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  1. Please release t3 PA in 1.8
  2. 1.8 In-Progress Set #4 - 4/11/12
  3. Cyril defects to Defiant side!
  4. PTS Changes Update
  5. Are Rogue Changes Final? Hello ... anyone home
  6. Tanks Mitigation and specs.
  7. t3 PA 1.8?
  8. Salvation/Cavalier?
  9. Commission Crafting?
  10. [suggestion] posting PA levels
  11. Please link
  12. Any warrior pvp love in 1.8?
  13. Please lower Akylios health by about 3mil, and Jor by 2mil, and stinger hp by half
  14. [SUGGESTION] Soul Tree 51 Point Button
  15. Glass Beads/Money Changer
  16. Thread to receive the PvP Soul back
  17. Error #6005 when updating PTS client
  18. Item to Slot Lock (suggestion)
  19. pve pts shard down?
  20. SO many stickies!
  21. Why nerf expediated wounds? (Rogue PA)
  22. Possible bug with Eruption of Life
  23. A few slash commands I'd like to see
  24. Lets talk Cleric tank survivability...
  25. Error #6004
  26. Robes of the Vacume
  27. Long overdue Eradicate nerfs.
  28. Level of upgrades from HK to ID
  29. When will the next PTS test going to be?
  30. [BUG] Guild Banner Exploit
  31. WTB an isolated target dummy for single target testing of aoe specs.
  32. Pyro Ninja Nerf on PTS, again.
  33. PTS Mage talents not working OR tool tips are broken again.
  34. Updated Cleric ID Sets
  35. Greater essence "Screaming Stormshard" not meant to work with Justicar abilities?
  36. Request to unequip essences
  37. Dear PTS fairy
  38. BUG: Gaiane's Aftershock
  39. Suggestion to Speed up Warfront Matches
  40. Mustafa, the ascend a friend NPC!
  41. Feature request: Portable practice dummies
  42. New Trinket Impressions
  43. [Bug] New raid gear Mage
  44. WTB PvP dummies
  45. Loot, where's the wow factor?
  46. Raid 3 Set ART Discussion/Feedback
  47. Wrath Spikes make 2hers in PVP obsolete
  48. Cleric ID vs HK gear.
  49. New cleric vendor armour looks amazing
  50. Patch date, please confirm.
  51. Mage 1.8 Gear glitched
  52. Thanks for fixing the copy to PTS button!
  53. Can't update PTS anymore.
  54. Patcher is broke
  55. Rune Shield Suggestion
  56. Huge Issue with Cleric ID Vendor Gear
  57. Save Our False Blade
  58. Radiant Accurate/Sharp Rune should be 20 hit/focus
  59. Change the horrible skin of T5 mage.
  60. Capes/Cloaks... please...
  61. ID itemisation problems on PTS for weapons and accessories
  62. The new armor sets. Mmmmm... actual itemization.
  63. IPP Client Crash
  64. Plat for pa!
  65. Can someone test the dps of 51pts beastmaster?
  66. Trapping: What do you want to see
  67. With the warden changes will have to reduce ranged dps in pvp
  68. Alt tab bug?
  69. 4/4 PvP Healing, Class Changes, and Attack Power PTS Test Discussion
  70. PTS Event Wednesday, 4/4 @ 4PM PDT Healing, Class Improvements, and Attack Power
  71. Playtests
  72. ROS/GSB RELIC droprate, rogue/warrior BOW/DAGGER 99%
  73. Cleric Healer Changes in 1.8
  74. PTS patch error
  75. [Bug] Streaming CLient
  76. [PvP]Warrior changes to FoF & ToL balance & WS cd?
  77. Resist for Source Engine.
  78. Streaming Client problem?
  79. Trion one more role please
  80. 2 trinket slots please/ buff trinket proc rates!
  81. Can not copy to PTS
  82. PTS Craft Dailies.
  83. PTS Down?
  84. Can play PTS, but can't copy to PTS
  85. Thoughts on How to Improve Future World Events
  86. PA XP for Greater Marks?
  87. Chloro Changes for 1.8(PVP)
  88. Crit Soft Cap
  89. Sabatour 1.8 testing, issues and comments
  90. Corrupted files, after logged in times out.
  91. Give us sixth bag slot please
  92. PTS broken?
  93. After crash, "data files are corrupted", but they aren't
  94. Can't copy character to PTS
  95. is the Vendor that sells TIER 1,2,3 Gears gone? from pts? :(
  96. Installation of Alpha
  97. Metal face
  98. ID marks from daily experts and t1 raids?
  99. Instead of hard-capping HoT stacks, how about diminishing returns?
  100. Val rising waterfall how can it be dead in 1.8
  101. Craft Item Questions.
  102. Increase new Chronicles Daily Rewards
  103. New old Tier1 Raid Rewards ???!!!!
  104. 1.8 (Should be) In Progess Set #4 - 6/Months/Ago
  105. >>>Infernal Dawn Gear will be Crafted? <<<
  106. Suggestions: How to Fix Deep Chloro without adding New Abilities
  107. [Druid] Strength of Earth: A small but appreciable tweak.
  108. TRION, can we get a comment on the Crit Cap issue?
  109. [Feedback] Streaming Client
  110. Lets open the real debate.
  111. [EXPLOIT] You STILL HAVE NOT FIXED Bridge Exploit in Codex
  112. Can't copy to PTS?
  113. Skills that ignore direct LoS
  114. Share Your Opinion: Ember Isle Instant Adventure
  115. Alt Tab problem
  116. wow were new Skin Tones added to the PTS?
  117. Rogue tanking and False Blade
  118. Could someone explain this justicar change to me?
  119. SS Screenshot
  120. Suggestion for leaderboards
  121. PTS Patcher Problem
  122. Please add healing effect to Fae Blast, or add a forth Fae skill that heal/dmg
  123. The Warden nerfs are not that bad.
  124. Warrior healing nerf is a little rough don't you think?
  125. Thanks to all the cleric QQ.... warden's are now worse!
  126. I know this game is about time travel, but this is ridiculous.
  127. New Patcher fails to update or restore
  128. Lose money loot when bags full
  129. New Lesser Essence
  130. Riftstalker tooltip changes Clarification please
  131. Character (Copy) Transfers
  132. 1.8 In-Progress Set #3 - 3/27/12 - Testing Streaming Client!
  133. 10/20 Sizing option for raids?
  134. Introducing the RIFT Streaming Client on PTS!
  135. PTS Guild for PTS server.
  136. nerf valor, not heals
  137. New Titles for PTS testers!
  138. Healing, Class Improvement
  139. The Warden Changes and why they are a Good Example of Bad Game Design.
  140. Why is Warden singled out for a mechanic change of this type?
  141. [bug] orbs of the tide bug
  142. Add Pyrite Doubloon to Molten Gold Ingot Conversion
  143. Can't copy char to pts
  144. Fishing and Survival: Bugs, Freedback and Fixes
  145. Trion Please Tone down the Cleric Nerfs Already
  146. PTS Test Monday 3/26/12 : Update 1.8 World Event and Looking for Guild
  147. The Official Update 1.8 World Event Feedback Thread
  148. The Official Looking for Guild Feature Feedback Thread
  149. 30 & 36 Month Veteran Reward Feedback
  150. PvP Kill XP Gain
  151. New crafted items have terrible stat distribution
  152. Fix Nysyr's Rebuke channel ignoring los/range
  153. Hk Relics
  154. Planarite and Inscribed cost of new resist runes.
  155. Suggestions for Cleric changes in 1.9
  156. OP druid changes
  157. Leaderboards and bots
  158. Get Rid of the Twinks in 1.8 -
  159. Survival Feedback (after Patch 3/23/12)
  160. Please implement DRR2 (Daily Raid Rift 2)
  161. PTS Fishing Feedback - Features, improvements, and future expansion
  162. How the next PTS will go
  163. Authentication error
  164. Guild Finder
  165. PvP and why the Warden change is bad for the game
  166. New PTS Stuff
  167. current on PTR? justicar changes?
  168. Trading in GMoA
  169. Just a thought, but non-damaging mana/power drains/debuffs in PvP...
  170. Leaderboards now testing on PTS. Let us know what you think!
  171. 1.8 In-Progress Set #2 - 3/23/12
  172. Fishign and Survival Guides
  173. Rogues Only PVP
  174. Give Us PA for Helping You Beta Test on the PTS
  175. Nerf calls/Dont nerf calls, possible solution
  176. Why do you kill mix warden speccs with this unreasonable change?
  177. HK Conqueror Mount
  178. Character Improvement in 1.8
  179. 1.8 Warden Change.
  180. Warden changes, Vote Yes
  181. Will there be a new tier of PVP gear released alongside ID?
  182. Fishing Derbys
  183. Warden Changes, Vote NO.
  184. T3 PA suggestions.
  185. PA cap, Exp lock is sadface, plz T3 already!
  186. PVP ap scaling with vengeance
  187. Rogue PTS changes
  188. Tell us why a new City
  189. Will we get _real_ content?
  190. ID Testing
  191. * Exalted Healing Tonic has its tooltip updated to reflect the actual amount healed.
  192. Seal crafting cost vastly different between items.
  193. Stop releasing ID so that raiders could catch up PA
  194. Can anyone confirm or deny that the crit capped has been raised on PTS?
  195. RoTP changes please!
  196. PTS Event Thursday, 3/22 @ 4PM PDT Healing, Class Improvements, and Attack Power
  197. Rising waterfall - 1.8
  198. Warrior Physical Damage Vs Mage
  199. Soggy Saboteur
  200. 3v3 and 5v5 arena matches
  201. Justicar and Tyranny.
  202. T2 Attunement of War
  203. Mentoring, what would you like to see?
  204. Cleric War PA changes.
  205. Ideas for Druid testing:
  206. Gear npc..?
  207. Will the massive overhauls ever stop?
  208. Riftblade needs toned down a notch.
  209. The Out of Range Red Dot Bug
  210. Making the case for Rogues & Warriors - Energy Starvation
  211. T2 PvP PA?
  212. Titan's Strike and Punishing Blow question
  213. T3 Consumables - Suggestion
  214. Warlock: Valor Goes UP, Neddra's Essence Effectiveness Goes DOWN
  215. Chloro Still Lacking for PVP
  216. Poor game performance with newest PTS build?
  217. PTS tanking rune question
  218. Leaderboards
  219. T3 Planar Attunement Feedback
  220. Necromancer / Soul Purge
  221. 1.8 Warden changes are over the top!
  222. Just tested, seems cleric solo ability is down now
  223. @ Internal Stop Cast on Channled AOE's
  224. Why can't we use resist seals on the water res event Sigil?
  225. 2 wadens might actualy be better now in raids---
  226. Achievements - Can we have something more creative please ?
  227. Crafting: Heroic Heartshatter Vial not in line with Heroic Powersurge Vial.
  228. In the sea of warden QQ, what about our cleric dps?
  229. Barding in 1.8
  230. T3 PA: Trion dropped the ball
  231. Fishing Made into more of a Minigame
  232. Revert/Undo Soul Purge Nerf
  233. Mighty Powersurge vial suggestion
  234. Remove PA from the game
  235. So now that t3 has been announced, I'd like to hear how many PA lvls you all have
  236. Some thoughts about PvP and Role-/Soul-Combinations
  237. My guess to where ID will be.
  238. Suggestion for Alternate Warden Fix
  239. 1.8 In-Progress Set #5
  240. Warden Changes.
  241. Suggestion to PA scaling.
  242. T3: be careful what you're doing
  243. Lighting Changes, yay!
  244. Seals Feedback
  245. PTS Event Monday, 3/19 @ 4PM PST New Ember Isle Instant Adventure Feature!
  246. New unnamed Shimmersand zone event is AWESOME!
  247. question regarding the cleric Warden PvP changes
  248. Warden Changes. Force clerics to dps.
  249. The fish are biting in Telara!
  250. New Crafted Item Slot - Seals