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  1. Weird rounding in this game
  2. PVP Souls
  3. Copied Characters not showing up on PTR.
  4. Riftwatch 15 - coming in 1.5 "Veteran Rewards"
  5. BUG: Living Flame / Blackout
  6. Rogues in 1.5
  7. Assassin take on pts today
  8. Shifting Blades, an Idea to change it.
  9. How do we get the new planar atunement?
  10. We need new runes to compliment the new Stat weights
  11. Bladedancer's Blade and Soul Parity - Crit actually working?
  12. The range of Nature's Fury
  13. Changes to the chloro synergy crystal
  14. World Event?
  15. Nightblade bug on PTS
  16. Other than the glyphs, one pyro change to make my day.
  17. Stat changes
  18. Mage PVP weapons 1.5
  19. Why not make str give 1ap .5 crit
  20. People PANICed for no reason.
  21. Account bound Plaque of Achievments
  22. Lessers with the stat change
  23. official moan about warlord thread
  24. PvP Synergy Crystals
  25. Warfront Powerups
  26. Bug: Silver Tip Munitions
  27. awesome update on test.
  28. Itemization
  29. Any word on when PTS will have the right formula for the new stat adjustment?
  30. Cleric Healing Soul Additions with 1.5
  31. Planar Attunement Respecs Are Necessary
  32. BUG: Serendepity
  33. forget the planar attunment here is a better idea 90% of the players would agree.
  34. Any particular reason why mage cannot receive .75sp per Int as wis to clerics?
  35. What's the point of the planar attunement lures?
  36. T1 synergy crystals
  37. So warriors now get more Bonus off their Primary stat.
  38. Armor
  39. New push and clerics
  40. Looks like AP/SP is fixed YAY
  41. Rogues Rejoice! Stats reverted.
  42. Warriors 1.5 feedback
  43. Any idea if fluffy is coming back?
  44. Umm how long will test be down?
  45. Saboteur
  46. Level trainer in meridian?
  47. Warrior:Let us trade our r8 gear for its counterpart
  48. PTR Fix ?
  49. Bladedancer changes, i feel they are wrong.
  50. Can't transfer character?
  51. Question on PTS.
  52. A small suggestion for riftstalker phases
  53. any offical posts on classes yet
  54. Time to change how Wisdom works for Clerics, Similar to the upcoming Warrior Change
  55. Pet's auto attack is causing global cool down
  56. What happened to Barbed Shot?
  57. Logging into PTR
  58. Stat changes from a rogue/mage perspective
  59. Serpent Strike Lowered per chance?
  60. live to pts character copy .. working or no?
  61. Marksman(muntitions) Suggestion
  62. Character Transfers
  63. Chronicles question
  64. Maybe there should be another sticky called *known Issues*
  65. Make oilstones work for ranged rogues
  66. Rogues: You're doing it wrong; Scaling; Abilities vs. Blatant flat damage
  67. Str > dex, not a good idea
  68. Don't remove Barbed Shot
  69. Before you post your AP and CRIT are messed up. Read this
  70. Motif of Renewal
  71. Summing up how Daglar feels
  72. Here Trion, this is what PVPers think of your proposed changes. SS included.
  73. Guards / NPCs testing their DPS specs
  74. Can't play on normal servers while downloading PTS...
  75. No One is Happy...Suggestion
  76. Error 1012
  77. Flash of Stealth (bug?)
  78. Thank you Daglar
  79. People Panic! Part 2(keep it constructive duders)
  80. DSM Test Run
  81. Where is the level up NPC?
  82. RoS/GSB Relic Changes?
  83. Daglar
  84. What about that whole thing where
  85. Warrior physical DPS still useless in PvP
  86. Can you please employ some artists?!
  87. Bard Suggestions
  88. People Panic!
  89. Imbalanced Warrior issues not yet addressed?
  90. Q. Will there be new pvp rewards in 1.5 ?
  91. Golem Inductor procc rate?
  92. Warrior stat changes
  93. About the stat changes, if the problem is warriors / cleric rolling on gear....
  94. Get ready for Clerics to dominate with these new stat changes.
  95. Allow us to buy Relic Weapons with our Marks/Greater Marks.
  96. Immediate fix needed after 1.5 Strength changes!
  97. Fix Bows vs Guns
  98. [Mage] Adjustments for 1.5
  99. 1.5 Marksman changes 09/10/2011
  100. Intellegence gives no spellpower [Mage Bug]
  101. Why do 'buffs' reduce damage? (Rogue)
  102. Cannot copy toon to PTS cos i'm coin locked but i'm not..
  103. Ranger PVE Nerf (Is this intended?)
  104. More Specs pls! Trion
  105. Make attack power increase auto-attack damage.
  106. BM ( Warrior ) Pet Aggro Problems
  107. Silver Tip Munitions
  108. Riftstalker Tanking buff finally.
  109. Stat change why are the Rogues 0.5/0.5 and everyone else 0.75/0.25?
  110. [Cleric 1.5] New Wis/Int Stats on PTS
  111. major stat changes on PTS
  112. New To PTS, Just a few Q's
  113. New BD changes
  114. ap and sp currently bugged after last patch
  115. cant get PTS to work...
  116. T1 Raid Syn Crystals?
  117. Suggestion for planer attunement
  118. Oh no you did not!?
  119. Patch 1.5 ROGUE BUFFS
  120. can you transfer
  121. Hammerknell Chronicle: A Botter Wet Dream
  122. [BUG] Vampiric Munitions not working.
  123. Trion, do you have new pvp rewards for 1.5?
  124. New to PTS
  125. Open the Public Test server too allow Copies please....
  126. (Feedback/Suggestion) Mage changes
  127. Copy to PTS?
  128. A raid leader's plea about Mages and Clerics in 1.5, increase their DPS please.
  129. Eh. To make sure my class gets saved.
  130. New Warfront: Library of the Runemasters Feedback
  131. 1.5 Cleric Changes - I can't NOT post about these horrible changes
  132. Increasing Weapon DPS
  133. No PTS today?
  134. Rogue Riftstalker PHASES still purgeable????
  135. 1.5 Rogue changes.
  136. Is this intended?
  137. Warrior Interupts in 1.5
  138. Omega Server
  139. Please make the PTR vendor permanent
  140. [Mage] Big PVP Mess about to Hit
  141. What about Pet's Part II
  142. fix the following issues with warriors:
  143. Is There Currently a Leveling/Gear Merchant?
  144. Rogue feedback: pvp soul
  145. Bard Bug(It's in live as well): Anthem clashing kills all but one
  146. Hawt PTS Mysthbusters Action [Cleric] [Shaman] [Math Pron]
  147. PTS / Live
  148. No Imp. Rift Barrier on PTS
  149. Bard question
  150. PTS Down?
  151. Feedback on Rogue Chages 1.5 on PTS - Sept 8th, 2011 - PvE perspective
  152. Rogue 1.5 Wish List.
  153. Having Trouble Updating Test Client
  154. People Relax!
  155. Ranger pet attack not working
  156. Rogue buffs are great but ..
  157. To ALL of the QQ / Cry babies about 1.5 ...this goes out to you....
  158. PTS - Token Gear
  159. Whetstones have been bugged on live for weeks. Can we get an update?
  160. Add More lvl 50 Dungeons! (5man)
  161. New Mage change is amazing
  162. Bards are overpowered!
  163. Fish Carver design = old
  164. Rogue Runners
  165. [Cleric 1.5] Crit changes should accompany itemization changes
  166. The Half Birthday Gift... Decoded!
  167. Mages and their wands
  168. T1 Raid synergy crystals
  169. Rogues should never be on par with Warrior DPS etc, as long as...
  170. [Cleric 1.5] Serendipity concern/question
  171. Warfront Accolades.
  172. Has anyone tested how the new healing debuffs stack?
  173. Cannot Use My Pet in PVP because of Blood Thirsty
  174. More sab changes plz
  175. Rogue - planar attunement bug
  176. If your fixing Cleric stuff...
  177. 1.5 Test Shard Review
  178. Weapon wardrobe in 1.5?
  179. PTS results ... (tried to test...)
  180. So, all these Riftstalker revisions and they still dont' have an interrupt?
  181. Chronicles Feedback
  182. Rogues 1.5
  183. Mage changes?
  184. Healing from leaching poison on PTS
  185. Planar Attunement Weapon Specialization.
  186. Expose Weakness - 1.5 bugged?
  187. high level open world content?
  188. Making heavy nightblade spec viable in PVE
  189. 1.5 - The Game Lives Or Dies With This Patch
  190. Pve Test Gear
  191. AA and loot
  192. as a warrior, and a prominent member of the class, i like where these changes are...
  193. No increase to Mage soul synergy?
  194. 1.5 Rogue change documentation
  195. Feeling a little betrayed in this game.
  196. Motif of renewal
  197. Are you planning any changes for the Vindicator tree?
  198. Riftwalk
  199. In RE: Riftstalker changes
  200. Gersh! Just fix AP scaling for Warriors - will solve a lot of issues
  201. [Cleric 1.5] Spell crit based gear setup/Hybrid builds useless now
  202. Cleric 1.5 changes.
  203. My thoughts on Chronicle Greenscale's Blight
  204. Nice job idiots
  205. 1.5 Marksman Bug
  206. 1.5 Riftstalker Feedback
  207. Chronicles: Greenscales Blight Feedback video and commentary
  208. I must Commend you Trion on Rogues changes on Test
  209. Certainly on PTS Rift Launcher Window, First notes/indications of changes.
  210. Swift Murdantix Mount, nerfed or bugged?
  211. Logging out and logging in with a different character causes crash
  212. Getting annoyed at the full redownload thing.
  213. Cinderburst spell coefficient correct?
  214. Chronicles:King Molinar not giving exp
  215. Bought a PA for 100 points 2nd point 130?
  216. Chain Spawn Kill
  217. Patch 1.5 Warrior changes
  218. PA-Points from Artifacts and Harvesting?
  219. Any news on the promised Rogue changes?
  220. Let's nerf warriors b/c they can barely do 1k dps now
  221. Devs: Will it be possible to learn EVERY AA skill?
  222. (AA) Make it fluff, not required stuff.
  223. AA too rigid for fexible system
  224. Daily quests not granting AA exp
  225. Listing of new AA's
  226. Scarn bug - master DD
  227. Expanding on the Chronicles idea..
  228. Master dungeons are fail as a concept.
  229. WIP Rifts/Incomplete Rifts feedback
  230. How is attunement exp? Is it like regular xp where warfronts are far slower than PvE?
  231. What is the fastest way to gring experience for AA's?
  232. Some Warrior AA don't make any sense.
  233. Where did Fluffy go?
  234. HK Gear
  235. [PvP] 2 minors fixes for major gameplay improvement
  236. AA's and Chronicle test
  237. Minor Bug at cleric
  238. AA Planar Lures, possible bug or a new rift?
  239. planar attunement (AA) is going to be what drives me away
  240. Phoenix Rise graveyard
  241. Stats.
  242. Daily Quests not giving Planar Attunement Exp
  243. Obvious fixes we are expecting
  244. Loot Tables
  245. PTS T1 Vendor Guy
  246. So i'm new?
  247. Master Mode DD - Scarn
  248. PTS Filename?
  249. PTS NPC Loot Givers
  250. Chronicle difficulty