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  1. How do you clear a bag slot?
  2. How to change light settings
  3. Newcomer
  4. Macro casting only one spell.
  5. How's going?
  6. Yo!
  7. Concerns about Soul trees.
  8. Trying Rift for the first time soon
  9. Torn between Rift & WoW
  10. Guest Character Deletion
  11. Level 60 - Next Steps
  12. Where is the recipe for salt-encrusted pondleaper?
  13. Daily Fae Yule Patron Gift Loot
  14. hp/mp pots, drinks??
  15. [Shard Selection] Seastone or Greybriar?
  16. Any advice on healing in Warfronts like Black Garden? (video link inside!)
  17. Any idea how to fish from this school of rare fish? (video link inside)
  18. rift or swtor
  19. So theres a chance I will be joining this community, but I want a quick clarification
  20. Information for noob?
  21. ISO: Adventuring Group
  22. Pet class question
  23. how many people play rift
  24. Quick Noob Question - has Death's Ally been fixed?
  25. Collector Edition - bag slots locked
  26. Referral Program
  27. Which EU PvP Server?
  28. Ultimate Edition with a running subscription
  29. Hello I need some help with PVP
  30. Can I run Rift?
  31. My history in Rift: Dramatic lvl 50-60
  32. Bank
  33. Players Potential Question
  34. Warrior - I'm confused about choice of souls and weapons
  35. Patron via Sub or Credits?
  36. Hey I'm Max, a Quick Question?
  37. Hi..Im new
  38. Where do we get the recipes for the various feasts?
  39. Is it worth my effort and money?
  40. Hello, i am new and trying to decide if i should move here from wow
  41. Sell some items?
  42. New(ish) Player, Dealing with Stealth PVP
  43. Anyone ever seen this visual glitch before? (video link inside!)
  44. Confused about potions and drinks...
  45. (Laethys) lvl 38 Necromancer DOT stack spec looking for friends/clans
  46. What happens when we reach Novice in a skill?
  47. need help badly
  48. Suggest a Dynamic Build
  49. What I am looking for in an MMO
  50. Instant Adventure
  51. Returning player, new to tanking
  52. patching error
  53. Where can I find the sub and unsub restrictions info?
  54. Fix: for "failed to connect to server press OK to retry or Cancel to exit"
  55. Question about collector's upgrade.
  56. Haven't played for a while
  57. Returning Player & New To Forums
  58. Cross server, how & why?
  59. Do upgrade packs also lift f2p restriction?
  60. Is Bard as good of a healer as cleric and chloro?
  61. Canceling a battle rez
  62. A Silly Mistake
  63. Intro w/ Review - I've been RIFTed apart!
  64. Newcomer with a question about Cleric
  65. noob crafting question
  66. Bonus currencies?
  67. Hi, I'm new, questions! ;)
  68. Returning Player needs advice please
  69. Random Warfront rewards?
  70. need help with my custom
  71. Havent played since November.
  72. What are is best preset for a healer role Cleric?
  73. What are the best presets for a healer role Cleric?
  74. What's the fastest way to rank up Apothecary?
  75. Is it actually going to take three days to download?
  76. A question about auction and 'bind on equip'
  77. I can't move
  78. Cleric tankning?
  79. Is it a good idea to have two separate sets of equipment?
  80. Hello, I'm a user of magic?
  81. Hail, and well met!
  82. How to get the "Locked" Souls
  83. new to game need help
  84. Purchased storm legion souls but i didnt receive it?
  85. Trapped in Iron Pike Peak
  86. Patron question
  87. Rift Newbie Duo Livestream Starts Now!
  88. Does the game have a mature community ?
  89. Welcome to Rift guys, I am here to help! #2
  90. What happens if I transfer shards and I still have mail in my mailbox and auctions?
  91. Question about location in Friends list
  92. Which class to choose?
  93. A bit of help with a hard copy of the expansion
  94. How do I transfer planarite to alts?
  95. So I just hit level 50
  96. MS store selling copies of Rift for $6.99
  97. Newcomer Here Pt 2
  98. Newcomer Here!
  99. Rift Newbie Duo Livestream tomorrow!
  100. Hey, I'm to rift and looking for help!
  101. How to get to Kingdom of Pelledane?
  102. Planar Attunement Guide?
  103. all shards are locked. please help!
  104. What is the best solo leveling cleric build?
  105. Need help about the AH
  106. What is the End-game in Rift?
  107. New to Rift, Cleric (Purifier)/Healer Questions
  108. Banker Disappeared??
  109. Newbie with some plat!
  110. Questing vs. Dungeons
  111. Question about healers in PvP and favor gain.
  112. Warrior Help
  113. Question about Warriors.
  114. Warriors beastmaster armor?
  115. How much stronger does Bogling Souprise make your attacks?
  116. URGENT Build Guide for me?
  117. What to do with Gartyn's Amphora?
  118. Can I send money on my other player?
  119. A few questions about items available from Dorald "Fae Yule Oddities"
  120. Fresh level 60
  121. How do I make a movie?
  122. error
  123. Need help
  124. Confused on money in RIFT
  125. What do Freelancer's Conquest Cell and Freelancer's Conquest Small Cell upgrade?
  126. Do people run slivers anymore?
  127. Planning to go out to spend tomorrow...
  128. Instances: How can I get into a group to finish dungeons?
  129. How do I link marked locations on my map in chat?
  130. Is there a way to change calling?
  131. How to get Warm Nexus Core?
  132. Cores question
  133. Shards, origins and race?
  134. Yet another inane question...
  135. Does a Single DPS Dummy exists ?
  136. Race->Calling->Purpose choice
  137. A Very Important Noob Question
  138. Won't let me equip bags?
  139. best way to make platnium in rift
  140. Leveling Livestream Friday & Gifting Sunday Livestream December 29th
  141. Newbie F2P Question
  142. players from gw2
  143. RP Refugee new to Rift
  144. A few questions..
  145. What would you recommend I buy using my Freelancer's Marks of Conquest?
  146. RIFT community is really something else
  147. Most popular class..?
  148. Questions about professions
  149. Ascendants Lesser Signet TOKEN
  150. Credits and other currencies....please explain.
  151. Newish to Rift.
  152. Returning player
  153. Upgradeable gear that doesnt do anything
  154. Selling???
  155. Should I buy PVP gear? [About bolstering]
  156. Newbie Intro
  157. questions and feed back from a new player.
  158. If you're new and want a cheap RIFT starter package...
  159. Steam version of stormlegion
  160. Client language settings
  161. Friend List Changes
  162. big skill tree but lack of ability
  163. I played 2 mmos but this one is super confusing complicated
  164. Newbie Question about Becoming a Healer
  165. Is the tempagon spec for PvP warriors completely obsolete?
  166. Is an AOE warrior useful for PvP?
  167. Considering returning
  168. storm legion
  169. Is there any reason to get Master Focus if I already have Sigil of the Five?
  170. How to Contact Trion Support about Patron status? Patron Chat/web doesn't work.
  171. pvp how too know my team is red or blue
  172. PvE gear
  173. New Player Here asking some question
  174. Is a Brevanic Portal Battery useful if I don't have a Brevanic Portal Generator?
  175. Looking For Guild [Hailol]
  176. Is it possible to move from NA to EU server?
  177. Greetings kind people, help me with chooing a class to play :)
  178. Question about pvp enabled npc's
  179. Best leveling build for mage?
  180. How do you...
  181. Hello guys!
  182. Is there a difference between Furious Recurve Bow and Furious Rifle?
  183. New to game but have a hard time connecting
  184. Been gone awhile and now 2 questions
  185. Phase 1 Missed?
  186. Just hit level 48, Brevane or Dusken
  187. Third soul help
  188. the auction house
  189. I need help with Marks of Ascension.
  190. Former Launch Player Returned....for now.
  191. What quest am I missing?
  192. Few questions about Soul Tree and Pasive Tallents
  193. Is this a seasonal (limited time) wardrobe bundle?
  194. Former Launch Player ( a Newbie Beggining)
  195. So this happened. Help? Perhaps from game admins?
  196. issues starting game please help
  197. Newcomer with a Question
  198. Friend List
  199. Dimensions
  200. Things You Wish You Knew
  201. Please Explain the DIMENSIONS concept, and how to use.
  202. Patron Status
  203. Coterie Camp
  204. Pets and Pet Hotbar
  205. i am new and i need assistance
  206. Back since 3 months after Release
  207. Is Rift community unfriendly to newcomers ?
  208. Dark Icicles?
  209. Help. Lvl 12 Rogue here
  210. Help my GF get into Rift
  211. Snowmen, snowmen everywhere...
  212. How do I sell stuff to a vendor?
  213. How to get GUEST character onto my account
  214. Why all this vendor trash?
  215. Hey, whats going on with the servers?
  216. Soul Trees
  217. Question about patron and SL
  218. Storm Legion
  219. New player, looking for new players!
  220. Loyalty armored war horse mount
  221. There's something about Corgis...
  222. storm legion purchase
  223. Where do I teleport to Storm Legion?
  224. Confused newbie on builds
  225. I've got lots of questions regarding Rift
  226. Quick question...
  227. Hello World!
  228. buying storm legion or unlocking the SL souls via riftstore?
  229. Lost Story Quest :((
  230. New player few questions.
  231. Withdraw from bank??
  232. Lost in a sea of stuff....
  233. Don't seem to know what to do during adventures
  234. Returning player with a few new questions.
  235. greetings !
  236. Thinking of returning.
  237. Roleplayers?
  238. Just two questions...
  239. Returning Player
  240. questing about registring account
  241. Вход в игру
  242. new to the game
  243. How do I get to Freemarch (6-20)
  244. Bought 10$ option, but no credits or loyalty
  245. Mount Speed
  246. Hola Camaradas!!! Hi Comrades!
  247. LF Guild Active Around Server Time +5
  248. Good way for leveling?
  249. Returning player needing some info :)
  250. Character re-creation?