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  1. More levels and more areas etc
  2. Tier 1 and Tier 2 loot
  3. more soting / organizing cratable list
  4. Lighter versions of light dyes, please!
  5. Post a link to Time world when anoucements its about world wide please
  6. Dendrome weeklies
  7. Craftable Costumes..
  8. The one and Only Mount for 3.0 I want
  9. New Planar War PVP/PVE
  10. Tier 3 Loot/Beyond?
  11. Collapsed as standard in crafting window.
  12. Back Vaults each have their own set of Bag Slots.
  13. reduce health on healing practice dummies
  14. A fix for terrible dungeon queue times!
  15. 800 Instant Adventure Guild Quest
  16. Able to see events on maps despite what zone you are old or sl
  17. A few changes...quests for chronicles and other things
  18. Why no damaged dummies on Live?
  19. Rift Store PVE Raid Gear.
  20. Account-wide Mounts!
  21. Open World PVP suggestions
  22. Instant Adventures: Make idlers/AFK unable to loot/roll.
  23. Small Idea
  24. Get out of combat spell/ability
  25. More abilities to some Souls during leveling!
  26. Increasing Efficient Searching in the Rift Shop
  27. Gice us some penalty-free dungeon leaves per week.
  28. Gifts Suggestion(s)
  29. Glyph Launcher Wishlist
  30. Move Depleted Infinity Shards to token currency tab
  31. Starter points and larger starting world..
  32. Over the shoulder 2-handed sword
  33. Request-Summon Banker/Guild Banker
  34. Storm Legion Costume glitch
  35. More interactive dimensions, specifically bribes
  36. PVP weapon reconfiguration
  37. Issue with current SLE drop system
  38. Some little things I'd like to see
  39. Rex,The Economy, And Steam.
  40. Split PvE and PvP skill balancing .
  41. Weapon Skins in Wardrobe and Add to Fav dimensions
  42. Make loot system similar to the one from Diablo 3?
  43. xp bank / some ideas(reposted here)
  44. Planar Buff
  45. Improve pyromancer's burst (and in doing so, it's total dps)
  46. Caretaker Defender Wardrobe
  47. old currencies..
  48. stillsuit costume just cause
  49. some pvp dimension items/ideas
  50. Add a counter that tells me how close I am to weekly stones cap.
  51. Reduce notoriety grind
  52. Shaman animations with a 2 handed weapon
  53. Reputation.
  54. Make lockboxes less annoying
  55. Buying Credits via mobile
  56. Dimension Pack of Chess Pieces
  57. Shadow Group or Bull Pen
  58. [profesions]increase density/spawn rate/etc of low level reource nodes
  59. Improvements to name auto-complete field in mail
  60. My suggestions on how to improve pvp
  61. **Idea for Dream Weavers and Dimension Object Morphers - Dimensional Glue
  62. Implement a Disable Inspect option
  63. Make Dye not one time use or expand view options
  64. Reduce combat radius with trainging dummies?
  65. Guild "recruit" rank
  66. [BILLING SUGGESTION] - Prepaid Patron Options
  67. ESM Cap
  68. New idea for Apothecary Crafting Rifts
  69. Weekly Cap for ESM
  70. Dimensions: PvP dummies
  71. A more flexible weapon transfiguration system
  72. Zone Events
  73. Ability to turn of Weather effects for lower end systems
  74. More easily browse-able daily and weekly crafting quests
  75. Role presets should allow for 0pt soul swap
  76. Make "The Exuvia of Khargroth" interesting
  77. Reordering characters in character select screen
  78. Purge and interupt for every soul
  79. Pistols as melee weapons- a sure thing seller.
  80. Allow players to jump across shards, without others help
  81. Burning Core Cinder
  82. Remove raid size restriction on classic T2+ raids?
  83. Crafting
  84. Raid Instance [Non]Locks and Raid Loot
  85. Make higher speed mounts run smoother
  86. Making fishing more exciting
  87. Weekly mark cap indicator
  88. Instant Adventure Suggestions
  89. Bring Back the Old Class Builds and call them Classics
  90. auction house ideas(use of all possible currencies?)
  91. steampunk-ish costumes? yay or nay?
  92. Patron bonus idea
  93. Wedding Apparel, Tux/Suit for Female Characters
  94. Glyph Forum Skin
  95. Mech Week Suggestions
  96. How about new Models for playable races now?
  97. Suggestion-Search Bar in Achievments
  98. Further Ideas for the future
  99. Class Design 101
  100. Encounter simulations
  101. Updated Class pages?
  102. More shirts please!
  103. Something new to try, New Ascended!!
  104. Underwater combat/rewards suggestions
  105. Vote surrender system for WF
  106. Proteus Mount
  107. Horse recolor request
  108. Status UpDate
  109. Ingame content you would like to use in your Dimensions
  110. No PVP with World Event NPC
  111. Lets talk about PvP ideas! Hopefully Trion will take a look and try a few out!
  112. Add sexy wardrobe footwear for women chars
  113. Open a Trade Forum
  114. Currency exchange
  115. Search runes by slot on AH
  116. Level/World specific shard(s)
  117. Rare rifts! ♥
  118. Planar travel
  119. More starting points...
  120. Make Shadowlands a dimension!
  121. Seasonal Party essence level limter
  122. Corrupted Mathosian Knight Armor on store please.
  123. Auction House abuse
  124. Updates to Guild finder
  125. Make transfiguration baubles stackable
  126. Guild War
  127. Hell mode
  128. Custom Dimension Notes in Public List
  129. Companions in dimensions
  130. More PA levels, please! :D
  131. Dimension Favorites List
  132. Make Faeblight an International RP server
  133. macro linking in chat/drag and drop macro list organizing
  134. if the dev's could make a crazy mount what would they choose?
  135. What if Rift had no classes?
  136. Highlight Class Specific Items
  137. Dungeon / Raid lockouts
  138. Being able to have your character window open while inspecting
  139. Fix CQ or eliminate it completely
  140. As I'm currently unhappy with the way unstable zone events work here goes.
  141. Way Of The Sun and Leeching Poison
  142. could trion let our pet do not gone missing so frequently?
  143. Suggestions again
  144. Some Intro Pictures
  145. Usable Fluff Items - Convert to Abilities
  146. Storm Legion souls purchasable individually
  147. Action Bar Localization Toggle
  148. New Intro music(That doesn't put you to sleep)
  149. dimentions more accurate rotation
  150. Break up the hair/skin color bundles
  151. Dimensional Item - Energy Refreshment Sphere
  152. Ideas for 3.0 next Expack
  153. Please never have a "buy a level X char" in the Rift store.
  154. Change dungeon level requirements to smoothen leveling by dungeons
  155. Conflagurous and Deadwater
  156. A Mathosian Update
  157. Post Concise list of Bugs/FAQs
  158. Conquest Ties and Winners Chest loots ( How to deal with Looters )
  159. Revelation of the Shattered Winds
  160. what would you like to see for future artifact set types?
  161. posession to spread to other mages pets?
  162. Make Recipes Stackable?!
  163. I would like to see dungeons have solo and small group play added.
  164. Accountbound GiftBoxes content would be nice
  165. Slow down PvP combat
  166. Warlords a GREAT example of needing NEW animations!
  167. Please make the Storm Legion costume dyeable
  168. More Wardrobe Slots
  169. Ranked PVP Suggestion
  170. Seperate bar for Debuffs, please!
  171. Apothecary/Rune augments
  172. Remove Relic Vendors from capitals
  173. Macro management.
  174. Weapon Skins
  175. Rift Store account upgrades
  176. Possible upgrades towards the change of faction
  177. [Dimensions] Tags for better search
  178. No icons on minimap.
  179. Suggestion for Chat Windows
  180. Please remove PvP Flag checks for inviting people to party/raids.
  181. gyrosphere mount this is awesome ;) along the lines o
  182. Live Stream Suggestions!
  183. Feedback needed for Rift suggestions, please comment
  184. Wedding rings.
  185. Powerlevelling
  186. Dreamweaver materials
  187. Mount speed suggestion...
  188. Suggestion: Dimension "Wardrobe"
  189. Suggestion: new dimension Akelthix
  190. Some ideas :)
  191. A(nother) simple MAP improvement
  192. Key-bindable camera
  193. thoughts on class elimination
  194. Trion Friday Livestream - what would you like to see?
  195. For the sake of pure convenience...
  196. It's a SMALL Thing, But...Splitting Stacks in the Auction Hall Would Be Handy!
  197. Make default /unannounce for chat channels
  198. How I think Trion should change guild levelling
  199. Clothing Ideas
  200. X Faction Communication
  201. Weapon Sheathing Animations/Cape Clipping ETC
  202. Brevanic Portal Battery
  203. Seeing all artifacts of all charakters
  204. Make Force Respawn a hostile PvP action
  205. Trion - Plz add some living objects into dimesion
  206. I was watching a Jesse Cox Rift Beta promotional video and had a thought...
  207. Make Rep account wide
  208. Request- Bounty Hunting % Pots
  209. Crafting UI Collapse button
  210. Request Guild quests be made scale-able
  211. Friends List
  212. Trion - Please can us girls have some new shoes?
  213. Sanctum Dream Weaver Trainer Placement
  214. Ability to name non-named pets.
  215. CQ
  216. Artifact's in experts
  217. New Calling suggestion - Animistic
  218. banking ideas/options?
  219. implement a poll system. Let the community vote
  220. Vouchers for ESM/FES
  221. Patch day
  222. Suggestion for new Event Type
  223. Please remove Exploit from Realm of Twisted Dreams
  224. Leaderboards for Dreamweaver please!
  225. TRION! Add Class Change token to your cash shop!
  226. Dimensions more functional.
  227. Now I hear you now I don't(Positional sound to touchy)
  228. Shards in Latino America
  229. Plane Themed Wardrobe
  230. reduce the cost of planar attunement reset
  231. Bounty Hunting possibilities
  232. Unstable Zone Event possibilities
  233. Rogue combat pet skins
  234. Pvp is dead
  235. Give Dream Ribbons as a reward for turning in artifact sets
  236. Accept all repeatables
  237. Searching for Unstable Artifacts
  238. Tempest Bay Guard outfit
  239. Suggestions for Future Pet Skins!
  240. Repository of ideas
  241. New Guild weekly quests
  242. Sugestion about tokens like Infin Stones And Reputations
  243. Return Character Discoveries
  244. Some Cool Ideas For The Black Tier of Loyalty !! Please Support :) And Add your Ideas
  245. Time limited achievements unavailable to sub-48 characters
  246. let us salvage 20 artefacts in one step
  247. What's going on Trion?
  248. Casting animations!
  249. Dreamweaver trainers in Sanctum and Meridian
  250. Allow us to hide Notoriety with individual factions