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  1. [rogue:BD Bug Report]"Dancing steel" don't immune to all CC or Movement as expected
  2. Can Chloros still be Main Healers?
  3. Patch Notes List
  4. List of warrior bugs (June 20)
  5. Do Glyphed Items conver to the new currency?
  6. It's monday, so tell us...What the fruit 'n fiber is a synergy crystal?
  7. Warriors + Daggers
  8. Jumping
  9. Is it always this hard to get on the PTS
  10. Druid Satyr pet
  11. Synthesis is broken
  12. Whetstone and weaponstone
  13. Order of the Eye Rep for pvp stuff?
  14. Plaque Of Achivements 1.3 update.. What the hell happends?
  15. Craffting Materials - 100 Stacks Please
  16. Trion, it is time to take care of this.
  17. Fix charge shield!
  18. Warrior STILL does not do enough damage
  19. Damages are adjusted for pvp , what happen for heal ?
  20. Fix Guardians Apothecary recipe
  21. Marks of Ascension, how many?
  22. Please add a cooldown for LFG if declined to join
  23. Can't break free from warlock fears?
  24. Point of 9 souls?
  25. Cannot breakfree from Dom
  26. Dominator, Immune = No damage applied
  27. Fluffy is Broken!!!!
  28. Question about Melee/Casting speed reduction skills and feedback for Trion.
  29. Guild Banks: Vault 1 100p / Vault 2 400p / Vault 3 1500p / ..... Too Pricy
  30. PTS Test 06/18 - Character/Guild Transfer
  31. PTS Test 06/18 - Guild Bank/LFG Improvement Feedback
  32. Plague Bolt versus Void Bolt.
  33. Shard down?
  34. (Re-)Download problem of the PTS patcher
  35. New Sigils, hopefully you will be able to enhance the old one
  36. PTS 1.3 In-Progress Notes #4 - 6/18/11
  37. Trion...
  38. Please fix Anthem of Competence!
  39. Underwater Rifts ( with photos)
  40. paragon follow-ups still bugged
  41. Server Transfer / CoinLock Issues
  42. End of stealth in 1.3?
  43. Void Life
  44. BUG BUG!!!! For the Devs: Way Of the Wind is NOT proccing on Path of the Tempest
  45. Bug: Deleting char on pts doesn't work
  46. Soul vendor/quest missing on PTS
  47. A thread for minor niggles.
  48. Forge/Break 2Hs to/from 2x1Hs
  49. if DW warrior is now parsing higher than 2h war...
  50. PvP Quests
  51. Buff Strips
  52. DOT damage increase does not compute
  53. Trion, please fix warrior energy issues for 2h specs
  54. A few little tweaks to Archon, please, while you're at it...
  55. PvP Lessers don't have enough Crit
  56. How much do 50 inscribed greaters cost after 1.3?
  57. Trion, where is the love
  58. Trion have TWO games to balance (Suggestions in regard of PVP)
  59. how do i delete PTR
  60. Immune immune immune immune immune immune immune immune imnume immune immune immune
  61. Let Prestige be earned before 50
  62. new MT healing build
  63. Riftstalker - Defer Death
  64. Trion what do you mean by this tid bit..
  65. Yet another step in keeping caster DPS down...
  66. Isn't one of Rift's stronger features calling/soul diversity?
  67. Only one Armortype available at t2 vendor?
  68. Mage DPS, survivability, mobility, and skill requirement
  69. Add Character Collision detection
  70. New Icewatch Wardrobe Items
  71. New Lucky Coin Rewards
  72. Missing one thing for Ranged DPS. Needs added 1.3
  73. Guild Perk Reset?
  74. Conqueror: GSB/RoS
  75. [BUG] : Lifebound Relic does not proc off chloromancer LGV/LBV
  76. What happened to the leveling, and gear vendors?
  77. PTS 1.3 In-Progress Notes #3- 6/15/11 + 6/16/11 Builds
  78. A little confused with a few things - Choloro edition
  79. How about some DR on healing?
  80. No way to un-coinlock on PTS
  81. Cleric DPS compared to every other class
  82. Void Life Clipping Problem.... on PTS (6/16/2011)
  83. More Macro slots Plz!
  84. Why is there a Rogue calling?
  85. Constructive Mage Feedback from PTS Raiding
  86. Chain error 1007
  87. Alternative Chloromancer suggestion for devs
  88. Separate Talent Points from Pvp Points?
  89. Where are the Changed to CC?
  90. What happens when fewer people are healing?
  91. Error trying to patch alpha(version does not match expected result)?
  92. xp converted to money
  93. Why fix what isn't broken? Chloromancer....
  94. bard
  95. PTS Warrior Feedback @ Atrius: Way of the Wind
  96. [suggestion] Different approach to Valor
  97. Valor changes are staying!
  98. Where to DL the PTS?
  99. Official Riftblade Party Central
  100. Necro/Warlock pvp is offically over
  101. Theoretical Data on new Necro/Lock with changes!
  102. PVP? you should call it babysitting PVE players that want to think they're good at it
  103. Planning Ahead - Information on Xfer Restrictions
  104. Rift Loot: Treasure Map
  105. Wardrobe in 1.3
  106. Quick clarification on 6/22 launch needed
  107. Why the PVP testing on PTS is flawed.
  108. PvP weapon imbalance.
  109. Are there official notes?
  110. rolled a chloro
  111. Please Change "Controlled Opportunity" in the Dominator soul...
  112. Remove macros in warfronts
  113. BoA Hammerknell Rewards?
  114. Error #1003?
  115. Why Valor should not be given to new 50's.
  116. The Goods and the Bads about Chloromancer in 1.3
  117. My journey with the PTS Patcher "Error #107"
  118. Synergy Crystal?
  119. 1.3 Balance Updates - 06/15/11
  120. Character transfer is blocked by phantom coinlock
  121. Pets do more damage than players.
  122. Mouse wheel bind in 1.3?
  123. T2 loot tables changed at all?
  124. WTB More Ways to Spend Favor
  125. Scaling one of the biggest problems with warrior gear and dps
  126. Purifier Shields and Disciple of the Flame
  127. PvP is a joke on test.
  128. Dominator's pvp feedback
  129. Why punish your vets.
  130. Hitting level 50 and my new Macro s
  131. Is there any penalty for stacking 5 cleric healers in raids?
  132. We need weapons for Plaques of Achievement
  133. The numbers speak the loudest (chloro healing)
  134. Chloro living infusion: why so high?
  135. Like so many before it... please stop this trion
  136. When will we see warrior update talked about last night.
  137. Quit QQing Chloros and step up!
  138. Devs and Cloros! How to properly fix 51 point we do not want.
  139. Cloros! Up in Arms!
  140. How to fix paragon, itemisation wise "read please"
  141. Downloading Failed. (Error #1003)
  142. Valour Changes
  143. "Tank" Warrior trees that use SLI for PVP
  144. Just cancelled.
  145. Marks of Ascension
  146. *A unique sound now plays when you loot an item that offers a quest.
  147. [Bug/Suggestion] Discovery Log Does Not Record Tradeskill Node Loot Data
  148. Breaking news: All archon buffs stack
  149. So the valor/cri dmg redction is gonna be as it is in 1.2?
  150. Thank you for rolling back valor changes.
  151. How to Fix the WF problem
  152. Trion you can not be serious...
  153. Where is the dev response to 1.3 mage changes?
  154. feedback on LFG changes
  155. Chloros, clerics, and different healing styles.
  156. Patching for the PTS Client Error
  157. People need to CALM down.
  158. Ok forgot to upgrade my abilites now that i did here is my imput.
  159. Level 50 guy - Whats the point of removing him all the time?
  160. Break free not working on control types
  161. 1.3 Changes to Chloro
  162. Public Test Shard Problems
  163. Cleric Survivability Question - Why Not Just Limit SELF Heals?
  164. 1.3 PvP, Thank You!
  165. These new Patch notes are GREAT!
  166. Channeling Changes
  167. 6/14 PTS PVP event feedback thread
  168. Mana Wrench
  169. 5 minutes into my first black garden...
  170. If you have been pvping on the test server info inside
  171. Something's wrong with the Chloro numbers.
  172. Re-downloading the content?
  173. PTS 1.3 In-Progress Notes #2 - 6/14/11 Build
  174. Epic Quest Weapons?
  175. Since Archon dps is being cut, corresponding nerfs to Bard healing and dps?
  176. Crystal Sourcestone drops
  177. How to find out..?
  178. After 1 WF i can tell you the game is broke.
  179. Is this proper customer service trion?
  180. PVP changes 1.3
  181. PTS PvP event needs
  182. Closing gap on dual wield vs 2h warrior.
  183. Greater Essences; You're kidding me, right?
  184. PTS 1.3 In-Progress Notes #1 - 6/13/11 Build
  185. Chloromancer Changes in 1.3
  186. Proposed fix for god mode clerics
  187. When will Warrior further improvements come online? Only 1 week until 1.3
  188. Battle Royal - simple question
  189. Perfect Proof the Developers Do Not Care
  190. PvP Changes looking like a really bad idea
  191. Raid Plaque Gear VS Raid Drops
  193. Pyro Changes Are Totally Awesome!!!
  194. What a Mage is suppose to do now?
  195. Real Suggestion how to "Fix Chloro"
  196. Is the level vendor going to be available today?
  197. Important change needed!
  198. Synergy Crystals, still no word?
  199. Dont touch...
  200. Making it easy for the Raid leader
  201. what is up with chloro???
  202. Where'd my PTS folder go? :<
  203. Whats the beef?
  204. Optimism Thread
  205. Confused on Chloro PTR changes.
  206. PvP 3-Day Battle Royale on PTS - 06/14-06/16 @ 4:30PM PDT! (11:30PM GMT)
  207. Adam Gershowitz, Please respond to your mage community.
  208. world event rewards with breathing underwater
  209. Player made pvp gear would have solved the valor problem
  210. Add more macro slots or make them soul based
  211. Fix Bard scaling already
  212. I balanced PvP
  213. Hit/Focus and Toughness cap for Hammerknell?
  214. Alliances Please
  215. Casual PvP
  216. Please postpone 1.3 for a month
  217. Valor and the New Level 50
  218. Regarding 1.3 warrior changes
  219. Pvp vs Pve maybe a simple solution inside
  220. Apothecary still forgoten and useless or is trion going to do something this time?
  221. Petition: I want my welfare focus/hit/toughness
  222. 1.5 Patch Notes
  223. hint: TRION you put a pvp soul into the game make use of it!
  224. After 1.3, could warriors be deleted from the game and nothing would be lost?
  225. Valor Question
  226. Chloromancer tests from Live and PTR
  227. Champion Deadly Strikes Change
  228. Guild Bank - (photos) & Issues
  229. Trion, STOP LISTENING TO CRY KIDS or Rift will be another game failed to succed
  230. Really? Of all the things to change in cleric souls..
  231. Building Storm issue
  232. These forums
  233. reason of the pvp change post here
  234. Trion - Balance and word of advice
  235. Starter zones, PTR
  236. whats the new slot under rings
  237. Rift - Feedback about 1.3 patch
  238. How to fix Chloro
  239. anyone have the PTS stats for these lessers..
  240. Proposed Chloro changes - A suggestion.
  241. Is PvP actually being tested?
  242. Prestige Based Battle groups
  243. To Warriors and To Mages
  244. 1.4 Patch Note
  245. question for valor with nerfs? (more directed from a mage)
  246. close all the thread you dont like
  247. Support Souls
  248. PvP vs PvE - Let Them Be Their Own Entities
  249. I am pvp'er and i want base focus!
  250. 10 man content