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  1. Guild Unions
  2. Cooldown on char creation
  3. Sorting in crafting windows
  4. A few ideas regarding Rifts and Plaques...
  5. Less Dismounting and Shared Banks
  6. (Suggestion) Please add more Macro Slots.
  7. CC immunity for all
  8. Remove "Need" for ineligible Callings
  9. Please fix the cast bar
  10. Corrupted Souls / Crafting Plagues suggestion
  11. New forum section
  12. Master & Pet Stealth
  13. Please remove the favor cap of 150,000
  14. Trial & Error
  15. Bard - Motif of Encouragement Suggestion
  16. In-Game Character Customizations
  17. We need more macro slots
  18. More cosmetic features
  19. New Feature - /reportaccount
  20. Healing clerics need mana regen abilities =)
  21. Event announcements/tracker
  22. Single soul respec
  23. Easy Fix for GoS
  24. Remove callings
  25. Non-combat Log improvements
  26. More items added to Plaque of Achivement Vendors
  27. Pedestal of healing
  28. Trion please allow Class Respecs
  29. Character regeneration
  30. "Dungeon Finder" should use planar charges
  31. The mailboxes need an "Open all mail" button
  32. Eye Strain and Chat windows
  33. Add more special light effects to the skills.
  34. Add really rare, unique and desirable items to rift.
  35. The ui mods YES addons NO thread
  36. Harrassment Issues (Players Covering NPC's)
  37. Maximum number of quests
  38. Figure out a way to incorporate Engineer class in game
  39. Guild
  40. New Event Suggestion
  41. Voice Chat - and misc
  42. Things I'd Like To See
  43. Account Ignore
  44. The timer on post edit makes me sad
  45. Colors for weapons
  46. Make 1-hour buffs persist after death
  47. High level players should not be allowed to interact with low level rifts
  48. The lag time between battle rez needs to be looked at.
  49. One-sided warfronts, some observations and possible solutions
  50. AFK Timer and Guild Log
  51. Number of Roles
  52. Suggestion: Feedback area for...
  53. RvR - Suggestion
  54. troll ignore
  55. Change the contributions of STR, DEX and AP for Warriors.
  56. Stillmoor still needing more (not a lack of content thread)
  57. Create Remote Mini Rift Games via Smartphone Apps
  58. Ban all the warfront botters!
  59. Surnames? Last names?
  60. Something I personally would love
  61. Please slow down the rate of XP gain
  62. Set of Ideas for a future premium version
  63. Markers/flares?
  64. Lower Level Testing Dummies
  65. New Dungeon/Raid Suggestion
  66. Regular Maintenance
  67. Fishing,
  68. Please modify Tab Targeting - allow for coordinated attacks
  69. Race changes
  70. No more pokemon pets and useless forms
  71. Minor tweaks to various aspects of the community and forums.
  72. Idea for expanding footholds
  73. Money instead of experience for capped characters (quests)
  74. Turn off "auto flag for pvp" by default for pve shard characters
  75. Raid Rifts
  76. faster Shard restarts
  77. better looking gear and player models
  78. Trading Bind on Pickup (BoP) loots
  79. Expand the number of roles from 4 to 6 please!!
  80. Get a clue.
  81. Lfg idea
  82. Trion - I got a suggestion - Look at the real problem and leave Dominator souls alone
  83. PVP balance fix. Yes its crazy
  84. Two small things...
  85. Allow Defiants to get achievements for invasion bosses in Silverwood
  86. Suggestion regarding Crafting and Recipes
  87. Next time you do a world event climax...
  88. Get skilled GM''s
  89. Annoying little creatures
  90. A boss world boss idea
  91. Suggestion: Chicken Rifts! (offbeat)
  92. One Server for "kill them all" hardcore PVP play
  93. Distinguishing Rift's endgame from the dungeon grinders
  94. Reduce Healer Aggro Generation.
  95. Tooltips
  96. Re: Marks. Usable While Not In Group \ Unique Mark Icon Visible Only To Player.
  97. Open Dungeons
  98. Weird camera angles
  99. Auction house improvements, items looks
  100. "Help" function.
  101. Needed: Alliances and guild bank
  102. Equipment Manager
  103. nerf tank specs for pvp
  104. Add a properly moderated forum if you want customer feedback.
  105. Level 50 is getting lame
  106. Better communication with the dev team
  107. Change The Rift Forums Posting And Editing Mechanics, Please.
  108. Guise of Death for clerics
  109. Faction Colors on Nameplate
  110. Quick suggestions
  111. Event Items: Remove BOP please!
  112. Themeparks...
  113. Energy management
  114. Retrieve All Attachments
  115. "Already Known" Warnings
  116. Auction Expired --> Return to Auction House
  117. Map Tranparency
  118. Don't lose some of the immersion
  119. Linking achievements, include progression
  120. Small addition to marking mobs.
  121. Wtb...
  122. Difficulty
  123. Suggestion - Open skills
  124. Invasions
  125. Spice up Item models in RoS
  126. Riftgame.com website popup unnecessary
  127. "The Risen" title
  128. Practice dummies for all
  129. 5 Star Suggestions
  130. Suggestions for Better Communication
  131. A change to the AH deposit
  132. Trion here is a idea. Guild homes?
  133. Costumes, Combat, C?Mounts
  134. GM Controlled events
  135. Unique, Meaningful Quests (Personal sagas)
  136. River of Souls Achievements..
  137. Guild Board & Guild Hall
  138. Forum Suggestion: Add an RP forum for IC content
  139. Create more diversity in PVE Crafting and Classes(Souls)
  140. Can we put a more worth while stat on the Sylvan Greatblade?
  141. Playable race brainstorming
  142. Mobile Authenticator improvement
  143. Warfronts
  144. Warrior Raid Tier Shoulder Graphic
  145. PvP Suggestions
  146. Quest log
  147. Server Moves and Mass Server Moves
  148. @Rift Community Organizers (Trion)
  149. Ideas for a Better PvP
  150. Mini Map and track skills
  151. Suggestion: Levelscaling (no need for level-locking or xpgain lock)
  152. The One True Suggestion
  153. On Rifting in RIFT
  154. A suggestion for alternate/future development: Intense RP Shard
  155. It would be nice to,,,,,
  156. Moveable Enemy Cast Bar
  157. Guild Calendar
  158. Wished the event faction stayed its so much fun miss it already :(
  159. Change the Greater Essences so they have an increase in bonus instead of none
  160. Suggestion to discourage ganking
  161. Target of Target Portrait
  162. Looks and Fashion: Outfitting Suggestion
  163. PvP Suggestion: Castle Siegeing
  164. I would greatly appreciate an ability to turn my XP gain off
  165. More than 4 Roles
  166. Planetouched Wilds (Open PvP Zone Suggestions)
  167. Change the World
  168. Please change Parchments to Cloth
  169. Useful vendor gear
  170. A few notable things
  171. Guild perks persisting through death
  172. Advance UI/ 3rd color armor.
  173. Remove effect of ability.
  174. Break flag cap even on miss/dodge/parry/whatever
  175. Profession quests and other suggestions.
  176. Rifts that grow
  177. Possible Soul Swapout?
  178. Tolerance range when needing to get next skill level for gathering / crafting
  179. PvP Object Takeovers
  180. [Suggestion] Allow Class Switch
  181. PvP Souls
  182. A "toggle switch" for how one interacts with the other faction?
  183. World events based on server progression
  184. Underwater cities and quests
  185. Encyclopedia of desires
  186. There should be overlays for the map that indicate discovered things
  187. Set up similar system for crafted items as for planar essences
  188. Ellaboration on the waypoint system
  189. All quest details should indicate the originator of the quest.
  190. Shields and 1 hand axes at prestige vendor
  191. Request: An UI subforum and changes on Name Plates/Raid Frame UI
  192. Map UI should have drop down to show "zoomed in" map of city
  193. When you click on a quest in your tracker, it should be highlighted in the quest log
  194. Rifts are not doing what they need to do
  195. Guards in cities should give players directions
  196. Feature request: /dumpitems to export list of items to XML (like /dumpguild)
  197. XP bar to PR bar at 50
  198. Feature request: /dumpitems to export list of items to XML (like /dumpguild)
  199. Suggestion for Macros
  200. Loop Music option.
  201. Character Page
  202. Shared bank for characters on account
  203. GM special event dungeons
  204. When You Try To Please Everyone...
  205. MOAR FAVOR FROM WFs!!!!!!
  206. Type in coordianates for your map.
  207. Map Markers
  208. "the Founder" a title
  209. Rifts should move like UFOs
  210. defined named mobs
  211. PC Invasions!
  212. Better gaming suggestions.
  213. Warrior Raid-Tier Shoulder Graphic
  214. Suggestion: Global Invasion Alerts!
  215. More quest space plz.
  216. "Look, a Rift!"
  217. Server Merger or Transfer options
  218. City Maps
  219. Sollution against goldsellers/spam already exists!
  220. Please allow us to hide shoulder armor
  221. We need story driven quests for unlocking advanced souls when we eventually get them.
  222. [Suggestion] Please remove the "Need" option from container drops
  223. Suggestion: Rune management or 'Imbue Effects Collection'
  224. Level 50 gear that can add points to oen of your souls, instead of stat
  225. Compromise suggestion high levels doing invasions of low level
  226. No New Player Exclusive Incentives
  227. 50 player cap on screen has GOT to go
  228. Achievements for invasion boss kills
  229. My suggestions for Rift
  230. Server time on European servers make no sense. Please change to MET.
  231. Activating stealth should be disabled if you have a DoT on you.
  232. Need better programming on High Elf + Bahmi racial
  233. The minimap should indicate if a node are below your skill level.
  234. Nullify Evildoers in Neutral Towns- PVP Servers
  235. Please allow us to move enemy casting bar seperately from enemy portrait.
  236. Guild Color's
  237. More 2h swords for PVP/PVE please!
  238. AddOn API: If there will be one, give some initial ideas as to scope.
  239. Convenient mail-Carrier Pigeons/Creatures
  240. Suggestion: Open all US Shards to eachother in Warfronts
  241. 90% of these posts Cured Easy
  242. Justicar Convictions
  243. Multiple buff frames with white and black lists.
  244. Let the Soul Recall tooltip show the active cooldown timer
  245. shared bank slots
  246. in-game browser
  247. Open world PvP flagging improvement (on PvE servers)
  248. I don't like chat in Warfronts
  249. A Looking for Group flag and search capability
  250. Zone Population Indicator