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  1. 1.7 In-Progress Set #3 - 1/25/12
  2. Request, remove the pvp xp lock
  3. rank 8 now 38? in 1.7 (hope it isn't written in stone yet)
  4. PTS inter-faction chat idea
  5. Mercenaries
  6. [Suggestion] Modesty option
  7. Merc Concept, lets drop the charade
  8. tank ability pvp reduction suggestion.
  9. PVP Dailies Changed, another change to help the ques.
  10. Arkryons Mirror bug
  11. stealth+slipaway preventing friendlys to target them + heal them during stealth.
  12. Suggestion for 1.7: Death's Charge to replace Track Death Creatures
  13. Blade of Twisted Minds
  14. PTS Event Thursday, 1/26 @ 4PM PDT PvP Improvements
  15. It's Not Too Late to Rollback the Armor nerf
  16. New Focused Intent PA needs new tooltip
  17. Serious PA +Stat Bug affecting pet summons
  18. Planar Attunement Xp for Plaques Unbalanced?
  19. Focus added to cleric healing gear - Changes are needed Before live
  20. Need Feedback from Defiants *Wedding Topic*
  21. Underdog Buff for Open World PVP: Where is it?
  22. Mercenary System: How will this work? whats your opinion on it?
  23. Make PA role slot specific.
  24. Removing grey item drops from player corpses...
  25. PvP vs PVE PA Trees Argument... again!
  26. Rogues are gamebreaking in pvp
  27. Why must there be currency caps?
  28. Simple encouragement to Rifts
  29. Not sure if anyone else noticed this...
  30. Greater Mark Of Ascension trade-in?
  31. Doctrin of Loyalty Change
  32. Any new PvP gear with this patch?
  33. [Suggestion] "smelting" Ores
  34. Rogue pvp PA: Countering Strikes
  35. Purchasing top rank PvP ranged weapons
  36. Exaggerated sparkling effects on gloves when buffed
  37. Proc rate normalization and rogues
  38. warrior paladin soul change
  39. Soliton Blade, going from horrible to just plain garbage?
  40. Nyx Warlock crystal
  41. Videos of Wedding Ceremony on both factions
  42. XP for inscribed
  43. Mage PvP PA tree bugs
  44. Inscribed -> XP <- Planrite price discrepancy on PTS
  45. Druid: Trion the Druid soul is too easy to shut down
  46. Unable to provide feedback
  47. Is Bolstering currently in the PTS?
  48. Prestige levels over 40
  49. Buff Standardization Change
  50. PvP Gear in 1.7, just vengeance added or vengeance instead of other stats?
  51. 1.7 PA and Mages
  52. for PVP veterans who been P8 for so long.
  53. Weddings and their 200 guest limit
  54. Devs, "Mercenaries Concept" but for dungeons?
  55. I like how we can have multiple tests for Weddings, yet
  56. Relic drops
  57. Desired effect of 1.7
  58. Substantial PVP Mage Damage Nerf on PTS
  59. Please devs, pleeeease fix this on PTS....
  60. Petition: Let players save two PA setups with 1.7...
  61. Rift tomb
  62. Physical dmg does not suck because of armor...
  63. Wind's Breath
  64. PvP Soul & PvP PA
  65. Golem Inductor boost is marginal at best, needs to be as good as AMOP
  66. Suggestion for premade random dungeon queuing
  67. Greater Marks of Ascension for PA XP???
  68. PVP Rifts now Grant Factionwide Buffs
  69. Blade of Twisted Minds
  70. Riftstalker weapon poisons?
  71. Question about hit/focus in pvp
  72. Cleric MoA Bug with Self Cast Shields
  73. Trion Please consider hiring on seperate PvP devs for each calling
  74. The real effect of armor nerf for warrior in pvp (loads of math)
  75. Ranger Feedback 1.7 PTS In-progress set 2
  76. Trion, you want us not to be able to defeat HK?
  77. Suggestion for expert and raid rift
  78. Why force players to go either pve or pvp, when 'Rift isn't a pvp game' ?
  79. Trion how are they gona test out warrior changes if you dont make any
  80. Clerics.
  81. N00b question reg war AP scaling.
  82. Planar Ventors & PA exp crystals (feedback)
  83. Two Problems with the Rifts in Rift
  84. WITH 1.7 LIVE Warriors QUIT
  85. Pts Patch update?
  86. Stealth Nerf to some Focus items
  87. 1.7 on paper
  88. Any changes to hit/focus Trion?
  89. How much armor did Warriors Actually lose? (Not a QQ)
  90. Hide helmet/shoulders option in the wardrobe tab?
  91. HK Trinkets
  92. If the Armor Reductions go live, do this:
  93. Do Not Go Through With Armor Nerf
  94. Caduceus Rise Master Mode *Information/Guide/Bugs*
  95. Pure warrior dps spec rendered unplayable because dmg mit nerf
  96. PVE Planar Attunement Stage 3
  97. PvP Planar attunement: Please post if you like changes!!!!
  98. PVP PA - Warrior - Focus strikes Bug report
  99. Are we getting tier 2 and tier 3 PvP trees?
  100. before pushing 1.7....
  101. General PA-PVP Feedback
  102. PA Weapon Enchants broken on PTS
  103. Is Trion trying to run PVP'rs out
  104. Exchange rate for planarite, are you insane ??
  105. Golem Inductor: Will now proc slightly more often change......
  106. Power/Energy is about resource management.
  107. Please just 1 more role
  108. New changes to focus on gear
  109. Question on starting pvp gear.
  110. Cleric PvP PA Tree
  111. A Much Simpler Fix to PVP Soul Issues
  112. 2s reduced stun/silence/disarm duration in all PvP PA
  113. So... is it just a placeholder?
  114. purifier new ability and utilize it more?
  115. What is this button in the soul tree?
  116. Offical - Fix Bladedancer thread.
  117. Can anyone post the Cleric PvP PA Tree?
  118. You're restricting us more not less
  119. Attunement PA Suggestion Thread
  120. Soliton Blade 12ap ?
  121. Mage PVP PA is awful
  122. Physical Damage Mitigation Nerfed!?
  123. 870,000 Favor for 11.6 PA levels?
  124. Dust off your Plaques of Achievements
  125. warrior PA tree
  126. Attunement Theft of Thought
  127. Revert, want the PVP soul back.
  128. Trion, Planar Attunement has to be role based, or a free respec
  129. PTS Event 1/20 New Weddings Features Test Official Discussion Thread
  130. Preset Souls & New Player Improvements in 1.7!
  131. PvP Planar Attunement *Rogue*
  132. Warfronts - mercenaries
  133. PTS In-Progress Set #2 - 1/20/12
  134. Server coming down!
  135. What about the Epic Quest Rewards?
  136. veteran rewards
  137. Role-base Macro Window
  138. Beastmaster Fixes/Buffs, with PvE Raiding in mind.
  139. Same Healrate on PTS as 1.6.1
  140. Physical Damage
  141. Itemization in 1.7
  142. A humble request for more soul slots
  143. [RANT] Mages are not great... just Pyros are
  144. Dissarming Counterblow
  145. Raid T1 crystals
  146. Any Relics?
  147. Trion, where are the things you promised us?
  148. Can we get more nerfs please?
  149. Way of Water
  150. More Bank Slots - Larger bags - help Trion
  151. 1.7 XP lock + twinking lulz
  152. Not getting old Relic's back?
  153. WTB Progress set #2 on PTS sometime this millennium.
  154. Thoughts on the new PA system
  155. equalize hit and focus on gear reset
  156. 1.7 Release Date?
  157. Removing Item drops in WFs please....
  158. Warrior Interrupt Training Cost Fix?
  159. Please fix Sab -- bombs should be a DPS gain!
  160. Tanking gear changes
  161. Slip Away Not Slipping Away
  162. Ember island elites not giving enough experience
  163. Yet another post on warrior DPS stats for PVE and more
  164. Nerf Necrotic Rage and Necrotic Semblance
  165. Faeblight and its lagfest
  166. Crafted Weapons
  167. Bladedancer updates
  168. T1/T2 Raid Rift gear
  169. Relic gear for PvP vendors ?
  170. Mr. Raid, where the heck is it in Sanctum?
  171. example changes to T1 raid items
  172. New Itemization - Specifically Clerics
  173. PRE/POST Relics Comparison?
  174. Inscribed Sourcestone on Ember Isle Events
  175. Tier 2 Raid Rifts question?!
  176. Alternatives to excess Marks of Ascension/Greater Marks of Ascension?
  177. Any fix for PvP warriors in 1.7?
  178. PTS - Saboteur suggestions.
  179. Suggestion for fixing deflect/block stat itemization for tanking equipments.
  180. Pre-Ember Isle difficulty concern
  181. So what's the deal with r5-6 gear?
  182. pvp pa?
  183. ETA on Leveling NPC's?
  184. Achievment Tracking
  185. LFG tool and master mode dungeons...
  186. Don't add vengeance to lower Rank Gear
  187. Please take a look at rogue and cleric tank health scaling with buffs
  188. PvP Update Discussion
  189. Can I PLEASE exchange my gun for a bow?
  190. 1.7 In-Progress Set #2 PREVIEW - 1/13/12
  191. Tanks - Clerics need work, and Riftstalkers need a few things too
  192. Concerning tanks
  193. Hit working similar to Toughness?
  194. Suggestion for PTS near the dummies
  195. ROS chronicles gaping pit of death:)
  196. @ Gear Changes
  197. Can anyone please post what the Mage relic 1h from LGS stats look like on test?
  198. HK PVE bis for PVP
  199. new 1.7 Master mode?
  200. Ranger pet auto-attack and global cooldown, intented?
  201. Inflammatory Title: Lazy Item Readjustment!!
  202. Wedding Summary/Prediction
  203. While you're redoing gear stats, take a look at Mage boots
  204. 1.7 will be called Carnival of the Ascended.
  205. Educated guess for PvP
  206. Rangers on PTS.. How are they doing?
  207. Still no word on plauqes/marks exchange?
  208. Re: removal of P1/2 (equivalent) items, P3/4 cost, and the "vengeance" buff
  209. Raid Weeklies on PTS
  210. Who is this change for
  211. Mark of retribution - not used anymore?
  212. new pvp ranks
  213. New Prestige Ranks - Inconsistent conversion.
  214. Private Test Shard down? Error 1007
  215. 1.7 patch changes us players would like to see!
  216. PvP PA Level - Ideas
  217. How to gear up a playerbase: Drop More Gear
  218. Exp Bar
  219. Rogue tank itemization in 1.7 w DPS items
  220. Re: Gear Changes and HK Gear
  221. Dissarming Counter Blow
  222. New (two) weapon damage stats?
  223. Multi man Dueling!!
  224. Vengeance now with a touch of +Hit
  225. Fearless
  226. Gersh! Thank you for the PvP changes.
  227. An alternative suggestion to gear inflation
  228. Upcoming 1.7 Endgame Improvements
  229. Rogues on PTS are out of hand.
  230. Glaring cleric gear problem
  231. New improvements to LFG in 1.7!!
  232. Chronicles : River of Souls...awesome!
  233. SavedVariables on PTS
  234. Gear buffs are too big
  235. Ranger changes, are awesome but pet scaling and energy issues are insane.
  236. myyabe add bagsort in the new patch
  237. My AP issue again
  238. My Wishlist for 1.7
  239. Preliminary 1.7notes, no candy for mages. But good notes non the less!
  240. PSA from a fellow Rifter
  241. Cant connect to pts
  242. Where is the promise?
  243. 1.7: *Slayer's Bearing now gives the correct damage contribution to AOE attacks.*
  244. Rogue changes in PTS 1.7 In-Progress Set #1
  245. 1.7 Cleric Changes so far
  246. 1.7 In-Progress Set #1 - 1/9/12
  247. Is trion slacking on 1.7?
  248. Gear NPC's
  249. Cant log into PTS after transfering a character
  250. I miss solo grinding.