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  1. New Mage change is amazing
  2. Bards are overpowered!
  3. Fish Carver design = old
  4. Rogue Runners
  5. [Cleric 1.5] Crit changes should accompany itemization changes
  6. The Half Birthday Gift... Decoded!
  7. Mages and their wands
  8. T1 Raid synergy crystals
  9. Rogues should never be on par with Warrior DPS etc, as long as...
  10. [Cleric 1.5] Serendipity concern/question
  11. Warfront Accolades.
  12. Has anyone tested how the new healing debuffs stack?
  13. Cannot Use My Pet in PVP because of Blood Thirsty
  14. More sab changes plz
  15. Rogue - planar attunement bug
  16. If your fixing Cleric stuff...
  17. 1.5 Test Shard Review
  18. Weapon wardrobe in 1.5?
  19. PTS results ... (tried to test...)
  20. So, all these Riftstalker revisions and they still dont' have an interrupt?
  21. Chronicles Feedback
  22. Rogues 1.5
  23. Mage changes?
  24. Healing from leaching poison on PTS
  25. Planar Attunement Weapon Specialization.
  26. Expose Weakness - 1.5 bugged?
  27. high level open world content?
  28. Making heavy nightblade spec viable in PVE
  29. 1.5 - The Game Lives Or Dies With This Patch
  30. Pve Test Gear
  31. AA and loot
  32. as a warrior, and a prominent member of the class, i like where these changes are...
  33. No increase to Mage soul synergy?
  34. 1.5 Rogue change documentation
  35. Feeling a little betrayed in this game.
  36. Motif of renewal
  37. Are you planning any changes for the Vindicator tree?
  38. Riftwalk
  39. In RE: Riftstalker changes
  40. Gersh! Just fix AP scaling for Warriors - will solve a lot of issues
  41. [Cleric 1.5] Spell crit based gear setup/Hybrid builds useless now
  42. Cleric 1.5 changes.
  43. My thoughts on Chronicle Greenscale's Blight
  44. Nice job idiots
  45. 1.5 Marksman Bug
  46. 1.5 Riftstalker Feedback
  47. Chronicles: Greenscales Blight Feedback video and commentary
  48. I must Commend you Trion on Rogues changes on Test
  49. Certainly on PTS Rift Launcher Window, First notes/indications of changes.
  50. Swift Murdantix Mount, nerfed or bugged?
  51. Logging out and logging in with a different character causes crash
  52. Getting annoyed at the full redownload thing.
  53. Cinderburst spell coefficient correct?
  54. Chronicles:King Molinar not giving exp
  55. Bought a PA for 100 points 2nd point 130?
  56. Chain Spawn Kill
  57. Patch 1.5 Warrior changes
  58. PA-Points from Artifacts and Harvesting?
  59. Any news on the promised Rogue changes?
  60. Let's nerf warriors b/c they can barely do 1k dps now
  61. Devs: Will it be possible to learn EVERY AA skill?
  62. (AA) Make it fluff, not required stuff.
  63. AA too rigid for fexible system
  64. Daily quests not granting AA exp
  65. Listing of new AA's
  66. Scarn bug - master DD
  67. Expanding on the Chronicles idea..
  68. Master dungeons are fail as a concept.
  69. WIP Rifts/Incomplete Rifts feedback
  70. How is attunement exp? Is it like regular xp where warfronts are far slower than PvE?
  71. What is the fastest way to gring experience for AA's?
  72. Some Warrior AA don't make any sense.
  73. Where did Fluffy go?
  74. HK Gear
  75. [PvP] 2 minors fixes for major gameplay improvement
  76. AA's and Chronicle test
  77. Minor Bug at cleric
  78. AA Planar Lures, possible bug or a new rift?
  79. planar attunement (AA) is going to be what drives me away
  80. Phoenix Rise graveyard
  81. Stats.
  82. Daily Quests not giving Planar Attunement Exp
  83. Obvious fixes we are expecting
  84. Loot Tables
  85. PTS T1 Vendor Guy
  86. So i'm new?
  87. Master Mode DD - Scarn
  88. PTS Filename?
  89. PTS NPC Loot Givers
  90. Chronicle difficulty
  91. Loading?
  92. Is there a new saga quest or other new content?
  93. 500k for a specific plane lure?
  94. Master DSM feedback
  95. The PTS
  96. New 10 man already
  97. Planar Attunement Feedback
  98. master mode Diachrom Bug
  99. Server crash?
  100. PTS down Sept 2 16:05 PDT
  101. Warfront Accolades Feedback
  102. Planar Attunement Feedback
  103. Increases your DPS with <Weapon> by 30.
  104. 1.5 Arrives on PTS - Here's a Rundown of What You'll Find!
  105. PvP - fundamental errors
  106. When was the change to PvP-set effects first introduced on PTS ?
  107. Chronicles Feedback
  108. Chronicles of HK - That's it?
  109. Patch 1.5 preview ;) /joke
  110. King/Prince event bug
  111. PTS Test 9/1 - Chronicle: Hammerknell Fortress
  112. Hammerknell Chronincle review (solo, rogue, cleared)
  113. Druid Scaling
  114. Spoken like a true PVP'r.
  115. Hammerknell Chronicles Bugs and Review (Was in for about 2 hours)
  116. PTS error
  117. PVP Practice Dummy
  118. Now you've messed about with unnecessary pvp changes can we have some real fixes?
  119. Tell me whats the point please
  120. Cabalist BUGS
  121. Physical vs Magical (damage in pvp)
  122. Guild?
  123. An analysis of why the new changes to pvp gear is bad.
  124. Why the introduction of vengenace is bad and stupid
  125. Can't start PTS in Wine anymore.
  126. Items purchased with favor sell back option
  127. Small changes = good Large changes = bad
  128. Some early impressions of rogues
  129. I want to raid in Hammerknell naked!
  130. Some thoughts on the Hammerknell Chronicle
  131. PTS Transfer Help.
  132. i dont like the pvp changes
  133. Bug: Chronicles of Hammerknell
  134. New Worlds of war trinket vs Degenerate Warstone fragment
  135. GREAT changes, how soon can these go live?
  136. I ground the rep, faction, prestige for what? wtf??
  137. 8/31 Test - Valor/Vengeance Change Feedback
  138. Let me get this correct....
  139. Will there be a PVP Test Dummy Up on the PTS?
  140. Vengeance screws abilities that get bonuses from attack power.
  141. Chronicle: Hammerknell, Rune King bugs out
  142. I think trion is rushing everything too fast
  143. Vengeance - clarification
  144. Ninja nerf to attack power in PVP: codex trinket and p7 synergy crystal
  145. Confused Why Planar Blade/RiftWalk is SOO Far Superior To Flicker
  146. Thorns of Asphodel Still Buggy?
  147. Chloro Synergy Crystal could use some work
  148. Why Must Vengeance Impact all PVE and Not Just Progression PVE?
  149. Warfronts will not worth grinding anymore. Rift is not worth playing anymore.
  150. PvP changes.
  151. Class changes?
  152. CODEX trinket
  153. Equal gearing for all
  154. Why is it wrong to progress PvE thru PvP? (Generally)
  155. Observed Changes to PTS 8/30
  156. PVP R7/8 qq thread
  157. Fine Whetstone parse
  158. TRION how can you give PVP benefit to PVErs and not PVPers?
  159. Who's the idiot with valor changes ideas?
  160. Codex trinket heavily nerfed as said. Thanks Trion for screwing the grinders
  161. [PvP] Changes Not Enough
  162. Those of you testing the vengeance/valor changes, please keep an eye on healing.
  163. New weapon graphic for HK drop
  164. Messed up graphics again on char window and avatar
  165. Battle Dolphin Mount
  166. Cleric/PVP Fix
  167. Small Open PvP Area
  168. Purifier shield scaling with SP
  169. Serendipity and Touch the Light
  170. Birthday Wish
  171. Trion: Please take a hard look at the poor performance of physical damage in PvP.
  172. PTS+Live at the same time
  173. Escalation Whitefall and rogue forced to run "annoying" builds
  174. PTS Shard Status?
  175. PvP Discussion (all stuff together)
  176. PVP What if we mixed Guardians and Defiant? Hear me out. Red VS Blue
  177. 1.5 Real Info and Real Patch notes
  178. BUG: VK Spellbreaker Broken, removing more debuffs then it should.
  179. Canceling - Again: Rift PVP is Egregious
  180. 51 Assassin energy problems killing dps
  181. Master Dungeons
  182. Every mage same spec in PvP
  183. pelase rehabilitate CC
  184. Fix rogues being able to use immunies while running an escalation shard.
  185. T2 Raid 10 Man in Ember Isle
  186. How do I get to level 50?
  187. 08/19 - PTS PvP Feedback: Library of the Runemasters
  188. Copied Character not appearing?
  189. Will transfering to the public test shard remove my character from its current shard?
  190. There needs to be T1 Raid Synergy Cystals!!!
  191. Is there a scheduele for the PTS?
  192. The games progression seems very skewed.
  193. Test shard location.
  194. New mount, pics inside!
  195. 08/15 - PTS PvP Feedback: Library of the Runemasters
  196. Warfronts
  197. Blood Spike bugged, no benefit from Deathly Calling.
  198. Why can't i log into PTS and live realms at the same time anymore?
  199. Full redownload?
  200. Why Trion?
  201. Level NPC?
  202. Not able to copy character to PTS.
  203. Any clue why PTS is locked right now?
  204. Locked shards? Now?
  205. When did they add the copy to PTS option?
  206. Video Proof Attack Power = Useless
  207. Resilient in Vidicator tree still bugged?
  208. AMD (ATI) 69xx cards & CrossfireX Performance Improvement Request (+Triple Buffering)
  209. Planetouched Wilds
  210. New Warfront - Library of the Runemasters
  211. Cabalist qq thread
  212. Cluster Win/Loss Ratio
  213. 1.4 Whitefall - Why can you still teleport with the crystal
  214. Warrior Trainer in Meridian on PTS not offering new souls
  215. PVP healing reduction did not go far enough ...
  216. I'm ready! I'm ready!
  217. clerics are swimming in oblivion
  218. 1.4- What a joke for mages
  219. No new skins for P7/8
  220. please speperate the PvE and PvP nerfs allready
  221. 1.4 FIX the +Hit stat affecting PVP
  222. augment upgrades
  223. Dominator 1.4
  224. Boost Mage dps before 1.4 goes live..
  225. solo/duo instances?
  226. Gear from the new 10 man instance
  227. Where do you get PvP lessers post 1.4?
  228. Lightning burst bug
  229. Soul Training change
  230. Crafting timer cooldown issue
  231. Need rank 7 and 8 new graphics
  232. You will never balance PvP if you leave heal debuffs at -50%.
  233. Steelweave - possible Type-o?
  234. PvP Rifts--Rift's take on Shrines of Bori?
  235. PvP Synergy Crystal
  236. Big changes in souls = can i swap in my weapons/gear for the monthly flavor type ?
  237. Warriors in 1.4
  238. Rift == World of Warriorcraft
  239. Resistances
  240. Question regarding the new PvP gear sets/upgrades
  241. Fluffy!
  242. Nightblade - Primal Strike
  243. Not All Heals in PVP are Overpowered
  244. patch 1.4 release date
  245. New macro system
  246. feared through the world.
  247. Error #1012
  248. Saga/Cult quests in Experts
  249. Warfronts Need Class Role Requirements
  250. I want my 2nd 51 point Sin ability.