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  1. Champ Bloodthirst
  2. bug - Killing Focus does not work with Sabo
  3. So 1.5 comes out in the next 5 days?
  4. Minor inflitrator suggestion.
  5. Change to Planar Currency and Essence Cost
  6. Warrior HK gear needs reitemization if strength change isn't happening!!!!!!!
  7. beats sab dancer!!
  8. What is "ACCEPTABLE" Rogue DPS?
  9. Planar Vortex (Riftstalker)
  10. Charmer's Caldera climbing exploit
  11. Make Silver Tip Munitions uncleansible before pvp balance is destroyed.
  12. what happened to 1.4: CLERIC Addressing issues with Cleric damage
  13. BUG REPORT: Marksman synergy crystal
  14. 1.5 Rogue PVP
  15. Problems transfering to PTS
  16. Defer Death Question
  17. Trion please reconsider the stat changes for 1.5
  18. Basic Synergy Crystals are a GREAT addition - this is how I'd improve them
  19. You community demands alot.
  20. Clerics
  21. Alternate advancement retro active?
  22. After all that work, Sabdancer is still on top
  23. 1.5 Rogue Follow-Up
  24. Compromise with Cleric crit changes and abilities based off crit %
  25. Marksman identity crisis. This doesn't make sense within the "spirit" of the class
  26. Oh new event in stillmoor.
  27. So where are the promised builds?
  28. Halp, my PTS client is broken :(
  29. Vampiric Munitions Give 50% Healing is Excessive
  30. Valor Crafted Weapons?
  31. on the cost of Raid T1 Soul Synergy Cristals
  32. Fix Zilas FFS!
  33. PTS 1.5 In-Progress Set #2 - 9/22/11 PTS Build
  34. Another way of looking at RS
  35. Verify tooltip error on Assassin abilities
  36. Trion, please communicate a little more to us on PTS Rogue changes
  37. kill the rogue more
  38. Kaspersky freaks out at PTS patcher
  39. Side-Effect: New Mage Glyph of Power Changes Hurt Class Synergy?
  40. PTS Transfers & Fluffy
  41. So do you fear a rogue like you fear a warrior now on PTS?
  42. Are there any new ways to earn Marks in 1.5?
  43. Rogues worse off than they were before
  44. Outstanding issues unaddressed by 1.5
  45. GG trion... GG.
  46. Is 1.5 really going to go live with riftstalkers still useless?
  47. PTS Transfer lockout
  48. Chronicles should be for levels 15-50
  49. Bloodthirsty! Another TO THE GROUND nerf.
  50. PTS Download Fail
  51. Top PvE Builds For All Classes
  52. Why No more gear/level vendors?
  53. Purifier t3 synergy crystal
  54. Is there a...
  55. Warfronts again...
  56. How much hit/focus/toughness for Master Modes?
  57. Nightblade, where and why it needs a buff.
  58. Can planar attunement points be gained through pvp?
  59. pretty big charge dump bug
  60. Pts + live
  61. Planar Attunement Tiers question
  62. Like the MM love, but...
  63. Patch 1.5 Imminent...Will Addons Be Activated?
  64. Consider modeling changes after the best pvp players!
  65. Don't Develop WFs anymore.
  66. New PTS Build: Constant crashes while editing UI layout
  67. Untenable Position in Warlord
  68. Need help using the PTS
  69. Intentional Design? Cloth Clerics no synergy crystal?
  70. Curse of Discord/Solitude
  71. Fix / Rebuff Saboteur
  72. Repeatable PVP quest needed!
  73. Concussive Blast: Suggestion
  74. Ember Isle transportation?
  75. paladin issue.
  76. Region Not Updated (Australia)
  77. Unofficial Rogue BUG LIST
  78. PvP vengeance stat - where is it?
  79. Weapon glow effects
  80. No DSM Master Dungeon on 1.5 release ?
  81. Rogue DPS Benchmark Tests
  82. Cant Copy to PTS
  83. Why bother creating a new warfront?
  84. Sabo charge booster bug
  85. 1 Rogue Change that could go a long way
  86. New Marksman 2 Piece Bonus, kinda buggy.
  87. What about all these useless Marks from GSB/RoS?
  88. nightblade/sin/rs build 1.5 Build idea
  89. Seems assassin damage nerfed on test.
  90. 1.5 BD Changes?
  91. PVP Soul Problems in Light of Upcoming Rogue 1.5 Changes
  92. Show Some Lovin 4 The Rogues
  93. Cleric's Ability Vigilance
  94. How about greater essences trion?
  95. Mage talent bug? : Opportunity + Quick Thinking
  96. Why is the new warfront only going to be playable on weekends
  97. Passive "Opportunity" for Mage class
  98. Champion Synergy Crystal T1 raid
  99. Physical Wellness
  100. Faction Change?
  101. Bard PVP. There I said it.
  102. Flame Jet bug
  103. Viable melee rogue dps spec
  104. A concerted effort to remove burst damage in PvP? A thoughtful discussion.
  105. New PvP Area
  106. Hardcore PvE Point of View
  107. Adjust ES and DES if your going to remove Hit and Run
  108. Why are the Master Mode Dungeons T2 Dungeons and not T1 dungeons
  109. From when do veteran rewards start counting?
  110. Marksman Synergy Crystal is Worthless
  111. Please revert cleric talent changes
  112. Free levels and gear?
  113. 1.5 World event PTS
  114. 1.5 World event PTS
  115. Question on copying a character to pts.
  116. Elrar having some fun post 1.5 world event testing.
  117. New Mount!!!
  118. Strange floating pillars near Sanctum?
  119. 1.5 World Event Feedback
  120. Stat Changes.. what they should look like
  121. Is it over????
  122. Wardrobe Change
  123. 1.5 Master dungeons loot drop
  124. No more gear?
  125. Synergy Crystals requiring to do something outside of raiding to get
  126. Suggestion to marksman-burst
  127. Bug - pets and NPCs in towns (SM)`
  128. Quick Question
  129. Question regarding many changes
  130. Cadence bug with marksman increase fire power
  131. Pls drop the Unique from Planar Essence´s
  132. Please be constructive
  133. Seperate Games
  134. T1 raid synergy crystals with 1.5?
  135. Rogue Tank ~ Estrode ~ 15988 Dmg -20% from new talent = 12790
  136. Art of Defense + Paladin
  137. Actual PVP content... when ?!
  138. Riftstalker: A proposal.
  139. Grave rot suggestion
  140. t1>t2 must buy t1 gear now??!!
  141. Blade Dancer PvP Survivabilty
  142. 1.5 rogue ranger spec?
  143. Biggest complaint about new synergy
  144. Warriors are not powerful, Riftblade is powerful.
  145. Changes? In MY MMO? A guide to help guide.
  146. not okay with the loss of 'hit and run'
  147. endless quest update in gsb
  148. Raid Marks & Dungeon Marks
  149. Put back Hit and Run
  150. Retreat is bugged
  151. Copy to PTS service?
  152. Synergy Crystals for raid tier 1 gear (t3)
  153. Another suggestion for Defer Death or Scatter the Shadows
  154. MM ammunitions and energy potion idea
  155. Ranger Doubleshot
  156. If You Want to Make 51BD Viable (and others), I Have Ideas/Suggestions for that...
  157. Trion: Make Hide-Player-Costumes a checkbox next to helm/shoulders.
  158. 122 Artifact sets = 1/2 of a Planar Attunement Point
  159. [BUG] Enhanced Burst doesn't apply on hits reapplying the debuff.
  160. How to fix Rifstalkers for Dummies.
  161. Fix Titan strike?
  162. Why were planar college lesser essences raised to 40 inscribed?
  163. Key Bind Request
  164. Devs: For 1.5 can silver artifacts be brought with favor please?
  165. Present push stat distribution?
  166. Discouraging new players from queuing as tank?
  167. Something to fix for 1.5 - bad mechanic
  168. Warrior shield Throw is broken on PTS.
  169. Ranged Rogue Discussion
  170. Bug: NPC portrait shows their chest
  171. The PTS client vanished
  172. thoughts about ways to fix itemization
  173. T1 Raid synergy crystals
  174. 51 Sin Complete me
  175. Warrior Stat Contribution possible fix *Devs please read*
  176. New Synergy crystals
  177. Will mages ever be competitive single target dps Trion?
  178. My rogue solo spec (as of 9/17)
  179. The double standard PvP
  180. Master Mode & LFD Tool... does it work?
  181. Item preview bugged for weapons....
  182. Improved Flame Jet - please re=think this
  183. New Rogue Raid Viable Specs 1.5
  184. Ranked pvp
  185. Mage pet summons need to be instant cast for PvP
  186. Riftstalker Review
  187. Allow us to sell back pvp gear for favor/marks
  188. Exchanging plaques for marks
  189. Ravenous Strength Change:
  190. here's a thought for smoother instances!
  191. Sabdancer nerf!?!?!?!!
  192. Can Satyr get some better utility added as 4th skill?
  193. A few rogue changes id still like to see
  194. How we get in Library of the Runemasters on PTS?
  195. Refunds for plaque gear
  196. Discuss
  197. Accolades
  198. Rogues: sign here if you want Contra Tempo put back The way it was:
  199. Can not start PTS
  200. What happened to Hit and Run?
  201. PTS Bugs & Feedback
  202. If you want the stat changes reverted (as has been announced) sign here.
  203. If you want the stat changes to actually go through, sign here or like this post.
  204. Accolades and voice overs
  205. OCD reactives issues and Blood thirsty
  206. BDs rythm actions overwritting each other
  207. chronicle: Ceremony of Meridian, pure and utter awesome.
  208. Chronicle: Ceremony of Sanctum.....awesome !
  209. Idea's for Fixing 51 champion.
  210. Hit and Run Bugged
  211. The PvP Trees should really be contructed so they only need 15 points.
  212. 1.5 top rogue dps spec
  213. When are we going to get Equipment Profiles?
  214. Game wont load after patch
  215. Stats: bugged.. (again).. :P
  216. Chronicle of Meridian: bugged!
  218. healing and raid frames
  219. Riftstalker added suggestions for 1.5
  220. Leave bloodthirsty the way it is on live please
  221. Possible change to provide rogues with survivability (Leeching Poison)
  222. assassin poision damage, still too low
  223. New planar gear?
  224. Will the PvP daily quests ever be about PvP?
  225. Does the rogue class live up to the class description
  226. So I DL the PTS, and now I have to reDL the game?
  227. Might be obvious but...
  228. RS stats, 1 block = .5 parry, .5 dodge
  229. Please Stop and think
  230. Conversion rate for Crystal Sourcestones>Inscribed Sourcestones
  231. Any hope to see the 2h paragon spec fixed by 1.5 DS/SE ?
  232. STOP changing this game for the pvp community
  233. Wardrobe, Bloodthirsty: fantastic changes, Trion.
  234. Bypassing the dynamic content of rifts and invasions
  235. Necrotic Essences
  236. New "Weekend" Warfront - Why weekend?
  237. My .02 on Warrior 1.5 changes
  238. So with the rogues getting a major boost to
  239. Request
  240. <Charge Booster> Small Bug, crits on first detonate and its not supposed to.
  241. Plea to Remove Wardrobe Change Thread!
  242. Thank You Trion
  243. T3 Armor Swap??
  244. T3 Synergy Crystals. Are they still on the way?
  245. Healing Communion Fix -
  246. R.i.p warriors 1.5 lol
  247. Finally Wardrobe and Bloodthirty Fixes
  248. Really? Bloodthirsty?
  249. PvP Souls.. A Joke? Possible work around...
  250. Did The Sab Get Forgotten In the Rogue Review?