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  1. Is it too late to start playing RIFT?
  2. Does Rift allow cross factions raiding?
  3. cinderon and gnarladon
  4. New to rift, mechanics questions =)
  5. So if you are new to Rift you are basically SOL.
  6. Transferring from trial shard with mail in character inbox?
  7. Looking to start again
  8. Use Free PET
  9. Is there a Russian server??
  10. New Here! Tips welcomed
  11. Where in Thelara(?) can i find the 'hellbug dealer'?
  12. Im a New and excited Player ended up frustrated and disappointed.
  13. Hello everyone!
  14. Question about Conquest decay rate
  15. Question about Planar Focus
  16. If you received a free mount, this is why.
  17. New TO RIFT and has already encountered a PROBLEM!
  18. New to Rift, What do i buy?
  19. New to MMOs, 1st dungeon in Rift. Advice?
  20. Did the class system change? (returning player)
  21. New to Rift !
  22. Where is my character?
  23. Returning player - Starting over, the only option?
  24. Is this twisted artifact in Stillmoor impossible to reach? (video link inside!)
  25. Question for former swtor players
  26. AOE Mage
  27. Do i lose all my stored charges if i my patron status ended?
  28. Jakub the Tyrant...is it just me?..
  29. Is the lowest level equipment that one can buy using Inscribed Sourcestone level 45?
  30. Where did Inscribed Sourcestone --> into planarite go
  31. Self Buff Blues
  32. Toggling
  33. Food and drink - What good are they?
  34. How do I start doing raids?
  35. New player, mage or cleric.
  36. Newcomer... Now at 60!
  37. I'm at level 39 and I have 161 platinum; what should I spend my platinum on?
  38. New Player - looking for Tank options
  39. new player at the table
  40. harbinger
  41. Should I Start Over?
  42. Hello all! Question about loyalty points
  43. Healing Mage
  44. What are these arrows on my experience bar for?
  45. Some Questions from an Interested Player
  46. New to the game, what Shard/Server should I go in?
  47. Which quests do I remove in order to pick up PvP quests like Lightning Strike?
  48. Super Stupid Mistake
  49. Basic gameplay questions.
  50. Coming back to MMO's
  51. Ascended Powers
  52. New to game and not sure which pet class....
  53. Is there any Rent or Upkeep cost associated with Dimensions
  54. Here I am...
  55. Is there anything special about low level PvP gear?
  56. lvl 50 dungs
  57. Which PvP Lesser Essences should I get for my PvP Focus?
  58. Greetings
  59. anyone have a problem linking their guest account with their real one?
  60. What class to play?
  61. Questions
  62. Lost the plot!
  63. Click through action bars
  64. Hello, I'm new
  65. Hello RIFT Community.
  66. Newcomer! Hey Rift Players!
  67. Spending points in soul question
  68. Do we just destroy the Small Temporal Aligner once we've already opened the vault?
  69. Quick question about roles
  70. Worth holding onto old sourcestones?
  71. mech event daily quest
  72. Missing rep by skipping quests?
  73. RIFT PvP Classes pls halp :D
  74. Help Choosing a Class/Soul for Returning Player
  75. Aussie looking for shard
  76. Hey fellow Rifters, new Rogue here.
  77. Newbie help wanted please
  78. Been away a LONG time.. level 50, now what?
  79. Greetings everyone!
  80. Question On warrior builds
  81. pvp healing
  82. New player looking for info about pvp
  83. Knowledge is power quest
  84. Just hit 50 as a new player to rift..
  85. Transplanar Synergy crystal for guardians
  86. Costumes In In-Game Store
  87. changing forums avators?
  88. What server should I be on?
  89. Hello :)
  90. Returning Player, Hello!
  91. New to the game, subbed, but no character slots?
  92. Vicous Cyle Quest HELP!
  93. Some Q's
  94. Which is more important: Physical Crit or Attack Power?
  95. Semi-new to rift, and have a boatload of questions.
  96. New player looking for tips on class selection
  97. Question about Reputation
  98. Is there a way to make the controls feel more like an action RPG ?
  99. Considering a return to Rift
  100. Buying rift pc game-Can characters be imported?
  101. Can dual wielding mages cast with their main hand weapon?
  102. Im New to Rift
  103. Finally hit 50!
  104. Coming back after awhile. Need advice about few things.
  105. Falling down
  106. buying stormlegion and having a f2p account already
  107. Survival Trainer
  108. Deepwood: LF Newcomers to join Experienced Rifter's for dungeon runs!
  109. Credits
  110. RIFT freezes when playing
  111. Back after 3 years...
  112. DEVS PLEASE READ: Request for in-game new player tutorials re: loyalty and mounts
  113. Hello, new here, need ranged-rogue advice
  114. Does Contaminate only work while active or can I cast, activate and deactivate?
  115. New Game Purchase questions
  116. Hello Everyome!
  117. Where do I find the recipe for Fish Spine Saw?
  118. I'm new, leveling is a pain plz give me some advice
  119. Hello.. Is This Possible?
  120. Where are the missing sheep in this corgi rift? (link to video inside!)
  121. Have some generic questions.
  122. Looking for the most bang for my buck
  123. Do Patron potions expire?
  124. Rift - raids 20 ppl
  125. need help...
  126. wtf?help
  127. Rift app lootables
  128. New To Rift
  129. checking faction populations?
  130. Pvp OR pve gear, what to choose :( pls help
  131. Population of factions?
  132. Back after some time
  133. Thought I would say hello
  134. Mage Healing questions
  135. shaman pvp help please
  136. Thank You TRION
  137. What are "disconnects" in combat?
  138. FieleXCD
  139. Question on XP
  140. Why are players complaining about warriors in PvP suddenly?
  141. Just hit 50
  142. weapon and flame thing, level 3
  143. UI help
  144. Hi there!
  145. Help (paysafecard)
  146. tip on new guild
  147. hi all new player from greybiar here
  148. Salutations
  149. updates
  150. Howdy
  151. What do those red buyable slots in your bank vault hold?
  152. what up everyone
  153. powerleveling
  154. New account not logging in properly
  155. New Player
  156. Drops/rewards I should watch out for?
  157. Hello!
  158. Welcome a new Rift Player!
  159. Cleric Damage vs mage/warrior
  160. Crafting... is it rly worth it?
  161. hello there
  162. Which notoriety should I choose for Level 60 chronicles?
  163. Where can I find a list of the Planar Vendors?
  164. Is there a way to check server status?
  165. Newcomer looking for for some answers.
  166. newcomer
  167. Where to get Storm legion expac?
  168. Heyo, relatively new guy with a soul question
  169. Hello
  170. What are the different ways to gear up I should be aware of?
  171. New guy!
  172. Should it take about 5 months to get to level 60?
  173. Probably sound like an Idiot but...
  174. Can you dye capes?
  175. What's with these pre-constructed builds?
  176. A Belated Hello
  177. Since I can't play right now ... what's the usual server behavior?
  178. faction choice for my playsyle
  179. Showing framerate and ping
  180. New player looking for some quick answers
  181. Help Please, New Here, Thanks!
  182. Do quests often get removed?
  183. Some random questions.
  184. Mac Walk/Run Toggle
  185. Starting out..
  186. Returning Player some questions...
  187. New to rift, yet experienced MMO player with a few questions
  188. Value/Cost of SL expansion
  189. Lvl 50 Mage LOST OH SO VERY LOST
  190. How do you preview bundled wardrobe items in the store?
  191. Stats/professions
  192. Please Help!
  193. Custom Rolls
  194. Warlord's Conquest Small Cell
  195. Bladedancer Side Steps 2.5 - not working?
  196. How do I witness the nightmare of the Wanton?
  197. about attacking
  198. tanks
  199. Hello
  200. Oh, hello!
  201. How's tanking in this game?
  202. Newcomer! PVP Server.
  203. Artifacts?
  204. Is the game working?
  205. Cant log on?
  206. New to Rift, very impressed!
  207. Question about DPS
  208. Planar dust
  209. Ohai
  210. How the heck...
  211. A couple of suggestions from a Newcomer
  212. Found my new MMO addiction!
  213. New player would appreciate some input
  214. Another Newbie Question
  215. Store Credits
  216. New player, RP enthusiasist, where am I to go?
  217. Hello from a newcomer!
  218. Question about Leveling and IA's
  219. Hey guys
  220. Question
  221. Rested XP
  222. Playing one handed?
  223. Немогу создать персонажа
  224. Account Upgrade
  225. new ranger
  226. Hello newcomer here :)
  227. hotbars any chance to get more of them?
  228. My Necromancers current build
  229. Disappointed
  230. Synergy Crystal
  231. New to Rift! Many questions that must be answered!
  232. What does 'Shard is locked' mean?
  233. Is crafting worth it?
  234. How do I view what server/Shard I'm in?
  235. Question :)
  236. How many soul points should I have at Level 49?
  237. Streaming on twitch
  238. Natural Swiftness and Insoles: Stacks?
  239. Robe Of Akala
  240. Cannot find answer please help
  241. Greets!
  242. Storage
  243. Question about server stability..
  244. Where to find mature fun guilds?
  245. Question
  246. Rift on Mac
  247. What is Reputation/Notoriety??
  248. Level 22 Cleric help
  249. Newbie :)
  250. New and looking for class advice