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  1. Another suggestion for Defer Death or Scatter the Shadows
  2. MM ammunitions and energy potion idea
  3. Ranger Doubleshot
  4. If You Want to Make 51BD Viable (and others), I Have Ideas/Suggestions for that...
  5. Trion: Make Hide-Player-Costumes a checkbox next to helm/shoulders.
  6. 122 Artifact sets = 1/2 of a Planar Attunement Point
  7. [BUG] Enhanced Burst doesn't apply on hits reapplying the debuff.
  8. How to fix Rifstalkers for Dummies.
  9. Fix Titan strike?
  10. Why were planar college lesser essences raised to 40 inscribed?
  11. Key Bind Request
  12. Devs: For 1.5 can silver artifacts be brought with favor please?
  13. Present push stat distribution?
  14. Discouraging new players from queuing as tank?
  15. Something to fix for 1.5 - bad mechanic
  16. Warrior shield Throw is broken on PTS.
  17. Ranged Rogue Discussion
  18. Bug: NPC portrait shows their chest
  19. The PTS client vanished
  20. thoughts about ways to fix itemization
  21. T1 Raid synergy crystals
  22. 51 Sin Complete me
  23. Warrior Stat Contribution possible fix *Devs please read*
  24. New Synergy crystals
  25. Will mages ever be competitive single target dps Trion?
  26. My rogue solo spec (as of 9/17)
  27. The double standard PvP
  28. Master Mode & LFD Tool... does it work?
  29. Item preview bugged for weapons....
  30. Improved Flame Jet - please re=think this
  31. New Rogue Raid Viable Specs 1.5
  32. Ranked pvp
  33. Mage pet summons need to be instant cast for PvP
  34. Riftstalker Review
  35. Allow us to sell back pvp gear for favor/marks
  36. Exchanging plaques for marks
  37. Ravenous Strength Change:
  38. here's a thought for smoother instances!
  39. Sabdancer nerf!?!?!?!!
  40. Can Satyr get some better utility added as 4th skill?
  41. A few rogue changes id still like to see
  42. How we get in Library of the Runemasters on PTS?
  43. Refunds for plaque gear
  44. Discuss
  45. Accolades
  46. Rogues: sign here if you want Contra Tempo put back The way it was:
  47. Can not start PTS
  48. What happened to Hit and Run?
  49. PTS Bugs & Feedback
  50. If you want the stat changes reverted (as has been announced) sign here.
  51. If you want the stat changes to actually go through, sign here or like this post.
  52. Accolades and voice overs
  53. OCD reactives issues and Blood thirsty
  54. BDs rythm actions overwritting each other
  55. chronicle: Ceremony of Meridian, pure and utter awesome.
  56. Chronicle: Ceremony of Sanctum.....awesome !
  57. Idea's for Fixing 51 champion.
  58. Hit and Run Bugged
  59. The PvP Trees should really be contructed so they only need 15 points.
  60. 1.5 top rogue dps spec
  61. When are we going to get Equipment Profiles?
  62. Game wont load after patch
  63. Stats: bugged.. (again).. :P
  64. Chronicle of Meridian: bugged!
  66. healing and raid frames
  67. Riftstalker added suggestions for 1.5
  68. Leave bloodthirsty the way it is on live please
  69. Possible change to provide rogues with survivability (Leeching Poison)
  70. assassin poision damage, still too low
  71. New planar gear?
  72. Will the PvP daily quests ever be about PvP?
  73. Does the rogue class live up to the class description
  74. So I DL the PTS, and now I have to reDL the game?
  75. Might be obvious but...
  76. RS stats, 1 block = .5 parry, .5 dodge
  77. Please Stop and think
  78. Conversion rate for Crystal Sourcestones>Inscribed Sourcestones
  79. Any hope to see the 2h paragon spec fixed by 1.5 DS/SE ?
  80. STOP changing this game for the pvp community
  81. Wardrobe, Bloodthirsty: fantastic changes, Trion.
  82. Bypassing the dynamic content of rifts and invasions
  83. Necrotic Essences
  84. New "Weekend" Warfront - Why weekend?
  85. My .02 on Warrior 1.5 changes
  86. So with the rogues getting a major boost to
  87. Request
  88. <Charge Booster> Small Bug, crits on first detonate and its not supposed to.
  89. Plea to Remove Wardrobe Change Thread!
  90. Thank You Trion
  91. T3 Armor Swap??
  92. T3 Synergy Crystals. Are they still on the way?
  93. Healing Communion Fix -
  94. R.i.p warriors 1.5 lol
  95. Finally Wardrobe and Bloodthirty Fixes
  96. Really? Bloodthirsty?
  97. PvP Souls.. A Joke? Possible work around...
  98. Did The Sab Get Forgotten In the Rogue Review?
  99. Assassin Burst DPS Not Addressed, Made Worse
  100. Prince Hylas (Chronicle) Bugged
  101. [BUG] Rng/MM/*** Bug
  102. What is a Druid?
  103. Wtf change wardrobes?!
  104. Dissapointed
  105. More Fixes to Riftstalkers, please.
  106. Questions regarding macro option [notactive]
  107. Planar Attunement 1h-weapon?
  108. Please add healing debuff for clerics
  109. 6months in, still no hope for a competitive single target dps spec for raid clerics?
  110. Rift Walk Effective Cooldown - 3.9 Seconds - Video Support
  111. a wish for future pve updates
  112. Warrior Reactives on CD
  113. 1.5 Pyromancer! - Please Read Trion
  114. Glyph of Power Problem: +10% Damage Taken While Stunned/Rooted
  115. Please reduce the cost of Silver Artifacts
  116. 51 pt Ranger
  117. Wardrobe change
  118. PvP Essences + Resistances
  119. Reduce healing
  120. Leeching poison buff: Still not enough
  121. 1.5 1.5s GCD on Warrior reactive skills
  122. Spell breaker bug : it needs to be fixed.
  123. Cosmetic feedback: enemy armor vs wardrobe
  124. 1.5 Pyro Changes Feedback
  125. Purifiers Rejoice!
  126. Why does Hit > Focus on items?
  127. Blast Charge
  128. Warrior stat changes
  129. Pre-HK gear synergy crystals
  130. Current notes suggest Warrior Physical damage is dead for good
  131. how do i get onto the PTR someone help please
  132. Masscharged sheild, warlock armor
  133. Justicar Tank nerf?
  134. Suggested vendor sellback prices for crafted items in light of 1.5 changes
  135. Level 50 trainer
  136. New Essences?
  137. Ranger soul and Shadowfire shot
  138. For Feedback - Changes to Warrior & Cleric Stat Calculations
  139. corporal punishment- Why couldn't it be 10 seconds?
  140. PTS 1.5 In-Progress Set #1 - 9:00pm PDT 9/12/11
  141. DH reitemization please trion!
  142. Concerned about ranged classes with new PTR changes
  143. Release date of 1.5?
  144. Offer a Master Shard please!
  145. Omega server
  146. Umm, what build shows rogues new power?
  147. Where are the warrior 1.5 patch notes plz
  148. PTR wf ques?
  149. Rogue = OP now (unbalanced) on PTR -- Dev's please address
  150. A Warrior issue
  151. PTS: "Better synergies between souls." -What?!? Not on Cleric Souls anyway...
  152. Ravenous Strength
  153. 6th Role
  154. Necromancer 51 point talent Mass Grave has to long of a Cooldown.
  155. Improving guild ranks
  156. Concerns about Warrior DPS.
  157. ---Corporal Punishment Bugged---
  158. Lesser Oilstones
  159. My opinion on Rogues, pvp style!
  160. Cleric/Rogue Pets Get Valor Stat, Mage/Warrior Pets do not
  161. Weird rounding in this game
  162. PVP Souls
  163. Copied Characters not showing up on PTR.
  164. Riftwatch 15 - coming in 1.5 "Veteran Rewards"
  165. BUG: Living Flame / Blackout
  166. Rogues in 1.5
  167. Assassin take on pts today
  168. Shifting Blades, an Idea to change it.
  169. How do we get the new planar atunement?
  170. We need new runes to compliment the new Stat weights
  171. Bladedancer's Blade and Soul Parity - Crit actually working?
  172. The range of Nature's Fury
  173. Changes to the chloro synergy crystal
  174. World Event?
  175. Nightblade bug on PTS
  176. Other than the glyphs, one pyro change to make my day.
  177. Stat changes
  178. Mage PVP weapons 1.5
  179. Why not make str give 1ap .5 crit
  180. People PANICed for no reason.
  181. Account bound Plaque of Achievments
  182. Lessers with the stat change
  183. official moan about warlord thread
  184. PvP Synergy Crystals
  185. Warfront Powerups
  186. Bug: Silver Tip Munitions
  187. awesome update on test.
  188. Itemization
  189. Any word on when PTS will have the right formula for the new stat adjustment?
  190. Cleric Healing Soul Additions with 1.5
  191. Planar Attunement Respecs Are Necessary
  192. BUG: Serendepity
  193. forget the planar attunment here is a better idea 90% of the players would agree.
  194. Any particular reason why mage cannot receive .75sp per Int as wis to clerics?
  195. What's the point of the planar attunement lures?
  196. T1 synergy crystals
  197. So warriors now get more Bonus off their Primary stat.
  198. Armor
  199. New push and clerics
  200. Looks like AP/SP is fixed YAY
  201. Rogues Rejoice! Stats reverted.
  202. Warriors 1.5 feedback
  203. Any idea if fluffy is coming back?
  204. Umm how long will test be down?
  205. Saboteur
  206. Level trainer in meridian?
  207. Warrior:Let us trade our r8 gear for its counterpart
  208. PTR Fix ?
  209. Bladedancer changes, i feel they are wrong.
  210. Can't transfer character?
  211. Question on PTS.
  212. A small suggestion for riftstalker phases
  213. any offical posts on classes yet
  214. Time to change how Wisdom works for Clerics, Similar to the upcoming Warrior Change
  215. Pet's auto attack is causing global cool down
  216. What happened to Barbed Shot?
  217. Logging into PTR
  218. Stat changes from a rogue/mage perspective
  219. Serpent Strike Lowered per chance?
  220. live to pts character copy .. working or no?
  221. Marksman(muntitions) Suggestion
  222. Character Transfers
  223. Chronicles question
  224. Maybe there should be another sticky called *known Issues*
  225. Make oilstones work for ranged rogues
  226. Rogues: You're doing it wrong; Scaling; Abilities vs. Blatant flat damage
  227. Str > dex, not a good idea
  228. Don't remove Barbed Shot
  229. Before you post your AP and CRIT are messed up. Read this
  230. Motif of Renewal
  231. Summing up how Daglar feels
  232. Here Trion, this is what PVPers think of your proposed changes. SS included.
  233. Guards / NPCs testing their DPS specs
  234. Can't play on normal servers while downloading PTS...
  235. No One is Happy...Suggestion
  236. Error 1012
  237. Flash of Stealth (bug?)
  238. Thank you Daglar
  239. People Panic! Part 2(keep it constructive duders)
  240. DSM Test Run
  241. Where is the level up NPC?
  242. RoS/GSB Relic Changes?
  243. Daglar
  244. What about that whole thing where
  245. Warrior physical DPS still useless in PvP
  246. Can you please employ some artists?!
  247. Bard Suggestions
  248. People Panic!
  249. Imbalanced Warrior issues not yet addressed?
  250. Q. Will there be new pvp rewards in 1.5 ?