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  1. new ranger
  2. Hello newcomer here :)
  3. hotbars any chance to get more of them?
  4. My Necromancers current build
  5. Disappointed
  6. Synergy Crystal
  7. New to Rift! Many questions that must be answered!
  8. What does 'Shard is locked' mean?
  9. Is crafting worth it?
  10. How do I view what server/Shard I'm in?
  11. Question :)
  12. How many soul points should I have at Level 49?
  13. Streaming on twitch
  14. Natural Swiftness and Insoles: Stacks?
  15. Robe Of Akala
  16. Cannot find answer please help
  17. Greets!
  18. Storage
  19. Question about server stability..
  20. Where to find mature fun guilds?
  21. Question
  22. Rift on Mac
  23. What is Reputation/Notoriety??
  24. Level 22 Cleric help
  25. Newbie :)
  26. New and looking for class advice
  27. Artifacts, do you guys ever find a full set?
  28. F2P Auction House
  29. Heloo // am new to RIFt please help me out
  30. Looking for advice
  31. stuck on how to get past novice for my trade skills
  32. Died in Tempest Bay
  33. Best Defiants server?
  34. Heal or Tank?
  35. hi new to game
  36. Coming back to the game
  37. Greetings!! :D
  38. What's the best way to trade these extra Halloween masks?
  39. New guy questions
  40. Bladedancer questions
  41. Hi all im new :)
  42. Multilingual Posters with Low English Proficiency
  43. many question
  44. Grass is always greener on the other side, a new comers heart ache.
  45. Starting the game, need class advice
  46. Skills of mage, death call
  47. Can't see my friend
  48. Help with addons.
  49. Marks of Notoriety
  50. How are pets in Rift?
  51. Bag & Bank Slots etc
  52. Newcomer trying to decide what class...I'm thinking cleric-something...?
  53. Endgame?
  54. How can i join my friend, who plays warrior if i'm mage?
  55. I'm looking for a healing character
  56. Newcomer is somewhat lost
  57. Newcomer
  58. As a warrior, how do I engage a Rogue that is in stealth?
  59. Returning, need tips with cleric
  60. Loyalty How Long ?
  61. Hey I'm new, got a question.
  62. Info plz...
  63. HELLO from SEA
  64. Server question
  65. Whole World + Expansions
  66. transferring shards
  67. Questing in Ashora
  68. Hey guys and gals. New player here.
  69. Characters Looks ?
  70. incorrect characters in a name
  71. Should I sub monthly?
  72. Hello Rift Player's :)
  73. What should I do with my Empyreal Defender's Bastardsword?
  74. Purpose and souls?
  75. Quit at level 6
  76. Question
  77. RIFT here i come
  78. Hi, I'm new
  79. Mobs agression radius
  80. Soul Trees ??
  81. Anyone here who plays RIFT on a Mac?
  82. Looking to play with othesrs :D Skype?
  83. How would I reach this Twisted Artifact in Steppes of Infinity? (Video link inside!)
  84. Show enemy health bars at all times?
  85. New to RIFT
  86. Newcomer Here
  87. What kind of potions are found in the 100 Random Autumn Harvest Potions item?
  88. Dot's and ability dmg calculations
  89. trouble launching game?
  90. New to the game, have some questions.
  91. I am new!
  92. ? about pve vs pvp stuff
  93. Rp community - any place in Rift?
  94. Out for two years
  95. MOUNTS for NEWBS(Greybriar)
  96. Can someone explain macros to me.
  97. came back and got a few questions
  98. What class is always in demand for raids
  99. Is this game really free?
  100. wow I think I lvl up to fast
  101. a new lenguage.SPANISH
  102. How migrate my character after shard unification
  103. Considering returning, but feel new
  104. PvE or PvP?
  105. Warrior specs for PvE and PvP
  106. Are all Shards offline?
  107. Which class
  108. Looking for guys to play with
  109. Hello
  110. Gear Progression?
  111. Fishing
  112. Community building
  113. New and looking for a playing buddie(s)
  114. New with a question or two
  115. How do I turn in these 4 Ashora items?
  116. My problem with Rift.
  117. Crafting questions
  118. Hello and....a reuqest for help from an extremely new noob!
  119. Leveling problems!
  120. About helmets...
  121. Ironman challange!
  122. ¡Hello, Everyone!
  123. Newby guide for newbs?
  124. Credit Pack with two different cards?
  125. New guy!
  126. How would I reach this Twisted Artifact? (Video inside!)
  127. Adjust brightness?
  128. A few noobquestions
  129. Where are the schools of fish in Steppes of Infinity?
  130. How do I get to Ember Isle?
  131. Returning player, questions about lock boxes.
  132. New player looking for cool people to play with
  133. A question or three
  134. Is there an Autumn Harvest guide somewhere?
  135. What is the respawn time for rare mobs in Stillmoor?
  136. Did i screw up?
  137. How do I find out if my name has been taken on a shard?
  138. What are the codes that come with Storm Legion Infinity?
  139. What did you do with your Centurion's Helm?
  140. How do I access the skill Summon Veteran Vendor?
  141. New guy to the block! But not mmos
  142. Which server has the best community?
  143. not really new
  144. Top 3 things you wish you knew when you started playing Rift.
  145. Justicar V. Riftstalker?
  146. Myrmidon's Gear
  147. Myrmidon's Gear
  148. How does quantum sight work?
  149. Enemy player heath bar display?
  150. Can't Log in
  151. New player to the world of Rift.
  152. *waves* New girl says...Yo peeps
  153. Just started up and had a few questions!
  154. Most popular shard as of now
  155. Planer essence??
  156. How exactly...do I increase loyalty?
  157. Video tutorial: Learn how to track stacks
  158. Why use a mount???
  159. Rift launcher
  160. Greetings and Question Regarding Making the Most of a Purchase
  161. losses skills-key pts-pets-moneys
  162. Moving to Faeblight?
  163. hello world!
  164. Tip of The Hat....
  165. Hello :)
  166. i am really a newbie, but help please
  167. Greetings
  168. Hello New player
  169. Questions about Storm Legion
  170. Best places to explore?
  171. Can you move the window that pops up when you hover an item on the action bar?
  172. character creation class choice?
  173. A question about the harbinger soul and some of its root abilities.
  174. Hello
  175. Is this build usable?
  176. Ways to get Planar Charges other than closing a rift...
  177. New player to Rift
  178. Where would I go to fish to get my fishing skill to 375?
  179. back to rift owned the collectors edition
  180. Bought 2 physical storm legion expansions both keys don't work?
  181. Few questions about PvP
  182. Help please...
  183. Rift Roles and Soul Tree Cinematic Cut Scenes
  184. About to ding lvl 50, should I buy store equipment?
  185. Using Rift game serial code now when Rift is F2P? any bonuses?
  186. Mage healers use different abilities for tank healing vs party/raid healing!
  187. Fix your sigil lessers once you hit 60!
  188. Holding aggro as Riftstalker
  189. Can Defiants turn in fishing exchange quests in Silverwood?
  190. Some newbie questions :D
  191. i have some soulbound essences that i cannot sell or pass on
  192. replacing essences
  193. Being a Patron / buying credits
  194. question about rift pets
  195. i cant connect to the server , is there any suggestion
  196. i cant connect to the sever , any suggestion ??
  197. Vile Sourcestones, Inscribed Sourcestones and Infinity Stones?
  198. What can/should I do re today's events? what does it mean?
  199. how to rapid quit w/o being dead later???
  200. support role in stronghold/instand adventures?
  201. What Happens When A Wardstone Gets Destroyed?
  202. UI way to turn off buffs like Track Fish?
  203. Server Choice?
  204. Rift Newbie and Loving It
  205. A Chapter of a New Beginning!
  206. blind
  207. Artifact Rewards
  208. Highest population US PvE server?
  209. Help
  210. Oh, hi =)
  211. Where is Chief Bloatmouth?
  212. Hi fellow rogue's and othe rplayers.
  213. Where To Get ~20 Planar Gear
  214. please help total newb here
  215. Lustrous Runes on PvP Gears
  216. Doubts of the game Novice
  217. (Guardian) I got knocked off my horse. (Gathering Strength Quest)
  218. Anyone want to chat with other people when playing the game add me
  219. Quest Tracking?
  220. Hi!
  221. Faction Change
  222. Nameplates broken?
  223. HELP, npcs won't offer me quests?
  224. Oh, oh... I'm dead!
  225. Question about Collector's, Infinity, and Ashes of History Upgrades
  226. Which cities do I get rest XP in?
  227. PvP Gear
  228. ability ranking numbers
  229. is there any way for me to bring someone to my spot on the map?
  230. can anyone point me in the direction
  231. Which one is the largest (EU) shard?
  232. How do raid lock outs work?
  233. Help requested trying to learn the mechanics of Rift macros
  234. How raid strongholds work?
  235. [Guardian Side] Scarlet Gorge Quests
  236. currency question
  237. Gifted Account
  238. Looking for help and some info
  239. Reaper's Blade
  240. Back when I heard rift was f2p.
  241. Mage newcomer ranged question
  242. Help finding a challenging build
  243. Has Trion finally included a COMPLETED quest log?
  244. Question about vacations and Patron account status
  245. new player question
  246. Locked Shards??
  247. Graphix problems
  248. Fresh 60 - PvP Gear Question
  249. Newcomer Question
  250. Which is more active, cluster 1 or 2?