  14. New to RIFT
  15. Question regarding pet level!
  16. Cancel a waypoint from a guard
  17. Wow, Great Game...Should Have Chanced Rift A Long Time Ago..
  18. Will this game run on AMD A8-5550M w/ AMD Radeon 8550G?
  19. Newbie looking for mentor/leveling buddy :)
  20. Some questions
  21. Please Update Stickied Threads for Newcomers.
  22. Defiant vs Guardian--story, scenery, characters?
  23. Retail Rift
  24. Is there a Notoriety cap at honored?
  25. New to the world of Rift. Advice appreciated!
  26. Just arrived! Some questions
  27. Brand New to Rift, Best purchasable upgrades
  28. 2.4 PvP gear/upgrade
  29. New soul on the block.. and lost with the controls! lol
  30. Looking for a partner
  31. New to Rift and MMOs in general :)
  32. Activation email ?
  33. Shard Question
  34. Helping out new players on Zaviel server!
  35. hello folks, a quick question pls
  36. Settings
  37. Estimate raid times
  38. How do I find out what rank I am within my guild?
  39. Storm legion souls
  40. Bonus planarite
  41. Forum location questions, WTB/WTS
  42. A Rift newb's baby steps with healing
  43. A newcomer looking for Cleric build.
  44. how to exit dungeon without being kicked from party
  45. Favor in PvP, how to maximize per WF gain?
  46. Cash shop stuff?
  47. questions about servers kind
  48. Good day Rifters! Shard question
  49. Rift ^_^
  50. need advice for duo "tank/healer and mage aoe" build pls
  51. Totally new to Rift :)
  52. lvl 25 mount question
  53. Not a noob,but still got some unanswered noobish questions
  54. Rest Time
  55. Newcomer - class for solo play
  56. I am new and i have some question
  57. i wanna play rift so i need some info and some answers for my questions plz
  58. Alts & Dimension items & bank slots
  59. Healing Golem Foundry normal
  60. Help with purchasing upgrades
  61. Came from Final Fantasy 14 to this game =)
  62. Yet another stupid question...
  63. A few questions that may seem stupid/simple to others but im clueless.
  64. Legacy PVP Gear + Raid Armor
  65. not new, but returning
  66. New to the game and have problems
  67. Game locked ALL my shards!!! Came to say hi but maybe im leaving...
  68. New Player here, have questions about leveling specs.
  69. Any advice on finding Tempestflower stems?
  70. Possible to test max level characters on PTS?
  71. Map keys to alt skill bars
  72. PvP and Class Question for a New Player
  73. Raiding (Beginner)
  74. US Pacific Time Zone Guilds?
  75. Bug or inteded??
  76. How does the guild rally banner skill work?
  77. Raids
  78. Lvl 60 dailies, which ones are important?
  79. Rift: New player with both Rift & Rift: Storm Legion (both retail boxes)
  80. New to Rift, have just 1 question.
  81. New Player
  82. What is under Meridian?
  83. Decided to try out rift.
  84. How long does an account warning last?
  85. Roles
  86. Having trouble with interface.....please advise.
  87. Returning player needs help please!
  88. How much does each successive role cost?
  89. Downleveled?
  90. Why does it say "Inventory is full" when I try to claim my Quarterly Login bonuses?
  91. Cannot log in
  92. Settings Issue or Bug ?
  93. newbie starting up
  94. Leveling Bug at lower levels
  95. New to Rift, have a few questions
  96. Achievements
  97. Error 1007. 1032
  98. Edit Layout problems
  99. greetings!!!!!!!
  100. Do people just play this game for the PVP?
  101. Mult specs on same toon?
  102. A couple questions
  103. Swing and a miss about Najmok mounts and Order of Mathos rep?
  104. Leveling post 50
  105. Why is Rift not that popular (From a different pov)
  106. Epic quest problem
  107. any players around level 17 want to quest with me
  108. Am I just dense? Cannot find sign-up bonus.
  109. Help Choosing Class to Duo With a Friend
  110. Returning Player and a Tad Confused
  111. help cant connect to the server
  112. Dat Fleur!
  113. Best time to open rare reward chests
  114. Loyalty mount and autoscaling mounts
  115. Three questions
  116. Greenscale Dragon Balloon
  117. A few silly questions
  118. Hello
  119. A Child's Garden of Threat Management
  120. New guy fresh (sorta) out of LotRO
  121. New Character - Can't Chat
  122. First time at level 50 - Questions about Planar attunement/Storm Legion
  123. Looking for someone to game with
  124. Back to Rift - Overwhelmed
  125. Looking for a friendly guild for asian time GMT+8
  126. Which decree should I receive from Nerina Uluan?
  127. Distinguishing the differece
  128. Crafting for money
  129. Another try
  130. Patron and inGame Bonuses
  131. What should I really expect from this game?
  132. Old Boy Back in Town LFG
  133. Looting trouble
  134. Any advice on defeating Caelia the Stormtouched?
  135. Noob looking for people to play with.
  136. Where would I find Shadethorn log?
  137. Regarding loyalty
  138. Bug or Feature? Can not see loot in dropped chests/boxes
  139. Premiere account
  140. Need some crafting skill advice for a rogue
  141. Question about being a Premiere member
  142. Noob transferring in from Lotro
  143. New player and cannot sell on the auction house (AH)/broker
  144. Youtube Commentator LFM
  145. Game issues
  146. new here, need help.
  147. What happened to Byriel?
  148. LOL, I'm a noob again .. Delicious feeling
  149. New to rift, class suggestions?
  150. The Need/Greed loot roll window: movable, or is it bugged?
  151. Ridgerunner Mercandies reputation question
  152. My Warrior Build
  153. Warrior Build
  154. Tempest Problem
  155. My Warrior Build
  156. Training at class trainers
  157. Loyalty and Patron Status Issue
  158. Deep's chests questions...
  159. New to rift, looking for people to play with
  160. Greetings
  161. Storm Legion Souls
  162. New player... need advice ^_^
  163. rogue PvP Build
  164. Returning player - what all has changed?
  165. points in soul tree
  166. A Good Start
  167. Eastern Kingdoms Help
  168. Any way to slow down mouse turning?
  169. What are addons?
  170. Where is the deep water in Stillmoor?
  171. Patron and Boost
  172. Upgrading Rift Base Game to Storm Legion for Patron Status?
  173. Just want to tell you....
  174. Well I Need Help Im New
  175. Any "Idiots Guide to Rift"?
  176. Question RE: video tweaks to maximize the distance you can see quest/artifact sparkle
  177. Where shall I find it........?
  178. Where is the Arcane Hand in Droughtlands?
  179. texture bug /chronicle help
  180. Questions about the profitability of Runecrafting
  181. Lost
  182. How is Rift different from other popular MMORPGs? [Total Noob Question]
  183. Most populated server/shard on EU?
  184. storm legion BOX without the base
  185. Store credits where to buy?
  186. is it possible to have both rex and regular credits
  187. looking for a guild
  188. Recommended Server-- recommended on what basis?
  189. The "Which Server To Play On" Thread
  190. Fishing and survival. Why bother..
  191. Specs for leveling
  192. If I buy the game?
  193. Faeblight EVENT -- Celebrating our public guild dimension! Giveways for Newbies
  194. How do I create macros?
  195. Where do I find the recipes Nearly-inedible Energy Bars and Red Sweetberry Preserves?
  196. Hello !!
  197. Learning how to heal at level cap
  198. How to open fire rift in Rock Ridge, Scarlet Gorge?
  199. diving, fly, run faster
  200. this is getting annoying
  201. How do I get support for Rift?
  202. Mayhem In Mathosia event missing
  203. Question regarding artifacts
  204. why was i unable to move?
  205. How does one overcome ability overload?
  206. I just bought Storm Legions
  207. So much nicer than what I'm used to!
  208. Survey for "not playing"
  209. Question about buying the physical copy of Storm Legion
  210. what do i do with my summerfest stuff?
  211. Do I get the new souls by being a patron?
  212. Mayhem In Mathosia event
  213. Rogue Saboteur Gear Scaling
  214. i did something that made agressive on my pet action bar go away
  215. Some questions about transactions!
  216. will my cleric's powers to heal me diminish
  217. Good times
  218. i have a level 8 quest to turn in and i am
  219. i bought an 8 slot bag
  220. Summoners- DPS only?
  221. Returning to the game, characters are gone.
  222. Shard Selection
  223. Help with water reflection?
  224. Shard Transfers?
  225. Possible to be a Healer/Summoner?
  226. Best Eu PVE server
  227. AU Help
  228. Help me choose my class :D
  229. Newbie LFG
  230. Numeral 4 over my head?
  231. Personalizing souls?
  232. Playing partially downloaded RIFT
  233. Question regarding PayPal.
  234. couple of questions starting out
  235. level 50 cleric shaman looking for Planar Attunement
  236. 2 weeks new- what I see
  237. Is it possible to level up companion pets?
  238. 50 cleric returning
  239. Which Shard?
  240. Newbie here, and searching for RP!
  241. Newbie need help
  242. HEY ! Wouldnt mind some friends to play with ?!
  243. Comin' back to Rift (Sort of?)
  244. So when does Summerfest end this year?
  245. Druid... How to?
  246. Returning to RIFT
  247. Auto Assignment of Soul Points
  248. Forming a guild
  249. Hello Newbie with some questions.
  250. Where do I go after changing factions?