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  1. Is character copy down?
  2. Loosing the identity of Rift: Storm Legion
  3. [Bug] Rift Store UI
  4. Loyalty Grant on Live: Will it be based on doubled credits?
  5. "Region Not Updated"
  6. 3 Orb and 5 Orb Dimension Item Puzzles
  7. Tempest Bay guides and a stylist/barber shop...
  8. Character Slot Extension Bug (loss of credits)
  9. [Bug] Purple Loyalty title
  10. [Bug?] Did not receive full Loyality on PTS
  11. Low FPS on PTS
  12. On my way to Dendrome
  13. Patron Idea: Patron-Only Dimension(s)
  14. loyalty?
  15. Patron Reward Idea: Crafting without a Crafting Station
  16. "Show me where to find" location finder
  17. Inscribed Source Stone - Not included in the 50x Currency switch.
  18. Tier 5 Dimension Upgrade
  19. Crafting Suggestions for F2P
  20. old raid mark conversion
  21. New Chronicle
  22. Dungeon gear prices
  23. [Bug] Inventory Bag slots price not affected by patron discount
  24. Purple tier loyalty : Loyal Helmed Murdantix
  25. Loyalty calculator
  26. Refund System
  27. Elite loyalty portrait
  28. Store Feedback.
  29. Crafting in 2.3 - GMM vs Runecrafters
  30. Do you keep or change your racial ability with a race change?
  31. bank slots
  32. The extra bag slots... when you buy these do all characters get them?
  33. Green Tier Loyalty Reward Request
  34. Loyalty Calculation (Dev input requested for clarification)
  35. Sales Tax ?
  36. I think I broke the store preview window
  37. Why is stuff being removed from the cash shop?
  38. Why is stuff being removed from the cash shop?
  39. Subscribers to receive $5.00 worth of credits for every month over 12 that they paid?
  40. Vaults Are UGLY
  41. Trade Skills Purchase Issue
  42. The Vendor window is TOO DARN BIG!
  43. 10% discount to store working?
  44. Upgraded Trinkets for Bards and Tacticians
  45. Will subscribers be given automatic patron status through their current subscription?
  46. Additional Character Slots issue
  47. 2.3 Universal Account Currency?
  48. Current Change to Marks of Notoriety
  49. UI bug transmogrifying gun to burning bow
  50. Login/Authenticator feature request
  51. 200% for all!
  52. Please Make the Brevanic Portal Generator Giftable
  53. Plat option for buying personal bank tabs
  54. pts credit purchasing?
  55. Once again, plat prices in cash shop
  56. Possible Rune Exploit
  57. Problem with Rex System
  58. Strazza Estate Villa Dimension
  59. Bag UI "Bar" on PTS/2.3
  60. Dimension Purpose suggestions
  61. Mount And Pet Achievement
  62. Still Confused by "Wrath of the Empyreal Alliance."
  63. PA weirdness on PTS?
  64. The invisible bridge
  65. Race/Gender Change says no.
  66. Patron Rewards and Credits
  67. Dimension items overpriced
  68. Loyalty from previously purchased credits
  69. So You WANT To Know If You Are Going To Get 150% or 200% Return On Your SPENT Credits
  70. New Chronicle flags you PvP
  71. Rift Store Feedback
  72. Still can't purchase credits! Whats happening?
  73. Possible Dimension Bug
  74. Kudos to the Devs
  75. Buying unusable items with credits...
  76. What happened to Three Springs?
  77. mounts only for one character?
  78. will they be rewarding loyalty for other things.
  79. Sending gifts from the Rift store
  80. Summon mailbox for Patrons? Who-hooo!
  81. Dendrome Opening Event: Fragment of Kaaz'Ra - PTS Test @ 4PM Pacific 6/6
  82. Just a little concerned over testing time
  83. Purchasable emotes would be nice.
  84. Weapon transmogrification not working? (Or am I doing it wrong?)
  85. PTS Credit Bonus Reimbursement Percentage
  86. Grim Awakening on PTS
  87. New 10 man up?
  88. PTS Vet Rewards achievments
  89. Loyalty vs. Currency and Limitations vs. Countermeasures
  90. Mage BiS Trinket? (PTS)
  91. Gaming keyboard features
  92. New shop 'front offers' page
  93. What did you do?
  94. Brevanic Portal Generator - not Unique but shared CD
  95. Account Bound Currency
  96. Credit Price Brackets
  97. Many costumes have dispear
  98. Free players can't use the AH?
  99. Guest conversion logout
  100. ISS voucher and notoriety merchant
  101. Sexy Outfits ? Where are they?
  102. [BUG] Banker
  103. [BUG] Barbershop and choices
  104. {BUG} Transfiguration Bauble
  105. So, Whats the Plan...
  106. Level 50 Equipment In Store
  107. Reset my $100 in Credit and I'll retest your Supply Crates
  108. Make the race change a dropdown menu
  109. Please revert the change to role selection GUI
  110. Rift Shop Cleric Two-Handed Mace
  111. Cash shop gifting
  112. PTS bag slots upgrades on PTS
  113. Trinkets have stats now? Time to add stats to Greater Essences...
  114. Personal Bank not working
  115. Duel Wield warrior Animation's
  116. Vet reward bugs
  117. Random DC to Not running correct version, no Update
  118. Lack of Crafting Items on Par with Drops / Quests with Reasonable Materials
  119. Macros!
  120. Introducing Guest Login!
  121. Mount And Pet Organization
  122. Switch to guest?
  123. Server Disconnect in wardrobe shop
  124. PTS down
  125. Question about the store.
  126. Loyalty Tiers
  127. Interactions between Rift Mobile and the scaling of token currency
  128. My thought on Rift going f2p.
  129. Trying to wrap my head around REX
  130. Changing Factions and Veteran Award guy
  131. Slivers?
  132. Round 2 notes pls
  133. Are dimension items purchased with credits returnable for the credits?
  134. Dimension Items Loyalty Rewards.
  135. Loyalty-based currency caps?
  136. Will the PTS remain open reliably after the 11th?
  137. Trinket changes in 2.3
  138. Veterans Reward Vendor - Bug?
  139. PTS Testing for F2P and Loyalty
  140. Trinket for Shaman
  141. Transfiguration Bauble: Guns to bows and bows to guns?
  142. Compromised accounts and credits...
  143. Which things are *intended* to be tradeable?
  144. Getting "Patching has failed. Error #3145).
  145. Anybody able to buy credits at all atm?
  146. Oversight on a new Greater Essences?
  147. Mount Request
  148. Buying Role Slots, crashing game
  149. Rift Store and Bags when opening
  150. Empowered trinkets need multiple upgrade paths
  151. VET Achievements RESET!
  152. You have reached the maximum amount of platinum your current loyalty level.
  153. no credit purchases aloud
  154. Omega Shard
  155. New mount Feedback&suggest
  156. Reputation items(runes) Feedback & suggest!
  157. Credits Account Bound or Character Bound?
  158. Icy burst and Scale Feedback!
  159. Empowered raid tanking trinkets
  160. Raid Rift Lures
  161. Trouble buying credits...
  162. Account Bank Please
  163. Purchasable roles from trainer?
  164. The Dendrome (nearly) Revealed
  165. Platinum Cap incoming to Live?
  166. Account Functionality Extension
  167. [PTS] - Feedback / Bug Report
  168. You are not running the correct version of the game
  169. So looking at Telara from the Edge of Infinity...
  170. RIFT the Epic
  171. After update "Not running correct version of the game"
  172. Dendrome Stronghold PTS Test
  173. Year sub vs. buing $100 worth of credits on PTS
  174. Can we get back freezing experience gains! Bolstering is in effect!
  175. 2 Dimension spots at 1 time?
  176. Cache Finder Guild Perk Question
  177. 2h stat boost in PVP also being done or left as is ?
  178. shop money
  179. Alpha still down
  180. Increased Role slots and saved gear sets
  181. Can't access PTS or transfer character
  182. Headache saving ideas for when the Shop come live
  183. 80% and 40% boosts arent stacking, bug?
  184. PvP R80 weapons
  185. Conquerors Great Sword
  186. Crucia/Regulous tank trinkets
  187. Charged for credits I did not receive.
  188. Rift Store problems
  189. Loyalty amount
  190. Currency changes
  191. Shop item REQUEST thread. Ideas go here.
  192. Gruesome Mobile (wont' place)
  193. New mage ranged pet
  194. Trion Faction Change Achievements
  195. Lockbox & Bundle Loot
  196. New role slot purchase only in Plat?
  197. Preview bundled armour
  198. New Foraging and Butchering
  199. Stormholds
  200. Buying credits on PTS
  201. DC issue once buying new soul spot
  202. Frozen Eclipse Stones in Epic Supply Crate Today + complete list
  203. Charcter wont appear on PTS
  204. Editable Sign dimension item?!
  205. Store UI change I'd like to see
  206. Vendor UI, Loyalty and Dimension Items
  207. Still Only 25 Daily Quests?
  208. Brevanic Tunic - Clipping
  209. Hunt Legend Flamecaller's Rough Greater Rotward
  210. List of bugs
  211. DOuble credits?
  212. No sex change service?
  213. Cash shop could need more wardrobes that looks like normal clothes
  214. Casual Achievements
  215. OK, I'm lost
  216. Where do pictures go?
  217. Dendrome Feedback
  218. Dimension: Embler Isle Hot Spring / Mineral Spring
  219. Edge of Infinity
  220. Premium mounts and Vanity pets from Deeps Depot
  221. More macro slots
  222. PTS Test: The Hive Group Content
  223. Class Change
  224. Rep Runes
  225. Dimension Tier 5 Upgrade
  226. Raptr not tracking RIFT PTS time
  227. Endless Eclipse Dimension
  228. lesser question
  229. Premium Pets
  230. Cash Shop: Concerns, Feedback, and Tin Foil Hats
  231. Kelari houses
  232. Raid gear prices
  233. (Dev Question) Greater Essences on PTS
  234. 150% mount for 700 credits...
  235. char not transferring to pts
  236. Faction change and Achievements
  237. Credit-purchased role slots : Can they apply for the account and not the character?
  238. Recipe Items on Cash Shop
  239. Swift Platinum Eldritch War Steed Bridle error
  240. Paysafecard before the bonuses expire plz?
  241. PTS Purchase Test - Non NA purchases should now be functioning
  242. /$/10 credits option please.
  243. How will credits purchased on PTS be trans to LIVE.
  244. Summon trainers
  245. Hunt Legend Berserker's Greater Lifewood
  246. Hunt Legend Berserker's Rough Greater Brimstone
  247. Previewing Wardrobe Items
  248. Need a toggle for old vendor UI/new shop UI.
  249. Please lower the price of Boost drinks!
  250. Vendor Ui?